The manic poet



               C    A    L    M


Turn off the lights, my eyes begin to close

Deep breathing calms, my mind is floating free

The blinds are closed, 'assume a sleepy pose

High in the sky, below our apple tree

I'm stretching out, relaxing ev'ry limb

Sweet silence, 'only hear a soothing voice  (app)

'Can hear a choir, they're singing quiet hymn

No cycles racing, 'guess I can rejoice!

I view an ocean, where the waters lap

A raft is rising, falling on the waves

My mind can see a lovely Cyprus map

Dear Koili Hill imagination craves!

So calm I feel, I'm floating on a cloud

And happy too, far from the Madding Crowd!  08/09/2020 xx



Y  O  G  A    T  I  M E 



For our Yoga?

Poulton, 'better wear a toga?

Joanne's there, our Barbie Doll

As for me: Pineapple Poll!


Class is ready

Standing, steady

Come on, David: "Gee up, Neddy!"

'Guess I'm not a pleasant sight

Supple lady to my right!


Music soothing

Limbs are moving

Of our stretching Jo' approving?

Got a smashing downward dog

Though I look just like a frog?


Balance?... nearly!

'Bit too early?

Aged p', 'no supple girlie? (person)

Getting better, warming up

Sipping from my Tarzan Cup!


Thighs now aching

Knees are quaking

Time to cut down on the baking!  (I do not eat any!)

Fine triangle, gymnast I?

'Guess I'm not the fittest guy?


Silent, lying

Gently sighing

Age, I think, we are defying?

Thanks to Joanne, stress has gone

Singing tuneful Beach Boys' song!  03/09/2020 xxxx








Y   O   G   A     T   I   M   E


Yoga! Yoga!

Wear a toga?

Anchorsholme or Saratoga?

Joints are creaking in the sun

Joanne makes it lots of fun!


So relaxing

Not too taxing

Joanne's name to all I'm "faxing"

Perfect plank upon our lawn

Could this be a brand-new dawn?


Sun is shining

Sparrows "dining"

At the weekend teacher's wine-ing!

Just a Whisky, please, for me

'Lubricates an aching knee?


Calmer feeling

Yoga's healing

Weaknesses it's soon revealing

Balance, wobble, shaky leg

For a liitle patience 'beg!


Dharma! Dharma!

So much calmer

Teachings of the Hindu Brahma

Close our eyes and float away

On this lovely summer's day!


Movement finished

Stress diminished

Lessons, though, I feel, unfinished?

Put our feet against the wall

Welcome now to Yoga's Hall!    25/06/2020 


Thank you to Joanne xxxx




          R   E   L   A   X


Neighbour's got her "Social Bubble"

Family's there, forget all trouble!

Isolate then for a year?

I will have a Bintang Beer!


Digger passing, voice I'm hearing

On the phone, of course I'm cheering!

Boring when you're on the road?

"You can stuff that Highway Code!"


Soon, release, I'm meditating

For some peace and calm awaiting

Buddha, sending me that calm

No distractions, no alarm!


Seminyak, sweet music soothing

Of our Yoga all approving

Hanging from a coloured sling

How we love this "peaceful thing"!


Rocking, now I'm to-and-froing

Awful thoughts are quickly going

Friends around, such "unitee"

Soon I sip a ginger tea


Wondrous pool, to 'edge I'm swimming

Head with peaceful thoughts it's brimming

Views across to monument

Lots of love to Britain sent!


Birthday time, with warmest wishes

Lots of tasty veggie dishes

Music from a fine guitar

Praises to this local star!


Coming home, the mem'ries teeming

Of a turtle's swim I'm dreaming  (Buddy)

Grateful for this paradise

Bali realy "twice as nice"  20/06/2020   xxxx












O N      L E A V I N G      B A L I


Leaving Bali, shed a tear

Melts into my Bintang Beer

"Icey's" World was so much fun

Blackpool, not much chance of sun?


'Miss those TAKSIS, beeping free (Taxis?)

Squirrels, running up a tree

Walking on a sandy shore

Time-Share touts were such a bore!


'Miss that outside toilet, Yes?

Lots of giggles too, 'confess

Yoga early, calm my head

Life that was by Nature fed!


Bali Group, with so much love

"Icey" was our turtle dove

"Namaste", a blessing, please

Rub some Bintang on my knees!


Lots of laughter, fine sarong

Bali music, 'can't go wrong!

Meals together, birthday cake

Even Bali food we make!


"Buddy", circling in his pool  (Rescued turtle)

Not in England, no one's fool?

Snorkeling, viewing lots of fish

Bali meets our ev'ry wish!


'Breaks my heart as friends depart

Temples and great works of art

Raise my glass, it's "Bali Hai"

And we heave almighty sigh!


