The manic poet



T H E   C O V I D   H E R M I T


Dear Hermit, hardly ever leave your house

Your blinds are closed, there is no sign of life

We're going past, as quiet as a mouse

A year has flown, and mostly full of strife!

'See knitting patterns staring at your walls

You "change your rooms", the toilet, quiet place?

It's Easter, 'least you're not in Heaven's Halls!

The prospects "Twenty-One are hardly ace!

Your blinds are open, soon they're tightly shut

Delivered parcel: "Don't forget, Knock Hard!"

Now ghostly silent, life "stuck in a rut"

So Many Struggle: play the "Lonely Card"!

Soon May approaches, then you'll venture out?

Let's give that Covid Monster "Mighty Clout"!!  Amen xx 04/04/2021 xx




E   S   C   A   P   E   ?


We're locked in!

Fun's a sin!

Real enjoyment in the bin?

Time, I think, to go outside...

Sadness flows out with the tide!


Fleetwood walk

Friendly talk

Rather here than Trump's New York?

Strolling past our regal Mount

Empire State' just doesn't count!


Bluest lake

Nothing's fake!

Black head' gulls here for our sake?

Ferry sailing 'cross the sea

View to Heysham all "for free"!


Rossall Tower (Point)

Feel its power

Doggies passing, happy hour

Wobbling "freely" on the dunes

Whistle-ing some Beatles' tunes!


Bridge we cross

Wife "the boss"

Slip and sliding on the moss

Fresh the air and more... No rain!

Walking always keeps us sane!


Mount clock chime

Think in rhyme

We have had a super time!

Soon relaxing in our car

Store this freedom in a jar! xx 16/02/2021 xx


A N T I - "V A X X E R S"


I've heard that friends don't want the Covid jab

In Germany, where people have more sense?

Come on, Dear Friends, it's time to have a "stab"

We're vaccinated,' won't sit on the fence!

Our country's closed, a normal life we crave

'Can't fly to Europe,  holidays are "out"

This dread of needles, why are we so brave?

It's time to give this "Virus-thing" a clout!

Anti-vaxxers sing their song defiant

They burn their masks and stamp "protesters' feet"

On idiocy 'are all reliant!

They are jostling evr'yone they might meet!

Move on, Dear Friends, restore a normal life

Instead of all this "anti-vaxxing-strife!  Amen 02/02/2021 xx




T H E  L A N G U A G E  Q U E E N


Dora! Dora!.. learning French

Verbs reciting, garden fence

Soon exclaiming: "O,  Mon Dieu!"

"Je parle francais, oui, un peu!"


Bonjour, or it's Kalimera?

Bonsoir 'stead of Kalispera

Paris or perhaps "Paree"

Arbre now is Dora's tree!


"Viel Spass!", now she's German learning

Sehnsucht now Dear Dora's yearning!

Guten Morgen!, Guten Tag!

Travelling to, "Ja, Den Haag!"


Lots of fun, great language learning

Brennen, bruler, Chypre burning?

After all it's really hot....

Kalt or froid, we're thinking NOT!


Baecker, now some Brot she's buying

Seufzen, Ja, she's really sighing!

Only taking photographs

Lachen, rire, with loads of laughs!


Flowers, fleurs or are they Blumen?

Fromage, Kaese.. "Jo, "Halloumen"!  (Buchstabieren?)

Troodos with some Sonnenschein

Vin or now ein Glas Rotwein!


Einbahnstrassen.. soon I'm quaking

Zyprioten laws forsaking?  (Jawohl!)

On deteste un sens unique!

It is not in language Greek


Fluent speaker, French or German

Henri or perhaps a Hermann?

Dora is the Language Queen

Very best we've ever seen!  Merci, Dora de David xx 31/03/2021 xx





W I N T E R    B L U E S !


Sheltering from rain and snow

Wondering: "Where should we go?"

Enid, dancing in the sun

'Feel that Pafos is more fun!


Snow now falling, piano play

On this freezing winter's day

Meanwhile Sharon's eating fish

Kathikas: our ev'ry wish!


Berlin, also really cold

KM, really not so old?....

'Used to scale those Cyprus hills

Kisso' flat brought many thrills?


Missing touching Enid's knee?

I'm in trouble... "He! He! He!"

Jeanette smiling, soon be lunch

At their cod / chips they will munch!


Here I scoff Halloumi cheese

Whisky, just to oil my knees?

Looking at decrepid car  (Neighbour's!)

In it he would not get far!  (Ancient, not taxed!)


Shocking, sun is peeping out

Give these snowy bursts a CLOUT

Swimming in Dear Pinkie's pool

Even though it's rather cool!  (Any chance?)


