The manic poet



R  U  F  U  S    B  E  A  R


My name is Rufus, Rufus Bear

I love the peaceful country air

Avoid the stress of Cleveleys' street

Where shoppers all my calm defeat!


'Prefer a a walk, no "madding crowd"

'Like sunshine, please, no rain and cloud

Foul Covid not so good for me

'Need travelling to set me free!


A peaceful place, like Beacon Fell

And Cyprus too, to "ring my bell"!

A walk with friends on Christmas Day

But England, please, in 'month of May!


Humidity... no good for me

A garden view, bird on a tree

When it's too hot, a Cyprus pool

I'm in the shade, nobody's fool!


Missing Pinkers, Uncle Peter

Try a walk to Anarita?

Timi, time to plan some walking?

'Stead of all that "coastal talking"?


Oft in the sack, that "poet" leads

A squirrel with some nuts he feeds

Himself a "nutter", 'has his street  (Cleveleys)

Two metres?... many shoppers meet!


Soon on a plane, with pal B.T.  (Baby Ted)

'Look down on fav'rite "Meddy Sea"

In Pafos 'land, Sharon awaits

"Then welcome, Ruf', to Heaven's Gates!"


His friends there too, Albert, Chantal  (French)

A doggie too, his little pal  (Kevin)

A comfy sofa, ocean view

You've guessed it too... with problems few!


I'm loving music, Catherine sing'  (partner)

Baloo, Belynda, song "takes wing"

A Chopin waltz, Beethoven... more

With Schubert too, our spirits soar!


Idyllic life, with many walks

With Enid, J' (*), 'have many walks

I raise a glass to many trips  (A boozy bear?)

A sip of Whisky pass' my lips!  Yiamas! xx 23/03/2021 xx

(*) Jeanette xx





W  I  S  H      I      W  A  S      T  H  E  R  E  !


I yearn to walk along a Pafos shore

The sun is shining, peaceful is the scene

We're meeting friends and soon our spirits soar

Dear Jenny says: "We wonder where you've been?"  (J.Seaman)

Hear music, Andrew's streaming opera song

The waves are lapping, lighthouse bows its head

The harbour's empty, gone the tourist throng

The sun is setting, with a glow of red

We're walking soon, a new day... Sea Caves' view

Dear Sharon smiling, planning Wednesday "stroll"  (I bet!)

Remember now the Happy Wand'rers' "crew"

When finding tracks became our special goal!

I close my eyes and Pafos disappears

Instead the sight of Blackpool's famous piers... Amen  21/05/2020 xx






N O    M O R E    H A P P Y    W A L K S ?


No more Dear Georgie Bates to climb a hill

No more those happy voices Wednesday morn'

No more Rod Mayor's briefings all to thrill!  (Help!)

A chapter closing, Hastings: Brand-new dawn!

No "Spring Of Life-ing", time to say "Goodbye"

A Leon pouring, Mark and Donald smile

A private tear is falling, 'heave a sigh

'Reflect on ten year's walking for a while

My sticks are lying, limp, cool GPS

'Hear raucous laughter, 'Rickerby to cheer!

We'll miss our Happy Friends, we must confess

Dear Keomann, he loves his Cyprus beer

To Walkers Dear, we raise a parting glass

"It's been a ball!", alas: "All Good Things Pass!"  25/04/2020


Updated from 04/04/2013, for Heinz Hube xxxx


S T R A N G E T I M E S !

D  I  F  F  I  C  U  L  T      C   H   O   I   C   E   S ?


A nightingale o'er Coral Bay

I wonder what it's got to "say"?

"There's no one walking on the beach

This paradise is out of reach!"


Police, so busy... giving fines

And NO one parking 'yellow lines"  (Really?)

It feels so eerie, birds won't sing

"I guess this virus is the king?"


Ten thousand steps, a daily walk..

Or... by the pool some beer and talk?

P's opting for a little drink

And then another, with a wink!


From U.K. Club... a daily quiz

And you can guess..'got lots of fizz!

Or is that just Prosecco, Dear?

Perhaps.. a glass of Keo Beer?  (What choices!)


So many choices, walks or drink.....

What does Dear Peter really think?

A lounger or some cooling swims?

