The manic poet



L A N S O P R A Z O L E  !


Lansoprazole early morning

Little burp without a warning!

'Got to do one thousand steps

Glass of water stomach "peps"


Busy phoning, no one CARING?

Months just pass: "How are you fare-ing?"

"Cam'ra down in APRIL, PLEASE!"

June, they do just what they please!


'Do not have my own physician

P'rhaps I need a fine magician?

Tommy Cooper, might he help?

"Just like that!", I launch a YELP!


Take the tablets, "Keep it going!"

By the dentist's to-and-froing"

Lady's nose-stud, then a sneeze....

Listen to the "poet" wheeze!


Cars are passing, drivers PHONING

'Fore too long I've started moaning!

"Have a Whisky later, sir!"

Stomach craps might reoccur!


LaLaLand, with nothing working

Johnson's curse I fear is lurking

We don't have a private plane  (No passport!)

Only lots of "cooling" rain! (In June!)


National Health, at least I'm walking

On the phone same lady talking

Cure is not a large tattoo

Lock me up inside the zoo!


Lansoprazole, happy tummy?

Breakfast, fruit is rather yummy

'Guess, at least, I'm still alive

Birdie tweets, and I revive!  Help! 08/06/2022 xxxx







P O O R    U K R A I N E


The tears are falling down, 'think of Ukraine

With massacre of innocents each day

And freezing snow, great misery and pain

This World for peace and daily calm will pray!

The Russian butcher plans his foul campaign 

He sits alone, directs his tanks and planes

Unmoved by scenes of violence, more paIn!

Throws men and children down the Ukraine "drains"

He bullies all who dare to challenge him

Old ladies taken off because they care

Polina smashed as if just on a whim! (Early young victim!)

The sound of missiles whizzing through the air

Please cease your violence, just peace we crave

And don't commit fine country to a grave!  08/03/2022 xxxx


"S C O T T I S H"    W A L K I N G


Sundry rockets

Wheels and sprockets

Sore my throat, I'm needing "Lockets"

Walking through Braemar estate

Prospects here are really great!


Many packets

Faded jackets

Steel tube and discarded brackets

Heading for a "racing road"

All 'forgotten Highway Code?


Wind is blowing

Soon p'rhaps snowing?

Rather cold, my nose is glowing!

Motor bikes on Warren Drive

Crossing road, will we survive?


"Sevenoaking" (Sevenoaks Drive)

Fumes, we're choking

Peaceful here.... You're really joking!

Braemar seems so far away

On this cold November day


Two hours walking

Not much talking

Left at rubble-dump we're forking!

Cowboy near a garden shed

'Gallon hat upon his head!


Gordon's "missing"

Photo kissing

Cat on garden, I am hissing!

Happy days, we're walking free

Sun is out, 'shout He! He! He!  07/112021 xxx




"A  L  L      H  A  I  L!"


All Hail, Dear David, hernia disappear

Foul "Spire" ignored me: "Do not need the chop!"

Three thousand pounds, the deepest cut, I fear!

Just cross the road, to David I do hop!

'Has healing fingers, 'massage pain away

No toilet trouble soon, relieved my face

Light exercises too to make my day

Plus magic tablets, prospects really ace!

Poor bowel was twisted, indigestion reigns

With sundry noises, 'wife is souting "Help!"

D's soothing fingers ending any pains

Don't like to hear the loudest toilet Yelp!

All Hail, Dear Master, healing fingers win

I'm leaving, 'cannot hide my grateful grin!  For David Rodgers xx

29/10/2021 xx






M A I N L Y   W A L K I N G !


Walking! Walking!

Lively talking

Hampsfell Top to 'left we're forking

Happy at the wondrous view

Problems here are really few!


Hiking! Hiking!

Some are biking

Walking: much more to our liking?

Carelton in the distance 'see

Heysham and the Irish Sea


Heavy breathing

Stress relieving

In the power of walks believing

Seventy, and not as fit?

By the sunshine we are "lit"!


Stiles we're scaling

Face is pale-ing!

Clinging on to "safety-railing"  (Where was that?)

Soon descending, taking care

Calming is the country air!


Legs now aching 

Joints are quaking!

Coffee with some "local baking"?

Planning for a "fish or two"

Salmon for the walking crew


Hotel eating

"Comfy seating"

Hunger pangs we're soon defeating

Grateful for retired life

Thanking Colin and his wife  (My dear sister)  15/10/2021 xx



G O O D B Y E,   M A R I A N !


So sad I feel, the tears are rolling down

A colleague dear has lost her precious life

My warmest smile is turning to a frown

This world is often full of woe and strife

Dear Louise weeps, she's comforted by Dawn

The mem'ries flooding back of Greenlands School

A cheerful chat, arriving, early morn'

Support each other was our gen'ral rule!

A Carleton house, I want to start to smile

We had such happy times, though school now gone

United crew, 'with Winter, all "on file"

And now I want to sing a doleful song!

Let's raise a glass to Marian Carey Queen

She bightened lives when she was on the scene. 10/10/2021 Amen xx




H E R N I A  -  T I M E  !



Belching in rhyme

Farting for Europe...

Is this a crime?


Burping and belch

Yorkshire, not Welsh?

Toilet-time troubles...

End with a squelch!


Lie on the floor

Strengthen my core

Legs slowly rising

'Need to do more!


Walking again

E'en in the rain

Fitness improving

No pain, no gain?


Gym on a bike

"What am I like?"

Thirty-five minutes

Then need a hike?  (Idiot?)


Sleep on my side

Sea for my "ride"?

Jump in the ocean

Out with the tide!!


Good Health I need

Fitness "my crede"

Cut out all snacking

Advice I'll heed... Oh yes?  03/10/2021 xxx





Reunited? xx


"G O R D O N ' S    A L I V E !"


Gordon's Alive!

Spirits revive

Chocolate to cheer him

Yes, he'll survive!


Gladys he miss'

Blows her a kiss

Bed-space now empty

'Can reminisce!


Field mouse is there

'Feeds it with care

Cats it's avoiding

Come if you dare!


Walks with a stick

Hear his hips click

"One Stop" for 'paper

Winners he'll pick!


Driving his car

He won't go far!

Visits the bookie's

Funds in a jar


Clearing his weeds

Planting his seeds

Field mouse is peeping

Pigeons he feeds!


Having a bet

Never in debt

Always a winner

Pleasure he'll get!


Gordon's Alive!

Soon ninety-five? (2024)

Special our friendship

Shout "Snakes alive!"  02/10/2021..  For Gordon xxxx




YIAMAS, Here's to good health!!!!


H E A L T H    C H E C K


Waiting, nervous, consultation

Last thing on my mind, elation!

Soon I'm seeing Doctor K'

On this rainy Autumn day


Spire the place for "tummy healing"

I am staring at the ceiling

Nurse assessing likely fate?

Lead me to "the healthy gate"!


"Garden Rescue" some are watching 

'Guess that I'd prefer some "Scotching"?

"Famous Grouse", a certain cure...

Listen to my stomach roar!


Girl is texting, 'guess no worries?

Rain still falling and in flurries

Happy days, let's wear a mask..

Swift assessment 'all I ask!


On the trolley, legs I'm raising

Movement doctor thinks amazing!  (Really?)

Stomach strain, no rupture... Great...

Operation, not my fate!


Waist is wobbly, weight soon losing?

Does he recommend more boozing?

I'm determined, keeping fit

Happy is this Yorkshire nit!


Leaving, feeling stress is going

Watch the traffic "to-and-froing"

'Glad to miss the surgeon's knife

Driving home with smiling wife!  28/09/2021. xxxx