The manic poet



POEM 500!!

C H E E R S,  B R I A N !


"Wouldn't it be nice?"

Sugar with some spice

Brian now has eighty years

"Beach Boys are my vice!"


Carl and Dennis gone

Sing the saddest song?

Where they are, God only knows!

For more songs we long!


Surfing now no more

Still my spirits soar

"Sail on , Brian Sailor!"

Hear those oceans roar!


California Day

Watch those guitars sway

Good Vibrations will prevail

Music, come what may!


Mike a memory?

'Like's to shoot, you see!

Al' still paying his guitar

Almost historee?


"Pet Sounds", hard to beat?

Music "really neat"

Fine arrangements fascinate

All sad thoughts defeat!


Piano Brian plays

Head, of course, still sways

Cork on ocean, Dennis smiles?

Happy were those days!


Brian Wison, Cheer!

Raise a glass of beer?

Genius we celebrate

Beaming ear-to-ear!  Happy Birthday, 20/06/2022 xxxx







R O Y    N E W S O M E


Newsome Boy

Famous Boy

Filled his list'ners full of Joy

"Bess O''Th' Barn or Blackdyke Mills

Always gave us lots of thrills!


Mirfield King

Choir sing!

He could stir our ding-a-ling!

"Poet" playing at the keys  (Myself, 1975)

Many happy "memorees!"


Baton sways

Band just plays

We recall such happy days!

'Glad to know this famous man

Making music when he can!


Elland born

Yorkshire Dawn

Playing just from early morn!

And arranging, writing "tunes"

Underneath so many moons!


Cornet plays

Early days

Brightened all those Junes and Mays!  (Every month?)

Even worked for Radio Two

"Listen To The Band" for you!


Many bands

Foreign lands

With a baton in his hands

Cheering all his list'ners up

Drinking from a Yorkshire Cup?


Sun Life Band

Fairey' Band

Holding trophies in his hand

Marches, hymns, he entertained

Even smiling when it rains?


Newsome Man

I'm a fan

Member of the "Brass Band Clan"

He's conducting in the "sky"

Gosh, he was a special guy!  10/06/2022  xxxx  Died 2011!  Amen xxxx






D A N I I L  T R I P O N O V 

A N D   O T H E R S !


Daniil is piano playing

Head so still, it's rarely swaying

Poet of the keys, I say

Love to hear his Chopin-Play!


Top Three Hundred, Mozart playing

Figaro, his head is swaying

Mendelssohn to warm my soul

"Summer's Dream", it was his goal!


Early morning, Tim is praising

Glass to Schubert I am raising! (Whisky, of course!)

"Sausage" has a birthday, see!

Grieg he's hearing, only three!


Chopin, nocturnes always hearing

Then Beethoven, I am cheering!

"Moonlight" gives a peaceful glow

Kisses to the maestro 'blow!


Williams, he's "Schindler-Listing"

Can you see my eyes are "misting"?

Sullivan, the Pirate King King

No, Einaudi's "not my thing"!!


Now Debussy, "Clair-de-Lune-ing"

Lovely, he has "perfect tune-ing"!

Symphony, Sibelius

Not a man for lots of fuss?


Brahms, now calming, intermezzo

How we love these masters, so so!

Then Tchaikovsky, ballet-time

How he helps this "poet" rhyme!


Daniil's back, he's "fantasising" (Impromptu)

Fingers race, it's not surprising!

He has got a peaceful face



Thank You, Classic Team, amazing

All your list'ners music praising

"Keep it going", Number One

Classic programmes.. so much fun!  06/06/2022  xxxx






J O H A N N E S    B R A H M S


Dear Johannes Brahms

Music, few alarms

Clara there him to inspire (Schumann)

Never in her arms?


Heroes: Ludwig, Bach

Melodies, no lack

Symphonies to charm the soul

Schubert in the "pack"


Rhapsodies to charm

Lullaby, I'm calm

Cello, "fiddle", Double Treat?

Music: Healing Balm!


Academic "piece"

Sadness soon will cease

Fine orchestra, soaring strings

From all stress release!


Intermezzi play

Watch my body sway

Choose A major, soothing key

Just a "Brahmsian Day"!


Giant piano C' (Concerto)

Movements: four not three

B Flat major, happy heart

Music sets me free!


