The manic poet




L O C K D O W N    O V E R?


Let's celebrate, we're meeting for a brew

The sun is shining, atmosphere is great

Paul Galley leads with all his "helping crew"

With Johnson soon, I bet you all can't wait?

Balloons and banners, Paul soon thirty plus?

He chats with helpers, sipping at his brew

A happy hum, without a lot of fuss

His mum looks on, her problems really few!

Irene is smiling, not a bus in sight!

The tables full of goodies, buns and cakes

No talk of Russians and their Ukraine "fight"

We munch our scones, delightful tasty "bakes"

We celebrate, we love this "Anchor' Place"

A perfect morning, prospects really ace! 13/03/2022 xxxx




B E R L I N    C A L L I N G !


Early morning, Berlin calling

Memories of trams recalling

Anchorsholme or p'rhaps Berlin?

Dear tram-riding is NO sin!


View a tram, my friend is sending....

Friendship always never-ending

Anchorsholme, a tram pulls up

Drinking from my East Pines' cup!  (Our park!)


Berlin too has tramways... plenty!

City centre, rarely empty

Heinz is riding, walker's rest

Aching limbs his walks "attest"!


Gout, unpleasant, try tram-riding?

Blackpool in our trams we're "pride-ing"

Norbeck Castle, there we wait

Tram to Blackpool, never late!


Riding on, the Tower is waving!

Memories of Blackpool saving!

Winter Gardens, "Peppermill" (Restaurant)

Veggie breakfast, what a thrill!


In Berlin, Dear Heinz is dreaming

On a Blackpool tram, face beaming!

Going on to Squire's Gate

Final stop, it is his fate!


"Come on back!", to Fleetwood going

Passing Cleveleys, to-and-fro-ing"

Waking up, he's getting off

Hat at Lancashire will doff!


Karin, Heinz, our greetings sending

E-mails too are never ending

"Danke schoen!", my glass I raise

"Famous Grouse", our friends to praise! For Karin, Heinz, 08/02/2022 xxxx




M I S S I N G    N A T H A N !


Missing Nathan, Preston calling

One Stop memories recalling

Brightened up my Saturday

Always had a lot to say!


Student days, I miss the teaching

To past pupils I am "reaching"

Nathan talked about the world

Flag of unity unfurled


Early morning, "mop" he's waving

For good haircut he is craving?

'Gave him special "Private Eye"

Ian Hislop, witty guy!


Mandy, Charlotte, Nathan missing?

P'rhap his photo you are kissing?

"Have you got a Sat'day Times?

Soon he'll get to like my rhymes!


One Stop, Preston, student gaining

Always sunny, never raining?

'Lived in Penwortham myself

Time to stack an empty shelf?


Nathan, greetings we are sending

One Stop days are never ending

Raise my glass and wish you well

Many stories you would tell


Goodbye, Nathan, future rosy

Preston pad is much more cosy?

'Hope to see you, life goes on

Singing rather doleful song!  05/02/2022 xxxx







P A F O S.... S O O N!


On the plane, the stress is over

Pafos soon, or maybe.... Dover?

Feeling cramped, I need a drink

Whisky ordered 'fore I blink!  (Surprise?)


Babies screaming, change the nappy!

Close my eyes, I soon feel happy

Only four more hours to go.....

Pafos, not much chance of snow?


Airport chaos, we're departing

Big fat lady, gently farting!

Speedy boarding, rather slow

On the aircraft we soon go


Time for eating, someting "cheesy"

Use my "puffer", 'can't be wheezy!

Lady watching small phone screen

Takes a selfie, "gorgeous scene"!


People saying: "You're a cynic!"

Take me to the "nutty clinic"

Toddler passing, starts to scream

Really is an awful "dream"!


Clouds below, the Alps I'm viewing

At my sandwich gladly chewing

Whisky slipping down my throat

'Hope that baby doesn't choke!  (Really?)


Lights are dimming, Pafos smiling

All of this quite soon I'm filing

Perfect landing, seat-belts click

Better get my rucksack... quick'!


Great news, we've got "nostril testing"

Life is ALWAYS interesting

Hire-car, and we're driving off

Hat to Pafos I now doff! xxxx 15/12/2021 xxxx




M A D D I S O N ' S


Red Bank Road is where we're going

Cars and walkers to-and-froing

Walking to our favourite place

Prospects here are really ace!....


Maddison's, their tree is twinkling

Lots of cups and spoons are tinkling

Lady has a woollen hat

Looks just like a pussy cat!


Christmas time, with carols playing

Soon, I see, all heads are swaying

You can order Christmas lunch

Rather have some crisps to munch?


