The manic poet



D  O    N  O  T    F  E  E  D    T  H  E  M  !


Gulls are pooping

Spirits drooping?

I am hardly "cock-a-hooping"!

Go and paint another fence

Although green is no defence!


Helmet wearing

Gulls so caring?

Oh no, see these birds are "pairing"!

See another little chick

Old man aims despairing kick!


Solar panels

Gluey "channels"

Gordon's got it on his flannels!  (He's 90!)

Help, they build another nest

Say "Hello" to latest pest!


"Poet" rhyming

Birds still lime-ing

Whoops, they've got such perfect timing!

Whisky waits to calm my soul

Peace and quiet: only goal!


'Need solution

Foul pollution

Do we need a revolution?

Enemy we chase away

Could we have a "Gull-free Day"?


Tired of "gulling"

All lives dulling

Some folks talking now of culling?

Blackbird singing, cheers me up

Time for Yorkshire tea to sup!  Surprise? xx 07/05/2020 xx


T H E    G O O D    A N D    T H E    B A D !


Pinkie, "Always really good"

She would eat her Yorkshire Pudd'

Model citizen is she

With her Pete: "Top of The Tree"


"There's a curfew, stay inside!"

From this virus, 'cannot hide!

"Don't go driving nine pm!"

There was always: "Us and them"


Catch those drivers, 'need a drone?

Or a magic mobile phone?

Hover just above the scene?...

Peyia Pinkie, "Traffic Queen"


On her carpet.. hovers there

In the warmish ev'ning air

Snaps her photos, Jaguar car

"I'm on duty, 'won't go far!"


Local heroine is she

Snapping drivers, one, two, three

Friend of Peyia Cops as well

She is ringing... "Justice Bell"


"We can't go to Mario's

Stick a tulip up your nose!"

Footie.. You must watch at home

'Bet you're using Google Chrome?  (Sky?)


Convoy and it's almost ten

"What to do with naughty men?"

'Drops a sofa on the cars

"Go and live on distant Mars!"


Praises to Dear Peyia Queen

With offenders, 'always mean

'Pours a drinkie by her pool

Yes, she is nobody's fool!  07/04/2020.. Watch out! xx


"H O W   G R E A T   T H O U   A A T!"


So long ago, Dear Aat Karel

He managed School's Exchange so well

Soon tired of insults, Blackpool rain

He moved, of course, to sunny Spain!


In 'Forty-Eight a babe was born

To brighten up a Holland dawn

Dear Beverwijk, his mum's still there  (Nearly 100!)

He travelled soon, we wonder where?....


He lived in Spain and Switzerland

A Euro passport in his hand

Then soon to Blackpool, "Golden Mile"

The Tower bowed at Aat's wide smile


"Let's organise 'exchange or ten!"

With David A', "the best of men"!  (Ha! Ha!)

Montgomery and Greenlands High

Such memories, I start to sigh!


To Essen, ladies' grammar school

In Borbeck, where the weather's cool

Then Blackpool, Town Hall, Tower top

A lovely plaque from Dear Bottrop


Our Aat arranged "Sandcastle" swim

The "Big One", heads begin to "swim"

Communication in this world

The flag of tolerance unfurled!


My German friends blow him a kiss

"Exchanges we would never miss!"

And wave that Euro flag so proud

We feel we're floating on a cloud!


Retired now, a glass in hand...

Now Spain perhaps his promised land?

All Hail Great Organiser, Aat

We all will sing: "How great thou art!"  For a Dear Friend 29/02/2020 x










B  A  L  I      M  U  S  I  C


Bali Music, so relaxing

For my mind it's never taxing

'Love the lovely Bali Beat

Soon I feel my tapping feet!


Bali Music, really soothing

For my heart, it's oh so moving

Wooden piano, reedy flute

Bird is list'ning... raelly cute!


Bali Playing, gong is sounding

Heart with joy, it soon is pounding

Bird lands near to hotel pool

Searching corner where it's cool!


Xylophone and chimes are playing

Heads, of course, are gently swaying

Ethnic feel, my mind is calm

Music is a healing balm


Gamelan, percussive drumming

Not a lot of guitar strumming

Soon my eyes begin to close

I adopt a peaceful pose!


