The manic poet


E N J O Y... N O S O F A S ! xxxx


S O F A - L E S S!!


Sofa's gone!

Sofa's gone!

Singing now a doleful song

Time to bring the new ones in?

Sofa-less would be a sin!


Sofa Gloom!

Bare our room!

Sofas gone, just like a tomb!

'Least we have a garden chair....

Lots of time to squirm and stare!


Bill was paid

Promise made

"Week's delay, I am afraid!" (Help!)

'Guess in need of Whisky Large?

'Wanted butter, we got "marge"!



Prospects ace?

I now have a scowling face!

Wriggle-ing, uncomfy here

Poorly back is what I fear!



Hear me moan

Sick of "silly-music-tone"!

"We are busy, try next week!"

Now I'm thinking: "Bloody Cheek!"


Smiling "end"?

Greetings send

"OakFurnLand" NOT recommend!

Rather jump into the sea?

Resting on a garden tree!  (Ouch!)


Walk if off

Splutter, cough

Hat to Mother Nature doff!

Seated on a garden seat

And it's raining, not so neat?  Amen xx  06/05/2021  xx


S  O  F  A      T  I  M  E


Sofas going


Two magicians, all tricks knowing

"Size the place up", cushions out

Lift a car up, I've no doubt?


Really heavy

"Need a bevy?"  (Tea?)

Not for us to pay a levy?

Bernadette arranged the "move"

A-Star Rating, we approve!


Sofas raising

Hear me praising

Swift manoevres so amazing!

On their side, pass through the door

Such respect 'feel more and more!


Big van waiting

Weather hating!  (Heavy rain!)

We award them all star-rating!

Gaffer Dave with beard so full

Life in Cleveleys... never dull!


Our donation

Help this nation!

Sofas greeted with elation?

Always like to help this town

Let's remove all sadness, frown!


"Bernie" thanking

So high ranking

On a "sofa-home" we're banking

Stretch your legs out, Sofa Time....

Always like a happy rhyme!  xx 03/05/2021 xx


Many Thanks to Bernadette O'Shea


Anchorsholme Park xxxx


N U T T E R 'S    B A C K  !


Nutter's back, I'm "Shabby-Chique-ing"

And my skin's of face-cream reeking!  (Never!)

Only picking litter up....

Bottle and a Costa Cup! 


What a life, the wind is blowing

I'm relieved it isn't snowing!

On the prom' it's far too wild

Waiting for some weather mild!


Walking on, "The Venue" beckons

April... on some clients 'reckons!

Fingers crossed, we eat outside

Pleasure we can hardly hide!


Cleveleys, soon there's lots of bustle

To the health shop 'quickly "hustle"

Cyclist going through on red  (Quite normal?)

"Need a helmet on your head!"


Raffle tickets from a baker

'Got to help our "Golf Course Maker"!  (Paul Galley)

Paul, he works hard ev'ry day

For a smashing park we pray!


'Leave the main street, now I'm smiling

Kilometres, never mile-ing!

Cafes.. they'll be open soon

Will they serve this "local loon"?


'Prom again, hear waves, they're crashing

To the park we're quickly dashing

Sight of children on the swings

Freedom really takes its wings!


Anchorsholme, with East pines' flowers

Helps to pass these lonely hours!

Sipping at my Whisky glass

Smiling at my "Lanky Lass"!  30/03/2021 Lancashire.




"YIAMAS!" xxxx


K E E P   O N   W A L K I N G!


ATM's a drinks' machine

Utter something foul and mean

Costa Coffee cups in line..

Left by passing lazy swine!


Mattress dumped right in our street

And a chair..'think: "What a treat!"

"We are not the local tip!"

"Come on, Cyprus, Get a grip!"


Catridges are on our path  (No guns?)

"Don't shoot here!", we start to laugh!

Racing car and phone to 'ear

Soon I'll need a Leon Beer! (Any excuse?)


Mushrooms growing, goats that graze

Soon I lose my "litter phase"

View to highest, rocky ridge

'Just ignored discarded fridge!


Lots of chatter, so relaxed

Legs are not too "over-taxed"!

Scottish lass talks Whisky... "Cheers!"

"Grouse" instead of local beers?


