The manic poet




T H E    P E P P E R M I L L


"Peppermill" is recommended

Search for food quite soon is ended

Sitting down, the menus, please

Salmon or perhaps some cheese?


"Peppermill" with Georgia serving

Greatest praise she is deserving

'Love this friendly eating place

Atmosphere is really ace


Busy too, with lots of eating

At the back, we've cosy seating

Food keeps coming, happy smiles

Reputation spreads for miles


My Peroni, soon I'm smiling

All of this, I'm quickly filing

Lime and soda for my wife

We're relaxing, no more strife!  (Blackpool on Sunday!)


Salmon soon, I'm salivating

For Fish pie my wife is "fated"!

And what's more: delicious veg'

Lots of sprouts around the edge!  (Of the plate!)


Friendly staff, they're really busy

Magic food, 'think "Izzy-Wizzy"!

'Glad to leave a gen'rous tip

As I at my beer I sip!  


Clientele, I guess, is older

'Guess their choices could be bolder?

Only hear contented voice

Place like this, we all rejoice!



Happy smiles, we feel contented

"Excellent", we really meant it

We'll return, "P" 'recommend  (Peppermill!!)

Greetings now to Georgia send!  Five Stars. 11/10/2021 xxxx






T  O  L  E  R  A  N  C  E


Elena, Russian lady at the gym

She's smiling, exercising, really calm

Vlad' Putin, Yes, she's talking about him

Ukraine, a peaceful place, no real alarm!

"The West's unfair, they treat Vlad' as a foe!"

Suspicious, 'say he is a nasty man

"He'll only bring the West great stress and woe!"

And launch a missile, Yes, whene'er he can!

I cycle hard and think of tolerance

Preferring hugs to dreadful army tanks

I'm looking now, Elena starts to dance

On leaving, I am offering grateful thanks!

Three Cheers for tolerance, 'twixt East and West

We know that peace and calm will be the best.. Amen xx  25/08/2021.



"Hats off to Moor Park Leisure Centre!"


M  O  O  R    P  A  R  K


Moor Park Centre, we're delighted

Very pleased that we're invited

Eight o'clock when we arrive

Hoping that we will survive!


Karen waiting, time for weighing

"Kilos losing!", she is saying

Body mass and fat to lose

"Cut down on the daily booze!"  (Really?)


Tread-mill time, my heart is pumping

"Get that rate-up!", heart is jumping

Better when I'm on the bike

"Keep it going, what y'er like?"


Karen smiling, loves my stories!  (Really?)

Talking of my "walking glories"

Climbing hills 'neath Cyprus sun

Surely gym is much more fun?


Time for rowing, no more smiling

All of this K's carefully filing

Arms soon aching, muscles, please

Rub some honey on my knees!


"Drink more water!", dehydrated

Whisky? No, it's not "gym-rated"

Honey, lemon, start to smile

Welcome to my "Golden Mile! (Kilometers, please!)


Atmosphere is calm , no stressing

No one on machines is "messing"

Cleaning up, the staff so kind

'Guess Moor Park a super find!


Thank you, Moor Park, Wednesday... Yoga

Should I wear a sexy toga?

'Glad we're members, we'll be back

Perhaps with Rufus in my sack? 09/08/2021 xxxx





C Y C L I N G    F O R

    C H R I S T I E'S


Charity cycle

Raising some cash


Eighty K' "Dash"!


Albert Square leaving

Head for the sea

Stanley Park, waiting

Fit as a flea!!  (Now?)


Thinking of children

Wicked disease

Hellping Dear Christie's

Initiative seize!


Roy Castle started

Cancer, great pain

'Hope that his death

Won't be in vain!


Sunday Adventure

Bending the back

Four thousand riders

Effort... No lack!


Tour de France starting

Froomie, Watch Out!

Next year to Paris?

Bordeaux, no doubt!


Research is needed

Easing the pain

Too many dying

Sunshine NOT rain!


Bike Events calling

Send us your cash

Cancer we're fighting

Tumours we'll smash!    Updated from 2002. Froome instead of Armstrong! We raised £300, 2001 and 2002.




A L W A Y S    W A L K I N G !


