The manic poet



O  N  L  Y    S  H  A  M  E ?


Brexit Face

Prospects ace?

Like to launch him into space?  (Cameron?)

Time to jump off Dover Cliff?

"Don't want Racine, want a Smith!"



It's my fate....

Move to Spain 'fore it's too late

'Guess I'd miss the English rain?

Too much sunshine is a pain!  (I've lost it!)


"Pick some fruit!"

Prospects beaut'!

Pensioners are really cute

'Cannot let the berries rot

"Home control is what we've got!"


Brams, not Brahms!

Cause alarms?

Shoe Bert, Shoe Man, music calms!

Hi-Den and Dear J.S.Bark

Mendel's Son up with the lark!


Stand alone

"Can't "remoan"!

Boring is the Brexit tone?

Only want white "English" face

Queen with crown and golden mace!


Brexit Time 

Poet's rhyme

Loving Europe is a crime!

Shame I'm feeling in my heart

Now for Cyprus we depart?  26/12/2019... Musings xx











N  O  A  H


Rufus has 'new friend called Noah

Gosh, he really is a "Goer"

"Strictly" dancer, Boogie Bear

We can only stand and stare!


Christmas Wishes, kisses blowing

'Wonder where he might be going?..

Santa's Grotto, Alan Haynes?

He will soothe all stress and pains


'Finds a place near Moose and Hetty (Hedgehog)

Georgie Bates is still the Yeti

Cosy, soon he's fast asleep

Thinks of homeless, starts to weep!


Time to go, he's "Comfort-Zone-ing"

He'll be helping, never moaning

Serving breakfast, washing up

Drinking from the Friendship Cup!


'Likes to help, food parcels making

Mincey-pies is just been baking!  (What talent?)

Chats to Linda, Aunty Gwen

Thinking of Dear Tony Benn...


"He'd be helping, hot drinks serving

These poor folk hot food deserving"

Noah brings some bacon, toast

"Think these people are the most!"


Christmas carols N's soon singing

"Hark The Herald", bells are ringing

Punters dancing, Christmas cheer

"All we need is Leon Beer!"


Busy day, Dear Noah's snoozing

Not a bear for daytime boozing

Dreaming of more peace on earth

Right from Blackpool out to Perth (Has Aussie friends!")  24/12/2019.




C Y P R U S      "P R E S E N T"


Cyprus, sending you a "present"

NO, not verse from Yorkshire peasant

Blow-up "doll" of Donald Trump

Georgie Bates cries: "Ecky-Thump!"


"Hamster" on his golden head

Giving him a great "street-cred"!

Good news: Only got a doll

Neither Mel' is faithful Moll!


Idiot at Windsor soon

Underneath a royal moon? (No thanks!)

Criticising all insight

Emphasising "U.S. Might"!


Doll has nappy and a pin

In the artist's world "A WIN"

Babies in the world protest

"Trumpykins" is NOT the best!"


Hanging from Kamares Club

Of all life, this is the hub!

Photos taken, giggles too

Better p'rhaps in Pafos Zoo?


Darkest night, all hear a POP

High above Kamares "shop"

Was the culprit nappy pin?

'Damage Trump would be a sin!  (Really?)


Was that culprit Rufus Bear?

Winking: "I would never dare!"

Smiling at "elastic wreck"

Johnny B' cries: "Flippin' Eck!"


Sanity to Cy' returning

For the perfect verse they're yearning

Far away from Windsor "ass"

Sipping Whisky from his glass!  Yiamas! 22/12/2009 xx






P A F O S    F O R    M U S I C !  "DU  HOLDE  KUNST"


Arabella, piano playing

I can see her head is swaying

"Pafos Music Lovers" win

Music Making is no sin!


Music brings the world together

Brightens up the rainy weather  (UK)

Pafos Zingers, local choir

Take away all stress and ire!


Louise is the Wedding Singer

'Doesn't need a church-bell ringer?

Any venue: happy times

Never short of pleasant rhymes!


Emba's former piano player

Now I am a fine soothsayer!!

Carols playing for Stage One?

Always found this lots of fun!


Amphitheatre "Dire Straits" playing

Even flags with music swaying

Hearing, please: "Sultans of Swing"

Muse of music soon takes wing!


Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton

Not expected here in Marton? (Blackpool)

Pafos is the place to go

Time to get on with the show!


Chinese ev'ning, culture thriving

Styles of music A* reviving

Music to inspire the soul

HARMONY, it is our goal


Thank you, Andrew A*, you're winning

Audiences, always grinning

Swaying heads and tapping toes

Some conducting with their.... nose!  *Andrew Oliver


"Du Holde Kunst" (Franz Schubert)




F R I E N D L Y      B R I T A I N ?


Yorkie Idiot is grieving

Emigration threats 'receiving

"Don't like Brexit, Sling y'er hook!"

"We've got Nelson, Captain Cook!"


"Don't look foreign, White-ish only!"

Yorkie feeling rather lonely?

Cyprus for a real escape?

Donning silly Batman cape!


Rufus on my back, I'm grinning

Liking Europe is NOT sinning

Passing France and sunny Spain

Easing nasty Brexit pain!


Greece is sunny, Athens smiling

Kilometres, I'm not "mile-ing"

Over Troodos, heading south

Needing Leon near my mouth?


Pafos shore, see Seamans walking (Happy Wanderers)

Time to stop, some happy talking

Sparrow Ros is strolling too  (HW too)

Here, perhaps the problems few?


Love the warmth, it isn't hailing!

Little giggles, never failing?

Whoops, a driver whizzing past

'Knew the peace would never last!


Lots of rubbish. "Help!", I'm calling

Toilet seat, it is appalling

Turning right, a sofa pass

Smiling is that Irish lass?  (No poo-bags?)


Back in Blighty, Euro-passes

"They are just for stupid asses?" (Like myself)

Come on piano, softly play

Chopin eases windy day!


Yorkie Idiot is sleeping

Europe exit slowly creeping?

Swimming in the Irish Sea

Freezing..yet I'm feeling free!  For Belle King,20/12/2019. 










S O N N E T    T O    T H E L E T R A


Theletra on a cloudless, sun-kissed day

The birds are singing as we're walking past

Fine view breath-taking, 'don't know what to say

Deserted village, gone most of the "cast"!

Proud church is watching, ruins do abound

We pass "Oak Cottage", precious summer house

The light is dazzling, 'cannot hear a sound

A whipsnake scurries, quiet as a mouse

Descending, orange groves and olive trees

Small butterflies and swallows in the sky

Two workmen smile, they're busy as the bees!  (Really?)

We chat with Lagis, such a friendly guy

We view Theletra, always fav'rite place

The very thought, a smile comes to my face!  Amen. 