Lunch upon a rocky hill

Hearts with wonderment they fill

Tweeting birds and birds of prey

"Wonderful", is what we say!


No descending, view the sea

Latsi, boats are "bobbing" free

Friend has got a German car

Peugeot passing, Ooh! La! La!


We're returning, minds are calm

Gone for ever "trash alarm"?

'Wave to sofa, sundry cans

Have we any tidy fans?  29/12/2020 xx




M Y   H A P P Y    F A T E

A nervous wreck, I've been on Pafos roads

Just had a fit, a car did indicate!

I guess they just don't have Dear Highway Codes?

I'd better walk, this is My Happy Fate!

I drive to where my walk will just begin

"You missed me!", only have a "mirror scrape"!

Mere courtesy, I'm sure would be a sin?

Fine countryside, of course, is my escape!

With friends on high our hearts are full of peace

We scale another hill, 'enjoy the view

From stress of busy roads, a great release

A donkey watches, problems now are few!

Avoid the roads and find a peaceful track

See Rufus smile, he's peeping from my 'sack! 24/12/2020 xx



A N I M A L    R E S C U E !


Poor dog so thin, it's anchored to a stone

S' throws it food, so hungry gobbles 'lot!

We view his body, only "skin and bone"

So cruel, we sigh, this landscape has a blot!

Shooting, rifles, 'hear the hunters killing 

Small bird that falls, my heart begins to break

On Facebook soon, crimes must get Top Billing

Protect all animals for Heaven's sake!

Goat-herder, much more tolerant is he..

Nice doggie helps to keep his goat herd safe

It's countryside, all creatures should be free!

I see a cyclist passing... Tony Rafe?  (A walking friend)

Dear Sharon feeds poor doggie chicken... Cheer!

All stress soon gone, I've downed a Leon Beer!  21/12/2020.


For Sharon Espin, our friend xxxx



P  L  A  S  T  I  C    A  L  A  R  M


Pafos Airport: Signs: "No Litter"

I soon launch infectious titter!

No more plastic on the beach

Paradise seems within reach?


Riccos Beach, plastic container

Wow, that seems a fine "retainer"

Meters later... litter trail

Cypriot his "ken" bewail'"


Vardas Beach, the sun so warming

Gone for now "electric storming"!

Man is fishing, really calm

Soon we have "Plastic Alarm"


In the sea huge bottles bobbing

Nature's beauty they are robbing

Packets and assorted trash

Give the sea unhealthy rash!


Sitting down, my eyes are closing

"Litter Bash" I am proposing

Get our grabbers, gloves and sacks

Picking up umbrellas, macs'


Hours later, beach is gleaming

Litter-free or am I dreaming?

Moving on we celebrate

Save the world from "plastic fate"!


Fish are swimming, water clearer

Calmer brain now feels much nearer

Leon Beer relieves the stress

Free our world from plastic mess!  17/12/2020 xxxx


           N  U  T  T  E  R    R  O  A  D


Where else would madmen live but Nutter Road?

In Cleveleys, where they claim all men are sane!

"Oh, yes, we always follow "Crazy Code!"

Thank God, we haven't got a Nutter Lane!

Reciting poems at night out in the cold

I start to sneeze, I don't need "Covid's Curse!"

And wearing shorts, I guess I'm rather bold?

A sonnet, 'hope I do not need a nurse! (What is she like?)

A poem about Dear Tommy Cooper, please

I'm leaping from the roof and.. "Just like that!"

A yell, I must protect my aged knees!

Blue cape, I feel I've changed into a bat!  (A real Batman?)

A calming Whisky, soon I start to sway

It's just another silly, crazy day! 13/11/2020 xx



"Cheer me up, Rufus!" Pumpkin time? xx


N  O    P A R A D I S E !


I'm walking early 'though it's dark and wet

A gale is blowing, litter files around

My mask is "welcome" in "One Stop", I bet?

Removing scratch-cards from adjacent ground

Dear lady, eighty-eight, from Hebden Bridge

She's dodging early shoppers, no one cares?

"Be safer, locked up, in my giant fridge?"

We chat, she smiles and strokes her teddy-bears!

I'm walking back, foul chair in alleyway!