Leaving Bali, feeling sad

"G-Adventures", heart is glad

Final swim, blow warmest kiss

Bali, we will really miss!   22/02/2020 xxxx






M  A  N  I  C      C  Y  C  L  I  N  G  !


Cycle creaking

Forehead leaking  (30C)

Inner peace is what we're seeking

Not one chance, a pussy cat

Doggies too and "This and That"!


Rather bumpy

Path is lumpy

For the first time... Rather grumpy!

Saddle hard, a hurting bum

"Happy Cycling", I will hum!


Person missing  (Just)

Almost hissing

Cycle Days.. I'm reminiscing

Helmet on and eighty K (Kms)

Manchester, just for the day! (Cancer Relief Cycle)


Cycle swerving

So unnerving

Stupid driver, left he's "curving"

'Lose my temper, "sweary words"

'Sing for 'first time "minor thirds"!


Onward riding

"God" 'confiding

Scooters racing from a "siding"

'Need a Bintang, armour plate?

Rushing back 'fore it's too late!


Mopeds passing

Fumes " us gassing"?

Helmets here are not "amassing" (50%?)

Hotel gate, a dodgy ride

'Guess my smile: Ten meters wide??


Cycling over

Far from Dover (No queues!)

SUVs, gagantic Rover!

'Love to cycle, p'rhaps not here?

'Time to have that Bintang Beer!  A nightmare. 15/02/2020 xx


T  H  E    F  A  S  H  I  O  N    S  C  E  N  E !


"Got some lips like Katie Pricey?"

As for me, 'prefer our "Icey"!  (Hesti)

Lots of Botox, fillers too

Face not moving, I cry "Boo"!


Balinese, no fashion people

Rather have a Stupa Steeple

Caring folk, except on bike

am crying: "What y'er like?"


Russian folk, with lots of money

From the land of Roubles, honey?

Child's plate full, but mostly waste

Only Yoghurt to her taste?


Girl walks past, her lips are "pouty"

All the cracks are filled with "Grouty"

Hardly is a natural look

I would rather read my book!


Tattoo Man, no space is wasted...

Had some beers, he's looking "pasted"!

'Got a skull upon his arm

All a part of this man's "charm"?


Phone in hand, another selfie

Funny hat, perhaps an "Elfie"?

Trips and hears my giggles, Cheer!

P'rhpas I need a Bintang Beer?


Just a world, I think, I'm missing

Couple in the pool are kissing

Chinese man still has his phone (In the pool)

Then he drops it, 'starts to moan!  ("Wet Wet Wet!")


Order Champers and some crackers

Hotel might have Russian backers?

Waitress smiles and "Namaste"

Just another peaceful day!


Fashion statenment: shorts and trainers (Myself)

Here stilettos are "no brainers"!

Strap on watch is coming loose

I am just "The Fashion Moose"  20/02/2020 xx



        S   E   V   E   N   T   Y


In Bali as my seventh decade ends

The pool is cool, we're looking out to sea

Best Wishes to our many friends one sends

Four birds are singing in a nearby tree

Long way from Bradford, Carlton Grammar School

Dear Bulls no longer there as Odsal mourns

Don't miss those winters, Sixty-Three was cool

I'm laughing as a pussy cats just yawns!

A squirrel scurries, pigeons start to coo

With texts from Cyprus, 'miss those walking days

More holidays, I'll live till ninety-two

'Convinced a veggie diet always pays!

I cuddle up, I'm glad that Eileen's there

A wave from B.T. and Dear Rufus Bear.   19/02/2020 xxxx


A E R I A L    Y O G A !


Time for hanging from a sash

"Come on, ladies, have a bash!"

Wear a helmet, armour plate...

Soon you'll be at Heaven's Gate!


Meditation for a while

Then some laughter, cheesey smile

Lion roaring, arms now sway

Keep a straight face, come what may!


Limber up, a fine Down Dog

Teacher watches, all agog!

Try a Cobra, lethal me?  (Pussy cat!)

Soon be hangine from a tree?


Knees are cracking, never mind

Teacher "Icey" very kind!

Helps me, left leg and my right

Gosh, I am a pretty sight!


Time arriving, legs that grip

Hope this hammock doesn't rip!

Head soon lowers, blood to brain

So amazing, without pain!


On my hands, stand on my head

Thinking: " When's it time for bed?"

Ladies in a flying pose

With a flower up their nose'!


"Cradle Time", this baby sleeps

All descend to slumber deep

Rocking gently, paradise

"Icey", You are twice as nice!


Special Yoga, in the air

Lots of time to "hang and stare"!

'Really love this "session proud"

'Feel we're flying on a cloud! 15/02/2020... Help! xx