The manic poet




R E A L L Y    P O S H ?


"Posh! Posh!"

"Golly Gosh!"

Rees-Mogg speaking "load of tosh!"

'Wear my frock coat, bow and scrape

'Looking like a Regal Ape!


Bosh! Bosh!

Loads of "dosh"?

Accent really very "posh"!

Coronet upon my head

What, I'm Yorkshire born and bred!


Watch! Watch!

Dearest watch (Four at £65,000!)

Hamilton, for me a "Scotch!"  

Jewellery when'ere he drives

Monaco is where he thrives! (NO TAX!)


Wave! Wave!

Meghan, Dave! (Not Harry?)

Photos, balcony, I "crave"?

Rather watch my rugby games

No one here with "classic names"?


Bow! Bow!

Sacred Cow!

Bird salutes from highest bough!

Tweeting accent not approved?

Northern ones are soon removed!


Posh! Posh!

Golly Gosh

Welcome to the Rees-Mogg Frosch!  (Really Green?)

Snoozing on a Commons' bench

Dreaming of his "darling wench"?


Posh! Posh!

Always tosh?

Waving with a golden cosh!

Normal here on 'Blackpool coast

Working class: we are the MOST! Help! 10/05/2022 xxxx


G R E E N   H E R O !


Boris is the new Green Hero

Carbon e's soon down to zero?  (emissions!)

'Got a windmill on his head

'Wants to keep his great Green Cred'!


Passing wind, he is world's expert

On his phone a famous "textspert"

Cornwall, solar-panels reign

Energy, e'en in the rain?


Brand new houses, insulated

Solar-panels?... They're outdated?

Wind farm soon on Downing Street?

That would really be a treat!


"Spitting Image", Merkel calling

Reputation-Brits- appalling!!

Laughing stock now Trump has gone

Singing Little Britain song!


"Expert" Boris, World he's leading

Greenist Man, all poor folks feeding? (Veg?)

Wallet, Waffle, no on care?

Even like his crappy hair!


Private plane in New York landing

Trade Deal, Biden, will be handing?

Biden laughs: "We'll have to see!"

"France, your friend?" and: "He!" "He!" "He!"


Army driving petrol lorries

Who's in charge?..p'rhaps Nadine Dorries?

All are wearing clothes of green

Glorify the "Worldy Scene"!


Orchestra, with Boris leading

World, I fear, might soon be bleeding?

Lots of hot air, ACTION PLEASE

Swapping meat for veggie cheese! xxxx 24/09/2021 xxxx




Y   I   A   M   A   S   !


A glass of Whisky calms my troubled mind

An Afghan refugee clings to a plane

We need a world with people true and kind

Where sunshine reigns instead of driving rain!

I meditate, a plea for peace and calm

My music soothes, I almost start to smile!

Turn off T.V., I'm ending all alarm

It's dark, I walk along the Golden Mile

The sea is calming, gentle, lapping waves

I sit an quickly start to close my eyes

Great memories of walks my mind soon saves...

A twinkle from Dear Amargeti' skies

I pass a lighthouse, Pafos Harbour, Cheer!

Sit down again and down a Leon beer!  Amen xx 22/08/2021 xx


H E D G I E   R. I. P.


My name is Hedgie, 'love the outdoor life

At night I hunt for insects in the dark

The roads for me are full of awful strIfe

I only seek a hole "myself to park"

Awake so early, squealing, racing wheels

'Stay on the grass, so far from danger, harm!

The silence calms my mind and and darkness heals

Avoid all stress... Bring peace and no alarm!

I'm creeping out, a road I start to cross

Too late, a speeding car is on its way

No time to move, I'm flattened, car's the "boss"

Undignified, I've ruined David's day (Myself!)

And silence now, beneath the earth I lie

From nature all around I hear a sigh.  R.I.P. 01/08/2021. xxxx



M Y S E L F !

A N   O L D   G I T ?


I'm a "vandal", SEVENTY YEARS

Loving Whisky, rarely beers

Ice-cream flavour? Germoline?

Mainly for a naughty teen?  (Ha! Ha!)


Helping others, Green Team Man

Always smiling, when I can

'Love the racing cars, whizz past

Patience really has to last!


Lots of walking, keeping fit

P'rhaps I'm not the oldest git?

Ev'ry day 'walk ten+ K'  (Never miles!)

Even on a rainy day!


Patting doggies, have a chat

Watching passing pussy cat

Constant mails from Pafos Town......

Get rid of my Brexit frown!


Almost running, Koili Hill

Fires burning, no more thrill!

Piano, in a Stage One show

Pafos where we love to go!


Most of all 'like hugs and kiss

Social contact I so miss

Walking with the local group

Jumping through the latest "hoop"?  (another stile!)


Old Git needing lots to do

Picking bags, they're full of poo!  (Thank you, doggie walkers!)

Travelling, by far the best

And regain my "youthful zest!"


At the keyboard, close my eyes

Chopin, bringing lots of sighs

Old folks smiling, Abba, please

Walking sticks and "happy" knees!  30/07/2021 xxxx




H A P P Y    D A Y S !


Come on, Sooty, "Work your magic!"

Families falling out is tragic

"Perfect People", 'what we are

'Wonder why we drove so far?


Happy walking, Norfolk calling

"Strolls" in Cyprus we're recalling

Only missing Enid, J'  (Jeanette)

On this sunny summer's day!


Gainsborough, great place for meeting

Lots of time for "Chinese Eating"  (I'm paying!)

Birthday Girl just smiles and sighs

'Glad to have those fam'ly ties


Doggie walk, the flies are biting

'Guess my legs are so inviting?

Teenage girl just screams and cries

"Time to keep on walking, guys!"


