The manic poet




U  K  C  A    P  A  F  O  S


UKCA, we hope you're thriving still?

Dear Maureen serving Keo at the bar  (Finch)

With Tuesday quizzes members all to thrill?

We rent a place, from UK Club not far!

We made friends there, Dear Tom and Mary G'

With many dances, club was buzzing too

A walk from there would get you to the sea

Such happy times, they have a busy "crew"!

George Bates is there, once chairman with his wife (Pat, R.I.P.)

The walkers meet on Fridays, friendly talk

Another route, a healthy, outdoor life

A Leon, please, and then go for a walk!

Let's raise a glass to UK Club supreme

Amazing subject for my latest dream!  Amen xx 16/08/2021 xx    




T  E  L  E  P  H  O  N  I  N  G !



No one moaning?

Amazon, and soon I'm groaning!

"No Prime Member, Go away!"

Buying LOCALLY today!  (And ALWAYS!)


Phone is ringing

Sweetly "singing"

All the way from Pafos "winging"

Jo, a walker from the past...

Part of Happy Wand'rers' "cast"


Daily walking

Happy talking

Proud Pissouri, ocean "stalking"!

And' of course, there's lots of UP!

Sipping from my Whisky Cup!


Friendly greetings

Christmas meetings?

'Not the "age" for daily "Tweetings"?  (Trump HAS gone!")

Rod just makes a cup of tea

'Glad to be of Britain free?


News Jo giving

"Sunshine" living

Still with regulations "riven"!

Only walking as a pair

In a group?..That's if you dare!



George The Yeti?  (Mr. Bates)

Yorkshire friend is Aunty Betty?

Spring of Life to open soon

Underneath a Cyprus moon!


'Bye we're saying

"Rainy-Daying"  (Cleveleys)

For a Christmas visit praying

Jumbo's missing poet's face?

Shopping there is really ace!  (Really?)  13/03/2021 xx







L  E  S     A  N  D    T  O  M  M  Y


"Kinky Boots"

Yorkshire roots  (Myself!)

Tommy Cooper, audience "hoots"!

"Play the right notes, Uncle Dave!"

Memories I'll always save!


"Morning, Les!"

Singer Des  (O'C')

"Are you wearing Tommy's fez?"

Ciss' and Ada, garden fence

Speaking only common sense?


Panto Time

Poet's ryhme

"Mum-Law-Jokes" are just a crime!

Tommy Cooper, Leslie D'

High atop "Comedic Tree"


Deadpan style

Still we smile

Famous on the "Golden Mile"?

'Liked his Whisky, ciggies too

'Cannot say: "His problems few!"


Piano star

Would go far?

He! He! He! and Ha! Ha! Ha!

Playing always was in tune? (Really?)

Wrong notes, all think, "What a boon!"


Stage One Place

Prospects ace

Soon a smile upon my face

"Thank you, Tommy", Les plays on

Giving you a "Fairy Song"  (Tchaikowsky) 


07/03/2021, for Ray Kilvington xxxx


T H E S E B O O T S !

M Y    W A L K I N G    B O O T S


Walking Boots... "Where are you dwelling?"

Lots of hiking stories telling

Take a rest in Sharon's shed

No more hills, just "cosy bed" Zzzzzz!


David's boots, they must be snoring!

Silent world perhaps is boring?

Rather hear those tweeting birds?

Singing too in major thirds!


Upper-class this shed, we're thinking?

Sharon's there, I bet you're winking?

Soon she's off on power bike

Boots are saying: "What y'er like?"  (Talking boots!)


Of great walks boots soon are dreaming

Akamas, the sun is gleaming!

"Manners, please!", leave Enid's knee

Jay bird chuckling in a tree!


Sandwiches, the wine S' pouring

Need it for your island touring?

"Where to next?"... Try Drousia Heights

Griffon Vultures, Red The Kites!


Kathikas, it's "fish-and-chipping"

Tartar sauce, at wine all sipping

"Come on Enid.. Time for dance

Countryside you will enhance!"(Really?)


'Long the shore, Dear Lighthouse beckons

On a peaceful walk all "reckons"!

Till a bike goes whizzing past

'Wonder how long peace can last?


"See you soon, when travel's safer!"

Jeanette licks an ice-cream wafer

"Until then, boots...Go to sleep!"

And enjoy your slumber deep!   28/02/2021 xx


H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y


Photo flashes through the skies

Colin Rampton, hear my sighs

Hilary and grandkids too

Colin, part of "Walking Crew"  (Once!)


Memories come flooding in

Talk of Tories?... What a sin!

Never mention Johnson bloke

We all know he is a joke!


Lively talking, Cyprus walk

At a toilet, take left fork?

Pegeia reservoir in view

Problems then were really few!  (No Brexit!)


Cosy villa, Koili-way

Just another sunny day

Hong Kong p'rhaps is on your mind?

Teaching post you soon will find?



