The manic poet




O  U  R    P A  R  A  D  I  S  E  !


Christmas Day, we're happy walking

Kannaviou, at garage forking

Winery, no time to stop?

Reservoir lies at the top


Sun is shining, Yorkshire?... snowing!

Linear walk, we're "to-and-froing"

Lots of laughter, Enid rules

High up here, no swimming pools!


Talk of Black Dyke Mills, so soothing (Queensbury)

Think of tenor horn, so soothing

Climbing steeply, no one moans

And from Enid?... dulcet tones!


Super views, I feel I'm dreaming

Wonderland to me, it's seeming

Pass a donkey, herd of goats

Brings a lump to English throats!


Stop for lunch, a picnic, yummy

Lots of rumbling in my tummy

Sandwiches and "mincey pies"

See the joy in walkers' eyes!


Christmas, we say, is it really?

Walks like this we're doing daily

"Hark The Herald Angels Sing"

We all love "that carol-thing"!


Final climb and Enid's leading

She is one of toughest breeding!

First to reach our waiting cars

Lots of "Oohs" and lots of "Aahs"


Hallelu'ia, we're all healthy

Not particularly wealthy

Yet, we have the kindest friends

Sad when special day it ends!  25/12/2020 xxxx




C H R I S T M A S    A N G E L


Fairy on the Christmas Tree

Really sexy,, called Mare-ee

'Keeps an eye on naughty Tom

Whisky ordered... Intercom!


Pafos saviour, presents makes

And a lot of "Chrissy cakes"

Watch out, Tom will eat them all

Christmas Time, he has a ball!


Drawing pictures, sketching too

Knitting mittens, all in blue

Paphiakos, Mary's sale

Many buying, never fail!


Sprinkles love around the place

Has a sleigh that's really ace

Has some help from Rufus Bear

B.T. too and Baloo Bear


Landing on UKCA

British bastion, they say

Selling Mary's knitting too

Modelled by, yes,... Dear Baloo!


What to do on Christmas Day?

For all poor folk she will pray

Giving lots of gifts away

Weather's fine, it must be May? (December!)


Andrew O', a brand new wig...

Really happy does a jig!

For the poet, book of rhymes

For the vicar, book on crimes! (really)


Christmas Angel, take a bow

Helping everyone somehow

Tom is really happy too

Whisky bottles... he's got two!  23/12/2020  For Mary Gelder xx





S  A  N  T  A  '  S    B  A  C  K  !


Santa's back, in Fleetwood bowling

We can see his balls, they're rolling!!

Sleigh is parked at Rossall Point

Head with Special Gin annoint!


'Needs a test...'Manchester flying

There's a queue, just hear him sighing

Takes the vaccine with his Gin...

"Staying sober is a sin!"


Naughty Santa, sleigh is swaying

For a careful landing praying!

Sleigh is crashing on a roof

Rudolf utters phrase uncouth!  (Never!)


Coral Bay with Pete and Pinkie

'Has a wine before you "blinkie"!

Then a Brandy, Leon Beer

"Presents coming... never fear!"


Mario's and still he's drinking  (Tala Square)

"Christmas soon...What are you thinking?"

Falling over, falls asleep

Soon enjoys his slumber deep!


Lots of parcels to deliver

Santa has a dodgy liver

Blue Cross Hospital for him

Christmas prospects rather grim?


Rufus helps the elves, amazing

Leave that Santa to his "grazing"!

All the presnts goung out

Naughty Santa gets a clout!


Christmas Day.. all children happy

Poorly Santa wears a nappy

In Gustoso's.. lots of cheer

Don't forget my Leon Beer!  07/12/2020 xxxx


We hope to see you all soon! xxxx




T  W  E  E  T!   T  W  E  E  T !


Robin tweeting on a branch

US friend lives in a ranch  (Bob!)

Magpie chatters, blackbird sings

Raise a glass to "Nature's Kings"


Stop the hassle, peace and hug

As for us...The Travel Bug

Cyprus calling, curfew too?

Greetings to our "Walking Crew"!


Covid testing, soon we're free

Pretty Jay upon a tree

Sharon, Enid, lots of friends

Greetings now Dear Cleveleys sends!


Lapwing busy, Blue Tit too

These, we think, are "Nature's Crew"

Gulls now screeching... "GO AWAY!"

Dreaming of a Pafos day!


Leap upon an eagle's back

Rufus, sleeping in my 'sack

No more queueing, Customs' check....

Soon I'd be a nervous wreck!


Perfect landing, Pafos shore

"Ocean" swimming more and more

Mask now fitted, no more fear

'Cept when drinking Leon Beer!  (Remove mask!)


Jumbo's calling, Santa's sleigh  (Pafos Mall)

Shopping... It's a perfect day!  (Really?)

Koili Hill, an "ocean view"

Ticks the list, with problems few!


Christmas dining, problems gone

Louise singing Christmas song (Louise Vreony!)

Yummy eating, raise a glass...

Hoping Covid soon will pass!  Amen  06?12/2020 xxxx


Cheers from Blackpool! xxxx


C H R I S T M A S    G R E E T I N G S !


Pollard Bill is sending Christmas Greetings

Bears are singing carols, smiling faces

Happy Prospect: Lots of Cyprus "meetings"

Quarantine and then with "walking aces"!

'Hope for Europe Deal is slowly fading

Large lorries queueing, Happy Dover Place?

Wellies on, across the Channel wading?

A Cyprus Life, we hope, at gentler pace?

Aat, our friend, a gin and tonic drinking

A sun-drenched terrace, Praise a wondrous Spain!

Not about the Town Hall, Blackpool, thinking?

Warm Winter woollies 'gainst the freezing rain!

We raise a Glass of Cheer to friends worldwide

Our love flows out from Blackpool with the tide!  Thank you, B.P.


04/12/2020. xxxx


"C H R I S T M A S   C O M E S...!"


Christmas comes but once a year..

When it comes, 'brings wine and beer

Presents, noisy, crowded shops

Teddy bears and spinning tops

Special cards and Christmas trees

Hot mince pies and Earl Grey teas

Is this just what it means?


Christmas comes but once a year..

When it comes, for some... No cheer!

Lady bashed upon the head

Dearest Gladys, sadly dead

Poor man shiv'ring under tree

Rheumatism, swollen knee

Or rather... stable scenes?


Christmas comes but once a year

When it comes, 'brings orphan's tear

Father gone and mother dead

Lots of worries in the head

Largest bills, all warmth has gone

"Put another jumper on!"

No meat and only greens?


Christmas comes but once a year

When it comes, 'brings fright and fear

Racing cars still whizzing past

Scary, noisy panto' cast!  ("Stage One")

Hunters shooting tiny bird

Blast from power station heard?  (Cyprus history!)

So dreadful are such scenes!


Christmas comes but once a year

When it comes, brings Santa's deer

Loving hearts and lasting peace

World from wars and strife release!

Children dancing hand in hand

Happy faces... ev'ry land...

Yes, this is what it means!  Updated from 2011...02/12/2020 xx