The manic poet



H O M E    O R    A W A Y ?


Blackpool Beach or Pafos Town?

Neither venue raise a frown?

"Harry Ramsden's"... "Ocean B"  (Ocean Basket")

High atop the "Foodie-Tree"!


Wandering, Fairhaven Lake

Blunt-nosed viper, dodgy snake?

In the garden.. greedy gulls

Pafos sky that never dulls?


Walking through a famous gorge  (Avagas)

With a friend, his name is George  (Mr. Bates)

Blackpool prom' or Latchi Bay?

Both for "Happy Holiday"?


Famous Tower or Faros Light'? (Pafos lighthouse)

Both we rate a wondrous sight

Amargeti, Stanley Park

Rising early with the lark!


Friendly walkers, donkey trail

"Golden Mile" can never fail!

"Kiss-me-Quick" or walking hat?

Monast'ry to feed a cat?


Strolling on the Central Pier

Moufflon or a passing deer?

Buzzards soaring, magpies "chat"

Tommy Cooper.... "Just like that"!  (Ray K')


Lytham walking, Riccos Beach

Stick of rock or juicy peach?

Cloudy skies or days of sun?

Warmer days are much more fun!


Pitta bread, Halloumi cheese?

Fish and chips with mushy peas?

Status wine or Boddy's ales?  (Boddington's)

Cooling Leon, never fails!!


Droushia for a hilly walk

Staining, ambling, left the fork

Laona for some tasty fish  (Ktima)

"Castle Gardens", really swish!  (Carleton)


Dear "Stage One", it's panto time

Famous Grand, a play 'bout crime

Mozart, watching from above? (Grand's ceiling)

Both these theatres we all love!


Blackpool, Pafos... "Take Your Pick"

"Big One", moving really quick!  (Rollercoaster)

Harbour view to calm my soul

'Live in both would be my goal.. Amen!  Updated from 2018 xxxx





A    C Y P R U S    D R E A M ?


Cyprus, but will we be going?

Virus fiend is to-and-froing

Spend two weeks all on our own?

Listen to these walkers groan!


Sharon, we're from distance waving

All our hugs for two weeks saving!

Locked up in a town-house "cell"

This will really "ring our bell"?


Better than in England staying?

For a little peace we're praying

Leaving many numpties there

Bringing with us... Rufus Bear! (All bow!)


Amargeti, are we walking?

"Spring of Life", with "distant talking"?

On my phone across the road

This, of course, The Covine Code!


Harbour walk, a lighthouse viewing

All those friendships we're "eschewing"!

Jo and Rod, we'll see you soon

Conversation is a boon!


Out at sea, our boat is rocking

At the harbour soon we're docking

Isolating in the sea

Hear the fishes... "He! He! He!"


Helicopter, walkers waving

As for me, my brain is raving

Watching Droushia from the air

Lots of time to snore and stare?


Cyprus, problems we are ending

No, the rules we are NOT bending!

Walking 'round in 'plastic bag

And I've also got a gag!   "Yiamas!"  14/10/2020 xx




C Y P R U S W A L K I N G !

R   E   C   C   E  -  T   I   M   E


Ann and Steve, great walks they're planning

'Rather hot, their faces fanning!

Recce-Time, it's early too

Walkers, 'guess that's what they do?


Search for shade, they're Anadiou-ing

Leaders know just what they're doing

Lovely view to "Kanna" dam  (Kannaviou)

Once so loved by Steve and Pam!  (Metcalf)


Kathikas, great place for hiking

Tony Rafe prefers his biking

Petradaki for a drink

Leon, please, before you blink!


Recces were our greatest pleasure

Finding tracks and, at our leisure

Amargeti, donkey track

Rufus, sleeping in my 'sack!


"Where to next, try Fyti, Koili?"

'Like it when it's really hilly?

Walker by the name of Ray

"Like your "ditties, come what may!"  (A fan?)


"Keep your distance.. How's this working?"

English walkers... Covid lurking?

'Must admit, these days I miss

Blow Dear Cyprus warmest kiss!


"Olive Tree", when hike is over

Luxury... We're all in clover!

Keo for walk-leader Steve

In the power of walks believe!


Ann and Steve, 'guess you we're thanking

Always on a great day 'banking!

'Hope to see you late this year

Order, please, my Leon Beer!  14/09/202o.


For the dynamic Etheringtons! xxxx


"H A L L O,  F R A U  W I F E Y!"