Yiamas!.. Sip a Leon Beer

Soon, I'm smiling ear-to-ear!

Here a warming Yorkshire tea

Covid jab to set us free?  (Friday)


Signing off, to Pafos wave

Manic is this "poet" Dave?

Memories will never fade

Cleveleys, often in the shade!  For our Walking Gang xxxx


24/01/2021 xx




S E L F    I S O L A T I O N !


Self-isolating, Gosh, I'm feeling "great"!

Another day, I visit diff'rent rooms

Today: the kitchen, Wow, this is my fate!

Tomorrow?..'Bet you've guessed it?..toilet "looms"!

At least it's raining, really warm inside

An early Whisky, life can't be so bad!

I chat to Rufus, in my friend confide

Now in the shed, I'm feeling rather sad!

Prat Hancock on the tele, I despair

Then BJ, 'shelters from the Northern flood

This "government", I guess they really care?

I'd fly off to the Moon, that's if I could!

One ray of sun, Jeanette has sent a mail

One thought of Pafos, this can never fail! 22/01/2021 xx

"YIAMAS, Euromann!" xxxx


H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !!


Happy New Year!

Whisky or beer?

I'm feeling wobbly

Grin ear-to-ear!


What can go wrong?

Sing "Brexit Song"

Queueing for pizzas

Hear Big Ben's bong!


Website is green

Finest e'er seen?  (Modest?)

Veggie its author

Meat "off the scene"!  (Since 1989!)


North sea fish smile!

Proud "English Mile"!

Rees-Mogg a joker?  (Other adjectives?)

Brexit his "style"!


Far from UK

Feb'ry or May?  (Both?)

"Fitos", we're lunching  (Kathikas for fish!)

Euro flag sway!


Cricket to cheer

Sipping a beer

Root's double hundred

Fish start to cheer?


Happy New Year

Freezing "up here"

Pafos we're missing..

And Leon beer!


Lockdown for e'er?

I sit and stare

Sit down and cuddle

Dear Rufus Bear!  20/01/2021. xxxx






M O R E  C Y P R U S  T A L K  !


Rain is falling,  skies are dark

We are rising with the lark

Isolation, garden walk

Missing all the "Cyprus Talk"!


Tele-watching, happy day

For some sunshine we do pray!

Garden's frozen, then it's wet

Hyperthermia soon get?


'Thinking of a sunny hike

Missing Sharon on her bike!  (Really?)

"Spring of Life" is closed, I cry

'Least we have the bluest sky!


We're descending, orchards' full

Tangerines, life's never dull!

Lizard scurries, turning right

Seminary, prospects bright??


Tables, chairs, a picnic place

Cats are thinking: "Eating... ace!"

Clicking photos, mem'ries share

Grinning is Dear Rufus Bear!


Not one thought of rain out here!

"Yiamas!", time for Leon Beer?

Manic cyclists, Cleveleys' prom'

Racing "Dick" and swerving Dom'!


Gosh, the steepest hill to scale

I am panting, looking pale

Cheering up, a church in view

Happy is this Walking Crew!


Back at base, we slip and slide

Love of Cyprus.. 'cannot hide!

Yippee, isolation's done

Only thing?... No Cyprus sun!  18/01/2021 xxxx


B   I   K   I   N   G


Almost Thursday, soon she's biking

Sharon's busy, often hiking

She's got Enid on the back

Rufus Bear too in her sack!


Zooming up the roads, she's racing

Friends in front, I bet she's chasing?

And in front: a Troodos view

Happy is this Biking Crew!


Snowing now, a Troodos vista

'Hope your feet don't get a blister!

Go so fast, they're taking off

Hats to Sharon all will doff!


Slower now, Pafos respecting

Sharon's style she is perfecting

Don't forget a Baileys', please

Rub some on your aching knees!


Enid takes a turn, we're trembling

Neighbours soon, I know, are trembling

Rufus soon has hid' his eyes

Danger Woman in disguise?


Kathikas, some fish they're seeking

Rather hot, E's forehead leaking!

Wow, they've got delicious chips

Watch a feast soon pass their lips!


'Got new friends, two cats are lurking

Enid, no, she's started twerking!

Entertaining local guys

Listen to Dear Christos' sighs!  (A local!)


Heading back, they're nearly floating

Stomachs though are "rather bloating"

Cheering famous Biking Crew

'Got a Baileys', problems few!  15/01/2021 xxxx





       T H E    P A F O S    A C E S


Precious friends, we miss their smiling faces

They're scaling hills and Enid's ninety-five!!!!

No wonder they are called the Pafos Aces

Great Bee Gees' fans, they're singing "Stay' Alive"!

