The manic poet




O N E    T W O    F I V E  !


Cas' and Wigan, "rugby-league-ing"

Sport I've always found intriguing

ONE TWO FIVE, a Birthday Game

Rugby League, Let's praise its name!


As for me, a Bulls' fanatic

In the past, Great Club Titanic

Henry, Robbie, on the ball

Many triumphs I recall!


Vainikolo, tries he's scoring

I can hear the crowd, we're roaring

Odsal was my fav'rite place

Atmosphere was always ace!


Jimmy Lowes, he's always scheming

Of Grand Finals I am dreaming

Michael Withers, with three tries

Brilliant, just hear my sighs!  (2001)


Mumby kicking, I'm rejoicing

"Come on, Bulls!", 'hear folks "voice-ing"

Trophies, celebrations too

For this Happy Odsal Crew!


Heroes all, with Saints and Wigan

Warrington, another "Big 'Un"

Wakey, Salford, two-clubs Hull

Super League is never dull!


Catalans and Giants calling

Rhinos' victories recalling

Once Toronto, where've they gone?

Time to sing Canadian song?


Lots of passion, grubber-kicking

So excited, heart is "ticking"

Stevo, Eddie Hemmings bow

Always made me smile somehow!


Rugby League, my glass I'm raising

Greatest game I'm warmly praising

Toasting future, Hall of Fame

'Loving thirteen-player-game!     29/08/2020 xxxx



O  U  R    P  O  U  L  T  O  N   R O  S  E


Gym is rocking

Rachel 'clocking

Tired of all that "downy-locking"!

'Got a cushion on my head

We are all for sit-ups bred!


We're star-jumping

Heart is pumping

Muesli breakfast, I'm soon trumping!  (Blushing!)

'Great to be with Rachel, smile

Exercising for a while


Liz is smiling    (Elizabeth)

So beguiling

All this motion we are filing!

Weights: two kilos, bicep-curls

Lovely time for "boys and girls"!


'Stones are singing

Sixties... Swinging!

"Uptown Girl", my ears are ringing!

Motown, lots of catchy songs

Music "righting all our wrongs"?


Legs are stretching...

Really fetching?

Here's a scene for someone sketching

Rachel keeps us on our toes

She must be our Poulton Rose!


Happy faces

Poulton Aces

Exercise all stress effaces!

Many Thanks to Rachel, Cheer

'Glad to see so many here!   24/08/2020 xxxx


H A T S   O F F   T O   T H E   C A R T E R S !


Lincoln leaving

Soon we're grieving

In the power of love believing

Rachel waving, Piers there too

Goodbye to a Happy Crew!


Hugo smiling

This we're filing

Chloe's look is so beguiling!

We're discussing world affairs

"Join the Forces, "Eagle Dares"


Breakfast eating

Gainsborough "meeting"

Hunger pangs we're soon defeating

Bacon, eggs and sausage too

Frinds together, problems few!


Doggie walking

Happy talking

Sophie is Dear Hugo "stalking"

Ball we're throwing, giving chase

Matthew keeps a speedy pace


Golden Wonder

Machine's thunder

Crisp World Piers will blow asunder

Keep your Walker's, 'Wonder wins

Leave those Walker's in the bins!


Josh: hard-working

Wears a jerkin?

Watch out, Cheeky Hugo lurking

'Hear "sweet nothings", Chloe, Zach

'Glad he's got his girlfriend back!


Rachel busy

Soon I'm dizzy

Magic wand, say: "Izzy-Wizzy"

Piers arriving, dog obeys

Listen what the master says!


Fam'ly happy

Neighbours?.. crappy?

Baby Edward in his nappy

'Loved our visit, Many Thanks!

Warmest mem'ries in our "tanks"  16/08/2020 xx


H  E  L  L  O    C  L  E  V  E  L  E  Y  S  !


Arrived in Cleveleys late six years' ago

Goodbye to Hastings, English Channel view

Dear Ian, Lynda, 'guess we miss you so

Small flat no good for us, 'missed "Northern Crew"!

No pirates here, Proud Anchorsholme so calm

A lovely park, where birds will sing their song

No parking problems, garage: "healing balm"!

Fine councillor, who soon would sound our gong!  (Paul G')

Our furniture arrived, the longest drive

Fine workmen putting ev'rything in place

Six hours for us, three motorways 'survive!

