The manic poet



F  I  R  E  W  O  R  K  S !


Fireworks Booming

Rockets Zooming

Sky looks like it's "Crack of Dooming"

Dogs are trembling, bonfires burn

'Wonder: "Will we ever learn?"



No one frowning

In pollution-sea we're drowning!

Rather have a video?... (Just one for all?)

'Stead of this polluting glow?


Next day litter

'Feeling bitter?

Rocket-pile is a "big-hitter"

Plume of smoke, I start to choke

Soon I'm not a happy bloke?


Can with rocket

Davy Crockett

"Lovely!", a discarded socket!

And another bonfire place

Debris here is really ace!


Peaceful walking

Laugh and talking

Much more civilised in Dorkin?

Birds are tweeting, Nature wins

Rockets thrown in local bins!


Birds protected

Noise rejected

Fireworks, please, fore'er ejected!

Sky is silent, twinkling star

Peace to reign from near or far!  Amen xx  12/11/2021 xx






T H O S E  B U S Y  G R E E N S !


Mindfulness, I think of beauty

Sylvia, she's such a cutie!

Wearing splendid woollen hat

Gosh, she is a pussy cat!


Coffee-time, the "Greens" all grinning

'Guess we don't go in for sinning?

Irene has her garden hoe

Paul starts laughing: "Ho! Ho! Ho!"


Setting off, I've got my grabber

'Happy I'm a "tripple-jabber"!

Junk is dumped on "garden-place"

'Wouldn't call it really ace!


On the park, there's lots of weeding

Gulls are watching, please, NO FEEDING!

Sue is supervising too

Happy is our Garden Crew!


Luton Road, my fav'rite alley

No fly-tipping, Mister Galley!

Costa cups, discarded masks

Gosh, I have such lovely tasks!


Eddie raking, leaves are going

Great man, busy to-and fro-ing

Cafe open, Buddha calm

Keeping all good folks from harm!


Denville ginnel, What a sewer....

Yes, less bottles, cans are fewer!

Pumkin pieces, Hallowe'en

Rat then scurries, "filthy scene"!


Tea-cakes and hot chocolate, Yummy!

Toastie for our leader's tummy

'Love this feeling of accord

With this team, I'm never bored! 02/11/2021 xxxx





H  A  L  L  O  W  E  E  N



Not my scene

Hated since I was a teen'!

Haunted by The Crimson Ghost

Crouching on a garden post!  (TV programme, 1960)


Scary face

Really ace?

Begging children I will chase

Help me, pick all litter up

Drinking from my greenest cup!  (Hettie, hedgehog)


Mischief Night

And a fight

'Guess we were not really bright?

'Played piano, peaceful Brahms

Music for me always calms!


Keep it green!

More my scene

Walking in our park serene!

Keep all fireworks away

Dogs and hedgehogs... Peaceful day!


'Hate tattoos

Reds and blues

Skulls and skeletons in twos!

Foul graffiti stay away

Rather have a stain-free day!


Rober C'

Sets me free

Hallowe'en now historee!  (Really?)

Zombie nonsense we all ban

'Never been a horror fan!  For Robert Crampton. 31/10/2021. xxxx



E  I  G  H  T  Y  -  S  E  V  E  N  !




Much more litter than in Devon?

Bottles, cans, to right and left

Residents of sense bereft?


Really boring?

'Bet you're snoring?

Scratch-cards too, my spirits soaring!

Eighty-seven in the bag

Spirits soon begin to sag!


Blue bins waiting

Facts collating

Council, all of this I'm dating!

Poor deflated Yogi Bear

In a sack as if you dare!


Poo-bags hanging

Grabber banging

Wind is blowing, cans are "clanging"

Got to change my angry mood

'Think of cafe, brew and food!


I'm returning

Praise I'm earning

Rubbish in a garden burning

East Pines' ginnel and no glass!!

"Thank you!" from a local lass


Cafe.... drinking

"Great!", I'm thinking

Irene at Paul Galley winking?

I can feel the warmest glow

Even when the wind does blow


"Doggie talking"

Lady walking

'Says poo-droppers she is stalking!

'Glad to be part of this team

Happy part of East Pines' scene! xx  27/10/2021  xx


There were 87 cans and bottles discarded along a local alleyway! xx






G  R  E  E  N    L  A  N  D


Watching as the rain falls down

Borisland, we never frown!

Get my grabber, local park

Always up, Yes, with the lark!


'Want to keep our world quite green

Solar panels, "on the scene"!

Brand-new houses, empty roof

Come on, Boris, Tell the truth!  (No chance!)


"Bothered" by electric scoot'?

With his phone, give him the boot?

"Eff off!", charming is this youth

'Love to hear such words uncouth!


Pile of rubble.... Why's it here?

And discarded cans of beer!

Poor old council, "Sweep it up!"

Sipping from our cafe's cup!  (Later?)


Lawn has got a brownish spot

Naughty cats, that's what we've got!

Trying hard to keep it green

Soon remove it from the scene! (Unfortunately!)


Warren Drive, a racing track

'Like to give the cars a whack!

Following a litter-trail....

Costa cups can never fail!!


Come on, Smile!, our team is green

Galley's Crew now "on the scene"!

Lots of weeding, flowers bloom

Banishing the weather's gloom!


Rain is easing, sun comes out

Thirty second blast, no doubt?

Have a brew and, friendly chat

All gloom ends and: "Just like that!" xxxx 26/10/2021 xx


G R E E N - T E A M I N G!


Paul is smiling

So beguiling

All of this for e'er I'm filing

Tuesday morning, East Pines' Park

I can hear a doggie bark


Irene weeding

Grass they're feeding

Happy feelings they are "breeding"

I am on my litter-trip

"Come on David, get a grip!"


Littered bushes

Singing thrushes?

Sue to wheelbarrow she rushes

Poo-bags, lots of Costa trash

Like to give these "types" a bash!


Park I'm leaving

Thanks receiving

In community believing

Lady walking with her dog

Vaping lad, lost in a "fog"


Luton Road-ing


Bin with rubbish I am loading

Cup comes flying out at me

'Guess 'not saying "He! He! He!"?



'Guess I'm bitter?

Irene laughing, 'hear her titter!

"Thank you for your weekly work!"

We're not ones hard graft to shirk!


Vodka bottles

Ginnel "mottles"

Teenager our David throttles? (Not Likely!)

Heading back, another cheer

Kronenbourg a favourite beer?  (Bottles empty!)


Cafe drinking

"Great!", I'm thinking

Kit-Kat bar before I'm blinking

Working, but with lots of fun

Pity that there is no sun!   12/10/2021 xxxx






O U R  G R E E N  T E A M


I'm speading fertilizer on the park

It makes a change from picking litter up!

"A chicken-feeder", just a diff'rent "lark"

We're all soon drinking, coffee Paul will sup!

A happy feeling, Green Team leads the way

With smiling faces, Sue our "Gard'ning Queen"

Poor weather, cloudy, not the brightest day

And lots of doggie walkers on the scene

A ginnel clearing, lots of broken glass

Some "boozy party", led by local teens?

Foul smoking too, and usual "Scratch-Card Ass"

And what is more.... an empty tin of beans!

Oh Happy Day, hot choc'late warms my soul

Commun'ty Feeling is our special goal!   05/10/2021 xxxx