The manic poet






Pasang Sherpa, scaling mountains

Here in England, rain "in fountains"!

Buddha caring, peaceful place

Prospects always really ace


Kathmandu or fine Pokara

More appeal than hot Sahara?

Annapurna bow your head

Love your flag, it's mostly red!


Buddha Stupa, really thrilling

In the mountains, weather chilling?

Meditation, mind's at peace

From the stress of life release!


Friendly people, Pasang writing

Not a place where men are fighting?

Memories of lovely walks

And a lot of happy talks!


Monastery, mind is floating

Peaceful moments we're devoting

Hope to see you all one day

Covid measures gone away!


Phewa Lake, by boat we're sailing

Nepal's beauty never failing

Tal Bahari, island view

Problems here are really few!


In a plane, oe'r Everest flying

Can you here me deeply sighing?

Highest place on earth, we know

With its peak and perfect snow!


For our time, Pasang I'm thanking

Holiday was highest ranking

Greetings from your English friend

Thoughts of Nepal never end!   12/12/2021 xxxx




D E A R  C O R N W A L L


Five a.m., my head is spinning

'Dreaming England Euros winning!  (Really?)

Boris, friendly, Macron friend?

No, he drives him 'round the bend!


What a bunch, Dear Merkel's giggling

Biden smiles and BJ's wriggling

They all hate his constant lies

'Hear those European sighs!


Cornwall soon.. the place we're going

G-Line, we'll be to-and-fro-ing

Best thing?... Boris won't be there

Just my wife and Rufus Bear!


Tuesday is the day to visit

Summit over, peaceful is it?

Penzance and St.Ives we'll see

From restrictions we're set free?


Meanwhile.. workers loudly banging

My bow-string is quickly twanging

No, I am no Robin Hood....

Cornwall not a Sherwood "wood"!


Peaceful when a fence I'm painiting

Banging starts, I'm nearly fainting

Great that we can get away

On a lovely Summer's day!


And what's more, I'm not the driver

Holiday a swift reviver!

Early morning, starting off

Time to end our sneeze and cough!


Lots of room, our legs we're stretching

Rufus smiles, he's really "fetching"

Holidays we start to toast

G-Line tours just are the most!  12/06/2021 xxxx






              G  -  L   I   N   E   


G-Line calling!

Trips recalling

Lockdown really is appalling!

'Glad to book our Cornwall trip

Travel Fever... Let it rip!


Safely riding

Rufus hiding?

Of our G-Line coach "we're priding!"

Comfy on our fine back seat

Gosh, we think, "This is a Treat!"


Truro, Padstow

Come on, Let's go!

Penzance, time to have a "sea-row"!

Fine hotel, St. Agnes, please

Sunshine and a Summer breeze


Cornish driving

Ocean diving?

Travel Fever we're reviving....

Falmouth, harbour village time

'Helps inspire a poet's rhyme!


Rugged coastline

Views are so fine

Ev'ning meal, a glass of red wine?

Paradise, the month of June

Skilful driver is a boon!


More trips planning

Brochure scanning

England, not much chance of tanning?

G-Line, I'm your greatest fan

Travel with you when we can!  Many Thanks! xxxx




A   P L A C E   I N   T H E   S U N


"Place in 'Sun, we're France recalling

Pronounciation, so appalling!

What's this town you call BouLOYNE?

And south-west for Dear DordOYNE! (Pathetic?)


'Love to watch, a villa renting

Soon a "Spanish Twang" inventing?

Costa, Brava, or is it Sol?

Aat is there with charming "moll"  (Herr Karel)


Normandie, we're "Saint'-Michel-ing"

Any problems, English spelling?

Bayeux for a "tapestree"

Arbre really is a tree!


Bayern p'rhaps a little distant?

To a Bierchen folk resistant?

Wurst mit Senf, they start to smile

Kilometer, never mile!


Now Mallorca, Spanish flowing

"Hola", p'rhaps is all they're knowing?

Irish Bar with fish and chips

Guinness too to pass their lips"


Costa Rica, monkeys leaping

At a lizard host is peeping

Ocean, where the dophins swim

Yoga, feeling fit and trim?


Time to buy, and ocean viewing

More that cup of tea we're brewing?

Funchal or a chalet Swiss?

English rain you'll really miss!


Place In 'Sun, a villa choosing

Not much chance of eat and boozing?

Swimming in a sun-lit pool

Villa bought, they're no one's fool!  19/03/2021 xxxx












H  O  L  I  D  A  Y  S  ?


Travel planning?

Atlas scanning  (Not a phone!)

Many wanting "sunny-tanning"

Best suggestion?.. Go to 'tip..

Throw our rubbish in a skip!


Care home playing?

Head still swaying?

For some Bee Gees folk are praying!

Not been there for one whole year

Some have died, I shed a tear!  (Or 50!)


Routine boring?

Loud the snoring?

"Pack your cases!", Mother roaring!

Neighbour saying: "Go next year!"

"Pour yourself another beer!"


Mars some saying!

