The manic poet


R E S C U E D !

      L  O  S  T !


Lost on an island

Sadness and tears

All thougths are shipwrecked

Heightens my fears!


Feeling so lonely

Head full of cold

Everything blackened

Nothing is gold!


Trapped in an abyss

Cannot climb out

Starting to panic

Cannot scream out!


Feel I am drowning

Valley of tears

Futile my struggle

Desperate fears!


Sky, dark and threat'ning

Rain chills my breast

Water is rising

Reaches my chest


Suddenly near me

Kind face peeps down

Kisses my forehead

Melts away frown!


Guardian Angel?

And with a pull

Dragging me upwards

From this dark hull!


Gabriel Angel?

Head full of love

My Little Person

From Heaven above!  For Eileen, from 2000.  27/08/2020 xxxx


It is amazing how sad I have felt during the "Covid Months" xx


U N E    M A U V A I S E    N O U V E L L E


In tears we are, French friends are falling out

Ile d'Oleron will never be the same

It's Bastille Day, we'll celebrate, no doubt

But not when Christian plays "silly game"!

The coach is there with bears upon the dash'

They're crying, 'cos Dear Roseline's not there

I'd like to give foul Christian a bash

They're married still, but does he really care?

One year ago, in Carcassonne, we sigh

"Le Tour de France", I beam from ear-to-ear

I used to like coach driver, friendly guy

But now he is a devious type, I fear!

We send Dear Roseline our hearfelt love

And launch from here a peaceful turtle dove  14/07/2020 xx

"B I N I T!"

K E E P   T H E   W O R L D   T I D Y !


Litter pickers

"Kit-Kat", "Snickers"

Even pair of dirty knickers

Cans ejected, gardens, streets

Lots of nasty "bag-full-treats"! (Help!)


Car is passing

Couple "gassing"

Can "flies out", great piles amassing

"Oy, mate, 'guess you've missed a bit!"

Many bags of doggie shit!  (Sorry!)


Grabber busy

Going dizzy

Scratch-cards, envelope with "Lizzy"

Cats have left a souvenir

Lots of cans of Lager Beer!


Baby-walkers (abandoned!)


Dirty dishes, lids and "fork-ers"

Christmas tree looks lovely too

Alleyways used as a loo!  (No surprise?)


Papers, packets

Tennis rackets (broken)

Sticky sweets, I think they're "Hackets"  (Hacks?)

Plastic bottles, "Lucozade"

Time that we deposits paid? (Like Germany!)


Pigeon dying

Mattress "lying"  (abandoned)

All this mess, I'm loudly sighing

Television, stereo

To the Tip they OUGHT to go!


Cyprus tipping

Also "gripping"?

At the landscape rubbish "ripping"

Sofa, I am turning left  (On my walk there)

Folks of common sense bereft?



Locals "cheering"?  (Really?)

Litter-man reduced to "beering"  (Or Whisky?)

Telling folks: "I do my best!"

'Hope that "Mug's" not on my vest?  From 2018 xxxx  For Paul Galley.



P   R   E   J   U   D   I   C   E


Prejudice, I cannot stand it

Black man, why is he the "bandit"?

Born in Oldham, working hard  (Local shop owner)

Please, don't play the racist card! 


We must say: "All people matter!"

'Do not like such hurtful "chatter"?

"Effing Germans", young men said

It's not long 'fore I see red!


Africans are here for playing...

Bowls, but soon they were "dismaying"

"Black trash, we won't share a lift!" (Imperial Hotel, Blackpool)

Please don't cause this awful rift!


'Hate it, when "they" talk of "Pakis"

They were always white man's lackeys!

Please, let's give them all a hug

Sorrow at my heart's strings tug


Sorrow too, EU we're leaving

'Tell man: "German friends are grieving"

"Sieg Heil", goose-step on the road

'Loves to follow "racist code"?


Hakenkreuz, then Hitler mention

Causing me such dreadful tension

Foul graffiti on the walls

Not the way to "heaven's halls"?


Tolerance in Oklahoma?

Farage' words, or p'rhaps a Homer?

Smirking,' got his early beer

Sorry, you're not welcome here!