Updated: 18/12/2019. For all our friends xxxx



G  R  A  H  A  M      O'  !


Graham O'

'Miss him so

Panto Time, then.. "Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hairy Fairy, who's the best?..

One with sexy, swollen chest?


Emba Place

Really ace

Widest smile across my face

Dick is watching, he's on guard

Finding Peter, not too hard?


Piano man

Chopin fan

Hitting right notes when he can?

Sees the duo, giggles start

Graham really is "the part"!


Music plays

Head that sways

Timing, sir, it always pays

Lots of laughter, warms my heart

'Hoping that I know "My part"?


'Music buys

Hear my sighs...

I am playing, heart that cries!

Grateful I will always be

'Part of panto historee!  (Spelling?)


Laughter wins

Head that spins

Thinking of those "Panto Twins"

Ugly sisters, they were not

Sexiness they've really got!   (He! He! He!)



I'm in tears

Happy years

Standing on the Blackpool piers

Memories come flooding back

Rufus giggles in my sack!


Graham O'

He's Panto!

Walking 'round, but rather slow?

Sending hugs from Blackpool Town

Only smiling, never frown! 16/12/2019. Merry Christmas, Graham! xx  Do you ever see Ray? xx





S L E I G H      T O      P A F O S !


Thinking of Dear Cyprus Friends

Santa... warmest greetings sends...

Straight from Cleveleys, freezing place

Trip to Pafos... really ace!


Soon a sleigh and reindeer too

Over Blackpool Santa flew

'Join him, jumping on the back

Lots of presents in his sack


Zooming over Italee

Rufus, on a Christmas Tree!

B.T. and his "Frenchie Wife"... (Chantal)

Like to have a treavelling life!


Lots of friends are waiting there...

Pafos, time to stand and stare

Santa's Satnav.. on the blink

Landing Latchi,, "What y'er think?"


Rufus has a brand new friend

"Text I must to Dora send!"

Soon they're near to Venus Beach...

Largest Leon within reach


Santa is a boozy man

Has a Keo when he can

Needs a rest from present "drops"

Into pool he gently drops!


Rescue team is needed soon

Reindeer and that manic loon  (Myself!)

Pull S' out; "Please sober up!"

Drinking now from coffee cup!


Harbour view, relaxing time

Poet needs to find his rhyme

Walkers there and lots of chat

Planning tracks, yes, "Just like that!"


Sharon, Enid, Jeanette too

Dora joins the walking crew

Two days later.. Koili walk

Happy faces, lively talk

Cleveleys seems so far away

Sunny, care-free Cyprus Day!  Amen.  For Dora P-P. 14/12/2019 xx






THE    PHOTO    ON    THE    WALL  (Sonnet)


I'm haunted by a photo on the wall

Fine soldier in a uniform looks down

I wondered: "Should I know this man at all?"

So handsome in his uniform of brown

Tchaikowsky playing, ballet music soothes

Dear Evelyn counting, melodies inspire

A Chopin Prelude my poor heart it moves

Her hero, Ludwig, really "lights our fire"!

The years have passed, return to Eccleshill   (Bradford)

Dear Evelyn dying,talks about her life

'Was married 'fore World War, I feel a chill

She taught her music, 'was a lonely wife

Man perished far from piano lesson room

This photo now adorns Dear Evelyn's tomb... R.I.P., A dear lady xxx

Updates: 13/12/2019. xxx  A sad memory. I am still playing after sixty years xxx





"What y'er thinking, Tony Benn?"

Always was the best of men

Viewing Britain in a mess

From the "clouds" so bad, 'confess!


Looking at the greenest grove

Not one sight of Michael Gove!

Birds are tweeting, close my eyes

Up into those peaceful skies!


Just forget the warring gulls...

Brexit at my heart's strings pulls

Just forget those litter louts

And those awful trade deal doubts!


'Used to write to Tony B'

Comments always set me free

Sailing on a swaying boat....

Brings a lump to poet's throat!


Not a European he

High atop my "left-wing tree"

'Hated all foul wars and strife

Happy always with his wife!


Looking down on Anchorsholme  (Lancashire)

"Are you seeing cap or comb?"

Rather hearing mobile phone?

Is that man an O2 clone??


Any better Pafos Beach?  (No litter?)

Leon Beer is within reach

"All inclusive, our hotel"....

Gives tavernas living hell!


Sleep on safely, Tony Benn

Join you one day, don't know when! (Not just yet!)

Far from Brexit world of strife

Arm-in arm with special wife!  Updated, 11/12/2019. xxxx


Brings a lump to poet's throat!



T H E      U G L I E S'      R E V E N G E    (S O N N E T)


It's Panto Time and Emba is the place

The Uglies plan revenge, we cannot wait!

A welcome from Dear Dick, a smiling face

With Andrew by my side, it is my fate!

To Hardupp Hall, this house is "Stoneybroke"

A Wicked Witch is waiting in her lair

Dandini wants to "fly", a smashing bloke

And cross those ugly sisters if you dare!

The action swift, young dancers are superb

Retirement Home, where all good fairies live

All evil deeds our Heralds soon will curb!  (Really?)

"The Brighter Side of Life" Godmother give'!

Great Thanks to Doug, a treat it's been for all

We leave all saying: "We have had a ball!"  06/12/2019

C Y P R U S S A N T A!

"H E L L O S A N T A !"

S   A   N   T   A      B   A   B   Y   !


Santa's dangling from a chimney

Sun is shining... Paralimni

Skipton, snow is falling down

Tala Village, not one frown!


Santa's back is really aching

Paracetamol he's taking

Tala, Santa has a beer

Soon he's beaming ear-to-ear!


Frosty, Rudolf's hooves are slipping

"Jack" at Santa's nose is nipping!

Suncream for Dear Santa Cy'

Gosh, he is a lucky guy!


Santa, gloves and woollies wearing

'Slips, 'detect a little swearing!

Cyprus S' lies on the beach

Largest Brandy within reach!


Parcels falling, bumpy landing

Burglar... not so understanding?

'Thinks it's time to emigrate

Tired of his "Wintry Fate"!


Santa Cy', a big smile wearing

He, of course, is really caring!

Keo, Leon... for all dads

Only Goods, not many Bads!


Cleveleys' Santa.....airport..... leaving!

'Guess he's not for U.K. grieving?  (Who is?)

'Got some Whisky, Santa Cy'

Now he is a pop'lar guy!


On the beach two "Santaholics"

Surfing, swimming, many "frolics"

Lots of snoring, sweetest dreams

Climbing chimneys better seems?   Have another Leon!  06/12/2019.