Two hundred metres upwards, no one moans

Much harder, ladies, crossing slippy stream?

No creaking from those sturdy English bones

'Guess walking always is their Cyprus Dream!

A picnic and some hungry cars are watching

Mince pies to follow, cats just want some meat!

No David there, as no doubt he'd be "Scotching"!  ("Famous Grouse")

Mix lemonade, he's not so keen on "neat"

Dear Friendship Wins, we send a special smile

Instead we're walking on the "Golden Mile"  13/01/2021.


With apologies to the youthful Enid xxxx





"M Y   C Y P R U S   F I X"


I have had my "Cyprus Fix"

Lots of walks: a happy mix!

Stir in all our wondrous friends

Sadness when adventure ends!


Hear the organ through the wall

Paul, he plays in "Heaven's Hall"

"Pie Jesu", close my eyes

Dreaming of the bluest skies


Lots of laughter, Enid smiles

Though, of course, we walk in miles!

Kilometres, Euromann

European, when I can!


Coast we're walking, Faros Light

Beaming always through the night

Harbour, guess who wears a mask?

For these males, an awkward task!  (Cypriots!)


Kathikas, with fish in mind

Fitos, always really kind

"Sea I'm bream-ing", yummy chips

And a Guinness 'pass my lips


Wagamama, salivate....

Salmon dish... It is my fate!

Planning for another hike

Sharon's racing on her bike!  (Not Enid?)


Amargeti, down, then up

Sipping from my Leon "cup"

Spring of Life is closed, Oh Dear!

'Have to wait another year!


Dear Mandria, ocean view

Say Goodbye to "Walking Crew"

Best behaviour Enid, please!

Did I really touch your knees?  For our walking friends! xx


10/01/2021 xxxx




Watch your hand, David! xx




Leaving Cyprus, always pangs of sadness

I shed a tear, it sizzles on the ground

Dear Faros' times are always full of gladness

That Harbour view and paradise is found

So many walks, p'rhaps Tsada the best?

Though Amargeti always hard to beat!

The steepest hill and soon I need a rest

An aching back to match my throbbing feet!

I know my legs "adore" a hilly walk

The views to valleys green the effort worth!

I love to hear the hum of happy talk

Our friends in Cyprus "greatest ones on earth"! (Hello Pete and Pinkie!)

A month has flown, Dear Sharon we will miss

For Jeanette, Enid..'blow a grateful kiss!  Updated 07/01/2021 xx  


YIAMAS! xxxx

S T A Y S A F E!

T H E S E    F O U R    W A L L S !


In these four walls I'm going to stay

"Foul virus stay outside!"

For "refound" freedom 'start to pray

And open windows wide!


A New Year starts, I'm still inside

I hear the birdies tweet

My inner sadness 'cannot hide

This virus soon defeat?


I change the room, a bedroom view

But still I'm locked inside

I wave to neighbours, one and two

In Rufus Bear confide!


A Cyprus "view", I start to smile

We're walking up a hill

Oh Dear, I'm wobbling on a stile

My walking points?... Just nil!


No Jan'ry Sales, will I survive?

That Shopping Mall is closed!  (Jumbo's!)

The Christmas Spirit I revive

With Leon Beer I've posed!


My spirits rise... I get a text!!

I'm told: "Just stay inside!"

This situation, soon I'm vexed....

My tears I cannot hide!


Dear four walls, Wow, they disappear!

My freedom's coming back

It's... August, not another year?

I don my walking 'sack!


What was the fuss, a Pafos walk?

And No One wears a mask!

I'm so relaxed, with chirpy talk

"We all stuck to the task!"  Amen  01/01/2021 xxxx




S T I L L    W A L K I N G!


New Year... Happy?

Wear a nappy?

Thoughts of Brexit, rather crappy?

Throw the Union Flag away?

Euro Flag, I start to cheer!




Georgie Bates, no more the Yeti?

'Rather have a Kisso' Snooze? (Kissonerga)

And a little "Keo Booze"?


Boris cheering

"Exit" nearing

Isolation I am fearing?

Walking in the Cyprus Hills

Aching knees but lots of thrills!


Red wine drinking


Arms with Europe we are linking

Pafos, Paris, Berlin too

Flushing London down the loo!  (I'm a heretic!)




Leon with my hot spaghetti?

Raise my glass to 'Twenty-One

'Bound to have a lot more fun!


New Year, Toasting!

Chestnuts roasting

Of Dear Europe we are boasting

"Alle Menschen Brueder sein"  (Werden?)

Raise my glass of Status wine!  (Agios Fotios)  31/12/2020 xxx