The manic poet



W I L L   W E   M A K E   I T?


Dear Douro, wonder whether we'll get there?

The "passport numpties" keep us "hanging on"

A snarl I view from dearest Rufus Bear

We all are singing "Promises", our song!

Just THIRTEEN WEEKS and still I'm" passport-less"!

"Royal Mail" has lost my old one: Happy Day?

One hour I'm waiting, STUPID, I confess

'Fraid Adrian just fills me with dismay!

"Don't have a private jet or chauffeured car!"

"Dear Majesty" perhaps you'll lend me yours?

A little drone? Is Portugal too far??

More likely cross the sea with boat and oars?

Frustration reigns, I toss and turn in bed

The Passport Office gets a card of RED!  Useless! xxxx 12/06/2022.




M A N C H E S T E R    A H O Y !


B.T. near me

Happy are we....

Manchester awaits before me!

Thankful I don't have to drive

Chantal shouting: "Snakes Alive!"



Heads are swaying

For NO traffic I am praying!

Roadworks, only got two lanes

Peace and quiet rarely reigns!


"Slow down drama"

Waving farmer

As for me, I'm seeking Karma!

Meditation, close my eyes

Only sunshine in the skies!


See sheep grazing

Cows are "lazing"

Nature: always so amazing!

Ribble, Brockholes: calmest place

Far away from "traffic race"!


Now it's cloudy

Sunshine... "Howdy!"

Unlike gym, the coach not rowdy!

Gentle rhythm, smooth the ride

G-Line, travelling with pride!


Chopin playing

His head swaying

"Raindrop Prelude", no one's praying!

German speakers, Gluehwein too

Happy is the Arran Crew!


Busy city

Market "pretty"

'Got no rain, now what a pity?

Manchester, a "Christmas treat"  (In November!)

'Find this city hard to beat!  13/11/2021. xxxx



H A M P S F E L L   H O U S E   


Hampsfell House is our hotel

Walk inside and ring the bell

Welcomed by a friendly host

'Feel that this place is "the most"


Georgian house with great appeal

'Love the true relaxing feel

Gardens where the birds can nest

Sit outside and have a rest


Cosy room with lovely view

'Got a televison too

Showers hot and comfy beds

Pillows too to rest our heads!


Close to nature, birds that tweet

Sitting on a garden seat

Lots of space to park our car

Have a drink from hotel bar


Breakfast time, delicious food

Adds to our contented mood

Ev'ning, we have ordered fish

Salmon, veg', a tasty dish


'Like the decor, paintings fine

Savour whislt we drink our wine

Welcome after tough fell-walk

Listen to our friendly talk


Hampsfell House we recommend

Sincere wishes we do send

'Hope to visit you quite soon

Underneath a Cumbrian moon... Many Thanks. 18/10/2021 xx





D R I V E R   P A U L


Paul, he is the new "Pied Piper"

Rarely tired, always "hyper"!

"Follow me, no problem, guys!"

'Hoping for the bluest skies!


"Brucie Bonus", jokes relating

Time to laugh, there's no debating!

Newark, for a longish stop

Into cafes we all "hop"!


Soon so greatful: "motorwaying"

G-Line coach is gently swaying

Cambridge, folks, YEs, in a trice...

Paul is always "sugar, spice"!


He! He! He!, great jokes are flowing

Great excitement soon is growing

'Cannot hear him at the back

Rufus grinning in his "crack" (On the seat)


Lots of walking, airplanes viewing

Not my fav'rite, "pilot-crewing"!

Helicopter, brightest red

Rather be near to the Med'? (Pafos)


Cambridge punt, now Paul is leaving

'Needs a sleep, we are believing?

"See you all at four o'clock

"No, we won't!", as Paul we "mock"


Heading home and Paul is racing

G-Line coach all lorries chasing

Smashing stop, memorial "place"

Scuptures there are really ace!


Raise a glass, Dear Paul we're toasting

Of his driving he is "boasting"!

Always witty, driver true

Three Cheers for the "G-Line Crew"  20/09/2021. xxxx




B U D D H A ' S    W A T C H I N G !