Dear Mrs. Wifey, waving Lania-way

Proud cam'ra clicking, capturing the view

The Troodos beckon on this sunny day

With Andrew there, the problems must be few?

'Don't need a drink, soak in the calming air?

Small birds are chirping, flower pots abound

The locals have their coffee, sit and stare

A kitten scurries past on open ground

Another walk, the camera is back

The slope is steep, it's timeless, nice and slow

Fine donkey grazing, grapes are in a sack

Myself convinced, this is the place to go!

Taverna beckons, small libation waits?

And Hubby smiles, so dreadful are your fates!  Amen, Andrew!

23/08/2020.   "Sonnet-form". xxxx




A  N  T  I  C  I  P  A  T  I  O  N


We're missing you, yet, 'hearts are full of joy

Another visit, 'hope, December time?

A thrill inside for entry "girl and boy"  (We are youthful!!)

'View Pinkie's Island, just to aid my rhyme!

Dear Dora, George, you're sending photos... Smile!

From Kouklia to Omodos, let's walk!

"The Spring of Life" is worth that extra "mile"

Inspiring, when I think of happy talk!  (Taverna chat)

Our plane is landing, Mandria awaits

The hire car's purring, Pafos lies ahead

"A Walking Programme".... Horrible our fates?

We know, of course, we are for hiking bred!

A peaceful prayer, Stay Safe!, we're coming soon

Large Leon in my hand 'neath Pafos moon!   Amen: 21/08/2020 xx

C Y P R U S A H O Y !

T  H  E     M  A  G  I  C     S  H  E  D


Bernard has a brand-new shed

Inside too.... a cosy bed!

Cushions for Dear Marcus too

'Guess our B' has problems few?


'Got a smile upon his face

Life-Newcastle... really ace?....

Rather have a Pafos shore?

'Missing Cyprus more and more!


"Have a word with Rufus, please!"

'Get you thereit's not a wheeze!

"Marguerite, Get in the shed!"

Magic here, I'm told, is bred!


Suitcase and both passports.. Check!

Covid-tested, Bloody Eck!

Marcus says he's flying too

B.T., Rufus, they're the crew!


'Can't believe it , shed does rise....

Up into the North Sea skies

Destination?... Hill Top G'

Rufus giggles: "He! He! He!"


Soaring high, the Alps soon cross

We can see: "Marcus, the boss!"

Over Greece, the Med' so blue

Chuckles from the "Sheddy Crew"


Slow descending, Venus Beach

"Paradise is within reach!"

Landing safe by Hill Top pool

B' leaps in, he is no fool!  (32C!)


Shed is smiling in the sun

"Pafos garden, far more fun!"

Marcus yawns and biscuits eats

Cyprus land of many treats... Enjoy your stay! 19/08/2020 xx


Piano player xxxx


M E M O R I E S   N E V E R   F A D E !


A voice is calling from the Emba Stage

An army uniform, I start to smile

Some years have passed, I'm turning o'er life's page

My thoughts are with you, Les, just for a while

We think of Linda, waiting in the wings  (Darling wife)

A fine performance, though exhausted 'feel!

"We're kidding, Mister Hitler", voice it sings

I smile from 'keyboard, Jonesey my soul heal'

Fine actor, friend, husband and father proud

In Chlorakas, you rest with Linda near

'Salute to all, atop a passing cloud

Mere thought of you, my heart begins to cheer!

We miss you, Les', our lives you so enhance'

"The Brightest Side of Life", Let's sing and dance! 


Updated from May 2012 xxxx


Cyprus Ahoy!

T R A V E L P L A N S !

P  I  N  K  I  E    A  H  O  Y  !


Travel planning

Covid "banning"!

No, not this time "Isle-of-Man-ing"!

'Got our eyes on Cyprus trip

As I at my Whisky sip!


Peyia Pinkie!


"Glass 'white wine, what do you thinkie?"

Pete is glad the footie's back

Keo beers, there is no lack!


Drinks or walking?

Happy talking

Left at Faros lighthouse forking

,Got a town house for four weeks

There's a glow in Pinkie's cheeks!  (Really?)


Airport leaving

Pass receiving

In the power of sun believing

Driving close to Riccos Beach

Paradise is within reach!


Rufus smiling

All this 'filing

Presence is, of course, beguiling!!

Lots of trips to Troodos heights

Fav'rite though.. fine Peyia "sites"!


