The manic poet



         D.     O.     Y.


The Grand Old Duke of York

Eats chicken with his pork

No patience with his staff, you see

"Bring me my knife and fork!


A horseman, his estate

"My horse now, I can't wait!"

His whip is firmly in his hand

I fear the horse's fate!


A uniform, all braid

No soldier, we're afraid

A pompous ass, "Please go away!"

"And don't forget your maid!"


He drives his Bentley car

He never drives that far

"Two Hundred grand, a snip!", he says

And then goes to the bar!


He is a "special son"

And lives a life of fun

A wife would never trust him see!

A broad sword and a gun!


"An innocent", he claims

So caring are his aims

An arm around an angel's waist

Her character 'defames!


The balcony, no place

A scowl upon his face

An angel he, as we all know....

A national disgrace!


All Hail, a "royal" prince

He makes the nation wince

Rwanda where we'll send him soon?

Our hands of him we rinse! Amen, 16/06/2022 xx




       "A   D   I   E   U   X !"


Many dying

Hear my sighing

"In the sky" they now are flying

Singing final sad "Farewell"

I can hear their "exit bell"!


Florence in the sky is flying

Brid' now mourns as she is dying  (Bridlington)

Joining Norman , duo wave

Memories of lives we save


Pauline, Keith are waving, grateful

Mum's departure really "fateful"

Silent on the North Sea shore

'Loved this "venue" more and more!


Georgie Bates today is "going"

No more hills for to-and-fro-ing

Leeds and Pafos really sad

Fyti for his friendship 'glad!


No more "veggie goat" from Fyti  (We were offered this!)

I am thinking: "What a pity!"

June was hot for George's walk

Listen to those hikers talk!


Gordon no more at the bookies'

'Finished eating treats and cookies

Gordon, how I miss you so

Field mouse has nowhere to go! ('Misses Gordon)


Val', C's sister, too 'departed (Colin)

Family is broken-hearted!

Cancer is an evil foe

You can hear their tears and woe!


Sadness winning?

No more grinning?

All these grim thoughts we are "binning"!

Thankful for their presence here

How we miss these friends so dear!  Amen 03/04/2022 xxxx



S A D N E S S,   D A V E !


'Heart is breaking, 'see Dave's face

"Tremendous Knowledge", really ace

Bringing always fun and mirth

Far too young to leave this Earth?


Fifty-one, too young to die

Write his name high in the sky

'Saw him first on "Millionaire"

"Mungo Park", but did he dare?  (Took £250,000!)


Other Egg Heads looking on

Singing rather doleful song

Daphne waving and CJ

Both, we know, have "had their day"!


Answ'ring questions, "Music King"

Barry Simmons, "Rhino's thing"  (Leeds rugby)

Pat and Kevin sing his praise

Glass of red to him we raise!


Lovely ladies, Lisa smiles

Geography is on her files?

Beth, she is the Science Queen

Chris brings locos to the scene!


Judith Keppel, sport her thing?

Steve, a wizard, ding-a-ling!

Jerry Vine keeps them in check

Dermot M, think: "Bloody 'Eck"!


'Glad it's back on Channel Five

We wish Dave was sill alive!

Say "Goodbye" to BBC

"Eggs" forever, we will see?


Signing off, I wave to Dave

Rainford, many mem'ries 'save!

Celebrate his quizzing days

Bow my head, forever praise!  Amen, Dave!  27/01/2022 xxxx






H E R E,   T H E R E....A N D..

     E V E R Y W H E R E!


They're "Here,There and Everywhere!"

Those Walking Ladies really care

Ach, ja, they plan another walk

Abandoned sofa.. Take left fork!


To Pikni Forest, feed a dog

Dear Enid does her "Sexy Jog"

All female is this "entourage"

They say that Sharon is in charge!


Poor doggie grateful, chicken snack

So lovingly they stroke his back

Now onwards: "Got some work to do!"

So happy that the sky is blue!


Meanwhile in Cleveleys, 'play a song

The Beatles, some say: "Can't go wrong!"

Then "Yesterday" and "Let It Be"

A "Blackbird" on a Cypress tree! (Not Lancashire?)


A Sharon walk, more up than down?

Do I detect an "Enid Frown"?

Jeanette, no bother, super fit....

Resplendent in her walking kit!


Dear Jane, she is the "Scrabble Queen"

And plays a game that's rather "mean"

She's humming "Sergeant Pepper" song

A Winding Road, that's rather long!


Back at the cars, a glass of wine

Its soothing properties... Divine!!

I raise my glass to "Walking Gals"

So glad that they are all our pals!  Amen.  11/04/2021 xxxx




"A U    R E V O I R,   P A R I S  !


Our coach is leaving, City far behind

Not "Gai Paris", we're feeling rather sad!

"Alors.. la mer!", a paradise we find

"Asnelles, Amour", of this we're really glad!

Tapisserie, Chere Bayeux, we're heading

Et Arromanches, a day we'll not forget!

Was this the tour with Barbara Reading?

Our students, speaking French, not fluent yet! (Presque??)

A highlight soon, our coach is heading west....

Mont Saint Michel, a jewel before our eyes

Let's walk across, this really was the best!

Fine Abbaie proud, beneath the bluest skies

Le soir, a "pantomime", to please our girls

"Quels jours heureux!": Miss "Daftnie", with her curls!! 08/04/2021 xx


E N V O Y A G E !

S C H O O L   T R A V E L


Our coach is waiting, we are Dover bound

It's early morning, many students smile

We all have Euros, 'no need English pound

Elaine, Maria, Linda chat a-while!

Excitement grows, we have our port in view

The ferry's perfect, Channel breeze to please

Calais before us, problems now are few

A glass of red, bread and Camembert cheese.

O'ernight in La Defense, La Tour we see  (Eiffel)

A Metro ride, la Seine, fine bouquinistes

Proud Notre Dame, a stroll, we're feeling free

Do interviews, we keep our girls "en piste"!

Our coach sets off, we've Normandie in mind

Asnelles before us, Channel view we find.. 06/04/2021 xxx


More to come! xx





Happy Birthday, Blackpool calling

Weather here is so appalling

Trudging through the slushy snow

Jeanette's Pegeia, place to go?


Queensbury is dark and snowing

Really smart, to Pafos going?

Walking or the Black Dyke Mills?

Kathikas brings far more thrills?


P'raps you want a brass band playing?

I can see you head is swaying

Memories come flooding back

All that snow, there was no lack!


Fitos for a Birthday "Dinner"?

Fish and chips for all a Winner!

Sharon's bringing local wine

Friends together so divine!


'Wonder what Dear Enid's doing?

Birthday Daughter she's pursuing!  (Very slowly!)

And we've got a Birthday Dance!

Soon for J' a new romance?


Wonder if you're "donkey-tracking"?

All those hills are really cracking!

At the top a thrilling view

'Must confess: problems are few!



Lots of love from Cleveleys sending

Friendship, clear, is never-ending

Missing all those Cyprus walks

And the chuckles, happy talks!


"Happy Birthday", Jeanette toasting

Cyprus sun, we bet she's roasting?

Raise a glass to Pegeia Queen

Famous on the walking scene!   Yiamas: 13/02/2021 xxxx