Blackbird lands, my heart is warming

Even though outside it's "storming"

Kneeling for those most in need

'Only want a "Caring Breed"    05/07/2020 Salute the NHS xx


L E T ' S S P E N D !

A    F L Y I N G    I C O N ?


'Want a plane, red, white and blue?

Boris and his barmy crew

Million Pounds, must be a farce?

Logo on the side: huge arse!


Welcome waffling Tory Clown?

Wearing private golden crown

Priti Awful staff on board!

Sounds discordant minor chord!


Flying off to fifty states  (We will be number 51?)

Thinking of their dreadful fates

Starting with The Tweeting Chump

Gosh, he is a useless lump!


Sacking many staff... Obey!

For some brain cells we all pray

Insults for "Dear Sleepy Joe"

'Though B' is a mighty foe! (Mr. Biden)


China calling, 'lands Beijing

Dancing to a "Covid Fling"

Honk Kong, not the place to go?

Lots of fighting, stress and woe!


Flying "Union Plane".. Berlin

Merkel offers BJ...Gin!

With a splash of cyanide

Science views him with such pride?


Landing back on "Lonely Isle"

"Got no deals!", but still a smile

"We will manage, we're UK!"

For a Money Tree all pray


Spend some money, N.H.S.

Heroes all ,we must confess

'Least we've got a shiny 'plane

This, of course, removes all pain?  Please kneel!  18/06/2020 xx




    N  O  S  T  A  L  G  I  A


Covid bringing lots of trouble

As for us, we have our "bubble"

"Gin o'clock is not for me

Rather Whisky, maybe three?


Fleetwood is the place for walking

On the phone loud lady talking

"Please don't feed the greedy gulls!"

Car is "pooped", life never dulls!


Magic carpet bear preparing

Cool-box full, Ruf' is so caring (Rufus)

Heading off for distant climes

Never hard to find my rhymes!


Soaring higher, sky much clearer

Awful voice from star called Vera  (Corrie?)

BT, busy blocking 'ears  (Baby Ted)

UK leaving, without tears!


Crete below as Cyprus beckons

On safe landing Rufus reckons

Droushia, then a Pafos shore

You can guess, our spirits soar!


Georgie Bates in Kisso waiting

Isolation he's debating...

'Rather have a daily walk

Johnny B' will lead the talk!  (Mr Boustead)


Sharon, Jeanette we are meeting

Wow, that was a special greeting!

Leon waiting, glass of Red

View of calm and soothing Med'


Really magic, talk and drinking

Paradise, I soon am thinking

Karin, Heinz, wish you were here

Nostalgia, a falling tear!  16/06/2020 xxxx








A  V  O  I  D    C  L  E  V  E  L  E  Y  S  !


Cleveleys... CRAZY!

Fred and Daisy

"Doggie" shoves me, minds are hazy?

Dodging twits, just by the score

Local chaos we deplore!


Ducking, Weaving!

Shop I'm leaving... Help! (H and B)

Power of Common Sense believing??

Let's escape folks... to the prom?

I'm obeying Cummings Dom'!  (Never!)


Silent bikers

Frightened "hikers"?

DoGgie walkers, any likers?

Tide is in, there's no escape

Guy has had a nasty scrape!


Bispham calling

School recalling!

Speeding van is so appalling!  (60 mph)

Pavements wider, safer feel

Shopping though,,, as no appeal!


"Friend" I'm meeting

Frosty greeting

"Distance, please, this "plague" defeating

'Angry, 'cos no travel plans...

No to pubs, beer out of cans!


Happy talker...

Likes a walker

Exercising, man's a corker!

'Wants to lose a kilo.... ten?

'Least he's smiling, name of Ken!


Time for resting

Lots more testing?

Brain with nonsense is "congesting"

Garden next door, full, allowed?

Safer p'rhaps.. up in the clouds? xxxx







S  E  N  S  I  B  L  E      C  Y  P  R  U  S


Beached the tanker, Andrew's dining

'Wonder if he's beer- or wine-ing?

Christiane by his side

View Dear Cyprus with such pride!


Planning route to Barnard Castle

No police, there'll be no hassle!

Driving, 'though I cannot see

Toilets closed, I need a wee!