Thousands paying! (£s)

For a local trip I'm praying

Garstang or to Beacon Fell

Any trip would ring our bell!


France or Ireland?

Cyprus "our land"?

Blackpool beach is full of fine sand?

Patience needed, p'rhaps next year?

Yes, you've guessed it, Leon Beer!


Travel planning?

Heavens scanning

Yes, a space ship some are "manning"

Cyprus, p'rhaps in Twenty-Three? (2023!)

Swinging on a Cypress tree?   Help!  25/02/2021 xxxx






















Enid, riding on a donkey

Tracks uneven, rather wonky

'Least she's bathed in rays of sun

Cleveleys' rain is much more fun!!


Early morning, "dodgy" parking

Doggie jumps out, loudly barking

Chair is dumped in alleyway

For some sunshine we all pray!


Meanwhile, Cyprus friends are smiling

Kilometres?.. no, they're "mile-ing"  (Brits!)

Rather think in inches, feet?

Give Rees-Moggy "Empire treat"!


Through the park and soon we're soaking

Hurry on, no time for joking!

Spain is texting, bathed in sun  (Aat)

As for us?... We have to run!


Luton Road, white car is speeding

Eighty K', the roads are bleeding!

Lights on red but, never mind!

Policemen here we never find!


Back in Cyprus, "donkey-tracking"

Sharon leads, no courage lacking!

Clocking up those "daily miles"

Aching limbs, but lots of smiles!


Rugby soon, with England playing

Whisky drink I'm not delaying!

Raise my glass to walking times

Better than my awful rhymes?


Hols are over, isolating

Ev'ry room I'm daily "rating"

Fine tomorrow, in the shed

Cyprus firmly "put to bed"  06/02/2021 xxxx



N O   R A C I N G,   P L E A S E !


"Tombs of Kings", no place for racing

As for me, not one for chasing!

Boring, I obey the rules

Unlike many racing fools!


'Guess I'm happy, when we're walking

Even though Enid "me stalking!"

Chatty hikers, Latsi view

Traffic problems here are few!


Drive to Latsi, Droushia calling

Super walks I am recalling

Pergola and then descent

Climbing hills just was our "bent"!


Polis, turning left, sun shining

Still for Leon Beer I'm pining

'Stead a coffee hits the spot

Friendship first is what we've got!


Sharon leads, this walk relaxing

Yesterday's was rather taxing....

Slipping on the pebbly shore

Listen to this walker's "roar"!


Picnic time, a perfect venue

Cheese, as always, on the menu

Speed boat passing, harbour calm

Far away from "Car Alarm"!


Walk now over, "Goodbye Sharon!"

"See you soon!", shouts "poet" Arran!

Marian and Jane look on

Singing joyful Christmas song!


Happy days of Cyprus hiking

Enid too, she likes her biking!  (Really?)

"Friendship Wins", a super day

What a super holiday!  19/12/2020, with thanks to Sharon xxxx

MUM LOVED CYPRUS, died 16.12.2020 xx

2020..M O V I N G O N !

D E A R    N A T U R E ' S    S E A T


I'm wand'ring lonely as a cloud

The Alps below, so steep and proud

We're leaving problems in UK..

And stupid folk like Johnson...Hey!


Just follow Santa... Vardas Beach

The largest Brandy within reach

Dear Rudolf resting, washing hooves

Of fine, warm weather he approves!  


The air so clear, it's cool and fresh

A cricket score from... Banglasdesh?

More tolerant than Blackpool prom'

A "foreign face"... "Where are you from?"  (Blame Brexit!)


No insults here, just grassy slopes

No angry voices, Tory dopes!

Such freedom here, a friendly smile

No traffic like "The golden Mile"


A little cat, it purrs, then sleeps

Small lizard into crevice creeps

Dear goats are grazing, donkeys eat

A paradise: "Dear Nature's Seat"


A coastal town house, pussy cats

A Gecko scurries over mats

So peaceful too, no barking dog

No driving rain or freezing fog!  (Urggggh!)


A walk today with Jeanette, friend

A sea-view as we "round the bend"

A hill at last, we're racing on

And humming too a Christmas Song!


Avoid the news in Nature's Seat

Relax, enjoy such calm complete

Another twitter, tiny Wren

Still thinking too of Tony Benn!  (RIP)


Enjoy your days in Heavenly Skies! (Mum died on this day, 2016)

Quite safe from parliamentary "guys"

The sun now kissing ocean's shore

'Love Nature's Seat, yes, more and more!  16/12/2020 Pafos xx



E  S  C  A  P  I  N  G  !


Leaving Cleveleys, roads are busy

"Come on, Sooty, Izzy-Wizzy!"

Driver's careful, soon be there

Clock the smile of Rufus Bear!


Manchester, the airport's waiting

Warm it feels, I'm almost fainting!

B.T. joking in the bag

"Telling jokes, he is a wag!"


Airport "Great", a lot of queueing

Travelling, perhaps we're rueing?

All "docs" checked, there was great stress

'Glad to leave UK, 'confess!