Our latest chapter will be really ace

I sip my Whisky, toasting our new life

The Little Folk are here and darling wife!  12/08/2020


We loved the park in Hastings and our Welsh councillor, Godfrey! xx


"P  R  O  S  T,    H  E  I  N  Z !


My friend, Dear Heinz, is in his Berlin flat

Dear Karin working, earns the "daily crust"

My thoughts return to walking: "this and that"

Those Cyprus hills unmoeglich?.... Wanderlust?

My ankle's hurting: "Take it easy please!" (Physio!)

"And learn some patience, Seventy your age!"

I love the sounds of country, cooling breeze

Perhaps it's now the time to "turn the page"?

Those hilly walks are not for you, my friend....

Kissonerga and Amargeti fade

We knew those days of joy would have to end

Fine mem'ries though are never in the shade!

I raise a glass to Heinz, good health in view

And wear your "lovely" mask, with problems few!  "Jo! Jo!" 


09/08/2020... "Guten Morgen, Meister!" xxxx



E  N  C  O  R  E      G  H  S !


Smiling faces from the past

Always led by classy "cast"?

Greenlands High School was the best

Wear a primrose on your vest!


Good Work Entry, "Wear a tie!"

David A', a special guy? (Mr Absalom?)

Sense of humour got us through

In the 80s, problems few!


Finest gym' with lots of sport

Playing on a tennis court?

Sports' Day, discus flying far

Mrs. Winter.... in her car?


Caring "Dotty" on the scene

Lodgey, Gaffiney... really keen!

Mr Glover with his bag

Pupils.. having "sneeky fag"?  (They admitted this!)


Lovely trips to Paris, Loire

Coach to Dover... not so far?

Normandie, Mont Saint Michel

Channel swim in fine Asnelles!


Time in Essen, grammar school

Cary, Astrid... really cool?  (German colleagues)

Skating on a local rink

Gluehwein too... "What did you think?"


Classroom, daily dialogue

"Never eat the legs of frog!"  (Cuisses de grenouille)

Glass of red for teacher, please!

And a piece of Salut cheese  (Port Salut)


Memories of teaching days

'Really loved those "Christmas plays"!

Raise a glass to "Winter Queen"

Finest school we all have seen... 03/07/2020 


For all the staff and students xxxx    David Arran.



      S   H   O   P   P   I   N   G  !


Blackpool... Shopping!

Street called Topping

Out of 'way of locals 'hopping!

Bike goes past to miss my feet?

'Like to knock him from his seat?


"Peppermilling"  (restaurant)

Coffee "swilling"

"Prawn baquette, if you are willing!"

Lots of salad, lettuce, crunch!

This they call "an early brunch"


Tower looming

"Lady" grooming

Kiddy's voice is rather booming!

Gulls, they circle, seeking food

Bound to lift my Covid mood?


Doggies passing

Couples "gassing"

Time for bits of "lads and lassing"

Clouds of smoke, Dear Vaping win!

Guinness now would be a sin?


Winter Garden'

Belching.. "Pardon!"  (Not myself)

Woman looks like Dolly Varden?  (Dickens)

Window full of coloured toys

Happy days for girls and boys?


Car park busy

Soon I'm dizzy

Come on, Sooty, "Izzy-Wizzy"

Magic me to La Rochelle

Roseline is "not too well"!


Warmest greeting

Island meeting? (Ile d'Oleron)

Enemy perhaps defeating?

Messages of love and cheer

Kronenbourg, my favourite beer!


Shopping over

Far from Dover  (EU car park?)

Pafos next or p'rhaps Hannover?

Whisky glass to ease the pain

Sunshine, France, not English rain!  16/07/2020  xxxx


S   P   E   C   I   A   L      M   O   M   E   N   T   S


Special Moments, Monday Walking

Friends together, happy talking

Tala Square at half past eight

"Recce-time"... I couldn't wait!


Four-by-Four, with Donald driving

Sixties' sounds we were reviving

"Honky Tonk", a Rolling Stone

Mark is singing, 'start to groan!


Great adventure, hills we're climbing

Friendly language, mostly rhyming?

'Love to lead friends "right off piste"

Thousand metres up, at least?


'Need a challenge, Ian moaning

"Not up there!", he is intoning

'Follows us, yes, just the same

'Like to play this "Monday Game"!


