The manic poet




L E A V I N G    C O R N W A L L !


Leaving Cornwall, shed a tear...

Melts into my "Poldark Beer"

'Bye, 'Bye Georgian, fine hotel

'Wave to staff, they're great as well!


No more creamy Cornish tea?

Crunchy pasties, cheese, for me!

Gosh, we'll miss those narrow streets

Gary, all our travellers greets!


Tanks, or p'rhaps theyr'e SUVs?

Flowers, buzzing honey bees

Robin, singing on a fence

Traffic, please, not quite so dense!


Views-Atlantic, fishing boat

Tattoo man, giraffe and goat!  (Legs?)

Cliffs for walking, vista clear

Grab another lager beer? (Or three?)


Artists painting, fine St. Ives

Husbands strolling with their wives

Never miss their screeching brood?

Bird-song will improve my mood!


Gary's driving, careful man

Hits a kerbstone when he can?

Joking with out hotel guests

Do they like my lovely jests?


Most of all, 'miss Roger, Ann

Roger was a fitness fan

Not so many hilly runs?

Rather have some Cornwall buns?


Grateful for their friendship, Thanks!

Meet them soon in distant Lancs'?

Raise a glass to G-Line trips

Whisky... smiles come to my lips!  22/06/2021. xxxx

N A T U R E W I N S !


"T H E  S C H O O L  O F  G R O T!"


Cockerel green upon his head

'Guess he is from Heaven fed?  (Really?)

Even tattoos on his face

Padstowe at a gentle pace!


Turning up, where'er we go

Is he friend or is he foe?

Rather large, we stand aside

'Wears his silly "tatts" with pride!  


'Got 'giraffe upon his arm

Lion near to cause alarm?

'Wants reaction, better not?

Coming from "The School of Grot"


Moving on, Dear Robin see

Basking on adjacent tree

Gosh, he loves the midday sun

Back to Nature, much more fun!


Help, the cockerel's back again

Should I ask: "Please move to Spain?" (Why should they suffer?)

'Got a snake upon his thigh

'Really is a fashionable guy!


Tattos for five thousand "quid"

I would rather have them "hid"!

Try a Robin or a Jay

That would really make my day!


Great relief, he's moved away

Blackbird singing on this day

Roger comments on his song

'Such an expert, 'can't go wrong!


Take your choice, for Nature opt

Birdie song we all adopt

'Stead of silly Cockerel head

Rufus winking, "Clever Ted"  19/06.2021  xxxx





C O R N W A L L... GONE!


Cornwall seems so far away

On this First of July Day

Memories of Roger, Anne

Go with G-Line  whilst you can!


Outline of a proud hotel

Rose-a-mundy "rings our bell"

Staff so helpful, lots to eat

Walking, I've got achig feet!


Let's explore the hotel grounds

Listen for those buzzing sounds

Birds are tweeting, Robin basks  (In the sun!)

Are there any better "tasks"?  (Bird watching!)


Gary driving, narrow lanes

SUVs: such awful pains

Still, we reach Atlantic coast

Pretty coves just are the most!


Munching on a pasty / cheese

Rub some ice-cream on my knees?

Have a Cornish creamy tea

Nip of Whisky sets me free!  


Cliff-path scaling, lovely view

Following the "East Lancs-Two"

Snacking at that "Miners' Place"  (St. Agnes)

Lots of smiling upon our face'!


I can see a painting brush

James is busy, 'does not rush"

Painted houses, fishing boat

Lump appears right in my throat!


Holding back my tears and sighs

Underneath proud Cornish skies

Leaving, then I shed a tear....

Melts into my local beer...  Amen xx  01/07/2021 xxxx









T H A T  D Y N A M I C   D U O


Back in Lancs', some friends we're missing

Sad, we're left with photos kissing!

Clitheroe is out of bounds

You can hear our "sighing sounds"


Far from Cornwall, Falmouth's waving

Many memories we're saving

Scaling heights above a bay

On a lovely Summer's day


Roger, with his stick, he's climbing

Not much trouble with my rhyming?

On a bench they have a rest

Dewhurst Duo, they're the best!


Harbour view: "Let's have a pasty!"

'Leaving crumbs would be so nasty!  (No chance!)

'Talking to my athlete friend  (Roger)

Warmest wishes I will send!


Dinner and Dear Roger's eating

Hunger pangs he's soon defeating

"Have a pudding!", you're so slim

'Doesn't need the local gym!


"Friendship is so precious!", 'saying

Friendly talk and heads are swaying

Tourists we can soon ignore

SUVs are such a bore!