Music echoes, birds are tweeting

'Part of daily Bali Greeting

Breakfast when great music flows

Ginger tea, my stomach glows!


Bali Music... hypnotising

I can feel my spirits rising

Peaceful rhythm, calms my brain

Even in the Sanur rain!  16/02/2020 xxxx



Y O G A   F O R   O L D I E S !


Yoga, Yoga, on the beach

Paradise is within reach

On my legs some playful ants

Some are even in my pants!


Bend and stretching, hear a crack...

Knees.. or even lower back?

Not so agile on my knees..

Cat that scurries in the trees


Down-dog and... another crack

Give my spine almighty Whack!

Up and down and windmill arms

One of many "magic" charms?


Falling over, try to bend

Time for paradise to end?

Great, I'm standing on one leg

For a little help I beg!


Watch out, I am going dizzy

Lucy, looking really busy

What is next.. Stand on my head?

I am thinking... Time for bed!


Next , poor ants die in the sweat

Better ways to "go", I bet?

Doggie going for a wee

Rub some liquid on my knee?


Surely finished?..Lotus pose

Stick some rice cake up my nose!

Great, splash water on my head

This, of course, by Heaven fed!


Yoga, hear my leggies creak

For a spot of breakfast 'seek!

So relaxing, "Icey" cheers 

Early though for Bintang beers? 13/02/2020.


I really enjoyed the session.. Please believe me? xxxx





B A L I!   B A L I!   B A L I!


Bali! Bali! Bali!

Fields not full of barley?

In the garden on the loo...

'Feel a Proper Charlie!


Icey! Icey! Icey!  (Hesti)

Sugar, sweet and spicey!

G-Advetures, "Touring Queen"

And she's really pricey!


Army! Army! Army!

"Lovely isle to "calm mi" (Yorkshire spelling?)

Young men marching, holding guns

I am going barmy!  (Really?)


Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Mind is often hazy (My age?)

Not too bad for ninety-four?

Hardly ever lazy!


Ocean! Ocean! Ocean!

Poetry in motion?

Eileen is the Snorkel Queen

Legs need extra lotion!


"Hatter! Hatter! Hatter! (Mad one, myself!)

'Likes to have a natter

'Thinks he is the "Poet King"

"Quality don't matter!" (English?)


Froggie! Froggie! Froggie!

Lone, abandoned doggie

Walking in the midday sun

Poor thing, feeling groggy!  (30C!)


Snoozing! Snoozing! Snoozing!

Better than just boozing?

Not one drinker in our group?

Mind I MUST be losing!  (True!)


Leaving! Leaving! Leaving!

In Great God believing?

Rice and water in my hair

Bali Crown 'receiving!  13/02/2020. xx










R  U  F  U  S    I  N    C H  A  R  G  E !


Rufus is the Bali Cook

Come along and take a look

Satay King, a veggie feast

'Best he is from West to East!


Bali Chef is Rufus too

"Other chefs don't have a clue!"

Tofu with a Chilli sauce

Lots of veggies too, of course!


'Has some helpers, Balinese

They too like some English cheese

Mushrooms and some roasted leek

"Bound to bring a smile to cheek!"


Swift, he has the sharpest knife

Tasty cooking with his wife

Soon he's making Tuna soup

"Hope that no one starts to poop!!"


Cheeky bear, but he's got style

"Has cooked food "On't Golden Mile!" (Blackpool)

Not a bear for fish and chips

Pasta though will pass his lips!


And... He likes a tipple too

Whisky, please, or often two!

'Known to like a Brandy Sour

"I could drink one on the hour!"


Demonstration for his mate'

Two from Dublin celebrate

'Wants all nations to be friends

Warmest wish from Bali 'sends!


Rufus" "Culinary King"

Clients bow and loudly sing...

"Cheers to wondrous English bear

Talent such is really rare!  11/02/2020 xxxx


O U R      F A N T A S T I C      B A L I      G R O U P 


The finest group that graced Dear Mother Earth

Chief "Icey" leads, her phone, of course, in hand  (Hesti)

A wordly "crew", from Ireland, distant Perth

Try Mannheim, Hamburg, Canada, sweet land!

