G R E E N - T E A M I N G!


Paul is smiling

So beguiling

All of this for e'er I'm filing

Tuesday morning, East Pines' Park

I can hear a doggie bark


Irene weeding

Grass they're feeding

Happy feelings they are "breeding"

I am on my litter-trip

"Come on David, get a grip!"


Littered bushes

Singing thrushes?

Sue to wheelbarrow she rushes

Poo-bags, lots of Costa trash

Like to give these "types" a bash!


Park I'm leaving

Thanks receiving

In community believing

Lady walking with her dog

Vaping lad, lost in a "fog"


Luton Road-ing


Bin with rubbish I am loading

Cup comes flying out at me

'Guess 'not saying "He! He! He!"?



'Guess I'm bitter?

Irene laughing, 'hear her titter!

"Thank you for your weekly work!"

We're not ones hard graft to shirk!


Vodka bottles

Ginnel "mottles"

Teenager our David throttles? (Not Likely!)

Heading back, another cheer

Kronenbourg a favourite beer?  (Bottles empty!)


Cafe drinking

"Great!", I'm thinking

Kit-Kat bar before I'm blinking

Working, but with lots of fun

Pity that there is no sun!   12/10/2021 xxxx






O U R  G R E E N  T E A M


I'm speading fertilizer on the park

It makes a change from picking litter up!

"A chicken-feeder", just a diff'rent "lark"

We're all soon drinking, coffee Paul will sup!

A happy feeling, Green Team leads the way

With smiling faces, Sue our "Gard'ning Queen"

Poor weather, cloudy, not the brightest day

And lots of doggie walkers on the scene

A ginnel clearing, lots of broken glass

Some "boozy party", led by local teens?

Foul smoking too, and usual "Scratch-Card Ass"

And what is more.... an empty tin of beans!

Oh Happy Day, hot choc'late warms my soul

Commun'ty Feeling is our special goal!   05/10/2021 xxxx