Buddha's watching me

As youngster prattles on his mobile phone

"Ain't it plain to see?"

I hear two women, soon they start to moan!


Breakfast's ready soon

No chance of veggie sausage, I can bet!

Silence is a boon

The sun is shining, not much chance of wet?


Close my eyes and dream

I'm flying off to distant Costa Ric'

Wellness is our "theme"

A Toucan's watching, yellow is his beak


Yoga clears my mind

I'm hanging from a sling, no danger there?

My essence I will find

And looking left, I see Dear Rufus Bear!


Then a mobile's ring

The silence broken, all can hear loud voice

Hallelu'ia sing.....

He's left the room, and soon I can rejoice!


Needing "Daily Calm"

Cacophony is NOT the cure for stress!

'Need a healing balm

Tamara wins, she clears my mind, 'confess!


Floating on a cloud

A howler monkey hanging from a tree

Feeling really proud

Dear lady cares and soon I am stress-free!


Buddha's smiling now

All phones are silent, sun is shining in

To Buddha I bow

A wellness break is always bound to win!  14/09/2021  xxxx


Dining room in the Belfry Hotel, Cambridge xx


C H A P E A U X    B A S  !


Dear Alan, Sheila are our newest friends

And what is more, they're leaning to the left!

No fans of cheating Tories, Labour "trends"

Acknowledge Johnson of all sense bereft!

Al' has the widest forehead, likes to smile

Dear Sheila, fond of many local walks

Not kilometres, only "Golden Mile"

We're grateful for our daily, friendly talks

In Cambridge Town, an ice-cream to enjoy

With lots of walking, students, college view

A punt upon the Cam: a cunning ploy?

Lie back and rest, then problems soon are few!

We raise a glass to Sheila, Alan, Cheer!

A Whisky please and not a local beer!  15/09/2021 xxxx



H E A D I N G    E A S T !


Early morning, G-Line calling

Many happy trips recalling

Isle of Man and Isle of Wight

Oban, Tenby, prospects bright!


Paul's the one: in charge of steering

"Sensible" he is appearing  (Really?)

Looking smart with shiny head

We can guess: For driving bred?


Charnock Richard, coffee-time-ing

'Hope that I am ALWAYS rhyming?

Final clients, coach half-full

'Shame the weather's rather dull!


Motorway, pleased I'm not driving

Patience-levels soon reviving

Caution, driver misses 'turn

'Wonder if they'll ever learn?  (Most drivers?)


Heading eastward, Newark beckons

Barton Bridge takes thirty seconds

'Need an hour or two for lunch

Gosh, we are a special bunch!


Lots of walking, Trent we're crossing

Teens on bikes are always "bossing"!

Andy Oli's photo shop

Hamburg, just a skip, a hop?


Ouse we're crossing, swans are swimming

Still the kerbs with litter brimming

Cambridge on the sign "Bel-free"  (Belfry)

Sparrows singing on a tree!


Now arriving, friendly greeting

Coffee two and comfy seating!

'Hoping for a calming stay

Far from pretty Morecambe Bay!  12/09/2021 xx

"Yiamas!" xxxx


"W  E  L  C  O  M  E    B  A  C  K !"


DANGER, E and J are coming...

"S.O.S." Norfolk is humming!

Red Alert, they're going to land

"Welcome to the Promised Land!"


Airports, lots of problems parking

Enid thinking: "Folks are barking!" (Mad)

Glad to leave the Pafos heat

"Get some rain upon your feet!"


"Stand-Still Airport", lots of queueing

Thoughts of patience soon eschewing?

Driving back at a snail's pace

English roads are really ace!


Caravan and soon E's sleeping

Soon Big Ted will be clearly weeping?

Bring back B.T., Rufus Bear

We know that they really care!


Cyprus friends are starting walking

"Twenty K', but, please, no talking!"

Only joking, lots to see...

From that awful heat you're free!


Birthday calling, Sharon's forty!

Any comments would be naughty?

Don't forget a Bailey's, four

Enid snoring on the floor?


