The manic poet




M  U  S  I  N  G  S  !


Mick and Dick, the tattoo twins

"Decorated" for their sins

Large guy shouting: "Hi, What's new?"

Eat a steak or Irish stew?


Shame?, one has the name of Dick!

Tattoo king is really thick?

Spend your money on a trip?

"Come on, sir, just get a grip!"


Neck is "covered", writing there

Sooty and, Dear Yogi Bear!

Fingers charming, rings and dots

On his cheek, some inky spots!


Now discussing Fleetwood Town

"Not much chance of going down?"

Yorkshire cricket, a disgrace?

Wipe the smile from "White-Rose-Face"!  (Mine!)


Politics, Yes, Johnson wins

They forget his many sins?

Climate "expert", private plane

Villa too: a friend in Spain!


Meanwhile, it's our coffee-time

"Poet" always finds his ryhme!

'Glad when tattoo duo leave

In the Power of Art believe?


Mind flies off to Akoursos

As a boule I lightly toss!

Mem'ries of our Sat'day Club

Friendship, our essential "hub"!


Tattoos vanish into space

Fine complexion, really ace

Pupil glad: "No Hitler-tash"  (Former pupil!)

Give ALL prejudice a BASH!


Sharon waves, another walk

At Adonis Falls we "fork"

'Won't be long, my boots await

Twenty walks: a dreadful fate? xxxx 05/11/2021.




   O N L Y    D R E A M I N G !  


Walking past the "Spring of Life"

Soon I'll have my fork and knife!

Grilled Halloumi, salad too

"Yiamas!", "Amargeti Crew"!


Hill descending, 'makes a change?

Rather have a driving-range?

No, Dear golfers, countryside

Wear my HW's badge with pride!  (Happy Wanderers, R.I.P.)


Seminary, cats are there

Lunch, for once we stand and stare

'Contemplate the midday sun

Cleveleys' rain is much more fun!!  (Irony, Heinz!)


Heniz and Karin are in tow

Healthy walkers in a row

Climbing back to "AmarG"

Leon waiting: "He! He! He!"


Making speeches, drinking beer

Soon I'm beaming ear-to-ear!

Mark and Sandra, Donald too

Days like this with problems few!


Planiing for our next great hikes

Tony Rafe, we don't want bikes!

Happy Times, I'm smiling soon

From my bed, 'neath Cleveleys' moon!


Only dreaming, Sharon phones

Enid with her "dulcet tones"

Boxing Day: Vatouthkia calls  (taverna!)

Our last walk, Dear Rod' recalls!


Still it's raining, flying off

Hat to Amargeti doff!

Never mind, just fifty days....

Patience, David , always pays!  No Chance? 29/10/2021 xx



"B E    S O O N!"


Just ten weeks to go

Sunshine, rarely snow

Faros lighthouse bows its head

Rufus 'got "in tow"!


Harbour view to cheer

Sip a Leon beer

'Leave all stress in the UK

Walking friends are here!


Sharon and the "gang"

Give our drum a bang

Walking boots are active soon

Playing with Lang-Lang?  (Really?)


Koili Hill awaits

Happy are our "fates"

Enid waving, Pegeia Queen

Many walking dates!


Amargeti walk

Left at sofa fork!

"Spring of Life", "Halloumi-Time"

Better than New York?


'Got our Christmas hats

Feeding many cats

Glass of wine on Christmas Day

Animated "chats"!


New Year, dancing please!

Leon for my.... knees?

Must avoid UKCA....

Whisky for my wheeze!


Trip December-Time

Lots of verse in rhyme

Pinkie walking, Sea Caves girl

Really in her prime!  04/10/2021 xxxx




H A P P Y    D A Y S  !


'Walking 'long our Cleveleys' coast

I am thinking: "It's the most!"

Then, a heavy shower of rain

Cyprus, maybe Southern Spain?


Strolling past Dear Venue place

Food inside is really ace

Soon I think of Tweedie's fare

Longing for some "Kisso Air" (Kissonerga!)


As we walk, 'view Heysham Head

Rather have the sparkling Med'?

'Wonder if Don' Fin's still there? (Mr. Finlayson)

Donkeys tracks, that's if we dare!


Happy Mondays, planning walks

Lots of "rights and leftish forks"!

'Pass a sofa, toilet seat

Pegeia walks were such a treat!


Dear Vatouthkia, raise a glass..

Thinking of Dear Donald's "lass"

Walking up, a Tala view

Problems, yes, were really few!


Donald with Dear Anne and Steve (Etheringtons)

Dolly's left, I do believe?

Villa with that "Dolfin" sign

For those hiking days I pine!


Amargeti, walks now done

Sipping Leons in the sun

'Guess I love "Guy's Court" as well (Bilsborrow)

Pizza always rang our bell!


Final meeting, only scowl....

Wipe my eyes on walking towel

UK Club, a New Year dance

Dolly thinking of romance! (Elsewhere?)


'Hope you're happy Donald Fin'?

Planning walks and always WIN!

Sigh and treasure walking times

'Still inventing "walking rhymes"!   Amen xx 09/09/2021 xx




K E E P I N G    C A L M !


