The manic poet




        "I'M  NOT  LIKE

E V E R Y B O D Y   E L S E!"  


Escaping, climbing quickly to our loft

All "royal" celebrations to avoid

My hat to Euro-flag I've always doffed!

But now I'm left alone in empty void!

It's "Land of Hope and Glory" many sing

All measurements "Imper'al" Johnson claims

"We stand alone!", it leaves a hollow ring

To stay in power the only Johnson aims!

Let's close all borders, France so far away

My students loved their trips, a "Norman Treat"

The Channel crossing, what a happy day!

I only hear a lonely "Brexit Bleat!"

I need my passport, heading p'rhaps for Mars?

And hiding all my lonely "Brexit scars!" I will be popular! 29/05/2022 xxxx



N O T R E    V O I S I N ?


I'm thinking of our many friends in France

From Calais down to Tuchan we would drive

A glass of local Red our lives enhance  (Roussillon)

Trois bises, Albert, our faith in France revive!

With students driving to Dear Arromanches

Asnelles' Hotel, a Bayeux visit too

To Patel's views, I'm thinking of... Revanche!

Contented with our peaceful Channel view   (La Manche)

La Tour Eiffel inclines its head for me

Montmartre, chat with artists, wondrous day

No thoughts of cutting ties, from Europe free?  (NON!)

Then "Chapeaux Bas!" for better links we pray!

So grateful for our days in La Belle France

A bridge in Avignon for us to "danse"!    Mon Dieu!  19/09/2021 xx



V I E W   F R O M   A   W I N D O W


Breezy, I can see our bushes blowing

Our baby blackbirds far now from their nest

With gulls about: lots of to-and-froing

I hear a noise, a squelch from passing "pest"!

Our neighbour's washing's blowing in the gale

A Goldfinch watching, perched upon our tree

The sky is full of Starlings, never pale

I breathe a sigh, my mind is calm and free

Watch out, a cat arrives to spoil the scene!

I knock, it's startled, scurries to my right

Too many patches, spoiling former green

And then, small Sparrow, what a wondrous sight!

I close my eyes and savour Nature's peace

 All storm and stress forever 'hope will cease! 11/09.2021 xxxx









P L A I N    E N G L I S H?  



Long may she reign!

Sunshine or rain?

Spelling, no problem

Fine horse's mane!


What shall I wear?

"Where Eagles Dare"

No problem really?

Muse in my chair!


Coughing sounds rough

Queen wears a ruff

Spelling: So easy?

Soon had enough?


Caught in a gale

Blowing our sail

Now we are smiling

We saw a whale!


Rufus the Bear

Our house, no stair (Bungalow?)

Dear Heinz confused, See!

Just stand and stare!


Long way to go?

Out in the snow

Singing a wrong note

'Wanting a Doh!


Minor the key

Sad, you shall see!

Miners are singing

Fleeing or flea?


Problems or two

Problems are few

Dictionary needed?

Just join the queue!  Help!  05/09/2021 xxx I could write 20 verses! xxxx



A R B E I T  M A C H T  F R E I  !


Arbeit macht frei

High in the sky

Auschwitz, my nightmare

No wonder why?


World full of pain

Sunshine, no rain

Europe, we hug you

Unity, gain!


Germany, France

Our lives enhance

We cross the Channel

Song and we dance!


Italy, Spain

No English rain!

Aat always smiling (Herr Karel)

Johnson's a pain!


Euromann smiles

Over the miles

'Wants kilometers

Pafos he dials!


Coral Bay view

Problems are few

Pete with his Margaret

'Like football "crew"!


Walking, love hills

Droushia for thrills

Leon is ordered

Glass owner fills!


Friendship will win

Hate in the bin

Afghans we hug you

War is a sin!  29/08/2021 xxxx


A long way from Auschwitz! xxxx







        E U R O - D W A R F S    


The seven dwarfs.. transforming the U.K.

They're tired of the chaos Londow-way

"Wallpaper problems", not for them they say

'Don't need a flat... a garden, month of May!

They're feeding homeless, Dopey's changed his name

"Enough with Boris!", Doc, he has a plan

Just happy dwarfs, like Starmer gaining fame

"All bungs, corruption", we give them a BAN!

"So loving, 'don't do Grumpy!" Sneezy smiles

Poor Sleepy has to learn to stay awake

A Commons' life?... He'd rather have the piles!

A swim along the Thames for his health's sake

United Dwarfs, a Euro flag they hold

From Prague to Paris, they are all so BOLD!"  31/05/2021 xxxx




"B R I T I S H N E S S"



I confess

Leaves my mind all in a mess

Time to buy a British ship?

"Come on, BJ, get a grip!"


Down the aisle

"All" will smile

Walking p'rhaps an "English" mile?

Jet is flying overhead

Giving England: "Great Steet Cred"!


Robinson  (Jason?)

"Someone's son"  (Jamaican father)

'Captain's England, much more fun?

Jason, though, is very black

"Should have given him the sack!"


"Billy Whizz"

Game is his!

He's the King of "Rugby Bizz"!  (Business!)

Jinking run, he scores a try

Write his name high in the sky!


Insult all

"Have a ball!"

'Less they're white, 'don't want at all!"

"Lady" insults "blackest trash" (South Africans!)