Why the queue, and yet more waiting....

Not another test debating?

Nostril aching, wicked nurse

Listening to sundry curse!


Passport showing, guy is snarling

"Kalispera", "custom's darling!"

Hire car waiting, friendly folk

And we even share a joke!!


Coastline walking, calming, soothing

All the bad things we're removing

Press-up time for "Tarzan" now

All the ladies shouting... "Wow!"


Harbour view, dear lighthouse passing

On their phones, some folk are "gassing"

Masks in place, we're walking on

Humming peaceful Schubert song


'Great escaping, far from "Blighty"

We know BJ "hardly mighty"

Hotel Roman, "sentries" wave

Stony looks I think they gave!  12/12/2020  Pafos xx



D  E  C  E  M  B  E  R    C  A  L  L  S  !


Dear Sharon "calling", counting down the days

With lots of busy walking, dale and hill

'Meet lots of mud, surprise, for sunshine prays?

December calls, my head with hiking fill'!

"Place In The Sun", Bob Perrott, now a star

View Tala, Kisso', Latchi, 'cannot wait! (Kissonerga!)

Self-isolation, 'guess we can't go far?

Just walk in twos, it's not a happy fate!

The rain is falling here in Fleetwood Town

We cannot do our walk, it's far too wet!

Sweet thoughts of Pafos soon remove my frown

Taverna beckons, Leon too, I bet! (Hope?)

December calls, The Faros Light' looks on...

'Awaits our presence, "Sing a Christmas song!"  30/11/2020 xx




T  U  E  S  D  A  Y    T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S


Stranded on a blasted heath

Suffering beyond belief

Rescued by a tiny bird

Lovely tweeting clearly heard!


Nature is a lovely cure

'Love to hear those sounds so pure!

Blue tit peeping from its "house"

Pussy cat chase' tiny mouse!


Walking through a silent field

Thoughts to Pafos quickly yield

Sharon with her "sticky pudd'" 

Raining now, 'need warming hood


Photos of a hilly walk

Time to have a calming talk

View to help my falt'ring verse

Vaccine curing Covid curse?


Lowrie with his "silver dog"....

Knott End, far from morning fog

View to Fleetwood, Blackpool Tower

Soon entranced by Nature's power


Course, where no one's playing... Why? (No golf!)

Helicopter in the sky

Dog is wanting gentle stroke

Soon exchanging cheering joke


No one shooting at the birds

Or disturbing cattle herds  (Cyprus)

"Glad I've got no feathers, mate!"

If a Kestrel, awful fate?


Easyjet cofirms our flight

Plane is zooming through the night

Christmas Day... Gustoso's feast?

Thinking I can dream, at least!  Amen! 11/11/2020 xxxx


O  B  S  E  R  V  A  T  I  O  N  S  !


Wow... "Hands-free"

'Need a wee?

Phone in hand, a genius he?

Spraying to the left and right

'Guess my tongue I ought to bite?


Chuckle... Me?

He! He! He!

Wash your hands, that's also free!

"When, dear sir, did you last smile?

"Years' ago on't Golden Mile?"


"Test and Trace"

Great disgrace?

Margate..Leeds, the nearest place!  (A long way for a test?)

Time to get non-working app'

'Vote for BJ was just.... CRAP!


Philip's face

Really ace?

Walked upon it, great disgrace? (Roman villa, Isle of Wight)

Ninety-nine and still he thrives

Please be careful, when he drives?



Travel pays!

G-Line, leading, sunshine rays!

Andrew, driving with great care

We have time to "sit and stare"!


Watch the rain

What a pain?

'Guess we'd rather be in Spain?

Cyprus, Droushia, that's the place  (Pretty village)

Very soon, all moans efface!  24/09/2020 xx


T H E    I S L E    O F    W I G H T



So exciting

Ferry leaves, we're all "delighting"!

Mind is clear, we're sailing off

Hat at Angleterre I doff!


Time for eating

Comfy seating

Quickly hunger pangs defeating

Prawn-The-Cocktail, yummy dish

And what follows, haddock fish


Wine to savour

Red the "flavour"

Aussie brand does us a favour

Raise a glass to daily trips

Down my throat the wine just drips!


Train is steaming

Am I dreaming?

Loco' starts, I'm broadly beaming

And what's more, we are First Class

This steam railway is a gas!


Roman villa

Not a thriller?

Ancient bones dumped by a killer?

'Got to have the poshest place

Servants' quarters?... Really ace!


Andrew, driver

"Bend survivor

He's a common sense reviver

Feeling safe, a hero he

High a-top the "Drivers' Tree"!


We're "God's-Hilling"

Really thrilling

Avril loves the fine "steep-hilling"

Walking on the coastal path

Listen to that lady laugh!



Please, NO grouse-ing"

Pristine. not much chance of "mouse-ing!

'Like the gardens, walk to 'beach

Royalty is out of reach!!!


Sandown leaving

We're all grieving

In Dear G-Line we're believing

Time to book another trip

As I at my Whisky sip!   20/09/2020 xx