More Walks, please! xx


'B Y E      'B Y E,      P I N K I E !


Missing Cyprus, shed a tear

Melts into my Leon beer

Peter, Marg'ret, time has gone

Singing sad and doleful song!


All those walks we're going to miss

Blow Dear Pafos final kiss

Faros Lighthouse bows its head

From fine "seat" beside the Med'


No more Enid, Sharon, Hal!  (Harry)

'Going to miss Dear Andrew Pal!

Monday walks with lots of fun

Underneath December sun!


Smiling faces, lovely chat

Anecdotes of this and that

Emba Theatre, Panto Time

Searching for a fitting rhyme!


Choulou for a special walk

And a bit of "leftie-talk"!  (Never, David!)

Fine Lemona, Iron Bridge

Toilet and abandoned fridge ! (This is Cyprus?)


Peyia, Pinkie's "palace" too

Problems here are really few!

Whisky in my crystal glass

"Yiamas" to that Yorkshire lass!


Oh those drivers, whizzing past

'Wondered if my nerves would last!

Lorry drivers, phone in hand...

Lead me to the promised land!


Missing me, that litter man?

Picking ev'ry cup and can

Plastic floating in the sea

KFC to set us free?  (HELP!)


How to cope, no Jumbo "shop"....

Swiftly past I skip and hop!

Harbour view, a setting sun

Cyprus has been lots of fun!


Leaving Cyprus, we'll be back!

Rufus, B.T., in my sack

'Got a lot more walks to do...

With Dear Sharon and her "crew"!  For Margarte Lightly, with thanks.

05/12/2019. xxxx




T A K E      T H E      P L U N G E  !


Pafos sun, they're swimming in the "ocean"

The Faros lighthouse watching, guards the coast

Wife is swimming: poetry in motion

I raise my glass, Dear Neptune I do toast

The sea it glistens, waves they hit the shore

A twit is passing, phone pressed to his ear  (Not in the sea!)

Fine beach-front houses, who could wish for more?

The swimming done, I settle for a beer!

November, so relaxed, we start to walk

Two joggers pass, they're training for a race

Hear bird song and some tourists start to talk

Our spirits raised, see smiles on ev'ry face!

It's paradise, with man and nature one

Beneath a warming Autumn Pafos sun.  We will miss this: 01/12/2109.


L A O N A,    A    H I D D E N    G E M


Aladdin's Cave

Come on inside

Laona King

Ktima's pride


Koulla and Chris

Hostess and host

Calm atmosphere

This place the most!


Aroma fine

It draws us in

To miss this gem

Would be a sin!


Terrace to greet

Order your drink

Leon for me

Served 'fore your blink!


No hurry here

Just take your time

To walk straight past

Would be a crime!


Hidden delight

Treasure of food

Cypriot dish'

Improves your mood


Hearty the stews

Black-eyed the beans

Succulent fish

Meats are so lean


Home cooking here

Fine village wine

Heightens the sense'

Flavours divine


All recommend

Laona place

First class the food

It's really ace    Updated from April 2009! (29/11/2019)







T  H  I  S      A  N  D      T  H  A  T !


Sofa Time

Poet's Rhyme

Dumping sofas, it's a crime!

Lovely place for local cats

Drivers racing, 'drives me bats!



Two by Two

Walking with "Dear Sharon's Crew"

Enis dressed in sparkling blue

Sprightly steps she's taking too!


Motor Bike

Irish like?

Photos taken by Dear Mike

Twin exhausts, my earplugs on

Humming quiet Schubert song!


Naughty Stream

Waters gleam

Wobbly walkers, not our dream?

Lots of stones to help us cross

Sharon watching, she's the boss!


Wondrous view

Bird song too

'Got to say it: "Problems few!"

Heading for that Iron Bridge

In the distance, see a fridge!


Valley, Hill....

Walking's thrill

Heart with gladness this does fill!

Happy faces, we are back

Smart remarks?.. There is no lack!


Sofa's Gone!

Vict'ry Song?

I am wond'ring, for how long?

Never mind, it's Mattress Time...

Two await us, It's No Crime!.... 26/11/2019  xxxx




I    W O U L D    R A T H E R    W A L K !


Christmas in November

"Hark The Heralds" sing

Swimming in the ocean?

Seems a dodgy thing!


"Jumbo's".. I'm avoiding

Lots of "Christmas Crap"

Thousand singing Santas

Give them all a ZAP!  (Scrooge?)


Ev'rything is perfect

Special mistletoe

Trees of diff'rent sizes

I yell: "Ho! Ho! Ho!"


Reindeer is arriving

Near to harbour side

Presents for the children

I just want to hide!


'Love the "Jumbo Music"

"Silent is the Night"  (NO)

Elton then a "Whammie"  (Wham)

Giving me a fright!


Countryside I'm walking

Only bird song 'hear

Droushia keeps me smiling..

And the thought of beer?


Chatting so relaxing

Lots of special friends

Sharon's busy smiling

With it all stress ends!


Christmas in November?

Just go for a walk!

Monday to Letymbou

Lots more friendly talk!  24/11/2019. For Sharon Espin xxxx


T H E      N A U G H T Y      F A I R Y


I'm Fairy on the Christmas Tree

 And squirming, writhing, need a wee

Restrictive is this frilly dress

When, suddenly, I'm in a mess!


I feel a trickle on my thigh

No time to scream,  and wonder why

Old Fuzzy Whiskers starts to moan

His beard is soaked, he's on the phone!....


To Lapland, where the toys are made

Adjusting trusty hearing-aid

Oh, Blast, Dear Rudoph's nose is damp

Soon panic speading in the camp!


What can I do, short-circuit light?

Dear Tinkerbell with Barbie fights

The children standing in the queue

Look at the tree and wonder who....


Has caused commotion, rowing toys

Would never do for girls and boys...

To have their Fairy Grotto spoiled

This system too is so "well-oiled"!


Then Peter Pan to rescue came

The little man of world-wide fame

He snatched old Fuzzy's whiskers off

And proffered them to me, with 'cough!


My knickers plugged, the smile returned

P.P. his Brownie Points has earned

The tree now dry, normalitee

Is glowing 'round the Christmas Tree


And Santa Clause, more babies kiss,

The one with runny nose he miss'!

I yawn again and view the clock

Not even bloody twelve o'clock!!


'Resign, and steering Star Wars' plane

"This boring job "drives one insane!"

I land on Agios Georgios Beach

With all dear children out of reach!!


A glass of Leon in my hand

A palm tree swaying, sunshine and...

Retirement suits my nature see.....

And all because of fateful WEE! For Margaret Lightly xx

21/11/2019..... "BEWARE!" xxxx

W H O ' S T H E C L O W N ?