Happy Times, Rufus is waving

Cyprus mem'ries he is saving

Walking soon to Jumbo place?

Travelling is really ace!  06/08/2021 xx




Big Ted's crying, he's protesting

Wriggles in the car, no jesting!

"Enid's got my comfy chair...

'Guess I'm only Teddy Bear?"




B  I  G    T  E  D


Big Ted's weeping

Soon he's sleeping

Memories of friends "mind-seeping"

Rufus and that fine B.T.  (Baby Ted)

'Loved it staying by the sea!


Lonely feeling

Bears "so healing"!

'Wakes, he's staring at the ceiling

'Dreaming of a Blackpool trip

Calms his nerves with "Whisky-sip"!


Friends arriving


Car-life, loneliness surviving?

Magic carpet, flying off

Sailor's hat at Sharon doff!


Cleveleys 'landing


Flight to C' was not demanding

'Takes his mobile, 'rings B.T.

"I am sitting by the sea!"


Picnic planning

And sun-tanning

Soon his fur he's briskly fanning

Baloo and his partner B' (Belynda)....

Having ice-creams by the sea


Albert 'kissing  (French)

Sharon missing

At fast drivers all are hissing!  (Promenade)

'Also missing Enid Queen

"Hotest dancer" ever seen!


Bears are boozing

Gin refusing?

Not long 'fore all bears are snoozing

Time for Big Ted to return

Great respect he'll always earn!


Back in Nor-folk

With the "old folk"

Jeanette crying: "This is no joke!"

Raise a glass to toast his friends

Warmest wishes he soon sends!  01/08/2021 xxxx





G  E  N  T  L  E    W  A  L  K  I  N  G


'Travelled miles, but doesn't matter

Soon we're hearing Sharon's chatter

She suggests a "gentle stroll"

Body fitness is her goal!


Next day, yes, a stroll we're doing

Boiling hot, the sun pursuing

Follow Sharon, leader bold

Don't tell her I'm feeling old!


Tracks and paths, for Norwich heading?

'Guess some kilos we are shedding?

Stamp your feet to scare the cows

When they move, I'm hearing "Wows!"


Lunch break now, some prawns we're eating

Please, don't count on comfy seating!

Insects biting at my knees

And for "tea", some mushy peas!


"Not far now", my watch is boiling

Throat with water I am oiling

Fifteen K' and still not back

You can guess, of sweat no lack!!


Avocat and birds are chirping

As for me, some "subtle burping"

Feeling groggy, Please don't fall!

Seventeen K', let's have a ball!


Site in view, my spirits rising

Great relief and, not surprising?

Doggie smiles, he's in the shade

Only tiny walks he's made!


"Thank you, S'!", and soon I'm snoring

"Same again?", my spirits soaring!

Go and get some fish and chips!

Red wine too to pass my lips.... Amen! xx  20/07/2021  xx







Anticipation, Sharon calling

Many Cyprus' walks recalling

Enid dancing, Jeanette smiles

'Guess we will be walking miles?


Sat-Nav loading, Norfolk heading

Sharon, needing lots more bedding?

Have you room for Rufus too...

And his friendly, cuddly crew?


Traffic nightmares, meditation

Soon I feel a calm sensation

Close my eyes and soon we're there

'Guess who's driving?... Rufus Bear!


Motorways, who's indicating?

Minus Ten these road-hogs rating!

Better on a magic mat?

Driven by a Pussy Cat?


Take a train, my neighbour's saying

For a gentle "passage" praying

Royal twits have a private plane

Not for them our traffic pain!


Sheffield heading, slowly moving

Of all lorries disapproving?

Two hours more, we cannot wait

Fish for tea, it is our fate!  (Salmon, Yum! Yum!)


Kings Lynn soon, the Wash is "watching"

All this stress, time please for "Scotching"  (Grouse fan)

Lincolnshire, nor far away

There for Rachel's Happy Day!


Caravan, we're just arriving

Sense of humour I'm reviving

Lots of walks and friendly chat

Sharon is that Pussy Cat!   15/07/2021 xxx