Highest point, the sun is shining

Not one thought of "food and wine-ing"?

Viper watching from the side

'Glad when he decides to hide!


Sticks are flying, Mark is racing

Steep the climb, no gentle pacing

Donald needs a "comfort break"

'Think of this, my heart does ache!  (No longer in touch!)


Walk is ending, Leon calling

Special moments I'm recalling

Grilled Halloumi, pitta bread

'Happy when I'm being fed!" (Nothing has changed!)


Lounza, chips, dear friend is eating

Hunger pangs he's soon defeating

Apple cake, I salivate

Brandy too, it is our fate! "Spring of Life")


Special Moments, 'heart is bursting

For a Leon I am thirsting

Grateful for my special friends

'Sad when Monday Walking ends!    From 2015 


For Donald, Mark and Ian xxxx




T  H  E    U  K  U  L  E  L  E    K  I  N  G


Nick oft' plays his ukulele

Not just once, but six times daily

Even plays it in the bath

'Likes to make his pussy laugh!


Pink one in his garden hanging

Strumming hardly ever banging!

Chopin or a Beatles' tune

Even "Carolina Moon"!


Nick, he is the new George Formby

Motorbikes, not trains by Hornby!

Speeding 'long the narrow lanes

Even cycles when it rains!


"Cleaning Windows" he is strumming

Audience then soon is humming

Cheers the soul, a "Stick of Rock"

Blackpool though, so please don't mock!


Parish halls or care homes... Pleasure!

Nick, he is a National Treasure

Swaying heads and tapping feet

Even "Dancing in the Street"!


Lullaby, of Jackie thinking

Not one tear, but soon he's blinking

Melodies to warm your heart

Darkest feelings then depart!


On the prom' all spirits rising

Jaunty tunes, it's not surprising

'Wonder when "We'll meet again"?

Ukulele.... ease the pain!


Raise my glass to entertainer

'Concerts miss would be "no-brainer"

Keep it going Music King

We all Hallelujah sing!  Amen  22/06/2020 xx






      "MAMMA    MIA!"

"Mamma Mia", Mamma's calling

Tasty fare we are recalling

Topping Street the place to go

And.... There's hardly ever snow!


"Mamma's", Blackpool.. "Eatalee"

Top of culinary tree!

Friendly owner, smiling staff

Guaranteed to raise a laugh!


Tasty food, you're spoilt for choice

Listening to Roma's voice

Pavarotti singing loud'

Soon you're floating on a cloud!


"Super Saver", try some fish

Veggie pizza, special dish

Mushroom Stroganoff to please

Don't forget some Palma cheese!


Tagliatelle so divine

Washed down with Chianti wine

Bread with garlic, cannellon'

Penna Vodka sets the tone?


Salivating?... deep fried Brie

Glass of beer, or maybe three?

Cod that's baked to your delight

This time, try a glass of White?


Pasta dishes, tasty sauce

Superb quality of course!

Sweet time?... Try Banana Split..

Ice cream too, I'll have a fit!


Mamma's Ristorante... Power!

Come, enjoy, "The Happy Hour"

Gourmet place on Topping Street

Go there... Give yourselves a treat!         


 Written in 2015. So sad, Mamma's is up for sale!  14/06/2020 xxxx


S C H O O L    I S    N O    M O R E !



Teacher rhyming

On the stage, with perfect timing?

Danger, 'got my scimitar

Mrs. Reading can't go far!  (Beware!)


Sports Day calling

Fun recalling

Discus throwing... so appaling?

Who will win the teachers' race?

Read the stress on "poet's" face!


Hockey playing

Sticks are swaying

For a goal we all are praying

Then a WHACK upon my shin

Scowl instead of silly grin?  (Miss B'!)


Next... I'm baking

Scones we're making

Teachers' health we are forsaking?

'Guess I'm not a super cook? (Naked Chef?)

These are rock cakes, take a look!


Block Four teaching

Graham's preaching!  (Wrong place, Mr. Brown!)

Fluency Dear Hayley's reaching  (Mrs. Gray)

German or a bit of French..

Saying "Bank" for garden fence!


Lynn, Maria

Lin', a de-ar

German students on the "pia" (pier?)

Pat, Orelle, Elaine there too

Gosh, we were a happy "crew"!  (Really?)


Greenlands.... Crying?