So relaxed, the sun is shining

Lockdown gone is so defining

Covid seems to be in check

Even smiling... tanker wreck?


Southend Beach, there's chaos reigning

Positive, it isn't raining!

Clueless "regulations" here

Virus is this "poet's" fear!


British tourists: "Stay in Britain!"

Buy the virus "badly bitten"

Parents dying... "Stay away!"

Just another BJ Day!


Pafos Harbour, peaceful walking

Couples strolling, happy talking

Sipping at a Leon Beer

I'd be grinning ear-to-ear!


Medics 'wrong, with Cummings leading?

Even though this country's bleeding

Dodging cycles on the prom'  (Blackpool)

Sending thanks to Clever Dom'?


Pete and soon he's footy watching  (Peyia)

Keo Beer 'though I am "Scotching"!  (Never!)

'Hope to see you, don't know when

Sending greetings until then!  29/05/2020 xx




I   C A N   H E A R   M U S I C !


Music heals, it keeps us going

Soon our heads are to-and-fro-ing"

Blind spot, when Einaudi play'

"Three Blind Mice", you'll hear me say!


Chopin waltz, a nocturne's soothing

Grieg concerto is so moving

G' and S', a Pirate King

Handel, "Hallelui'a" sing


Greek the music, toes are tapping

As for me, not one for "rapping"!

Rufus, glass upon his head

Fine taverna, by the Med'!


Miss those concerts, still 'got "Streaming"

Olwen's Song... or am I dreaming?

Sadness, hearing "Schindler's List"

Schubert I cannot resist!


Painting Time, still music's playing..

Beatles "Yesterday" are "saying"

Bee Gees, "Tragedy" they sing

Elvis next, he was The King!


Beach Boys, songs are so inspiring

Of their music never tiring!

Hollies and a "Kinky song"

Dusty S', I can't go wrong!  (Springfield)


World is weary, music cheering

Whisky Time or am I "beering"?

Resting now, Beethoven play

"Moonlight", please, to end my day!


Cyprus, "Music Lovers" list'ning

Sunshine on the ocean glist'ning

"Clair de Lune", a peaceful end

Melodies from Blackpool send!  Play on!  27/05/2020 xx 










C  H  A  N  G  I  N  G      R  O  O  M  S


With ev'ry day the same, I'm Changing Rooms

And then I sigh, it is the toilet's turn!

You'll need some ear-plugs 'gainst the sonic booms

I guess some Brownie Points I will not earn?

A podcast on the "pot", Oh Joyful Day!

And then I opt for rugby league, wide smile

With Jimmy Lowes and Lynton..brighten May..

I might be walking 'long The Golden Mile!

For exercise we're dodging manic bikes

"Go 'do one!" from prospective "Chrissie Froome"

In Yorkshire we have only peaceful Tykes  (Really?)

Perhaps I'm safer in my latest room?

Shout "Merde!", tomorrow I am in the.... shed

With lumpy, moth-balled mattress for my bed!  Amen xx 09/05/2020.



T  H  E    A  N  C  H  O  R    C  H  I  P  P Y  !


Anchor "Fishes"

All our wishes

Serving up delicious dishes

Culinary wizards they....

Brighten up your busy day!


Tasty! Yummy!

Glowing tummy!

Ideal meal for dad and mummy?

Try a sausage with your chips...

Brings a smile straight to your lips!


Battered Haddock

Don't sell Maddock?

Cod preferred by "Fanny Craddock"?

Don't forget your mushy peas

Ideal for your aching knees?


Lots of gravy?

Not for Davey? (Myself!)

Even serve the local Navy?

Salt and vinegar to please

On your chips, perhaps some cheese?


Queuing pleasure?

At your leisure

Social spacing by the measure!

'Guess it will be worth the wait?

Scrumptious food, it is your fate!


Always busy

Makes me dizzy?

Only joy for John and Lizzie!

"We'll be back, we love this place!"

Only smiles on ev'ry face!


Praise the "Anchor"

Never rancour

Smiles from even local banker?

"Chapeaus Bas!", hats off to you!

Perfect is "The Anchor Crew"... David Arran 01/05/2020 xx




J O I N    T H E    Q U E U E S !