Types like her deserve a bash!


"Don't like Poles" (Winter Gardens)

English "goals"

Rather have "pure British moles"?

"Eurobrit, 'hate prejudice

Harmony my only wish!


British tea

Rosie Lea

Slopes of Pennines, Yorkshire tree?  (Mum's idea!)

British pizzas, made in Hull

Life in Britain... never dull?


Hitler fan  (Fascist neighbour?

British man

Does a goose-step, when he can!

Arm is raised, he hates "All Krauts"

Referendum, now no doubts!     



"All" confess...

Better off with "Good Queen Bess"?

Middle Ages, very wise?

Rather have those Euro guys?  Written after watchg a Sky interview with Jason Robinson.  30/05/2021  xxxx




      E U R O V I S I O N


Eurovision! Eurovision!

Britain treated with derision

Italy the "Eurokings"

And the leader hardly sings!  


"Little Britain"! "Little Britain!"

By a Nasty Nought soon bitten!

Not too good for sunny Spain?

Germany too feels the pain!


Jamie Newman! Jamie Newman!

Points you earned were rather few, man!

"Come back Sandie Shaw!", some say

On this tragic day in May


Tattoo Creature! Tattoo Creature

Not the most redeeming feature?

Rotterdam to earn some fame

Damiano is his name!


Music's Winning! Music's Winning!

Many songs quite soon we're "binning"!

Switzerland and Malta shine

France was also so divine?


Tactic Voting! Tactic Voting

Ukraine soon for Russia "doting"?

Shock, as Greece for Cyprus votes?

"Yiamas!", coming from our throats!


Music Rocking! Music Rocking!

Taking drugs is rather shocking?  (Only rumours?)

Only thought: embarrassment

Contest hardly Heaven sent?


Eurovision! Eurovision!

Europe is in great division

Time to wave this show Goodbye

Nul points written in the sky!  Amen xx  22/05/2021 xx








"The place to go!" xx


C A F E    T H O U G H T S 


"Central Beach", great cafe, deli'

"Give some pleasure to your belly!"

Cappuccino, buttered scone

'Rather cold for ice-cream cone?  (Only just?)


Take a seat and soon we're "scone-ing"

All are smiling, no one moaning!

Lytham for a peaceful walk

Sitting down, we start to talk


Sheltered corner, coffee sipping

Rufus smiling, place is "ripping"!

Scone with jam and lots of cream

Of our holidays we dream....


Cyprus or Madeira calling

Many trips we are recalling

Heinz's birthday, "Spring of Life"  (Amargeti)

He's so happy with his "wife"!


Funchal, Mark and Sandra talking

'Long levadas we are walking

Day so peaceful, sea of blue

'Feel our dreams have all come true!


Back in Lytham, windmill turning

For more trips we both are yearning

Sheffield, let's go to the Keys

Water there to bathe my knees?


"Central Beach", a weekly pleasure

Yummy food and, at your leisure

Strolling slowly to our car

Citroen Cactus... We'll go far!  17/05/2021 xxxx


B I K E    O R    C A R ?


Back in Cyprus.. BIKING TIMES

"Sharon, can you ride in rhymes?"

I am viewing Garden Car

'Guess it cannot go that far?


Whizzing on a Troodos track

With a rucksack on her back

Meanwhile, car will never budge

.Might be stuck in "weedy sludge"!


"Cycling" with her racing pals

'Not sure there are many gals?

Car moved last Two Thousand Ten

Driven by the "Mister Men"?


Bikers making lots of noise

On their speeding racing toys

We prefer a bit of calm

Far away from Weed Alarm!


On those hills, just up, then down!

Smiling always, never frown!

Seagull plops on bonnet splash!

Gives side mirror mighty bash!


Lania, wave to Andrew O'

Racing Bikers..'loves them so!  (Really?)

Sooty lands to cast a spell

P'rhaps he's taking car to Hell?


Coffee break with fish and chips

Mushy peas pass hungry lips

Car allowed to rot in peace

From the stress of gulls release?


Back at base, a Scrabble game

Jane, of swimming / walking fame!

Car now on a funeral pyre

Lots of smoke and crackling fare!  Amen xxxx


Neighbour's car has not moved for ten years from his garden. We need an escape! xxx



E U R O B R I T xx

O U R   T R A V E L   B U G !


Marsh Mill calling!

Meals recalling

Shops still closed, it's so appalling!

Sharon's walking, Pafos coast

Cyprus 'guess just is the most!


Windmill turning

Sunshine "burning"  (Thornton?)

For a Leon I am yearning!

Grilled Halloumi, "Spring of Life"  (Amargeti)

Fish and salad for my wife


Lytham walking

Many talking

At that White Church, left we're forking

Tommy thinking of Les D'  (Ray Kilvington)

High atop the "Joker's Tree"!


Fleetwood "hiking"

Prom' for biking?

Sand hills much more to our liking!

Blue Church reached by Sharon, Jane....

Not much chance of heavy rain!!


Cyprus, Britain

Poems I've written

By the Travel Bug we're smitten

See you later in the year

Mario's for Leon beer!   "Yiamas!") 27/04/2021 xxxx



Blackpool heaving

Dodging, weaving

Many smokers: heavy breathing!

Jane and Enid walking proud

'Neath a sky without a cloud!