Ouverture so sad

Tragic notes not bad?

Still uplifting, smiling soon

For J's music 'glad!


'Got a friend in Brahms

Magic are his charms

Requiem to soothe my soul

Music wins and calms!  30/09/2021 xxxx





J  O  H  N      B  A  R  R  Y


Barry writing

So exciting

"Out of Africa" delighting!

With his "Seven", starting off

Hats to 'memory we doff!  (Chapeaux!)


York saluting

"Music- route-ing"

'Least he wasn't born in Tooting?

Piano "Born Free" I do play

'Brightens up a Cleveleys' day!


Cyrprus, Army

Going barmy?

Music starts like a Tsunami

Monty Norman, Bond the theme

Head with melodies did teem!


"Juke Box Jury"

T.V. glory

Savouring a "music puree"?

'Worked with 'Parnell and Ted Heath

"Dance With Wolves", beyond belief!


New York moving

States approving

"Midnight Cowboy", country's "grooving"!

Writing fine "Beyondness Things"

Don Black lyrics for him brings


"Prendergasting"  (Family name)

Mem'ry lasting

Grammies, songs are everlasting

Golden Globes and honours too

Cheers, we hear, from James Bond' crew!  06/09/2021 xx










S O O T H I N G  M U S I C


The "poet of the keys", he soothes my mind

A rhapsody I hear: "Classic FM"

Such peaceful thoughts are often hard to find

The U.K., where there's always "us and them"

His keyboard sings, Rachmaninov to charm

Then Mendellsohn, a violin to soothe

A Scottish "isle",  so far away from harm

Dear Mahler Nine, my heart, is does approve

Chopin, my friend, a waltz to "heal the world"

Beethoven wins, I feel the "Moonlight's" power

In Cornwall, dearest flag of peace unfurled

The "poet" plays for me, a happy hour!

The power of music. Ashkenazy "king"

I close my eyes, my heart begins to sing... Amen... 14/06/2021 xx




A  R  T  H  U  R    S  U  L  L  I  V  A  N


Dear Arthur Sullivan, a genius he

Beyond the shores of Penzance "pirates reign"!

Mikado or a Pinafore at sea

"The Lost Chord" written... just to ease the pain! (Brother's death)

Those Little Maids from school brighten our day

A Yeoman of the Guard beside the Tower (London)

Those jaunty melodies for me to play!

Salute success, surpassing Gilbert's power? (Debate?)

A life of pleasure, gambling, women, booze

"Fine" gaming tables, London, Monte C'  (Carlo)

Whate'er he wrote, this man could never lose!

A Knight, a friend of Queen Victoria he!

"Hail Poetry", tongue-twisters, patter-song

Musician proud, this man could do no wrong!  25/04/2021 xxxx





"S T R I C T L Y  C O M E  D O G G I E"


Strictly Come Doggie

Partner a "Froggie"  (Apologies)

Albert, the French dancer's name

Cognac...Soon groggy!


Five hours of dancing

Spinning and prancing

Albert is soon feeling fit

Our lives enhancing!


Craig will be watching

No Tango "botching"

Am-az-ing, shouts Strictly judge

No time for "Scotching"!  (Whisky for myself!)


Bruno inspiring

Doggie perspiring

"New-Yorkers" bringing a cheer

A ten desiring!


Show Dance for Shirley

Up bright and early

Doggie's an expert with lifts

Costume looks "pearly"!


Doggie Sensation

Watched by the Nation

Only gets five.. "Darling" Craig!

Three nines... Elation!


All stars defeating

Great standard meeting

Lifting the Glitter ball high

Du Beke.. warm greeting!  (Anton!)


Champion Doggie

Fine grinning "Froggie"

Toasting the Duo so great!

Champagne, now groggy!  03/04/2021 xxxx







"S T R I  C T L Y   C O M E   E N I D !"

When Enid dances, everybody smiles

A "Strictly Star", she loves a sexy jive

She even boogies, zooming through the miles

We can't believe she's really ninety-five!

A hilly path, Jeanette begins to dance

With Sharon, Jane, just watch those leggies move!

A Jay is watching, soon is in a trance

We don't believe it, now a "US Smooth"!

So entertaining, Sky demands the rights

A Sunday spot, 'forget "Dancing On Ice"!