          C   L   O   W   N   S


Where's the place to find a clown?

Could it be in Pafos Town?

House of Commons, Number Ten

What do you think, Tony Benn?


Gulls are warring, wake me up!

Sipping from my Whisky "cup"

Chick is squealing, Happy days!

Feed them bread, it NEVER pays!


Litter Picking, "Lucozade"

Glass is full of "lemonade"

I'm the clown, it's "toilet stuff"

"Wee-Wee Time", a bit of rough!!


What a race, this Tour de France

All our lives it does enhance

Cycling when it's really hot

Who's the clown and who is not?


Sipping at a Leon Beer

Soon I'm beaming ear-to-ear!

Let's forget that "Brexit Fun"!

Clowns now resting in the sun?


In the garden, picking weeds

Still Dear Gordon pigeons feeds   (A neighbour)

Young guy passing throws a can

"Pick it up!", no litter fan?


Watching Tommy Cooper Clown

Only smiles, 'can't see one frown!

Kenneth Dodd with Diddy Men

'Giving him a "Magic Ten!"


Boris Johnson, Reecy-Mogg

Looking at their Brexit Log

Keep their millions off-shore

As they glass of "Champers" pour!


Where's the place to find a clown?

Drink another Leon down

P'rhaps it's me, I cannot sleep

From the cliffs of Dover leap!   "Au Secours!" 17/11/2019 xxxx







P R O T E C T      Y O U R      B E A R S !


What is that upon your head?

Is it p'rhaps from "Heaven-fed"?

An antenna linked to "Sky"?

Seagull poops right in my eye!


Moosey giggles: "Naughty gull!"

Life in Cleveleys, rarely dull!

In that shop for Easterleigh

"Aunty Jean will set us free!"  (Charity shop)


Hetty views "abandoned bears"  (In the shop)

"These are not unwanted wares!"

Het' and Moose device a pact

'Call it "Bear Protection Act"


Parliament discuss' their bill

Cruelty to bears is NIL!

Rufus leads the "CRY FOR CARE"

Only hugs for ev'ry bear!


Moosey forms a new brass band

Finest in Dear "LaLaLand"  (UK, of course!)

Sooty, Sweep and Sue's there too

On the oboe.... it's Baloo!


Invitation to "Stage One"  (Emba)

Moosey's band brings lots of fun

"Stead of Boring Piano Man" (Myself)

Time to be orchestral fan!


Great ovation, Moosey bows

Even have some singing cows

B.T. ukulele plays

"Better than those Panto Days!" (Really?)


Back in Blighty, band on tour

Ev'ry audience shouts for MORE!

Moosey's antlers glowing hot

"Just charisma, what I've got!"  (A modest moose?)  16/11/2019.





C H R I S T M A S I S C O M I N G !



Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

You mean so very much to me

Recall so many happy hours

Receiving gifts and building towers

A smile comes to my heart!


Of singing carols, playing cards

Grandfather smiles and Christmas bards  (Myself?)

Of plaing piano, bold brass band

Of giving kisses, holding hand!

It brightens up my heart!


The tele's on, Morecambe and Wise

'Hear sister's laughter, warm mince pies

And squeals of joy and mistletoe

With cakes and fancies in a row

A joy comes to my heart!


As father, playing Santa Claus

A wondrous, joyful, happy cause

For son, a bike in loft is hidden

For daughter, doll, with love is given

Oh, how it moves my heart!


"Pass down the trike, be careful there!"

Selection box and Teddy Bear

There's Lego bright and picture books

They're bound to colour children's looks

Oh, Happy Beating Heart!


To those out there, we send our love

The warmth of hearths, a turtle dove

Embrace your kin and enjoy living

And help the poor, big hugs we're giving

You Constant, Caring Heart.... Updated, 15/11/2019. xxxx

O H D E A R.... C H R I S T M A S I S C O M I N G !

"S P R I N G O F L I F E"..... H A P P Y D A Y S !


A D V I C E      T O      A L L      E X - P A T S  !


Keep all snakes out of the house

"Only looking for a mouse!"  (Talking snake?)

Giant spider on your bed

All of these by "Heaven" bred?


Lizard on the window-sill

Time to down a calming pill?

Have a Leon, Brandy Cy'

Underneath a Pafos sky!


Nutcase on a one-way street

Time to have your Whisky neat?

Wrong way 'round a roundabout

Give this idiot a clout!


Sofa left across a path

Just ignore it, have a laugh!

Here "No Smoking", start to choke

Strangle lawless Tala bloke!


Scooter driving... on the right?

Snake to give his rear a bite?

Seat-belts dangling in a car?

Left their brains home in a jar?


Colander on biker's head  (Helmet?)

Think his lights perhaps are dead?

Grandson holding torch instead

Really dark, "You'll soon be dead!"  (In Emba!)


(Any Better In The Uk?)


Hang a poo-bag from a tree

Fill a bottle full of wee

Scratch-cards, packets on the street

Racing drivers always meet!

Alleyways the place to tip

Put you rubbish... In A Skip!


Tolerance and learn to smile

Play piano for a while

Swimming in your Pafos pool

Raining here, now who's the fool?   Take your pick!  11/11/2019.

For all ex-pats! xxxx

S E E Y O U S O O N !


V  I  S  I  T  E  D      B  Y      A      S P I R I T   (EVEN  AFTER 32 YEARS)


Listen to the silence

Let its peace pervade

Feel its healing fingers

Calming serenade


Look into the darkness

Spectres of the past

Sensing loving presence

Hoping it will last!


Now he's moving near me

Shivers down my spine

Reaches out to touch me

Warms me like mulled wine


Feeling calming spirit

Miss his presence so

Loving mem'ries with it

Smiling, caring Joe.     Grandad died 22.02.1987.  09.11.2019.

It is my grandson's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Josh! xxxx



Growing older! Help! xx

S T I L L V E R Y F I T?

G  R  O  W  I  N  G        O L  D  E  R  ?


Growing Older, wrinkles wider

Looking like a hairy spider?

Wearing glasses just to see?

Late at night, another wee?


Climbing stairs and soon hear wheezing?

Coughing well and mighty sneezing

Aching back and balding head

Snoring loudly when in bed


"Things in our days were much better!"

"Hate the weather, so much wetter!"

Modern music to despise

Feeling that you're very wise?


Shouting at the racing drivers

Calling all the "youngsters" skivers?

Wishing for a bit of peace

From the stress of life release!


Adverts 'awful on the tele

Shocked at growing, saggy belly?

Noises only to annoy

Sipping Gin, a single joy!


Go to bed, but just for sleeping?