Walking! Walking!

Squealing! Talking!

Fleetwood, sunny, no NOT Dorkin!

Families are happy now

Someone swimming, I cry: "Wow!"


Pinkie! Pinkie!......

Likes a drinkie!

Large white wine, "What do you thinkie?"

Pete prefers a Keo Beer

Leon, please, and then I Cheer!  (Pafos)


"Walkies, Doggie!"

Chasing "moggie"

Children playing with a "Froggie"  (Kermit)

By the lake with fishing rod

We like Haddock, please, no cod!


Litter! Litter!

Eating... Fitter?  (Wobble, Wobble!)

Bottles, rubbish, 'feeling bitter

Speechless, there are LOTS of bins

Pick up rubbish for your sins!




Lots of press-ups, so surprising?  (Outside exercises)

Do your Yoga, banish stress

Happy walking, we confess!


Fitter feeling!

Stress relieving

Walks and sunshine, so appealing!

Pinkie, strolling to the pub....

Enjoys drinkies and her grub!  Yiamas! xxxx  01/06/2021.



F  I  R  S  T   O  F   M  A Y


'Wonder what to do today?....

Now that it's First of May!

Naked streak along the shore

Golf-club waving, shouting "Fore!"?


Climb to top of Blackpool Tower?

Feel that Northern Throbbing Power!

Jump into the Irish Sea?

Time to set Dear Ireland free?


Let's apply for Hundred Grand

"Morning, Boris!, Hold my hand!"  (Urgggh!)

(Only want to decorate

I don't have a monied mate!)


Only problem, Cleveleys cold

And perhaps, I'm growing old?

Then, we'll settle for some nosh....

Find somewhere that's really posh....


Lockdown over, have some lunch

Many opt for warmer brunch

"Venue" and the heater's on

Singing soon a birthday song?


Linda's late, a Star Wars gang  (Filming!)

Then we hear an awful bang

Guy has fallen off his bike

Tourist shouting: "What y'er like?"


Linda's smiling, Twenty-One  (Nearly?)

Time to have a bit of fun?

Children screaming, strangle "it"?

"Little Sausage.. have a fit!"


Lunch delicious, tasty fish

Later then an ice cream dish?

Raise a glass to Linda Queen

Number One on "Poulton Scene"!  Happy Birthday, Mrs. C. xxxx

"YIAMAS!" xx


T R A V E L L I N G    B E A R S


Rufus Bear, is back in Lytham

'Guess he loves the gentler rhythm?

Cappuccino, comfy seat

Not much chance of eating meat?


"La Barrique", a sunny venue

They've got Brandy on the menu

Rufus takes a giant sip  (Really?)

View the smile upon his lip!


B.T.'s smiling, Knott End walking

'Bet he is with Chantal talking?

Whispering "sweet nothings"..French

Gosh, she is a "sexy wench"!


Lowry's there, his dog he's walking

Turning right, to Fleetwood forking  (Splash!)

Strolling on, the ferry's there

Lots of time to stand and stare!


Buy a quiche, Try mushroom, cheesie

Sunny day, we don't do breezy!

And, we've found a smashing seat

'Got new boots upon my feet! (Others in Pafos!)


Driving home, the traffic's manic

"Steady, B.T., please, no panic!

Happy when we're back at base

Lovely smile on Chantal's face!


Bears are pleased, strict lockdown's over

"Travelling and we're in clover!"

Trip to Cornwall planned in June

Whistle-ing a Beach Boys' "tune". For Aunty Sharon. 15/04/2021 xx



L O C K D O W N    E A S I N G?


Lockdown ending

Rules we're bending?

Greetings from the Venue sending  (Cleveleys)

Canopies against the cold

Just because we're really old?


Lockdown easing

Cold, I'm wheezing

Guy is passing, loudly sneezing!

Paper menus, 'wearing masks

Spanish beer, this "poet" asks!


Warming heaters

Eager eaters

Tables only are two-seaters

Lots of veg' with fine sea-bass

Brandy for my "Lanky Lass"  (Lancashire)


Beer arriving

'Buds reviving (Taste?)

'Thinking of a year surviving

Burgers and a pile of chips

San Miquel to pass my lips!