They brighten up those boring TV nights!

And all confess: "E's really twice as nice!"

I raise my glass to Enid, "Strictly Queen"

She brings a twinkle to the "Walking Scene"  Amen.. 28/03/2021 xx




H  A  L  L  E - L  U  J  A  H !


Halle-Lujah, Barbirolli

Rather serious, rarely jolly

'Saw him in St. George's Hall

Bradford really "had a ball"!


Baton poised, for silence waiting

No one dare arrive "too late in"

Not allowed one single cough

Clarinet, and then "they're off"!


Brahms I'm loving, "Mendelssohn-ing"

Sweetest music they're intoning

We were seated at the back  (Behind the orchestra)

Soaring strings: There was no lack!


Barenboim, concerto playing

Feet are tapping, heads are swaying

Soloist, Concerto Two  (Brahms)

Wrong notes? 'Guess were only few?


Daniel Adni, eighteenth birthday

Dear Beethoven, making my day!

Mum was was with me: "Sixty-Eight"  (1968)

Welcomed me to "Heaven's Gate"  (5th Piano Concerto)


John now gone, "Bridgewater-Halling"  (Died 1970)

Ashkenazy I'm recalling

Brendel played that Schumann piece  (Piano Concerto)

From all stress, a great release!


Manchester, great concerts hearing

Car to famous hall I'm steering

Symphony, Rachmaninoff  (Number 3)

Hats at Russian maestro 'doff!


Halle-Lujah, Music Winning

Covid times we soon are binning!  (We hope!)

Music and our hearts do soar

Playing piano.. more and more.. For Andrew Oliver 21/03/2021 xx


They Love Them! xxxx


M  U  S  I  C    W  I  N  S  !


I'm playing Chopin, rain is falling down

The "Raindrop Prelude", watch my fingers move

All stress removed and gone my Brexit Frown

And Music Wins, pure melodies 'approve!

Old Folk await a piano session soon

That Farthings' Place (*), so long I've not been there

No "Yesterday", no "Carolina Moon"

All feet are tapping, smiling Rufus Bear

The "Moonlight" playing, tears are falling fast

"Dear Bee Gees", "Abba", Elton John to cheer

"We'll Meet Again" and others from the past

They're sipping tea, I'd rather have a beer

Those Beatles smile, the Beach Boys "Cali' Girls"

I view these residents and all are pearls!  17/03/2021 xxxx

(*) The Farthings' Care Home, Wilson Square, Bispham.


B E A T L E S  W I N N I N G !


Beatles playing

Guitars swaying

For a Number One they're praying....

"Sixty-Four" and they got four

Nations loved them more and more!


Ringo drumming

"Please Me" humming

Lots more hits were swiftly coming

John and Paul, Dear Georgie too

World would greet this "Music Crew"


Fans are screaming

Paul is beaming

"Yesterday" and then we're dreaming!

Talent oozing from their veins

Music World so much it gains!


"Feeling Fine-r"

Ocean Liner

Famous soon from Spain to China

Writing as they travelled, Free

High atop Pop Music Tree!


"Blackbird" singing

Muse is winging

Sergeant Pepper, "Ding-a-Linging"

"Benefit of Mister Kite"

Beatles group is "Out of sight!"


Touring! Touring!

Fans are roaring

"Let It Be", our hearts are soaring

"Daily Tripper", "Hard Day's Night"

"We Can Work It Out", all right?


Beatles playing

All heads swaying

"Penny Lane", we're "Mersey-Waying"

Still as fresh in "Twenty-One"!  (2021)

Yes, I guess, they're Number One"  15/03/2021 xxxx





M Y    M U S I C    R O U T E !


Chopin playing in the rain

Rather be in sunny Spain?....

Playing for Dear Aat Karel

And his lovely wife as well


Nocturnes soothing, Ballades too

Preludes, soon our problems few?

Fine mazurka, waltz to cheer

Soon we're grinning ear-to-ear!


Poland born, found fame in France

Music will our lives enhance!

Studies tricky, Barcarolle

F Sharp Major takes its toll!


Berceuse calming, close my eyes

I am floating in the skies

Fingers ageing, left hand slow

Scherzo... I will have a go!


Minute waltz takes rather more!

"Raindrop Prelude", spirits soar

Great concerti, fingers ache

Greater effort I must make!