The US leads, perhaps in "Dancing World"

Great finger-action, chuckles from UK!

Proud Flag of Peace for all fore'er unfurled

They tackle all before them, come what may!

Try Yoga, early, snorkel in the sea

And walk around, a monkey on your head!

Great temples, where the rice and water.. free..

Don't worry if you've insects 'round your bed!

All Hail Great Group, a waterfall awaits

We hope forever we will all be mates! 14/02/2020 xxxx



B  A  L  I    R  A  I  N ??


Bali... Raining


'Least a lot of peace we're gaining

Steam is rising from the trees

Birds are tweeting at their ease!


Rain, still pouring

Thunder "roaring"

Soon 'be sunshine, spirits soaring

Lizard slithers, Dragon Fly

Yet no worries... 'Wonder why?


Airflight over

We're in clover

Not one thought of distant Dover!

Yoga 'stead of manic stress

Britain's fault, it's in a mess!


Monkeys scurry

Hurray! Hurray!

One looks just like Andy Murray!

Big one lands on leader's head

Soon she's taking to her bed?


"Cottage" dwelling

Stories telling

Herbs and flowers sweetly smelling

Net protects us 'round the bed

'Don't want "mozzies" near my head!


Buggies driving

Mind reviving

Hills, our backs are just surviving!

Fine "Big Dipper", lots of fun

Underneath warm Bali sun!  09/09/2020 xx

"The Farthings", a special care home.


T   H   E          F   A   R   T   H   I   N   G   S


Piano playing 

Heads are swaying

For some "Abba" all are praying!

Lady clutching precious "toy"  (A polar bear!)

Farthings is for me a joy!


"Clients" seated

Warmly greeted

Soon all tiredness defeated?

Welcome words, I make my "speech"

Paradise is within reach!... (Music)


Music soothing

"Moonlight" moving

Not too noisy, disapproving?

Elton John and Beatles play

On this special Care Home Day


"River Mooning"

Lady swooning

Soon I'm "Carolina Mooning"

"Ipenena", Vera Lynn

"Oldies", I'm told, always win!


Tea arriving...

Trolley driving

Cup of cheer and all reviving?

Playing "Wouldn't It Be Nice"

Beach Boys always were my "vice"


Chopin calming

Brahms so charming

"Noisy music is alarming!"

Time to wheel a lady out

Too much tea, I have no doubt!


"Farthings" leaving

Sad I'm feeling

In the muse of song 'believing

"Thank you, Michelle, see you soon!"

Underneath a Bali moon? 06/02/2020.. David Arran xxxx















A      T R A G I C      E N D

I pass the place where Graham took his life  (Central Blackpool)

Four storeys high, his head was in a spin

He tried to make his friend his legal wife

But 'couldn't be her "man", he'd never win!

He parked his car, 'twas early, grey the sky

And walked up to the roof, resolve was made

No thoughts of personal harm, he heaved a sigh

I wonder, Graham, then... Were you afraid?

Nose-dived direct, life ends with awful smash

A postman passes, yells and in despair

Poor face no more, he'd given it a bash

One wonders if this life.... Can it be fair?

I hear Dear Mahler Fourth and see his face

Fond memories of him I can't efface!


Graham Brown was a dear friend and teaching colleague. We liked to listen to Gustave Mahler's symphonies together.  04/02/2020. From many years' ago! xx


A      S E L F I S H      L I F E !


"Please don't complain, I do just what I like!

And park my car on pavements, yellow lines

Dear "side-walks", phone in hand, and on a bike!

I'm racing, Luton Road and on East Pines

'Don't use my seat-belt, phone held at my ear

I've had a sandwich, wrapping I throw out

That done, content, I open can of beer

The loudest burp, reject that can, no doubt!

My dog, he "plops".... Beware a pile of "dirt"..

'Forget the lead, with not a "cop" in sight!

'Give bread to seagulls, gizzard won't be hurt..

Take cover cats... I give them all a fright!

Don't care what people think, it is MY WORLD

That flag of selfishness fore'er unfurled!"  02/02/2020. For Paul Galley xx


A  L  L      A  L  O  N  E  !


Death Knell sounding

Heart is pounding....

Isolation we are "founding"!

Farage downs another beer..