Weed garden's wild, with ancient car still there!

The sky's now grey, another rainy day?

'Soon smile again, I see our Rufus Bear!

We wonder if we'll have our "Cyprus trip"?

Or maybe head for Mars on fine space ship?  31/1/2020 xxxx


A   L I T T L E   F R I E N D


A peaceful place, let little squirrel feed

In Stanley Park, where ducks and pigeons play

"Be kind to animals!"...It is my crede

So beautiful, this sunny Blackpool day

A blackbird hops, small robin finds the shade

Large crow is feeding on a field of green

Teenagers drinking, p'rhaps it's lemonade? (Likely?)

I love the silence, 'treasure precious scene!

He's feeding still and nibbles at his food

A tiny creature,'love his bushy tail

My heart it skips, contented is my mood

A "pick-me-up", this park can never fail!

Fine squirrel's life, so happy and so free

He scrambles swiftly up the nearest tree  Updated from 2013. 22/10/2020

"SEZ LES" xxxx


     "S  E  Z    L  E  Z!"


The King of "Dead pan", Leslie scintillates

'Born Collyhurst, a "wizard of the keys"!

Lugubrious, "A Clown Too Many" waits

His "Opportun'ty Knocks", a throaty wheeze

He's smoking hard and boozing ev'ry day

Les playing "wrong notes", pulling funny face

Dear "Moonlight" piece in most unus'al way

He brings a smile, Ray likes his "subtle grace"

Fine Ciss' and Ada, over garden wall

Adjust their "assets", folded are their arms

'Win "B.B" (+) cheque and pen, all have a ball!

Soon Leslie falls for Tracy's youthful charms!

"Sez Les", he's cracking jokes high in the sky

So proud St. Annes of Dearest Dawson Guy!


Updated 18/10/2020, for Ray Kilvington xxxx

(+) "Blankety Blank".



G R E E N L A N D S    H I G H..

"C H A P E A U X    B A S !"


Once upon a time there was a school

With Mrs. Winter, Skipper, and her crew

Miss Gaffiney fine, she was nobody's fool!

A mottley crew, some old and some quite new!

That Greenlands' sign, Good Work Book entries too

McNaughton, Copeland, Smith, Moran to cheer

Such talent here, a perfect "Human Zoo"

And friendly too, with nothing much to fear!

No longer see that uniform of green

The site now bare, so sad, it's full of weed(s)

Proud gym has gone, no netball on the scene

Great mem'ries stay, which my poor brain do feed

I raise my glass to Greenlands, Bispham's friend

Admitting sadly: All good things must end!  15/102020 xxxx


P  H  O  N  E  -  F  R  E  E  !


I feel so bored, I've left my phone at home

No screen to view, I'll have to talk to friends!

Two minutes pass, my mind begins to roam

Without my phone, all socialising ends!

My food arrives, it's hot, I'll send a text

"Oh, no!", Dear friends, I haven't got a phone!

No cuddly "thing", I'm feeling rather vexed!

And friends... so boring, 'love their "dulcet tone"! (Not!)

What shall I do, my brain is seizing up?

I miss my mouth and food spills on the floor

Loud child, he laughs and throws his drinking cup

His tablet 'snatch and rush out of the door!

In paradise, the screen glows with delight

A mum comes out and soon we're in a fight!!  12/10/2020 xx



"NO    MORE    THE    ROSE !"


Poulton Rose is now a sadist

Ev'ry Monday, this our fate is!

Bonus, we have Thursday too

This time with the "Fleetwood Crew"!


Rachel, at her phone is looking

We all wonder: "What's she cooking?"

Something awful with a squat?

Squeeze your cheeks and aching "bott"?


R' arrives, but why's she smiling?

Driving Queen, she's "sev'ral mile-ing"!

Dashing madly, class to class

What an energetic lass?


Time for weights, poor arms extending

Don't forget: "All knees, please, bending!"

Balance weights upon my head?

'Thinking of my true "street cred"?


"Get your benches, "on-and-off-ing"

Listen to poor "poet" coughing

Vary it with manic spins?

Sense of humour always wins?


Brilliant, we are "star-jumping"

I can hear my heart, it's thumping!