Cleveleys.... Queuing!

Old girl... Mooing!

Virus problems all eschewing?

Caribbean for a cruise?  (Travel agent's)

Most of us prefer our booze!


Cleveleys... Busy

'Makes me Dizzy!

Bert is talking with his Lizzie

Who obeys: "Two metre rule"?

Rain is falling... rather cool!


Aisles, no worries?

No one hurries?

Watch out, as a "lady" scurries!

Shopping for a mushroom flan

Wine and beer... a cunning plan?


Tom Moore.. praising

Spirits raising

In the crystal ball I'm gazing

Safer on the Planet Mars?

I'm avoiding passing cars!


Country happy?

Baby's nappy

"Boris is a cheeky chappy!"  (Help!)

Crates of Champers to arrive

As for us, we just survive!


Schools still "closing"

Daughters dozing

Facebook, many pupils posing!

Not much chance of "hols" abroad?

"Tank" approaching... Highway Code?


Cleveleys 'leaving

Soon be heaving?

Many for some loved ones grieving!

Pour yourself another drink...

"Soon be over!", "What d'yer think?"   Amen xx 30/04/2020 xx




D  E  A  R      C  L  E  V  E  L  E  Y  S


Just walking on the beach, it calms my mind

The waves that lap, a sound to soothe me too

Not just the gulls, sea birds of ev'ry kind

A Mallard duck, Sandpipers, problems few!

Such friendly walkers, distancing they keep

Small dog runs past, a ball inside its "mouth"

All bikers far away, my heart does "leap"!

We're talking here, unlike the "Silent South"!

Proud Irish Sea, The Tower bows its head

View Norbreck Castle, 'guess its empty there?

A lady passes, wearing coat of red

Just lovely here, with time to "stand and stare"

Salute Dear Cleveleys, tide is coming in

To miss a walk like this would be a sin!   For Paul Galley 26/04/2020.




"G  O  O  D  B  Y  E,    N  O  R  M  A  N!"


In the sky: "Dear Norm' is written"

No more legs will e'er be bitten!

And he sports the proudest crest

Leeds United on his "vest"


Billy Bremner at his side

Admiration...'cannot hide

With Jack Charlton, Johnny Giles....

Turn our sadness into smiles!


He's a legend, 'tackled tough

As a fellow, not so rough

Bristol City, Barnsley too

More at home with "L.U. Crew"?


Gateshead is so long away

Football he was born to play

First upon the team-sheet, he

Chosen by Dear Don' Rev-ie!


Player of the Year, We're cheering

Ladies found his smiles endearing!

Fairs and F.A. cups he won

With his team mates, lots of fun!


A true Legend, South Stand naming

Still all forwards he'd be taming?

Playing football in the sky

We will miss this lovely guy


Allan Clarke and Mick Jones waving

Fondest memories we're saving

Raise my glass to "Norm the King"

"Thank you, Norman", we all sing!  23/04/2020 xxxx


T H E    P O R T R A I T    O N    T H E    W A L L


I view your portrait to inspire

Great man of letters London-way

Recalls the day of fine debate

Through orat'ry MPs you sway


The cut and thrust, Hansard attests

That sacred house burns midnight oil

Not then by hunting types invade

We thank you, sir, for honest toil


Big Ben would sound its famous bell

And call the parties to debate

A Heath, a Wilson, both have left

To lead your bench was not your fate!


What have we now, a faceless few?

A slanging match at Question Time

The ghost of Bevan looking on

To mock the squabbling pantomime!


That face so proud.. with no regrets?

You graced those halls with honour, pride

No dirty war, no subterfuge

You didn't have a thing to hide!


That surge of hope, In Ninety-seven

Thost days of Major, Thatcher gone!

A promise then of truth, no spin

No peace, Iraqis, Requiem song!


Those "toffs" on horseback, "silly clothes"

That curs-ed house of privileged peers

The world polluted, guzzling oil

A hostage dies to raise our fears!


Enjoy "retirement", write your books

An optimist to warm my soul

Your portrait watches as I write

A World of Peace: our common goal.. Written 2004


I saw a portrait of Tony in a bookshop in Kendal xxxx 21/042020 xxxx