And he's grinning ear-to-ear!


Downing Street-ing

Great the meeting

All that "foreign muck" defeating!

Only eating British food

Bojo in a cheesy mood!  (British!)


Cliffs of Dover

"Drive my Rover!"

Channel never crossing over!

Headless chickens diving in

Euro flags go in the bin!



For "Great" nation

Greeted with absurd elation

German friends just stand and stare

Weeping is Dear Rufus Bear!


Blue new "passes"

Foreign asses!

Wait until great debt amasses!

Churchill smiling, looking down

'Bet he can't remove my frown!



"He! He! He-ing!"

Widdecombe, of course, all-seeing!

"Don't forget your Euro pay!"

Brussels soon is far away!



Once great nation

Time for daily "Scotch" libation?

Fireworks I cannot hear

Duvet firmly over 'ear!


Cyprus calling?

Here appalling?

Peaceful walks I am recalling

Bali, far from Brexit strife...

With my charming Euro wife!  01/02/2020.. No celebrations here! xxxx











T O O      M A N Y      S P A N I A R D S  !


I went to Spain for pleasure and some sun

Our hotel, it was full of noisy Brits'

The entertainment, "English", much more fun?

Yes, singing only Karaoke "hits"

The only drawback: Spaniards all around

'Heard Spanish music too... in Benidorm!

'Must pay in Euros, where's my British Pound?

'Prefer a world where English is the norm"

I need some compo', "Blackpool By The Sea"

"Foul Spanish food, I need my Yorkshire Pudd!"

With only foreign voices from the pool

I'd confiscate all towels if I could!

I wave my Union Flag, "Churchill My King"

And "Land of Hope and Glory" I do sing!  Amen, so boring, as we "leave" Dear Europe. 29/01/2020. xxxx


D   E   A   R      C   Y   P   R   U   S


I have a cord, an "umbi-cord"

Attached to Pafos shore

'Won't go away, a major chord

Grows sweeter more and more!


My thoughts soon turn to Tala Square

In Mario's, a beer

And on a chair Dear Rufus Bear

He's grinning ear-to-ear!


Quite soon descending Koili Hill

Sweet memories return

So many walks my mind will fill

Another Leon earn? (Just for a change?)


Vatouthkia view, another walk

We scale another slope

Much laughter, friends all like to talk

My heart is full of hope!


Dear "Spring of Life", tavern' supreme  (Amargeti)

Halloumi-P to cheer  (Pitta)

Reality or just a dream?

At last... my Leon Beer!


A clear blue sky, no sign of snow

Fine line of walkers 'lead

A speedy climb, we "don't do slow"...

We are a doughty breed!


Kamares Club, a Christmas dance

Dear Sue and Brian smile

A Status Wine our lives enhance

I have all this on file


From Blackpool Tower... a friendly wave

To all our friends "out there"

Another visit always crave

With Dear Old Rufus Bear.... Updated, 27/01/2020.

Meine deutschen Freunde.


W I E    S C H R E I B T    M A N    D A S  ?


English Spelling, no one knows

Stick a Da(h)lia up your nose!

Is it really read or re(a)d?

Are we eating bred or bread?


English Spelling, don't write Brahms!

Shoe Man, Schumann brings alarms!  (A Brexit thing?)

"Bate Oven" says "Brexit friend"  (Dear Ludwig!)

Time to drive me 'round the bend?


In the south, they have green grarce  (Grass?)

Says my friend called Hughie Jarce! ('Has a big one!)

One the score and we have won!

Time to eat a currant bun?


In the power of God believe

Blessings then I will receive!

Throwing at me Brexit mud

Hibernation if I could?  (Great spellings!)


Lots of sheep, a massive herd

Was it "Baa" the shepherd heard?

Ice-cream Sundae, Sunday, please

Even rub it on your knees!


Cat views bird on bough, life's tough

Time to have a pinch of snuff?

Is it through or rather threw?

Opt for too or maybe two!


Always smiling, when I laugh

Walking down the garden path

Tall the Beech, to beach it leads

Cut my hand and soon it bleeds!


Church's nave, the Knave of Hearts

Veggie person, noisy farts?  (Whoops!)