At some greying hair you're peeping

Snipping all the white bits out

Moustache disappears, no doubt!


Walking, soon the legs are aching

After meals, great noises making?

Squinting at a menu small

Saying that you once were tall?


Growing Older, teeth need filling

Coffee on the floor you're spilling

Sunshine never, icy rain

Take a tablet, ease the pain!  06/11/2019. For myself and Colin Glover xx


T  H  E  A  T  R  E      D  A  Y  S


Thinking of those Theatre Days

Music swings and head that sways

Peter, Paul, that "Emba Crew"

Humour lots, with problems few!


Lesley Arnold, Greavey G'

High atop the "Thespian Tree"

Annie Mac', a fairy's wand

After years, of this so fond!


Hairy Fairy, Tommy C'

Dancing too with Louise V'

Judy with Dear Andy Fox

Cathy A' with "curly locks"!


Many though, have been and gone

Ian M' would "ding his gong"  (Young Morson!)

"Please don't give your name, Dear Pike!"

Ghost of Jones is on a bike!


Driving to that Emba place

Smile was always on my face

Down a Whisky, chat with Trish  (No longer with us!)

'Catered for our ev'ry wish!


Dick is working on the set  (Mr. Taylor!)

Then rehearsal, fun, I bet!

Peter in a "Heroes" role

Entertainment is his goal!


Leaving for that final time

'Hope I find the perfect rhyme?

Memories, I know, don't fade

Lots of super friends I've made


Piano silent, laughter gone

"Bright side" was Dear Lesley's song

'Hope to see you all quite soon

Underneath a Pafos moon!  Amen xx  Updated 04/11/2019.




S A D T I M E S D R I V I N G M E C R A Z Y !

L  O  S  I  N  G      M  Y      M  I  N  D  !


Going barmy!

Join the army  (Not likeley?)

Rather meet a fierce psunami?

Shooting Corbyn, going mad  (Not likely?)

In the end, I'm really sad!


Going loopy!

Always "poopy"?  (My age?)

Growing older, "parts" are droopy!

Always blame the veggie food

England, 'need to cheer my mood?   (Rugby?)


Going crazy!

Future "hazy"

Government was led by "Daisy"   (May)

"We will mange, Reesy-Mogg"......

Leads us through the Brexit fog?


Going "Barking"! (Mad)

No "Malarking"

Words of Bo Jo, mind is "darking"

On the sofa, head will spin

Leaving Europe, Never Win!


Going crackers!

Billion "smackers"

High inflation soon will whack us!

Paying more for ev'rything

Screaming loudly: "Ding-a-Ling"!


Going bonkers!

UKIP plonkers

Queueing lorries, Dover "honkers"

Trading with the planet Mars

Hoarding lots of tins and jars!


Going missing

Passport kissing  (Euro passport)

Hollow cheers, I'm "Brexit-Hissing"

Shaking hands with Euro friends

Tolerance, U.K., just ends!


Going nutty

Eating putty.... (What?)

I'm with Pete, we're watching footy!  (Coral Bay)

Glass of Leon, soon I'm sane

Easing all that Brexit pain....  Amen. xxxx  02.11.2019.






I am going crazy! xx



D  E  A  R      H  E  D  G  E  H  O  G      D A Y S

Hetty, riding on a bike?

Rufus shouting: "What y'er like?"

"Do you know the Highway Code?"

Hedgehog on an open road


Skateboard down a Cyprus Hill

Hetty likes all things to thrill!

Sipping at a Leon Beer

Hedgehogs boozing... rather queer?


Troodos Mountains, Hett' on skis

"I don't have D's aching knees!"   (Myself!)

"Like that cheeky Moosey Boy..

Always play it shy and coy!"


On a tandem, H' and B'  (Moosey Boy)

One-way street, laugh: "He! He! He!"

"Cypriots don't indicate

Driving there, accept your fate!"


Now, they're on a zip-line, Help!

Listen to Old Moosey Yelp!

Landing by the "Olive Tree" (A lovely taverna)

"Not much chance of beer for free?"


Later, donning roller boots

From the local... lots of hoots

"Don't disturb Dear Tala Square..

Who's that watching...Rufus Bear?


Chaos, landing in a heap

"Koili Hill, it's "Lovers' Leap"

"Take it steady, Hetty Girl!"

Moosey's brain is in a whirl


Roses, with engagement ring

"Halleluia, love takes wing!

Moosey on his keyboard plays

Dreaming of "Dear Hedgehog Days"!  31/10/2019.. Well it is Hallowe'en!


T H A T T A L E N T E D M O O S E !










A      B U D D I N G      G E N I U S !


Moosey Boy is at the keys

Playing Chopin and, with ease!

Waltzes and with lots of style

Fine mazurkas in his "file"


Manager is what he needs

Piano World in Cyprus leads?

Choose a venue: "Kammy Club"  (Kamares Village)

Amphitheatre, "Village Pub"   (Kissonerga?)


Practising, yes, twice a day

All through life, 'just wants to play!

With his Dear Friend, Hetty Hog

Making sunshine from life's fog!   (Battles Brexit!)


'Gets some tips from Mrs. Mills

She provided "lots of thrills"!

'Learning "Dilly Dally" tune

Underneath a Pafos Moon!


"Collosseum" booked today  ("Yes, Andrew!")

There is where A.O. would play!

Wearing an outrageous wig

Elton too is at this "gig"


Music Lovers sing his praise

Funds for "Paphiakos" raise'

Single now is in the charts

Pafos mag' supports all arts!


"Yellow Road" and "Your Song" too

"Rocket Man", as off he flew

Now he's on a worldwide tour

Can you hear his spirits soar!


Talented this sexy moose

Dangerous he's "on the loose"

Charming every one he meets

With his trills and keyboard "treats"

Moosey Boy is Number One

Underneath the Cyprus sun!    30/10/2019  For Andrew Oliver xx








A V e r y T a l e n t e d M o o s e !

P R A I S E F O R T H E T O W E R B A L L R O O M !

F R I E N D S L O V E O U R T O W E R B A L L R O O M !

T  H  E      T  O  W  E  R      B  A  L  L  R  O  O  M.


Wonderful Ballroom

Gilded and pearl

Cherubs are watching

Cool dancing girl!


Wurlitzer organ

Enchants my ear

Chandeliers gleaming

Sipping cool beer


Balcony gilded

Handel peers down

Mozart, Beethoven

Long evening gown


Naples the backdrop

Volcano, shore

Back to Sorrento

"Je t'aime, 't'adore!


Floating the dancers

Rising and fall

Twinkling the lanterns

"Come to the ball!"