Large cup of tea or glass of Pimms?


We guess it's Pafos or U.K.?

I wonder what Dear Pete will say?

I'm staying put, no B.J. here! (How lucky!)

And reaches for another beer!


The sun is shining, painting done

'Guess isolating can be fun?..

Unless you're back in Mansfield Town

'Prefer to smile and never frown!


That perfect scene: a pool-side meal

A day of rain has no appeal

The choice is made, P's gone to sleep

And I'm collapsing in a heap!  Happy Peyia  19/04/2020 xx



D A Y O F L O V E !

M  E  M  O  R  I  E  S      O  F      J  O  E  !


"Unerneath The Arches"

Grandad used to sing

Strauss 'chose for his marches

Singing was his "thing"!


Playing spoons, he's smiling

'Hear a "rum-te-tum"

All of this I'm filing

Singing with my mum?


Ilkley, still he's singing

"Cliffs of Dover" thrill

Time for food, bell ringing

Warms the Winter Chill (February 1987)


Even when he's fading

Melodies recall

Mem'ry bank I'm raiding

Jazzman, Kenny Ball


"Something Simple" singing

Rocking to-and-fro

'Heaven's door he's "winging"

Let that cancer go!


For Dear Joe, 'still grieving

Playing Chopin piece

Warm thanks now receiving

From death's grip release!


Kenneth Dodd expiring

Tickling stick no more

Of his jokes, not tiring

'Love them more and more!


Ken and Joe we're toasting

Hugs from all the world

Day of Love I'm hosting

Flags of peace unfurled!   Updated  17/04/2020 xxx




A  L  L      C  L  O  S  E  D  !


Dear Comfort Zone, as closed you stay

Perhaps beyond the end of May?

A prayer we send to those in need

Great privilege our friends to feed


And Blackpool Town, deserted too

No tourists here... Give us a clue!

A virus, striking rich and poor

Great prayers we're needing, more and more


The B and Bs are empty, sad

No trains arrive, it's really bad!

The Big One silent, Pleasure Beach

No trams run either... out of reach!


No cafes open, "Peppermill"

And me, I've lots of time to kill

I hope our clients are well fed

We used to give them daily bread


A place to sleep, no alleyway

Stay warm and safe, for this we pray

Like all of us, 'need hope and peace

Please, from dire poverty realease!


We're thinking of the NHS

They're heroes all, we must confess

Those care homes, needing lots of help

Hear cries of joy, no dying yelp!


A police car passes, on patrol

'Keep people safe, it is their goal

'Can only hear a noisy gull

When they are here, life's never dull!  (Really?)


Dear Comfort Zone, we'll open soon

We're planning for a date in June!  (Really?)

Until that time, stay safe and smile

As "poet" leaves the Golden Mile  14/04/2020. For "Comfort Friends" xx








H A P P Y T I M E S (S O N N E T)

A L L    T H I N G S    M U S T    P A S S  !


Oh, Happy Times, with ev'ry day the same!

The sky is blue, when will we have our walk?

'Watch "Jerry Vine", a man of greatest fame.....

Now could I guess the topic of the talk?

Inventing fifty ways to read a book

I start at Chapter Twelve... and then reverse

'Reduced to watching: "Ready, Steady, Cook!"

It's all a part of dreaded "virus curse"!

But soon I enter garden's pleasure place

I'm sitting on our bench and eyes soon close

Not even wanting screeching gulls to chase?

The Beauty of Dear Nature, growing rose

"All Things Must Pass", I play a diff'rent "tune"

Release from grip of danger will be soon!  (Ask Mr. Trump!)


13/04/2020 xxxx




"W H A T ' S N E X T?


"S  T  R  I  C  T  L  Y      P  I  N  K  I  E"


'Nother day: "What are you planning?"

Are you "bottle-ing or canning"?

Orange juice or Keo Beer?...

'Think the juice might send you queer!


Little walk to rusting tanker?

Conversation with a banker?

Book a holiday to France?

We know Pinkie likes romance?


Fifty circuits of the pool, please!

April, might be cool for P's knees!

'Long the coast, meet Andrew O'  (Herr Oliver)

How he loves his music so!


Fine Pucini, maybe singing?