"Daily Calm", with Rufus watching

He's relieved: no longer "Scotching"!

"Famous Grouse" to ease the pain

Bringing sunshine 'stead of rain


Close my eyes and soon deep breathing

Meditation, stress is leaving

Relaxation: "Daily Calm"

Soon removes all pain, alarm!


Darkness, not one sound I'm hearing

Then next door, someone is cheering

Soon and I am floating off

Hat 'Tevita I then doff!  ("Chapeaux!")


Desert Isle or gently floating

Pafos Harbour, soon we're boating

Listen to the lapping waves

From all panic this us saves!


Akamas, see Pinkie waving

Glass of 'red for us she's saving

Pete has got a Keo Beer

"Yiamas!", then we hear a cheer!


In the sea, we're swimming gently

On my back, a Ford, no Bentley!!

Soon we're floating, Pinkie's pool

Red wine waiting, I'm no fool!  (Really?)


Eyes wide open, session ending

Thanks to T', of course, I'm sending  (Tevita)

Thankful for ten minutes' peace

From all stress, a great release!


Dreaming of that 'red, soon snoring

Partner thinks this is so boring!

Cyprus seems so far away......

I can see those palm trees sway!  03/09/2021 xxxx





K A L I M E R A,   P I N K E R S!


Pegeia calling

Walks recalling

Strolling daily, so appalling?

Passing Pinkie, Pete's there too

Part of Pegeia's friendly "crew"!


Glass she's raising

Wine P's praising (Pinkers!)

She can see a donkey grazing!  (Never!)

Football's on, with Mansfield Town!

Everyone will wear a frown!  (Not Leeds United!)


Bathing beauty

Still a cutie?

Sipping wine is more her duty?

Cooling off in Pegeia pool

Pete's inside: nobody's fool? (36C!)


Now September

We remember

Better walking in November?

In the hills a Droushia view

Problems here are REALLY few!



No one's running

Pegeia view is really stunning

Couple moving back to Lincs'!

'Wonder what Dear Pinkers thinks!


Soon December

Please remember

I was once a Wand'rers' member! (History?)

We will see you and, quite soon

Underneath A Pegeia moon. For Mrs. Lightly, 01/09/2021 xx






Sunshine, not fire! xx


J U S T   D R E A M I N G !


Waking up, of Cyprus I've been dreaming

Brave fireman  keeping all of Pafos calm

Dear Theatre Friends,  panto they are scheming

My snoring causes early "bed alarm"!  (Help!)

Geoff Greavey singing, hear his dulcet tone

With lots of laughter, Tommy Cooper's joke

Young Codie's "Star", "You'll get it!", never moan!  ("If You Wish")

Les Arnold smiles, he was a darling bloke

Poor Koili Hill is burning, 'hear my sighs

From Tala viewing, panic setting in

We hate to see such cloud-filled. choking skies

Man fag-end throws, such action is a sin!

I close my eyes, with sunshine on a pool

It's raining here, now tell me: "Who's the fool?" 13/07/2021 xxxx





P I N K I E   L I G H T L Y


Pinkie Lightly

Really sprightly

Likes a drink at least twice nightly

What about the afternoon?

Wine-o'-clock can't come too soon!


House is boiling

Pete is toiling

Glass of beer his throat he's "oiling"!

'See he is "Computer King"

We can hear the keyboard zing!


Air-con broken

Fan's a token?

Pinkie's face is rather "oaken"

Time to phone an engineer

But for Pete?... Another beer!


Pool inviting

So exciting?

'Bet my verse she is reciting!  (Really?)

Glass of wine, it's really cool

Dear Old Pinkie: no one's fool!


Not much walking?

Drink and talking

Soon Dear Pete she's started stalking  (Why?)

Pegeia Queen is going out

Darts are singing soon, no doubt!


Louise crooning

Pete is swooning? (Really?)

And they're "Carolina-Mooning"

Sing a song for Manic Dave

Bow and then from Cleveleys 'wave!


Pinkie Lightly

Smiling brightly

She's a queen, and we say "rightly"

See you soon at Mario's......

I will bring my "Lankie Rose"  (Eileen)  10/07/2021 xxxx












B  R  A  V  E    H  E  R  O  E  S


Fi-re Fighters

Brave Mid-Nighters

'Got to stop the foul Fire-Lighters!

Cigarettes and "barbies" burn  (Barbecues)

Will these people ever learn?


Heroes fighting


All the blazing fields they're "righting"

Helicopters soon arrive

Will the burning fields survive?



"Stop the slaughter!"

"We are doing what we ought'a!"

Spilling water on the blaze

"Cyprus Mail" they all amaze!


Troodos burning

Stripes they're earning

For some rain they all are yearning!

Martyn watching from his van

Always working when he can!


Tala villa

Fire killer

Almost like a "Movie-Thriller"

Fire blazing, Koili Hill

This is just a bitter pill!


'Heroes cheering

Nothing fearing

Afterwards, we hope theyre "beering"!  (Keo?)

Thankful for their "braveree"

'Want to keep the country free!  (Of fire!)


So amazing

Guys we're praising

Countryside no longer blazing

Raise a glass to bravest guys

Write their names high in the skies!  07/07.2021 xxxx