Tango and fox-trot

Quick-step and jive

"Waltzing Mathilda"

"Staying Alive"


Gallery viewing

Peter Pan fly

Magic Aladdin 

Genie will sigh!


Spirits are soaring

Coloured ballons

Leads to a quickstep

Lively the tunes!


Ornate the carvings

Nymphs, shepherds too

Devil is watching

Garlands of blue


Pale is the skylight

Balustrade view

Bar is now busy

Tourists must queue!


"Affected" dancers

Wagner impressed?

Beethoven frowning

Chopin.... the best?


"Strictly" arriving

Claudia, Tess

Keep on the dancing

Stunning 'confess!


"Listed" this ballroom

Wonderful, proud

Preserve forever

Say this out loud!  Updated  28/10/2019, for Paul Galley xxxx



D  R  I  V  I  N  G      I  S      D  I  V  I  N  E  !


"How did we do?"

'Haven't a clue?"

Driver's a nutter

Air is soon blue!


Stopping and go

To-ing and fro

Wow... Someone indicates!

Confidence grow'?


Wind and the rain

Driving's a pain

Nice when you splash me?

Fun down the drain!


"Incident" sign

Speeding is fine

Brake at last moment

Driving's Divine!


Stuck in a queue

Since half past two

Rain is still falling

"How did we do?"


Screech and a smash

Bumper... a bash

Driver was phoning

Give him a lash!  (Cat o' nine tails?)


Ten miles per hour

Mercedes' power

Quicker when cycling?

Wilting my flower!


"How did we do?"

I wonder who?...

Drove whilst was texting

Life is a poo!          I would rather WALK!   27/10.2019 XXX

I'll go by tram instead. After all, we do have the best trams in Blackpool!

W E U S E D T O R E A D !

A N Y      R E A D I N G      F O L K ?   (Sonnet)


Remeber when we used to read a book?..

And trains were full of lots of Reading Folk?

Ignore you children, don't give them a look!

They've got a tablet too, it's just a joke!

Let's have a meal and give the phone a rest

Perhaps the dog might use it whilst you eat?

"Let's give a dog a phone!", I do not jest!

Dear Fido texting, sitting at your feet!

But not Dear Sooty, he prefers to read

And Sweep is still an avid Dickens' fan

"I'm never phoning, when it's time to eat!"

A book, a deck chair... "Perhaps I'll get a tan?

All Hail, you magic mobiles, no one speaks

Behold, the birds have phones too at their beaks!  Amen! 25/10/2019.



The piano player is waiting for the Guitar King! xxxx

An American Guitar King Had His Birthday In May!

H A P P Y      B I R T H D A Y,      E N G L A N D  !


Buffalo the place to go

May, perhaps there'll be no snow?

Celebrations, Guitar King

"Happy Birthday", we all sing


Warmest greetings, Blackpool friend

Tower bows, good wishes send'

Stars and Stripes for Guitar Man

David is a music fan!


Buffalo, Lake Erie waves

For some guitar music 'craves

Master, standing on the shore

Music soothes you, that's for sure!


'Got his Stenson, Cowboy boots

Checking out some UK routes

"Like to play on Blackpool pier?

All of Lancashire will cheer!"


'Jumps into a magic car

Penny too, they'll travel far  (Doggie too!)

High into the heavens blue

'Got his guitar with him too!


'Cross Atlantic, ships below

Really swift, the boats are slow

Lands upon the Blackpool Tower

Can you feel that US Power?


Tuning up with Keyboard Dave  (Myself!)

On the top, now aren't they brave?

Elton John they start to play

On this very special day!


"Daniel" and "Your Song" next

Bob, of course, will know the text

"Rocket Man" and many more

Very soon our spirits soar!


Bob is smiling, local news

Guitar King all viwers choose

Raise a glass to US Star  (A Guinness!)

In his super, magic car!   "Cheers, Bob!"  May 2019 xxxx

H E L P A L L C A T S !

C  A  T  S      I  N      H  A  T  S  !  (In memory of a friend)


Cats! Cats

Wearing hats?

Passing, give them strokes and pats

Nature's creatures, give them hugs

All of this at heart strings pulls!


Puss! Puss!

What's the fuss?

Tiddles loving, close to us!

Monast'ry, a special place  (Pafos)

Raising funds is really ace!


Paul! Paul!     (R.I.P.)

'Loved them all!

Perfect partner, all recall

Raising funds, Make Peter smile....

Think of felines for a while!


Man! Man!

Nature fan

Helping "felines" when he can

Paphiakos, caring , true

Underneath those skies of blue!


Pang! Pang!

Hilltop "Gang"  (Hilltop Gardens)

She has died, our hearts go Bang!

Sending greetings, falling tears

How we've loved her through the years!


Cats! Cats!

Some in hats

On our sofas, beds and mats

Please support the Pafos cause

Thanks from all those pets with paws!       

 For Paul M, written earlier this year.  23/10/2019.


We need cheering up! A poem for a friend.

CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER? Just look in the shops!

C H R I S T M A S      I N      O C T O B E R !

Christmas in October

Hallowe'en not here

Santa, far from Dover

Sipping Leon Beer?


Barmy are the shoppers

Chasing "Bargain Toys"

Presents all are "Whoppers"!

Happy girls and boys?


Thousands they are spending  (£s and Euros)

Credit cards are hot

Really costly spending

Lots of debt soon got?


'Bought a Dancing Santa

An electric deer  (Rudolf?)

And a crate of Fanta

Lots of Keo Beer? (Pafos?)


Homeless guy not buying

Huddled in a sheet

Christmas thoughts?...He's crying

Just got frozen feet!


Christmas pies are ready

"Six-pack, get two free"

And a "Santa Teddy"?

High a-top a tree!


Six weeks till December

Freezer full of meat? (Not me!)

Aunty Jean... remember..

Slippers for her feet!


Window full of fairies

Holly, mistletoe

Cream from local dairies

Christmas cake, loved so?


Kids are "Trick and Treating"

Give them loads of sweets

Plus some "Christmas Greeting"

All from Trump, by Tweets!


What's the special meaning?

'Got the "God of Toys"

No religious leaning?

For those girls and boys!


Christmas.... far too early?

Booking Summer hols'?

'Want to buy for Shirley?

Pretty Easter Dolls!     It's a commercial world!  22/10/2019 xxxx



Santa? Well, it is October! xxxx

Yes, I prefer this image of Pafos! xx

S T O R M A N D C A L M !

My mind is in a "Brexit Storm!


S T O R M      A N D      C A L M (Dozing in Pafos)


Angry skies, palm trees blowing

Children's swing, to-and-fro-ing

Setting sun, then falling rain....