Walk is spoilt, yet doggie's playing

'Likes to have a branch, girl saying

"Put your bloody phone away!"

For some stress-free time we pray!


"Trent" for dining, breakfast yummy

Grandsons like "contented tummy"!

Teenage girl still doesn't speak

Can I turn the other cheek?


We are leaving, no one's speaking

For some peace we're really seeking

Different the atmosphere

Quite relieved, we're driving "clear"!


Phone exploding, trouble brewing

Teenage brat her "rights" pursuing

Just a rude and spoilt young prat

"Meeting" ruined "just like that"!


Sooty's soothing, Sweep he's teasing

Happy laugh, no summer wheezing

"Only deal with "normal folk"

"Love you!", 'guess it's just a joke!  25/07/2021 xx



C A P T A I N    H O G W A S H !


Captain Hogwash, country "leading"  (Pugwash?)

Many die and lots are bleeding

Time to launch a British ship!

Whilst I from my tankard sip!


Cummings yelling: "No complaining!"

"Rather choppy, 'prefer "plane-ing"?

Harmony is far away

On another Hogwash Day


"Priti Awful", Hancock steering

Refugees who sink they're cheering

They're rehearsing lots of lies  (Experts!)

And eliminating all spies!


Friend in Spain is celebrating

He is not for sunshine waiting!

Balcony.. and raise a glass

England?... "All "good" things must pass!"


Cyprus and the sun is blazing

Thirty C', it's just amazing

Friend is cooling in the pool

"Pinkie" is nobody's fool!


Meanwhile in the Channel leading?

Got no female, no more breeding?

"Time to blow those "Froggies" up!"

Time to win the "Euro Cup"


Shouting orders, mainly waffle!  (An expert in charge"

Not much meat he's mainly offal!  (Awful?)

Cummings, he can hardly see

Needs an eye test and a wee!


Lots of noise and lots of bluster

He is used to Filibuster

Parliament, beaten by Keir

Knock him off the Brighton Pier?


French are chasing, here no fishing

Hogwash for a sleep he's wishing

Scurries back to Dover place

'Guess this "leader's" really ace?


What a day and Carrie's shouting....

Beat the French, she's never doubting?

Hogwash an embarrassment

Like to give him up for Lent?  Amen  27/05/2021 xx




H O T E L    D R E A M I N G


I love the stillness, only hearing snores

No manic adverts, Schubert's music soothes

"Don't need a car from "Philip Schofield-bores"!

Dear calming darkness this poor world approves

Tamara Levitt has a peaceful voice

My eyes are closed, I'm dreaming: Bali coast

I hear my breathing calm, now let's rejoice!

A toucan watches, this I love the most!

Such peaceful music helps and then relax!

It imitates four monkeys hanging free

To England's dreary coasts all this I "fax"!

I'm watching now, and high up in a tree

Dear Daily Calm, I'm floating on a cloud

A member still, of this I'm really proud... Amen  25/05.2021 xxxx


"Come on, You Bulls!"


E N T E R T A I N M E N T  W I N S!


Three lions on a shirt

Charlie or a Gert

Want a logo: red, white, blue?

Boris or a Bert!


Rather be a "Bull"?  ("Come on, You Bulls!")

Rugby's never dull

'Wear my amber, red and black

Now my heart is full!


Odsal back again

Sunshine or in rain

Dewsbury is not for me

Super League again?


Time for ev'ning sleep

Soon in slumber deep?

Watching England, then I snore

Into bed I creep!


Leeds United, Cheer!

Sip my lager beer

Team attacks and soon I smile

Beeter football year!


Football, Rugby, FUN!

Rain or in the sun

Great excitement on the field

Entertainment WON!  12/05/2021 xx


T  H  E    C  U  T  T I  N  G 

            C  R  E  W


Hair today, yet gone tomorrow!

Grey bits leaving, hardly sorrow!

"Get a barnet bright and new!"

Greetings from the Cutting Crew!


Nine a.m. and E' is leaving

In the power of hair believing

"Time to get a colour, trim

Maybe green, just on a whim?"  (Maybe NOT?)


Magazine whilst scissors busy

"Izzy-Whizzy!", Sooty's dizzy

Hour later, gorgeous hair

Lots of time to stand and stare!


Lots of folks with "hair for nesting"!

Do I spy a sparrow resting?

'Best be quick, a fledgling, two?

Hurry to the Cutting Crew!


"Poet" too he needs a clipping

Hair-style, 'guess, is hardly "ripping"

Had my scissors, cleared my ears

Baldy soon?..I have no fears!


Barbers', Cleveleys, pavements bursting

For a Lager I am thirsting

"Get your mask on!", gown is on

Singing soon Rossini song! ("Le Barbier de Sevlle")


Floor is full of greyest snippings

'Not allowed to sweep the clippings!  (My job?)

'Cannot recognise my hair

Cleveleys' version of Dan Dare!


Resting now, a Whisky sipping

Guess my hair-style's "really ripping"??

Wife so pretty, time to swoon

Underneath a perfect moon!   22/04/2021 xxxx









P O  S  I  T  I  V  E    T  H  O  U  G  H  T  S  !


So many lives, the world is full of grief

At Windsor, prince is sleeping in a vault

Please end the sadness, far beyond belief

To China 'look, perhaps it was their fault?

A lovely day, we walk around a field

The children 'back, they're screaming with delight

A Robin twitters, soon to silence 'yield...

Yet, out of darkness, just a ray of light!

I meditate, of many trips I dream

Fine coastal walk, Dear Faros bows its head (Lighthouse)

Those Christmas walks, so distant now they seem

A Pafos sunrise, sky is glowing red!

Now positive our thoughts, a Cornwall trip

I raise my glass, a healing Whisky 'sip!  Yiamas! xx18/04/2021 xx