Kneeling down priest starts to pray

Fox outside drags off its prey!


Reigning monarch hates the rains

Pulling at her horse's reins

Knight appears from darkest night

For his supper... tasty bite?


Lots of nonsense, no one cares?

Combing hairs, or watching hares?

Sorry, Heinz, write "your or you're"  (I hate it!)

English language we adore!  For a Dear German friend.

Updated 25/01/2020. xxxx  My friend asked: "Why is it I read, but I have 

read, with the same spelling!!




B  R  E  X  I  T      S  H  A  M  E  !


Foggy! Foggy!

Neighbour's "moggy"

Brexit Blues, I'm feeling groggy

Lining up along the cliff  (Dover)

Give those Brexit types a biff!



For the Nation?

As for me, there's no elation....

Feeling lonely, Euro' friends

Membership, I'm told, here ends!


Big Ben bonging

Crowds are thronging

Can't we see, we're Europe wronging?

Never mind, "Take back control!"

Isolation is our goal!


Lonely walking

Quiet talking

Grieving now from Leeds to Dorkin?

"Churchill would be really proud!"

Looking down from silken cloud!


Weather's crying

Skies are sighing

As for me: "I'm wonder-why-ing?"

No more learning German, French

Friends are saying: "What a wrench!"


Channel "walling"   (If Trump can do it!)

Vile, appalling

Grandad's words I am recalling

"Glad that we are Europe's friend

Hope that this will never end!"


Neighborus cheering

"Vict'ry", 'hearing

Lots of wine-ing and pint-beering  ("No foreign muck!")

Farage photo, Johnson proud

"Bollocks!", I cry out so loud!


Still sad feeling

Heart not healing

Thirty-first is not appealing  (January)

On the Tower with Euro Flag  (Blackpool, of course)

Hope you all this poem will tag! Amen to Europe xxxx












T  H  A  T      T  A  L  K  I  N  G       T  O  I  L  E  T !


Talking Toilet, am I dreaming?

And this place so quiet seeming

'Cept for noises, toilet time!

No so hard to "fart" in rhyme?


Sounds from toilets not so rare?

Great amusement... Rufus Bear!

"Hello", as I start to wee

I reply.... and "He! He! He!"


Still he's talking: "See you soon!"

'Like to launch him to the Moon?

"Have my sandwich ready, dear!"

"Don't forget my lager beer!


Others enter, stand and stare

"Don't know how he really dare?"

"Hurry up, I need a wee!...

Time this cubicle was free!"


"Bloody nonsense, diarrhoea!...

Pure addiction 'what I fear!"

"Hurry up I need to go..

How we love these mobiles so!"


Guy comes out, his face is red

"Time to put your phone to bed!"

Rushing out, he utters "Shit!

"Gosh, I'll have a bloody fit!"


Lots of chuckles, what a farce

"Gosh he had a noisy *rse!"

"Don't believe it, what is next?

One man looking rather vexed!


Talking Toilet... Happy Days?

For some silence "poet" prays

Listen to the silence, peace

From the stress of phones release!  Amen, I love mobiles really! xx


20/01/2020 xx







Hol(e)y Jeans, girl's knees are freezing

No suprise, 'Hear coughs and sneezing

Can't afford a proper pair?

Time for me to stand and stare?


Baby's wingeing, "Princess" calming

Check your phone, it's so alarming!

No time really? your food

Fish for me to raise my mood?


Fine solution? baby's "screening"

Searching for some hidden meaning?  ("Help!"

Time for us, I think, to go?

Troodos Mountains, in the snow


Rufus says: "Let's try some skiing!"

He is such a lovely being!

'Stead 'opt for our fav'rite beach

Paradise is within reach!


Mario's the wine is flowing  (Tala)

After swim, our faces glowing

Pinkie's opts for large carafe

Listen to that lady laugh!


Watching footie, Pete is cheering

No surprise, he's started "beering"!

Mem'ries of our former walks

Lots of joking, happy talks!


Liverpool, I think, are winning?

Lady near, I know, is "Gin-ing"

Down another Leon Beer?

And I'm grinning ear-to-ear!


As for me, no Fashion Mister....

Much more worried 'bout my blister!

Too much walking, never mind.....