Classic dining

Beer, not wine-ing

For an ice-cream I am pining

Happy with our luncheon treat

Venue is the place to beat!


Feast is over

We're in clover

Not so civilised in Dover?

Walking, stomachs quite content

Many Thanks to all is sent!  12/04/2021 xxxx






B  I  S  P  H  A  M    W  A  L  K  I  N  G  !


Bispham Walking, calm and quiet

Unlike Bristol, we've no riot!

Peaceful strolling on the prom'

Welcome: Blackpool!


Red Bank Road, for pizza waiting

Terra Nostra... 'salivating!

'Love this gastronomic treat

Pizza, healing for my feet!


Miners' Home, we soon are seeing

Flatlets now, with doggie weeing!

Walking to the "Genting Club"

Rather have a local pub? (What is that?)


Tram... and look: The drivers waving....

For some passengers he's craving?  (Six only!)

Lockdown, 'hope it's easing soon

Tower green beneath the moon  (Three days' ago)


Traffic moving... Jag' is racing

Motorbike, I think he's chasing?

We prefer the rolling sea

'Think of Cyprus, set's us free!


Further on with lady talking

Yes, it is her daily walking!

Nice to stroke her little dog

Black and white.... a passing "mog"  (Moggie, cat)


Turning off, the Tower 'viewing

And we hear some pigeons cooing

Careful, up above loud gulls

Life in Bispham never dulls!


Happy thoughts, of Bispham Thinking

As it's time for Whisky drinking!

Close my eyes and drift away

'Had a lovely Bispham Day!  25/03/2021  xx





T H A T  L Y T H A M  P L A C E !


Dear Lytham, Leslie Dawson on my mind

We miss him so, he always made us smile

No better piano player you could find!! (Really?)

His "statue" gone, upon the Golden Mile

We pass the White Church, wedding, fun'ral too

Dear Tracy sobbing, Charlotte, baby, cries

Long way from Collymore, this perfect view

Fine promenade, Dear Windmill, smiling skies

'Was Leslie too, in Pafos, Theatre Time

Wrong notes, T' said, without Dear Les's style  (Tommy Cooper)

Much better was this piano player's rhyme?

Fine memories, I treasure these on file

Salute this place beside the Irish Sea

Lytham St. Annes atop our "walking tree"  05/03/2021 xx


K N O T T   E N D   W A L K I N G !


Knott End Walking

Laughter, talking

Fleetwood, Blackpool, far from Dorkin!

L.S. Lowrie looking on (And dog!)

Whistle-ing a pirate song!  (Penzance!)


"Cat-like treading"

'Rossall heading

Thought soon turn to friends "A-Med-in"  (Pafos)

Sharon with her Spring-time flowers

Walking too for hours and hours!


Doggie walkers

Here, no stalkers?

Speedy bikers: "Foul-mouth talkers"!

Words so sexist on man's back (*)

Time to throw him in a sack?


Birds now tweeting

"Hate" defeating

Heart with joy is loudly beating

Robin and a blackbird "chase"

View the smile on walkers' face!


Magic garden

"Noises",... "Pardon!"

Walk out here is hardly "hard'un!"

Stretch our legs and soon we're back

I've got Rufus in my sack!


Ramble over

We're in clover

"Hello, Morson", far from Dover!

Coffee welcome, Jerry Vine

"Come back, Storm, you are divine!"  23/02/2021 xx


(*) "If you can read this, the bitch fell off!"




K E E P   A N C H O R S H O L M E  T I D Y!


We're walking 'long the road, it's full of poo

The wind it blows, a plastic cover flies

Two bottles rattle, Cornflakes' packet too

And soon we have some "weeping" from the skies! (Only rain!)

Fine leaflets blowing freely 'cross our lawn

Around the corner "armchair-alleyway"

Discarded kiddy-scooter, looking so forelorn

We walk away, another freezing day!

Now in the park, dear doggie does a wee

Not on a lead, it splatters brand-new bin

A poo-bag on a branch is dangling free!

Take home your litter, "fouling" is a sin!

Let's have a day of picking litter up....