In December

Please remember...

Leons for this HW-member (Wanderers)

Best behaviour please out there

Orders from Dear Rufus Bear!


Pool inviting

Poet writing

Virgil though he's not reciting!

"See you soon, don't go away

We enjoy a Peyia Day!"   12/08/2020 xx



S H O P P I N G ?

C  Y  P  R  U  S      W  I  N  S  !


"Click-collecting"  (Monday)

I'm defecting

Asda statues I'm erecting  (Really?)

Rather shop in Jumbo Store?

Pafos 'missing more and more!


Boris hearing 

Many jeering!

As for me, I'm Leon-beering  (Not Whisky?)

Sick of waffle, taking off

Hat at Blackpool I do doff!


Pafos landing

Docs I'm handing  (Tested?)

Custom check, not too demanding

Car is waiting, sky is blue

England doesn't have a clue!


Welcome friendly

Far from Hendley!

'Guess our car is not a Bentley?

Tombs of Kings, arriving soon

Underneath a Pafos moon


Peyia walking

Laughs and talking

At a sofa left we're forking!

Reservoir to please the eye

I release a massive sigh!


Tavern' 'stopping

Corks are popping

"Seventy", I'm "table-hopping"!  (Hardly)

'Guess December soon is here?

And I'm grinning ear-to-ear! 


Randles thanking  (Pafos Rentals)

Cheque he's banking

Town-house we think is high-ranking!

'Cannot wait, and Bernard's there  (And Marguerite)

And we're bringing Rufus Bear!    10/08/2020 xxxx








N E V E R G R U M P Y ?

G  R  O  W      S  O  M  E      W  I  N  G  S  !


Feeling really.... very grumpy

Path not smooth, the way is lumpy

'Wonder if it's Covid's cause?

Time to take a "barmy pause"!


Hospital, outside girl's smoking

On her crutches, almost choking

And she too is very fat

"Gosh, you are a silly bat!"


On a cloud, I'm slowly rising

Vulture soars, he's me advising:

"Grow some wings and fly away

Life in England doesn't pay!"


Channel view, Calais I'm viewing

Lots of manic cars are queueing

Tour Eifel, I stop to rest

"Grand Cognac!", by far the best!


Wobbly flight, fine Cognac's "working"

Stress has gone, large eagle's lurking

Seeking refuge....Avignon

"Sur Le Pont", it is my song!


Soaring high, Les Alpes o'erflying

'Least up here, no seagulls crying!

Mind now clear, the Med' below

On a sled, Rufus in tow!  (Who else?)


Eastern Med', Mandria landing

Rufus, me a Leon handing

Cognac mixed with lots of beer

Head now feeling rather queer!


Vardas Beach, no longer grumpy

Calm my mind, no more is lumpy!

Antidote to Covid strife?

Cuddle time with darling wife!   Updated: 05/08/2020


For My Grumpy / Heinz! xxxx





     T  W  E  E  D  I  E  '  S


If you're feeling really blue

'Heart is broken, shed a tear

Here is what you ought to do...

Tweedie's, problems disappear!


Friendly village, smiling face'

Fine Kissonerga, no stress

Life just at a gentler pace

'Has a great appeal, 'confess!


Friendly welcome..."Come inside!"

"Want your usual?", asks Hil'

Statos, served with honest pride  (Red)

Cheap enough to have our fill!


Menu... soon we salivate

Craig has waved his magic wand  (Star chef)

Creamy seafood... dreadful fate?

Of his gnocchi...'really fond!


Place uplifting, always full

Sipping at a fruity wine

Visits here are never dull

Goat's cheese tart is so divine!


Looking at those gourmet "words"

On the wall: "Let's live to eat!"

Outside, swallows, happy birds

Temple of all food's elite!


Friends are happy, spoilt for choice

Opting for delicious fish

Atmosphere, hear happy voice'

Gilt-head bream, a special dish


"Lamb to die for!", Alan says

Haddock, smoked, with leek and cheese

Brightens up our Cyprus days

'Feeling totally at ease!


Finest food on Cyprus isle

Always leave with smiling face

Dining here in regal style

Tweedie's is our fav'rite place  Updated from 2012 xxxx



C  Y  C  L  I  N  G,    P  L  E  A  S  E  !


Tony Rafe: "What are you doing?"

Thoughts of walking you're eschewing

Racing 'round upon your bike

Locals saying: "What y'er like?"