Fun'ral march, Sonata please

Pedalling, 'got aching knees!

Floating off to salon days

Practice for me always pays!


Poet of the keyboard play!

On this rainy Autumn day

Lovely sculpture I salute

Keeps me on my "Music Route!"  08/12/2020  On seeing a Chopin monument in Manchester.. xxxx



Happy Birthday! xx


P E A C E    A N D    L O V E !


Imagine... John is back again

Wound has gone and no more pain!

Singing sweetly, Walrus smiles

Liverpool, across the miles!


So inspiring, speading peace

From all wars 'demands release

Yoko, Sean, great hugs he sends

Suff'ring soon he hopes it ends?


Catalogue of songs he sings

Instant Karma spreds its wings

Fields of Strwb'rries to inspire

Many songs will light our fire!


New York building where he lives

Lots of songs he daily "gives"

Is it rock or is it blues?

"Prudence Dearie", we might muse!


Bungalow for awful Billy

Mister Mustard, really silly?

Safer in Norwegian Wood?

Universe is feeling good!


"Girl" he's singing, Yoko hugging

All his songs at heart strings tugging

Playing "We Can Work It Out"

Give all violence a clout!


"Revolution" soon arriving?

Vietnam and who's surviving?

Benefit of Mister Kite

Naughty Monkey starts to bit!


"Julia" he's sweetly singing

Eighty years, the bells are ringing

Peace acroos the Universe

Shooting only is a curse!


"Happiness A Warm Gun", shooting

Chapman soon to Hell I'm route-ing

What about "Give Peace A Chance"?

"We Can Work It Out", Let's Dance  09/10/2020 xxxx


M U S I C W I N S !

    "H  A  I  R      T  O  D  A  Y  !"



Locks are swaying

For a special trim I'm praying

"Get the shears out, sharp and swift

Give my hair-line super lift!


Barber calling

Hair... appalling....

Father Christmas I'm recalling!

Should I have the whole lot off?

Hat at Andrew O' I doff!


Music soothing

Chopin.. moving

Of "The Dots" I'm still approving

Pafos or the Albert Hall?

Simon Rattle's "on the ball"


Schubert, Grieg-ing

So intriguing

'Makes a change from Super-League-ing"?

Mendelssohn: "Songs Without Words"

'Playing still my minor thirds!


Liszt inspiring

Soon perspiring?

'Opt for Mozart, not surprising?

Beatles "Sergeant Pepper" play

All are heard at Coral Bay?  (Really?)



All heads swaying

Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" I am playing

Singing: "Wouldn't It Be Nice"

Music wins, my only "vice"  10/09/2020  xx











T  H  E    D  Y  N  A  M  I  C    D  U  O


The Dots are singing sweetly, Brew'ry Bar

Louise and Indigo will make your day

With melodies from near and from afar

All toes soon tapping, evr'y head will sway

Sing: "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"

An Elton fan, I soon begin to smile

"I Will Survive", the nicest version heard!

Please, come to Blackpool, on the Golden Mile!

The night is busy, lots of Keo sold

Sweet harmonies, they're singing Beatles' hits

Enough to cheer the minds of young and old

And all admit: "We're really thrilled to bits!"

Dynamic Duo, See you both quite soon

Let's rock together 'neath a Pafos Moon. 06.09/2020


For Indigo and Louise xx




"E  M  P  E  R  O  R"


Peacefully Beethoven play

Just to end our holiday

Notes sublime to warm my soul

Thoughts of peace B's only goal!


"Emperor", slow movement sing

Of all music B's the king

Eyes are closing, blissful peace

From all stress of life release


Piano tinkles, "melodee"

Now from sadness I am free

Movement ends, a change of key

Wilhelm Kempf plays it for me!


So serene, I'm flying soon

Thinking of Vienna Moon

"Chapeaux bas!", The Master writes

Warms for me cool Autumn nights


E Flat Major, key to cheer

Always pleasing to my ear

Nimble fingers, pianist play

Orchestra has lots to say!


Spirits soaring, heart takes flight

Ludwig's writing swift and light

Music is my daily food

Guaranteed to life my mood!


"Danke, Ludwig!", Music's power

Special way to spend an hour

"Emperor Concerto" proud

Floating off on fleecy cloud!  05/09/2020 xx