Deeply sighing

Memories its "death" defying?

Driving past, 'still feeling proud

School up there, it's on a cloud!  R.I.P. xxxx 13/06/2020.





        A    S T E A D Y    "S H I P"!

The compliments are flowing Greenlands' way

Those happy days when 'Winter was in charge

When Lodge and "Dotty" really made our day

All girls could tell the "butter from the marge"!

It's Panto' Time to bring us Christmas cheer

There's laughter all around, we start to smile

Good Work Book giv'n, I'd rather have a beer!

A tight ship sailing past the Golden Mile

Green uniform with tie, we all look smart

Those language classes, dialogues prepare

So many subjects, Physics, Music, Art

A school so full of industry and care

All Hail Great School, we miss those Golden Days

I read your texts and all are full of praise!  Amen  08/06/2020 xx


"H  A  T  S    O  F  F !"


Bubbles chasing, rolling, leaping

Soon he's on the sofa, sleeping

Peeping 'round the bedroon door

'Guess we'll miss him more and more?


In the kitchen, food awaiting

'Smells the food, he's salivating!

Making circles, squeals of joy

Happy now is Rachel's "boy"!


Guinness jumps and Piers is watching..

Maybe soon, he's "Scotching! Scotching!"  (Myself?)

Silence, as G' slips away

Very sad, this Carter Day?


Not for long... All drinking, toasting

Finest dog, they're Boasting! Boasting!

Trace his name high in the sky

Wave "Goodbye" and, with a sigh!


Do not worry, Guinness flying

In the sky, no Crying! Crying!

G' salutes the Carter "Crew"

Up in Heaven, problems few!


"Chapeaus Bas!", Dear Alex, Sophie

Guinness holds the "Doggie Trophy"

Zach and Ollie, Matthew too

Watch their friend in sky of blue


Josh, he leads the "Monday Clapping"

Doggie smiles, no barks, no yapping

Floating off to "Doggies' Place"

Peaceful look on Boxer's face... "Amen to Guinness": 25/05/2020 xx


        F   A   R   E   W   E   L   L   


Farewell, Dear Guinness, silent is the house

The finest Boxer dog you've ever seen

Your garden empty, not one tiny mouse

All flowers bow, with lawn of Lincoln Green

No more those walks and chasing stick and ball

The children watching, Piers is in the lead

A kite is launched: "Chase, Guinness!", is the call

Great character, his was a doughty breed!

Another chase, the kite is flying high

The chasing starts and Sophie squeals with joy

A lovely scene beneath a a perfect sky

When suddenly G' falls, Dear Rachels' "boy"

So sad this day, The family's friend has gone

Let's raise a glass and sing a thankful song!

 Guinness, R.I.P.  22/05/2020


T H E    S E A R C H    F O R    P E A C E


Lie down and close your eyes, all pain release

A supermarket shop..'feel full of stress

Two minutes pass and now have thoughts of peace

I'm floating on a cloud..calm, 'must confess

I view a temple high on mountain slopes

Nepal, such happy memories remain

So positive, exceding all my hopes

With not one thought of driving English rain!

Fine vista, Himalayas looking down

A monk is praying, silence soothes my mind

A smile comes to my lips, soon gone all frown

Now in my lounge, a perfect calm I find

Dear Buddha, show the way to peace, I pray

As blackbird sings, my mind just floats away!  19/05/2020  xx




C  H  E  E  R  S,      B  O  B !


Standing on the Empire State'

Guitar playing, it's Bob's fate!

Serenading New York "Town"

He's erasing ev'ry frown


Birthday Boy is playing blues

Will he make the "Foxy News"?

Buffalo soon wants him back

'Puts his guitar on his back


Plays Chuck Berry, Marvyn Gaye

For a peaceful world we pray

Soon we're dancing to the beat

Covid Virus soon defeat?


Beatles playing, Rolling Stones

Only cheering, never moans!

Dusty Springfield, Elton John

Bob is strumming, 'can't go wrong!


Mother singing, neighbours sway

On this special "Bobby Day"!

Soon we're "Dancing in The Street"

Soulful music stress defeat'!


Happy Birthday, take a bow!

At his music all say "Wow!"

Fine Temptations, Great Supremes

Even hear it in your dreams?

Here from England, 'raise a glass

Praying good times never pass!  "Cheers!" 15/05/2020.. David Arran xx