Cyprus always... really kind!  19/01.2020.. For Margaret Lightly xx



"A R I S E,    D E A R    R A Y!"


Poor old Ray, his knees are dicky

Not like him to "take a sicky"!

Lying on his clinic bed

'Least by nurses he is fed!  ("Watch out!")


Knee replacement, sock and dressing

Telling jokes, it is a blessing!

Tommy Cooper... "Just like that!"

Soon to wear a fez-like hat?


Theatre Time, Dear Hairy Fairy

Looking great, no Aunty Mary?

Giving Graham sexy kiss?

This, of course, we'd never miss!


Always laughing, really caring

Anecdotes 'was always sharing

Sending "models" to my phone

Llisten to the "poet" groan"


Playing notes, "Not in right order"?

Geordie songs from near the border?  (Scotland nearby!)

P'rhaps T' needs a lullaby?  (Tommy, sir!)

Rather have a meaty pie?


'Wears a sock, it's just protection

'Doesn't need a foul infection!

Cracking jokes, escape the gloom

"Boro" talk inside this room!


Panto needs you, 'want a Dickie?  (Whittington!)

Soon I know, he'll take the Micky?

Brightens up that Stage One place

"'Cos his acting's really ace!"


"Get well soon!", best wishes sending

Immobility soon ending?

Watch out Pafos, he'll be back!

He'll have Sooty in his sack!  Ho! Ho! 16/01/2020 xxxx







V A N I T Y    E X P L A I N E D  ?  (TATTS)



Going bats!

Men sit there in silly hats

Norbreck for the "Tattoo Show"

All of Blackpool sure to go?


Legs, Arms

Extra "charms"

Number of your house alarms?

Tracey painted on your neck

Now with Katie... "Bloody 'Eck!"


Cas' Cas'

Norbreck Cas'  (Castle / Hotel)

"Tatcon, folk" go there en masse!

Get yourself a sexy tatt'

Lizard or a pussy cat?


Book, Book

Tattoo Book

Full of crap, just take a look!

Arm with angel, what a farce

'Got a rainbow on his *rse!


Head, Toes

Anything goes?

'Got a gold stud on your nose!

Churchill and a Union flag

Shotgun and a Burb'ry bag!


Chest, Thigh

Hear my sigh

'Got a star above his eye

Knife and sabre on his leg

Latest girlfriend, name of Meg!


Win! Win!

Tatcon Gin?

Naked legs would be a sin?

Entertainment, have a ball!

Fame in Tatcon's Hallowed Hall!


Tatts! Tatts!

Mainly prats?

Raising high my German hats!

'Got a grand or two to spare?

P'rhaps I need "Tatt Rufus Bear"?  Updated from 2019. Rufus says: "Nein!"


15/01/2020.   Please tell me: "Why waste money on tattoos?" xxxx




Pura Vida

Fine "fast-breeder"

Tattoo-World, she is a leader

"Little Princess" on mum's arm

'Got her phone, she's nice and calm!


Couple eating

Talk defeating

Send each other "silent greeting"

Selfie first, a sexy pose

Stick a tulip up your nose!


Food is cooling

"Who're you fooling?"

Facebook here we know is ruling

'Manages a chip or two

And a brownish, steaming "brew"  (Tea?)


Wobbly belly

Aunty Nellie

"Corrie" soon is on the telly! ("Coronation Street")

On her leg a Poodle dog

On her neck, it's Kermit frog!


Blackpool's busy

Makes me dizzy

Magic wand and "Izzy-Whizzy"  (Sooty again!)

Make all mobiles disappear

Celebrating...Central Pier!


"Princess", "Honey"

"Mummy's Bunny"

Feet on seat is NOT so funny!

Child so noisy, starts to scream

And what's more, it's not a dream!


Going loopy

Veggie, poopy!

Man's huge stomach... rather droopy!

From the pier into the sea

Swimming, feeling calm and free!  



Rufus guiding

High above the town, we're hiding

Hear the silence, perfect place

Far away from "human race"  (NO Tories!) 12/01/2020 xx





Rufus toasts the happy couple! xx


T  R  U  E      H  A  P  P  I  N  E  S  S


Peaceful is the Arran house

Moosey and his charming spouse

Planning trips around the globe

Hetty in her wedding robe


Marriage, please, upon the beach

Coral Bay is within reach!  (And Pinkie!)