Hurt my mind and cause me pain


Dark'ning heavens,twilight glow

Swaying branches, leaves that blow

Staring clouds and beck'ning light

Thoughts to Egypt overnight!


'Think of pyramid and tomb

Desert sands and buried room

Hidden treasures, Pharaoh's curse

Wooden boat as King's own hearse


Head is filled with Nature's sights

Scorpion and snake's swift bite

Thunder brings me bach to earth

Raging sea and crashing surf


Lightning seen in distant sky

Clears my head and opens eye

Heart now still and peaceful, calm

Natures heals and never harm'   Is it ever stormy in Cyprus? 21/10/2019.

Would Les Dawson have been a good dentist?

After the Brexit farce, I am reminded of a dentist, struck off for dangerous dentistry: defintely manic!

A       N  I  G  H  T  M  A  R  E


Yawning, scratching, sniffing too

Eyes to televison glue!

Children whisper, waiting fate

Run out 'fore it is too late!


Arms now folded, gentle fart  (Sorry, nervous!)

Put the victims in a cart..

Drill is ready, needle..Aim!

Make the cavity quite "lame"


Hans a-quiver, missed and "Hell"!

Sound the giant panic bell

Blood is spurting.. What a mess

"Little accident 'confess?


Staunch the bleeding with a bung

'Fore the requiem is sung

Blood upon the floor, great pool

Trouble for this hapless fool!


Screaming helpers, others flee

Finding refuge up a tree?

Watch the gory, bloody sight

Give the customers a fright!


"Who is next?", my hands they shake

Grab me with a garden rake?

Tie me down, stick needles in

Sign the cheque, all dentists win!


Evil chuckle, "pull" all teeth

Panic too, beyond belief

"Anaesthetic", what is that?

Hit this squealer with a bat!


Clients all sit now and grin

Empty mouths, "No one can win!"

"Crowns I'll fit for for thousand pound'

Suffer there without a sound!"


Paddy panics, "Justice, please!"

Dentist by the throat he seize'

'Takes some pliers, pulling's done...

He's enjoyed "his bit of fun"!


Dentist speechless, bloody sight

Gives old ladies dreadful fright

Drills and needles laid to rest

Dentist, never more a pest!  A real nightmare from 2013 xxxx










































Andrew is a busy bee in Paphos... The maestro leads!



V  I  V  E      L  A      M  U  S  I  Q  U  E  !


Music Lovers, Maestro leading

Thirst for music "A" is "feeding"

Guitars or a tenor voice

Music Wins, Let's all rejoice!


Chopin waltz, a fine mazurka

Rufus listens, silent lurker!

Schumann, Schubert, Impromptu

Andrew likes his Dvorak too!


Britten playing, "Persons Guiding"

Wagner with "Walkuere" riding

Gerschwin, play your Rhapsodee

Coepalnd's Fanfare sets us free!


Mozart's flute is really magic

Brahms, his overture is tragic

Johann Strauss, great waltzes play

Now all heads begin to sway


Mendellsohn, gondola sailing  ("Songs Without Words!!)

"Requiem", we're "weep-and-wailing"

Grieg's piano soothes my souls

Entertainment Andrew's goal!


"Paphos Zingers", lots of crooning

As for me, I'm "Clair-de-Lune-ing"

Maurice R', "Bolero", skate?

Torville, Dean, it was their fate!


Take your pick, the "tunes" are flowing

To all concerts folk are going

Some prefer a Beatles' song

Rolling Stones, you can't go wrong!


Music Wins, Beethoven praising

Voices to E.U. we're raising  (No backs turned!)

Harmony again I quote

Ending on a Joyous Note. 14/08/2019, for Andrew Oliver xxxx







I have been in contact with my Happy Wanderers' friends about Maniac Walks.

I walked with the "Monday Maniacs" for two years from 2003. This poem refers to my last walk with these athletes!


T  H  O  S  E        M  A  N  I  A  C        W  A  L  K  S


Maniacs, they're "power walking"

"Ain't got time for idle talking!"

Steaming up the steepest slope

For this "poet", not much hope!


"Don't have time for eat or drinking!"

Pretty boring, I am thinking

Time to stop, enjoy the view?

Stopping places, really few!


Friends he says: "Dear Nature calling!"

To the back he's slowly "falling"

Quick appointmet "with a bush"

"Come on, Tony, time to rush!"  


Twenty K' in three short hou-rs

Draining are my walking powers

Aching knees, my legs are sore

Love this "racing".. more and more?


Jays are flying.."'Like to stop, guys?"

"Keep it going!", heaving loud sighs

Shooting from a hunting twit

This, I do not like one bit!


"Comfort Stop", but no one's waiting

"Just be quick!", there's no debating

Group goes left, staright on for me

Am I lost, or am I free?


Georgie Bates detects my error

Tiring of this "Manic Terror"

Slowly find our lone way back

Give the Maniacs the sack!


Mondays... now are for exploring

Manic walks I am deploring

Koili Hill, enjoy the view

Problems now are really few!  Tony R. and I resigned afiter this walk. xxxx



Thinking of Cyprus, folks!

T  H  O  S  E      G  O  L  D  E  N      Y  E  A  R  S


Those Golden Years have passed

We knew they couldn't last!

A peaceful walk up Koili Hill

With Happy Wand'rers' "cast"!


I'm thinking of those walks

And lovely German talks  (Karin und Heinz)

To Amargeti, "Spring of Life"

With lots of secret "forks"  (We know the paths!)


A warm and sunny day

Your birthday, month of May

See Karin smiling, Eileen too

We find a diff'rent way!  (Another path?)


The singing of the birds

In mainly major thirds

A Cuckoo and and a passing Jay

A vulture, donkey herds


A walk to Salamiou

With Dougie, "Walking Crew"

No longer with us, heave a sigh

Fantastic is the view!


No Barb'ra Rich as well

Now silent is her "bell"

She loved the walks out Tsada-way

So many storeis tell!


And Georgie's walking too

He must be ninety-two!  (1932!!, Mathematics!)

He's thinking of the "Keo-Run"

Beneath a sky of blue


To Heinz, I rasie a glass

And lovely "German lass"  (Karin)

Those days I miss, such happy times

Yes, all good things must pass!   From April of this year, 2019 xxxx

We heard a super guitar player in Central Blackpool, playing music, played by the "Shadows".

M  U  S  I  C        M  A  K  I  N  G   (MEMORIES OF 1963)


Four lads playing

Brooms are swaying  (No guitars!)

"We're the Shadows!", we are saying

Sixties' Person, "Let It Be!"

"Yesterday", we've got to see!



Dad is groaning

Ear-plugs, dad says he is "loaning"

'Rather listen.... Mrs. Mills?

He knows where to get his "Thrills"!