"Try a walk to "Kisso-place"

Heinz and Karin, smiling face'

English lessons, weekly task

And no need to wear a mask!  (Ha! Ha!)


Walking Latsi, Droushia... Great!

Too much happiness our fate?

Planning for another week

Donkey-tracks we all would seek


Happy Birthday, Colin friend

Cyprus walks just had to end

Live a life of leisure, smile!

Put your feet up fo a while

As for me, I'll raise a glass..

Knowing all good things must pass?

Hope to see you both quite soon

Liver pool or on the Moon?  29/01/2021  "Yiamas, Colin!"





"C L U B B I N G"


Alex Pub' with Tom and Mary

Always smile, they're not contrary

Leading in the "Quizzing World"

Flag of Bradford soon unfurled!


Leon slurping, Keo follows

Lovely question about swallows!

Leeds United, Bradford Bulls

Life in Cyprus never dulls!


Quizzing Time, we're "UK-Clubbing"

Better then than "Pegeia-Pubbing"?  (Margaret?)

"Up and Under" is our team

Super League our Yorkshire Dream!


Friday is the day for dining

For a Whisky Tom is pining

Pat is there with Georgie Bates

Noting down all dancing dates!


K.C.(+) and we're also quizzing  

Victory and Champers fizzing!

Glad that we don't need to drive

Not surprised that Bar Sales thrive?


In their flat with Gelders talking

Not the types for hilly walking?

As for swimming, ev'ry day

Sun is shining Pafos-way!


Now we're leaving, hols are over

Sunny times, we've been in clover!

Only comfort?... We'll be back

Cyprus gossip, there's no lack! 11/01/2021 xxxx


(+)  Kamares Club.  

Rest in peace, Viola! xxxx




A peaceful village,Tsada, wondrous view

A walk to challenge ageing, creaking knees!

Dear Allen leading, problems only few

He scales the heights, completely at his ease

Large Griffon Vulture soars above our heads

We love the silence, not a car in sight

Aprroaching village, coloured flower beds

More circumspect, now cars to left and right!

Delicious picnic, great selected place

With lots of fruit and yummy sausage snacks

Another Day in Paradise is ace!

With not a single ache, no painful backs! (Really?)

Then sadness strikes, Viola, rest in peace

Dick Cranmer too, all suffering now cease'!  For Allen Robson.


02/01/2021 xxxx




A   F A V O U R I T E    T A V E R N A


Aladdin's Cave

Come on inside

Laona The King

Ktima's Pride


Koulla and Chris

Hostess and host

Calm atmosphere

This place "the most"


Aroma fine

It draws us in

To miss this gem

Would be a sin!


No hurry here

Just take your time

To walk straight past

Would be a crime!


Hidden delight

Treasure of food

Cypriot dish'

Improves your mood!


Hearty the stews

Black-eyed the bean'

Succulent fish

Meats are so lean!


Home cooking too

Fine Village Wine

Heightens the sense'

Flavours.... divine!


All recommend

Proud Laona Place

First-class the food

It's really ace!    Updated from 2009.. 14/12/2020.. In lockdown xx

"Yiamas!" xxxx


D  A  S    W  A  N  D  E  R  N  !


Amargeti, Heinz is walking

Lots of happy "German Talking"

Deutsch, the medium of friends

"Guten Morgen", David sends!


Special valley, hill "appearing"

'Guess not many walkers cheering?

At the top a picnic stop

Final meters, skip and hop!


Chursch looks on, for walkers caring

Heinz with Karin mem'ries sharing

Not too far to.. "Spring of Life"

Chris is there with Tina wife


Bird fles past, a Jay is "calling"

Happy times I am recalling

Twenty minutes soon has gone

Whistle-ing a "Rambling Song"  ("Das Wandern")


Mark and Sandra, chatting, smiling

All of this, of course, I'm filing

Animated, lots of fun

Underneath a warming sun!


Final hill, taverna beckons

On a Keo drink Heinz reckons

Lovely welcome, valley view

Yes, you've guessed it... problems few!


Rain against our window lashing

Gives my brain an early bashing

Lots of money: Covid Test!!

Come on, Cyprus, do your best!


Greetings to our friends, we're cheering

Sorry here, no "Leon-Beering"

'Hope December Pafos flight?

"Spring of Life", a welcome sight!  15/11/2020  xxxx



P  H  O  E  B  E    L  I  V  E  S!


Dear Paphiakos cares for dogs and cats

Arriving there B' told that Phoebe's "gone"! (Dear Bernard)

So many creatures, sitting on their "mats"

And sad we feel, all sing a requiem song!

A happy life at "Hill Top", feeding time

Dear Phoebe's yawning, waiting for her treat

I wonder if all cats can yawn in rhyme?

He's missing Pang, she sits on "Heaven's seat"!

Return to Paphiakos, Phoebe's "back"!

Mistake was made, another cat had died!

Our Marguerite has "goodies" in her sack

All thoughts of losing Phoebe and she cried!