"Spring of Life" for wedding meal  (Amargeti)

Always had such great appeal!


Happy Wand'rers all be there?

B.T, Chantal, Rufus Bear

Leon Beer to toast their life

Moosey with his Hetty wife


Lively talking, hedgehog, moose

"Animals" on walks let loose?

Leading soon? the Mayors beam

Walking is their Cyprus dream!


'Make announcements, 'raise a glass

To Dear Moosey and his "lass"

Soon Letymbou, Droushia Hills

Climbing steeply, many thrills


Fine Greek music, glass on head

Rufus is for walking bred

Bopping in... Kamares Club

Singing in an English pub?


Journey "home", a honeymoon

Sunshine too, this is a boon!

Far from floods and windy coast

Pafos really is the most


Cuddle time, inviting pool

Little boat, M' is no fool!

All we want is HAPPINESS

Not a lot...UK, 'confess!  09/01/2020 xx



M  O  O  S  E  Y       B  O  Y


I wandered lonely as as a.... moose

My only friends: bald eagle, goose

Vancouver, wandering inland

"Ain't got a girlfriend, holding 'hand!"


He heard of poet's friend called Chris

To Chilliwack he blew a kiss

No finer people ever seen

To see Dear Mary.... really keen!


Fantastic time, all had a ball

Not missing Cleveleys, not at all!

And catching up on Chester times  (Robert?)

Where evr'ything would end in rhymes!


Now Moosey's on a plane, flies back

With Rufus too inside his sack

So far from Cyprus, Middle East

Halloumi cheese for M' a feast!


Soon lonely he, M' needs a friend

"I want my days alone to end"

'Espies a hedgehog, small and cute

He thinks: "This gal' just is a beaut'!"


Please take it slowly, smitten moose

He's not the one to "play it loose!"

And bending down on jitt'ry leg

For married life this Moose does beg!


With roses on his antlers high

We hear Dear Hetty deeply sigh

Their future pledged, a warm embrace

Wide smile on Moosey's friendly face


No longer lonely, cuddle, kiss

Dear Hetty, Wow, no more a miss!

Who said that romance was no more?

A glass of Champers M' does pour!  For Mary Colvin  08/01.2020 xx




G  O I  N  G     C  R  A  Z  Y  !


Honky! Honky!

Smiling Donkey!  (In The Briardene Hotel)

Wine so good, my legs are wonky!

Raise a glass, "departed " son

Life on earth.... not always fun?


Going crazy!

Cow called Daisy

Memory is rather hazy!

Sooty with that naughty Sweep       

Laughing, I fall in a heap!


Going loopy!

Veggie... poopy!

Ageing, all my "bits" are droopy!  (Never!)

Girl's enormous dirty feet

Nicely planted on a seat!  (On a bus!)


Going nutty!

Bacon butty  (Veggie?)

'Got a friend and he's called Sooty!  (He's back!)

Washing up with magic wand

Of hard work I'm really fond!  (No liar?)


Going La-La

Lady Ga-Ga

Sheep are grazing, humming: "Ba-Ba"!

Cows let out a might Moo

Stepping over giant poo!  (Help!)


Going Barmy!

In "Dad's Army"  ("Stage One")

Time to take up origami?

'Made a Giant Boris J'!

"Foreigners will have to pay!"  (New, fair Briatain?)


Going Crackers!

Play maracas

Heading off to far Caracas?

High upon a Cypress tree

Doggie going for a wee!


Going Dopey!

"Hello Popee!"

Politicians, please, no "gropey!"  (No hope?)

Flying through a ruddy sky

Hurricane, I wonder why?


Going Nutty!

Hugging Sooty

Fall asleep whilst watching footie!  ("Pass it to the goalie!")

Waving wildly Euro Flag

2 CV, not sporty Jag!


Beaming madly!

Helping... Gladly!

Telling jokes, but rather badly!

"Comfort Zone" to warm my heart

Time for sadness to depart!  05/01/2020.. Recovering from sadness xx





A  STRANGER  FROM  THE  PAST!  (We met after many years of silence) 


Stranger from the past I'm meeting

Giving me the warmest greeting

"Costa Coffee", Sat'day morn

Could this be a brand new dawn?