"Keep your Ringo!"  ("Thank you, Grandad!"

Rather... Bingo

"Cannot stand the "Mersey Lingo"

Frank Sinatra, Acker Bilk

Frankie Vaughan with voice of silk!


Music Making!

Time I'm taking

Happy memories awaking

"Underneath The Arches" 'play

For my grandad, Happy Day!


"Grieg", I'm dreaming

So calm 'seeming

Brain with melodies is teeming

Piano playing, music slow

Off to Norway 'mind will go!



Views revising?  (Your views?)

Charmed by music, not surprising?

Cilla Black or Johann Strauss

All is played in "Farthings' House"!  (Care Home)  Music is the international language.  14/10/2019 xxxx





We bought Yoga mats yesterday. Rufus is joining in! B.T. is a close friend (Baby Ted)


Y   O   G   A        B   E   A   R

Rufus...doing Yoga

No, it's not a joke!

'Wears a sexy toga

Great, athletic "bloke"!


Mat today he's buying

Exrercise to win

Little Folk are sighing

Reaching for the... Gin!


Practising his rocking

Lying on his back

B.T. loudly mocking..

Humour.. there's no lack!


Cobra, B.T. frightened

Hiding under 'bed

Rufus so enlightened

Standing on his head!


Yoga Bear is stretching

Time to touch his toes

Pose is rather fetching?

He's the Poulton Rose!   (Where he bought his mat)


Plank is really sturdy

Now he is "in cat"

Tweeting like a birdie

On his brand-new mat!


Hanging from the ceiling

B.T. stands and stares

'Got a tingly feeling

He's the best of bears!


Rufus, now relaxing

Lying on his mat

All of this he's "faxing"

Snoozing.... "Just like that!"   13/10/2019. "Well done, Rufus!" xx

"A Biscuit World".

THis poem was added to the Facebook site. I am, of course, the plum!


I T 'S      A      B I S C U I T      W O R L D


"I'm as nutty as a fruit cake!"

Said the biscuit to the plum

"I'm a chocolate whole-wheat

You're all dark and glum!"


"Now, hold on, chocoholic...

I'm a piece of fruit

I'm all full of goodness

And what's more, I'm cute!"


"Children like their chocolate

'Buy it by the ton

You're just like a rainy day

I'm a day of sun!"


"You pull out the fillings

Dentists they you hate

Piling on the calories

Dreadful is their fate!"  (Dreaded snack food!")


Biscuit's really raging

And begins to melt

Tricky situation

Joker he's been dealt!


Plum is laughing loudly

Hand then reaches out....

Gobbles down Poor Plummy

'Spits the hard stone out!


Biscuit, smiling broadly

Jumps back in the tin

Sleeping safe and soundly

Dreams about his win!  Bullies always win, Mr. Johnson? 12/10/2019.


L O S T (A nightmare resolved, caused by Brexit adverts!)

Lost on an island

Sadness and tears

All thoughts are shipwrecked

Heightens my fears!


Feeling so lonely

Head full of cold

Everything blackened

Nothing is gold! 


Trapped in an abyss

Cannot climb out

Starting to panic  ("Don't panic! Don't panic!")

Cannot scream out!


'Feel I am drowning

Valley of tears

Futile my struggle  (It really is Brexit!)

Desperate fears


Sky dark and threatens

Rain chills my breast

Water is rising

Reaches my chest!


Suddenly, near me

Kind face peeps down

Kisses my forehead

Melts away frown!


Guardian Angel?

And with a pull

Dragging me upwards

From this dark hull!


Gabriel Angel?

Head full of love

My Little Person

My turtle dove!    11/10/2019.  

"International Bob Day"

My friend, Bob, lives in Buffalo, New York state.


Uncle Bob, just wave your wand

Of you we are growing fond

Playing guitar through the day

Always has good things to say!


Buffalo, he writes his songs

Righting all the New York wrongs

Never mention Donald Trump

'Like to give his hair a thump?


And he's international too

Head of "U.S.Music Crew"

With his music he inspires

Realy lights our "guitar fires"


Playing gently lakeside shore

Hugs he's getting, more and more

Music comes to English coast

Bob: "You really are the most!"


Rufus likes your coloured "gear"

He is grinning ear-to-ear

"Play us Beach Boys, Uncle B!"

Harmony will set us free!


See you on a Blackpool pier

All the tourists you would cheer

Dylan, Beatles, "melodees"

They are calming stormy seas!


Head is swaying, piano play

Bob and David on this day?

Tram is passing, people wave

For some peaceful music 'crave!


And to Bob, they raise a glass

"Worldy strife, it soon will pass!"   (Mr. Trump!)

Hugs from Cleveleys for that man

Rufus is his greatest fan!  Written in March for Bob xxxx


A poem, written when we were living in Cyprus in December 2012.


On this cool, yet sunny day

Far from England, frosty shore

Contemplate sun's warming ray(s)

Ageing limbs cry out for more


Eve approaching, falling sun

Bathes the ocean with its light

Wagtails playing, having fun

Feast my eyes, a wondrous sight!


Like a glowing football, shine

Warm the pool with leaves so full  (Help!)

England's rain, yet here still fine

Dusk falls fast, my heart strings pull


As the orb melts in the sea

Shadows falling on the pool

Add an air of mysteree

To this ev'ning calm, now cool


Final splash of colour bright

Sea extinguishes the flame

Sky it yields to ghostly night

Whispering Creator's name!


Sun... Return to warm my bones

Soothe me with your fingers' balm

Lead me to those peaceful zones

Far away from stress and harm!


Sip my Leon with my friends

Fine taverna, mirth and food

Sunshine here, it rarely ends

So relaxed, my Cyprus mood. xxxx 08.12.2012.




Poems will appear at least once every week. I love rhymes!

I have been writing poems since 1998. I aim to make readers smile and think about the world, without being too serious. Rhymes are really important. I like to use lots of different rhyme patterns. My name is David Arran xxxx


Heart's in Peyia!

Ev'ry day-ah!

Pete and Margaret

Show the way-ah!


Sun and walking

Happy talking

View is gorgeous

Left we're forking!


Koili Hill-ing

Really thrilling

Heart with joy is..

Quickly filling!


Harbour viewing


Fine Halloumi

I am "chewing"


Leon drinking

Heaven 'thinking

Get another

'Fore I'm Blinking!


Heinz on Friday

'Was a fun day

Problems solving

'Miss Dear Friday!


Piano's playing

Head is swaying

Panto Time, I'm




Stand and staring

Widest smile I

Soon am wearing!


Time for leaving

Soon I'm grieving

In the power of

Cy' believing....Amen to Cyprus xx