Soon you will be "ding-a-linging"

P'rhaps the Beatles: "Love Me Do"?

Hollies hire a "Bus-Stop Crew"?


How about some "Pooly Cleaning?

Searching for a hidden meaning?

Davy Jones' Locker's here

Serving cooling Leon Beer  (Yiamas!)


'Bet you're planning loads of walking

Droushia 'stead of distant Dorking?

GPS is in your hand

Time to form your "Peyia Band"?


Play a trumpet, 'hear your trilling..

Pete would rather hear some drilling?

Dancing: Agios Georgios place

"Strictly Pinkie"...Really ace?


'Nother day, What are you planning?

How about some poolside tanning?

Prostrate with a glass in hand

Yes, this is the promised land!    09/04/2020.










T H A T P E Y I A Q U E E N !

T  R  A  V  E  L  L  I  N  G      T I  M  E


What y'er doing, Peyia Pinkie?

Leading walks before I "blinkie"?  (Likely?)

Only problem... You've got Pete

Has he still got walking feet?


'Long the coast, a lighthouse passing

All those steps you are "amassing"

Twenty thousand ev'ry day....

Ending up in Coral Bay!


Yialos tavern'... and you're walking

Not a lot of "footie talking"?

Never mind, 'find "Cowboys" here....

And a glass of Keo Beer!  (Or six!)


Magic carpet, safe and easy

This won't make your chest so wheezy!

Rising in the atmosphere

Glass of wine and.... Leon Beer!


Not much sign of Wanderers hiking?

Tony Rafe, I guess, still biking?

Soaring over Koili Hill

Can you see Dear Pollard Bill?


Three o'clock, it's time for wine-ing

'Got a picnic, "High-rise dining"

"Splendid!", that's the way to fly

Carpet's wonky... 'Wonder why??


Nearby island, where you're landing

"Swimming back, not so demanding?"

Strap the carpet to your back

Trying crawl, P's got the knack!


Tandem-Time, as back you're going

Rather wobbly, to-and-froing!

Fast asleep by half past nine

"Travelling Life is so divine!"    06/04/2020. xxxx



"C H A P E A U X B A S !"

Y  I  A  L  O  S      T  A  V  E  R  N  A


Dear Yialos tavern', sun is beating down

See Pete and Margaret, glasses in their hand

Sea Bream is cooking, soon efface all frown

Pete telling me: "This is the Promised Land!"

Relaxing day, a walk before we eat

A Sea Caves' view, it takes my breath away

I know Don' Fin', unlikely him to meet....

His memory won't spoil our splendid day!

The meal arrives 'begin to salivate

Such quality, we give this place Five Stars

Another Leon, What an awful fate!

A peaceful haven, not one sign of cars!

We thank our friends, unique this special place

We're leaving, only smiles upon our face'!  "Yiamas!"


05/04/2020 xxxx


P A F O S..... O R.....C L E V E L E Y S?

T  H  I  S      A  N  D      T  H  A  T


"Knicker Corner"  (Washing Time)

Fine Jack Horner

"Braveheart", written by James Horner

Birds are tweeting, sparrows fly

High into fine Cleveleys' sky



T's Spaghetti  (Tina, "Spring of Life")

Georgie Bates still is the Yeti"

Donkey track to thrill the soul

Peaceful walking is our goal


Magic Money

"Land of Honey"

Sleeping rough is NOT so funny!  (Blackpool!)

Looking after those "off-shore"

'Bet they're paying tax no more!


Pinkie! Pinkie!


Partial to the "smallest drinkie"?

'Syphons down a liter wine

Sea Caves' Life is so divine!


Pinkie's Island

Could be our land?

Better than that Brexit England?

"Yialos" tavern', food divine

Tingles going down my spine!



Poet rhyming

Happiness we're only mime-ing?

England 'bout to sail away

Europe really "Had its day"?


"Wander Happy"

Swift and snappy

Oldest walker wears a nappy?

Hiking till your'e ninety-two?

Underneath a sky of blue


Pafos, Preston

Eastern, Western

Still, I have my walking-vest on!

Strolling through a leafy wood

'Have both "worlds", that's if I could! 


Updated for Lady Pinkie, 04/04/2020 xxxx

This started with the washing in our garden in Anchorsholme!