Let's raise a glass to Phoebe, Feline Queen

The nicest cat that anyone has seen!  02/11/2020.

For Marguerite and Bernard xx





Ghostly figures dine, laughter by the shore

April day, our last, tavern' drink to cheer

Rain falls in my heart, Cyprus walks no more

Great Vatouthkia scene, sipping Leon Beer!

View to reservoir, happy walkers smile

Kestrels circle 'round, sky above so clear

Evr'y view I see, in my heart I file

Ghosts of many walks, in our final year!

'Long we've known these folk, Pete and Marg'ret there

Tony Rafe no more, Maureen "in the sky"

From my 'sack a sob from Dear Rufus Bear

Final, grand ascent, can your hear our sigh?

Mem'ries mainly sweet, 'wave as we depart

Smile I catch and save, locked deep in my heart. Updated from 2013 xx


S H E E R   P E R F E C T I O N !


Dear Donald has a well-trimmed bush

A cultured guy, he doesn't rush!

An early riser, shears in hand

So far away from LaLaLand  (The UK!)


Fine Scottish gard'ner, by the pool

A swim to start, he's no one's fool!

A lizard watches, swallows fly

In perfect, cloudless Sea Caves' sky


Big sheers in hand, 'begins his task

In lovely sunshine lizards bask...

And watch this "wizard" weave his spell

We laugh and shout: "Didn't he do well?" (Brucie, R.I.P.)


Time for a rest: "A Leon, please!"

"Halloumi, please!", a fav'rite cheese

And soon he snoozes, 'dreams of Mark (Squires)

That crazy walker.... What a lark!


Such happy mem'ries, steepest hill

His heart with sadness soon it fill'

'Cos "poet" is in Blackpool town

He's drinking Leon, starts to frown!


So many Mondays, planning walks

A Keo too and happy talks

With little snore, Donald awakes

A cry of wonder soon he makes.....


The bush looks like a rucksack proud

A "Yiamas!" 'utters, long and loud

He's thinking of those Wand'rers' Times

Perhaps he'll write it down in rhymes???


I'm sending hugs from Cleveleys' Town

Despite the Covid, rarely frown!

A Whisky pouring, 'face does blush...

And all because of Donald's bush!  Updated from 2017 xx

Koili, Please! xx


D  O  R  A      D  O  R  A  !


Dora! Dora!

Hearts will soar-a!

Without photos life much poor-a!

Amargeti, Koili Hill

Cyprus walking such a thrill!


Hilly walking

Happy talking

At a sofa, left I'm forking!!

View the Peyia reservoir

To Vatouthkia, not too far!


Now Argaka

What a cracker!

"Keep the pace, no walking-slacker!

Steaming uphill, Polis soon

'Feel elated.... "Life's a boon!"


Latchi calming

Harbour charming

Speedy walking.. quite alarming!

Listen to the lapping waves

For a swim a walker craves!


Vouni Village

Beer.. "No spillage!"

Leon, please, 'done too much "hillage"!

Lofou tavern', walkers rest

Cyprus dining, just the best!


Dora! Dora!

Sister... Nora? (Sorry!)

Photos, please, we'd like some more-a!

Walking straight to Coral Bay

On a sunny Cyprus Day... 12/09/2020


For Dora P' P' xxxx



F  R  I  E  N  D  S  H  I  P


Friends, they make our Cyprus visit'

Walking isn't all, now is it?

Friendship makes the world go 'round

Lots of hugs out there we found!


Pinkie loves her "happy talkies"

Not so keen on longish walkies?

Pete likes footie, "sofa-man"?

Sips a Keo when he can!


Still we walked, but always chatting

Lots to say b'yond "this-and-that-ing"?

Enid, Sharon, time to dance..

All of this our lives enhance


Theartre-time, I'm piano-playing

Rufus to the beat is swaying

Peter, 'glad to see his face  (Mr.S)

Theatre times were always ace!


Sunday in Kamares meeting

Time for lots of talk and eating

Clive, Diane with Grant and Hil'

Memories our hearts do fill!


Christmas Day, it's time for dancing

Brian, Sue, they're still romancing

These two friends, they made our day

Skies so blue and rarely grey!


Kouklia, a Happy Venue

Rod and Joy are "on the menu"  

Georgie Bates and Stavros friend

"Didn't want this walk to end!"


Dave and Terri, walk they're leading

Soon for downhill I am pleading!

Jeanette, Sharon 'doggie help...

Feeble, hear this poor dog yelp!


New Year we are "U.K-Clubbing"  (UKCA)

Quite a change from English "pubbing"?

Dearest Maureen.. serving beer  (Miss Finch)

Midnight gets the loudest cheer!


Tom and Mary, flat we're praising

Whisky glass I'm proudly raising

Tom was once a proud James Bond

Genie... wave your magic wand!


Thank you, friends, our hearts are bursting

For another Leon thirsting

Raise my glass and toast your health

Friendship is our only wealth!  Updated from January 2018 xx