Slowing down, use common sense

One hand, balance on a fence? (Later?)



Warming down, with lots of smiling

All of this, of course, we're filing!

Should be standing on my head

Boosting still my "streety cred"!


Session over, spriits soaring

Energy?... I'm almost roaring!

"Thank you, Rachel, we'll be back!"

Rufus, grinning in my sack!  (That special bear)


07/10/2020 xxxx




W A I T I N G  F O R  A  T R A M


Tower behind me

Look out to sea

Wind gusting wildly

Buffeting me!


Man feeds the pigeons

Bird on his head

One on his shoulder

Swarm eats his bread!


So fascinating

Birds on his chest

Scramble for bread crumbs

'Bites at his vest


"Eat Dinky Doughnuts!"

Fish and chip food

Wait for the good times

Changes my mood!


See Central Pier soon

Big One peeps out

Irish Sea out there

Wind gives a clout!


Pigeons, they hover

Struggle-ing on

Sea chases onwards

Whooshing along!


Looks like a horse race

Steeds riding in

White manes are shimm'ring

Galloping in!


Look to the Tower Top

Rocking the mast

Iron so sturdy

Rust from the past?


Tram in the distance

Outline unclear

Sand flying upwards

T'wards Central Pier


Scene so enchanting

Tram now arrives

'Glad for safe haven

Warmth me revives!  Updated 04/10/2020 xxxx




B  L  A  C  K  P  O  O  L  '  S    B  E  S  T


Wonderful ballroom, gilded and pearl

Cherubs they guard us, cool dancing girl

Wurlitzer organ enchants my ear

Chandaliers gleaming, sipping cool beer


Balcony gilded, Handel peers down

Mozart and Schumann, fine ev'ning gown

Naples the backdrop, volcano, shore

Back to Sorrento, we think: "J'adore!"


Floating the dancers, rising and fall

Twinkling the lanterns, Come to the ball!

Tango and fox-trot, then comes the jive

"Strictly Come Dancing", "Staying Alive"!


Spirits are soaring, coloured balloons

Leads to a quick-step, lively the tunes!

Ornate the carvings, shepherds and nymphs

Devil is watching, old man soon limps!


Pale is the skylight, ballustrade view

Bar is now busy, tourists, they queue!

Affected dancers, Wagner impressed?

Beethoven frowning, Chopin the best!


Victor'an England, in Ninety-Nine (1899)

Protect this jewel, it is divine

"Listed" this ballroom, massive and proud

Please live forever, say it out loud!  Updated from 2000  xx



W H O ' S    P I C K I N G    L I T T E R ?


I'm litter-picking in my neighbourhood

Another mask, perhaps I'll go insane?

Old microwave and lots of rotten wood

A "scratch-card feast", "Oh, what an awful pain!"

Dear neighbour's weeds are flourishing again

Abandoned car, it's been there for eight years!

Don't mind the rat, he squeezes down a drain

It's Bottle Time, with sundry bottle beers!

"Fine" patterns on the pavement, made by wee!

"Please pull your dogs, the toilet is the road?"

Lone poo-bag hanging calmly from a tree

Foul speeding car, ignore the Highyway Code!

Forget the stress, our streets are really clean

Defeated by this picker really mean! 28/09/2020 xx



B  U  L  B    P  L  A  N  T  I  N  G


Bulbs we're planting

Soon I'm panting

Digging holes is so enchanting!

Waving at a passing tram

Little doggie in a pram



'Bet you're cheering?

Aching back I guess I'm fearing?

Thousand bulbs adorn the place

See a smile on ev'ry face


Stop, tram turning!

Skills we're learning

For a ride we all are yearning!

Shovels breaking through the turf

It's hard work, but lots of mirth!


Paull directing

Health protecting

Mum: all spades she is disinfecting

Organised this super team

Field of flowers is Paul's dream!


"Keep it going!"


Though it's cold, at least 'not snowing!

Keeping warm, the digging's hard

Poem from the Cleveleys' "bard"!


Bulbs now planted

Puffed and panted

March this space will be "enchanted"

'Loved to help and "Thank You", Paul

Work we didn't mind at all!  26/09/2020


For Paul Galley xxxx