As from your Costa cup you loudly sup!  Amen xx 13/02/2021 xx

Pafos Has A Problem Too! xx


E S T U A R Y    P E A C E!


I can hear the gulls, they're screeching

Breaking-point some folks are reaching

"Go and walk along the shore!"....

Crave pure silence more and more!


"Won the wars!", some old git shouting

Dulcet tone to spoil my outing!

"We can manage, British fish!"  (They are smiling!!!!)

With some chips, our fav'rite dish!


Freezing walk, from Stanah walking

Quiet here, no "stupid talking"

Friendly doggies, lots of smiles

Kilometres or in miles?


Estuary's really calming

Blackbirds hopping are so charming!

Tweeting 'stead of grumbling twits?

To our left 'see two Blue Tits


Ice is crunching as we're strolling

Fleetwood or is this "North-Pole-ing"?

'See some rubbish in the sea

Keep our country litter-free!


Lovely here, no gulls attacking

Sense of humour never lacking!

Great, we've got a sparrow's nest

Mother Nature is the best!


Back at base, I'm piano playing

"Oliver", my head is swaying

Magpies, cannot hear them though

How I love my music so!  xx  10/02/2021  xx



B L A C K P O O L    C L O S E D !


Dark! Dark"

Up with the lark

Only hear a doggie bark

Blackpool silent, no one there

Lots of time to stand and stare!


Cry! Cry!

Heave a sigh!

Blackpool closed, I wonder why?

Haunted by the Covid bug

Always at its heart strings tug!


Rain! Rain!

Awful pain

"Hola, Aaty, out in Spain!

Far away from British toil

Time to lance the covid "boil"?


Ice! Ice!

Sugar, spice?

Pafos, really twice as nice!

Eat your porridge in the sun

Rain out here is much more fun!  (Really?)


Tree! Tree!

"Monkey Tree"  (Puzzling?)

Just the place for dogs to wee?

Rescued by a blackbird's call

'Stead of screeching gully's bawl!


Peace! Peace!

Stress release

Rootie, batting at his crease  (Cricketing hero!)

India or Blackpool pier

Settle for a Leon Beer!  08/02/2021 xxxx


V  A  C  C  I  N  A  T  E  D  !!



We're elated

And no stress, Dear Thornton "feted"!

Arm it feels no pain at all

Britain, some say: "Standing Tall"!


Marsh Mill turning

Are we learning?

For those foreign trips we're yearning!

Safer walking 'round a field?

Amargeti... more "appealed"?


Friendly faces

"Thornton Aces"

Fear of needles "soon effaces"!

"Roll your sleeve up, quickly done

Now escaping: much more fun!


Pizza, wine-ing

Tasty dining

For a Whisky I'm soon pining?

Twelve more months and then "we're clear"!

"Not another bloody year?"


Doses sharing

"Britain's caring"

"Stand Alone" is really daring?

Message here: "Please, ALL stay safe!"

Mary Gelder, Tony Rafe!  (Cyprus friends)



For ALL nations

Africa, please send donations?

Let's prevent more loss of life

Unity instead of strife!  31/01/2021 xxxx


SNOW IN 1999!



"Snow, Snow, Quick, Quick, Snow!"

Blackpool's going under

Only needs a dozen flakes

Rips the town asunder!


Traffic crawling nose to tail

Whitegate Drive is "murder"

Keep away from slippy prom'

Snow-ploughs are "in purdah"!


"Funny Girls", they love the snow

'White, they always gleam

Sleet that follow, such a "drag"!

View our Fairy Queen!


Tower now is very white

'Makes a change from gilded?

Not King Kong, Dear Santa's there

'Gifts they will have filled it!


Promenade has lots of sand

Now it's mixed with snow

Wait until the wind gets up

Watch that mixture blow!


Riding on the "Big One"

Icicles on 'ears?

Rather ride in Santa's sleigh?

Look at those white piers!


"Golden Mile" no longer gold

Just a pile of sleet

What is on those hats right now?

"Blackpool, it's all-reet!"


Normal life will soon return

Roads are not as manic  (Really?)

'Hope the snow will stay away

Snow ploughs needn't panic!    Updated from January 1999 xxx