"Georgia On My Mind" discussing  (Daughter's name and the song)

Kids on bikes: "Oh, stop your fussing!"

Local Gala, lots of stress

Son is in an awful mess  (Robert's son)


Sense of humour, face is beaming

This is Robert... Am I dreaming?

Memories of Staining life

When his mother was my wife


Channel crossing, super ferry

Glass of red, I'm feeling merry

Driving south, it starts to rain

"Bring me here, it's such a pain!"


Paziols we're reminiscing

Fam'ly love is what I'm missing

Almeria, 'feel alone

Infidelity atone?


'Got a house, I borrowed money  (Thank you, Linda)

Preston, land of bread and honey?

Rescued by a "Lanky Lass"

'Know that all sad things must pass!


Twenty years, we're back together

Falling out, I hope that's never!

Capuccino, friendly chat

Sharing views 'bout this and that!


Starnger from the past is smiling

All of this forever filing

Hugs, departing..."See you soon!"

Now Together.... What a Boon!  June 2018.. 03/01/2020, Robert died xx



D E A R B L A C K P O O L !

B  L  A  C  K  P  O  O  L  '  S      S  Y  M  B  O  L


Mighty Metal Monster rise

Up into bright Blackpool skies

Poundland, goods are almost free

Tower overlooking 'sea


Iron fret-work rising high

Tiny lift heads for the sky

To the summit, seaside view

Crown atop and painting crew


Thrusting tall, admirers stare

At this rocket in the air

Cam'ras clicking, crane their neck'

To that eyrie, viewing deck


Hundred year have come and gone (125)

Silver paint not there for long

From the top view Blackpool Eye

Tourists look and heave a sigh!


Landaus passing, taxis race

Lifts go up at gentle pace

Ballroom dazzles, Strictly Dance

Tango, waltzes, donkeys prance!


Laying the foundation stone

'Ninety-one, no mobile phone (1891)

Meccano set with nuts and bolts

Girders rise with pulls and jolts


'Ninety-four at Whitsuntide

First enjoy the Tower Ride

Circus too, electric light

Adding to this Symbol's might!


Views across the Irish Sea

From this mighty, metal tree

Tuke and Maxwell, engineers

Landmark lasting through the years.. Updated from 2016 xx


           P A F O S    T I M E S


I'm thinking of our days in Pafos Town

When VyVy Symons flashed her sexy legs

And ev'ry day was sunshine, rarely frown

Another walk was all a Wand'rer begs!

Fine ex-pat group, they know where Quorn is sold (Really?)

'Met Tony Rafe at Coral Star, great beer

Dear Pinkie, "Big in Peyia", stories told

A Leon in each hand, grin ear-to-ear!

We'll miss our German friends.. out Berlin-way

Kissonerga is silent, now they're gone

We'll feed the cats in Tala, Happy Day!

Then Emba Theatre for a carol song

Such memories we'll see you all quite soon

Kamares Club beneath a perfect moon!  Updated from December 2019. x


NO SMOKING, PLEASE! (A car drove past, clouds of smoke through the window)

N  I  C  O  T  I  N  E      E  X  P  R  E  S  S  !

Nicotine Express

Fifty / day, not less!

Got a brain-cell missing?

Wife, her name is Bess


Clouds of choking smoke

This is NOT a joke!

Husand driving, smoking

Healthier than "Coke"?


Children in the back

Coughing, there's no lack!

Sharing smoke illegal

Grandchild, name of Jack


Smoke it billows out

Give them both a CLOUT!

Children need a gas-mask

Crying soon, no doubt?


'Mounderness the Way  (Amounderness Way)

Cold December day

Packet is ejected

On my litter-day!


Screeching, 'hear their brakes

Half a secong 'takes

Car now upside-down is

Awful sound it makes!


Ambulance arrives

Jack, Thank God, survives!

Driver has stopped beathing

Bess then soon revives


"What a bloody mess!"

'Got one smoker less

Tears heard at the fun'ral

Smoking kills, 'confess! HELP! 29/12/2019 xxxx