Peyia 'starting, Pinkie waving  (Dear Margaret)

She is not 'bout biking raving

Rather have taverna view?

Problems there are really view!


Helmet on, so slim the figure

'Challenge hills with lots of vigour

August for Le Tour de France?

All our lives this race enhance'!


Geraint Thomas, Bradley Wiggins?

Far too slim for Chrissie Biggins?

Racing fast along the lanes

Soon removes all aches and pains?


Eddy Merckx or "Indurain-ing"?

Rarely cycles when it's raining!

Thirty C' is rather hot

Is he worried?, no he's not!


Comfort Break, he's water drinking

Not of Keo Beer he's thinking

Sev'ral beers when he gets back?

Energy he has no lack!


Turning back, He's Drousia leaving

In the power of bikes believing

Is Patricia making lunch?

Rather have a tasty brunch?


Tony Rafe, a jersey wearing

Is it yellow?, folks are staring!

Famous athlete, Number One

Biking daily in the sun.  28/07/2020 xxxx



Enjoy the view! xx


T H O S E    M A N I C    W A L K E R S !


Maniacs, they're "power-walking"

"Ain't got time for idle talking!"

Steaming up the steepest slope

For this "poet"... not much hope?


"Don't have time for eat-or-drinking"

Pretty boring, I am thinking!

Time to stop, enjoy the view?

Stopping places?...really few!  (None!)


Friend he says: "Dear Nature calling!"

To the rear he's quietly falling

"Quick!", "appointment" with a bush

"Come on, Tony... Time to rush!"


Twenty K' in three short hours

Draining are my walking "powers"!

Aching knees, my legs soon sore

"Loving "racing" more and more!!"


Jays are flying: "Like to stop, guys?"  (My suggestion)

"Keep it going!", hearing loud sighs

Shooting from a "hunting twit"

"This, I do not like one bit!"


"Comfort Stop", but no one's waiting

"Just be quick!", there's no debating

Group goes left, straight on for me

"Am I lost, or am I free?"


Georgie Bates detects an error

'Tiring of this "Manic Terror"

'Slowly find our long way back?

"Give these maniacs the sack!"


Monday's now are for exploring

Manic walks I am deploring

Koili Hill, enjoy the view

Problems now are really few!  For Tony Rafe, from 2018 xx


We called our new group: "The Monday Sensibles" xx



C  Y  P  R  U  S      W  A  L  K  I  N  G


I am the kind of guy who likes to walk

The countryside before me, hill and dale

In Amargeti, Tsada, maybe York?

But rain-free days, 'not keen on storm and gale!  (Blackpool?)

Dear Rodney's leading, Jo is at the rear  (The Mayors)

Another hill, the sun is beating down

Lots more to come... of that I have no fear!

My boots are pounding, smiling, rarely frown!

A final loop, guess what?...another hill!

My knees are aching, walking for three hours

Fine view-point,all beating hearts to thrill

See palms and cacti, bougainvillea flowers

The "Spring of Life" awits us.... Leon beer

A high-point in this walker's busy year!  Updated from December 2014 xx

"Yiamas!" xxxx


P  U  R  E    N  O  S  T  A  L  G  I  A


Kouklia, Dear Stavros seated  

By all walkers warmly greeted

'Says he's given Whisky up  (I haven't!)

Drinking from a..... coffee cup!  (Help!)


Georgie too, a walk he's leading  (Mr. Bates)

Souskiou, a Keo needing

Lots of smiles, the hard work done

'Though December, in the sun!


Steepest hill we're now ascending

Onwards, upwards, never ending!

Views to die for, valley deep

'Change from all those "mountains steep"?


Lunching, time for contemplation

"Safe", we're told, this Cyprus nation!

"Please don't talk about the North!"

Scotland, p'rhaps the Firth of Forth?  (No?)


We're returning, lonely doggie

'Guess he's starving, 'looking groggy  (abandoned!)

'Give him water, tasty snack

'Stroke his lean and boney back


Tail now wagging, home he's needing

Tender care and  daily feeding

Why abandon canine friend

'Drives me slowly 'round the bend!


Cars we're sighting: "Keo-running"

'Get there first is really cunning!

13 K', a drink we need  (I use kilometres)

Leon is this walker's "feed"!


Pure Nostalgia, mem'ries savour

Leon helps, a malty flavour

Raise my glass to special friends

Friendship never ever ends!   Updated from December 2017 xx