See you soon, we're you're inviting

Blackpool really is exciting!

Raise a glass to trav'lling friends

Friendship never, never ends!  28/06/2021 xx





        O U R      G A R Y


Our Gary's driving through the countryside

He rarely speaks, he's watching where we go

To work for G-Line fills him full of pride

Okehampton passing, progress now is slow!

St. Agnes now, where SUVs abound   (Help!)

A pavement hitting, I am soon awake

I'm glad at last to be on solid ground

Dear Rosemundy serves for travellers' sake

At night he's locked inside the coach's hold

Some naughty children closed the open flap!

He's out at last, let's praise our driver bold

We greet him with a very welcome clap!

Al Hail, Dear Gary, please communicate

Your future beckons, soon you will be great!  20/06/2021 xxxx



Painter James


Painter James

"Hall of Fames"

Paintings soon in golden frames?

We will call him "Lowry Two"

'Part of St. Ives' "artist crew"


In his van


I am soon his greatest fan

"Amateur" he calls himself

Painting soon to bring him wealth?


Special Style

Watch a while!

'Need him on Our Golden Mile? (Blackpool!)

So much talent, 'love to watch

Pour me please, a glass of "Scotch"!


Magic brush

There's no rush

Colours are so bright and lush

Characters so real they seem

Close my eyes, I'm in a dream!


Truro too

Falmouth, Looe

Where to next, Give us a clue!

Monet of the far south-west

All his paintings are the best!


Artist Jame'

Famous name

"Painting 'never be the same!"

"Chapeaux bas!" we all exclaim

He's now in our Hall of Fame!  xxxx  17/06/2021  xxxx









    G - L I N E    T O U R


St. Michael's Mount appears before our eyes

With rugged coastlines, harbours really quaint

It's June in Cornwall, mainly bluest skies

Hotel is Georgian, lacking coat of paint?

Penzance, no pirates, palm trees, gentle stroll

St. Ives for artists, James, he is our star

Yet many tourists, peace it was our goal!

These streets not made for giant "S.U. Car"!  (S.U.Vs)

In Truro, fine cathedral we soon view

To Falmouth 'drive, a harbour mammoth-size!

With shops and cafes and a fishing crew!

It's pasty-time, just one is really wise!

Doc Martin Tour, locations of that show

Just sunshine here, we've left the Northern snow!  June? 18/06/2021 xx



A N N   A N D   R O G E R


Roger! Roger!

He's no "dodger"

Rather have him as a lodger?

'Guess he is the "Clith'roe King"

'Likes to hear the birdies sing!


"Annie", "Annie"

Super granny

And, of course, she's really canny....

'Gets an ice-cream, Roger pays

'Really love these "Lanky-ways"!


Walking! Walking!

Happy talking

'Wonder... "Have you been to Dorkin?"

Love their strolls along the hills

That's the way to gain their thrills!


Farmer! Farmer!

Cornwall calmer?

Boris or, I hope, Keir Starmer?

G-Line for another trip

Lager for a sneeky sip!


Lesbos flying

Sunshine 'lying

Bluest skies, just hear R' sighing

Second home, the place to go

Far away from "Lanky snow"!



Boating, dreaming

Cambridge journey happy seeming?  (September)

River Cam just for a punt

Please avoid the local hunt!


Roger! Roger!

He's no bodger

Neither is he an old codger!  (Really?)

Happy times together, Cheer!

Pouring you a lager beer.... Yiamas!





Solar panels ev'rywhere

Fine wind turbines blow my hair

Coastline with such pretty bays

Cornwall: 'Give you lots of praise!


Hotel old, but really quaint

'Need a drink or I will faint

Share a lager, Roger friend

Starting daily "drinking trend"


Rosemunday in perfect grounds

Place where birdlife just abounds

Lots of flowers, pretty view

When we're here we've problems few!


Falmouth, greedy gulls us watch

Screeching soon, I'll need a "Scotch"!

Calming down with Roger, Anne

Roger eating when he can!!


Painter James is in St. Ives

'Giving him the "highest fives"

Modern Lowrie, paintings pure

Love his work just more and more!


Cliff-top walking, steepest path

Friends who talk and like to laugh

Pasties at a "Miners' Place"

Life adopts a gentler pace


Some are surfing, "Agnes Bay"

For warm sunshine we do pray

Lovely tracks all walkers love

See a Kestrel up above


Perfect venue, walking on

Humming too a Beach Boys' song  ("Surfing USA?)

Ten hour drive was worth it too

We all love Atlantic view.  16/06/2021 xxxx