Celebrate, hot chocolate... Yummy!

Got some warmth inside my tummy

'Order vegetarian barm

'Guess this will not cause much harm?


Busy place, the chef is busy

Waitress hurries, I feel dizzy!

Whisky?... 'bit too early 'think..

Better with a warmer drink?


Guys are eating eggs and bacon

Veggie food perhaps forsaken?

Eggs are fried and Hash browns too

All protects them from the flu!


Veggie sausage really tasty

Savour, please, and not too hasty!

Tea cakes, butter for my wife

So relaxing... What a life!


Finally, my bill I'm paying

"So delicious", I am saying

Leaving with a happy heart..

"Maddison's, how great thou art!" 


Ninth December, we're returning

For a fine nut roast we're yearning

Lovely Christmas atmosphere

Thank you for our Xmas cheer! 01 and 09/12/2021 xxxx





N I K I T A ' S    T A L E


Hi, Nikita, fine gym worker

We can tell he is no shirker

'Petersburg is where he's from  (Saint P')

'Long way from our Blackpool prom'!


Leningrad, a Baltic City

Gosh, the place is really pretty!

Hermitage and bronze statue  (Museum)

Out to sea, a splendid view!


Fine Black Sea, a trip to Yalta

Or perhaps a cruise to Malta?

All we ask, eternal peace

From World stress we want release!


Soon, I am "Nikita" singing

"Elton John", his ears are ringing

"I have heard it all before!"

'"Something else!", he does implore!


Blackpool base, he's very chatty

Unlike, me: completely "batty"!

'Has connections with Ukraine

Rather be in sunny Spain?


Walking 'round, machines he's cleaning

To the left, I hope he's leaning?

Rather have a Tony Benn?

Lenin, Putin, more his men?


Watching me, the manic biker

"Tour de France", are you a "liker"?

Walking p'rhaps to Fleetwood Town?

Guaranteed to wipe all frown!


'Great to chat, Elena mentions  (colleague)

Both, I think, have best intentions

Celebrate his chosen land

English, Russians, hand-in-hand?  We can only hope? 27/11/2021 xxx


P R O M E N A D E    R I D E


Tramway Time!

Poet's rhyme

Missing this would be a crime!

Setting off, a beating heart

Pleasure ride is "what thou art!"


Tramway Ride!

Blackpool's pride

Tourists coming with the tide

Gosh, we have a splendid view

Problems here are really few!


Tower View

Tramway Crew

Happy feeling, Sooty too!

Sweep is there with friendly Sue

Twinkling lights, a child cries: "Boo!"


Pleasure Beach 

Within reach

'Even have a Giant Peach!

Watch out, lots of racing bikes

Without lights, that no one likes!


Gentle pace

Prospects ace

Loco' passes, smiling face!

Turning back, we change the points

Rufus, trams with badge annoints!



Blackpool's fate

Book a tram, it's not too late!

Leaving, heart is beating loud'

Of this town we're really proud!  26/11/2021. xxxx






"D O E S   I T   W O R K?"


Celebrating "things that work"

No, NOT Johnson, he's a berk!

Peppa Pig for CBI....

Gosh, he is a splendid guy!!


Social Care, just sell your house!

Reaching for a "Famous Grouse"?

Freezing in the Winter air

Boris Johnson doesn't care!


Liner stuck in south-coast dock

It's brand-new, no ancient crock!

'Least a charming Channel view

In a suite with lots to do!


"Boat" won't move, propeller stuck

Siemens, they don't have much luck?

Have an extra G' and T'

Engineers will set you free!


Funchal seems so far away

On this cold November day

Will you opt for harbour swim?

Or the bike in liner's gym!


Motorways are really "smart"

Faster with a horse and cart?

Queues of traffic, take the train?

Northern "Power House", What a pain?


Phone a doctor, no one there?

Lots of time to "sit and stare"!

"Twenty-first" in endless queue...

Fix my hernia with some glue?


"Famous Grouse is slipping down

Soon effaces Tory frown!

"Come on Starmer, wave your wand!"

Chaos, we are not too fond! 24/11/2021 xxxx  Good news, sister's liner is heading for Funchal after three days! 










Celebrating aching legs...

Foot is hot, 'got ancient pegs!

Walking ev'ry day, it's true

Even when the sky's not blue!


Not much good at sitting down?

Walking takes away all frown

Even when it's cold and grey

Aches and pains: the price to pay?


Lady has the aches in bed

All of this by walking fed?

Garden-time, as leaves fall down

Robin chirps, wears russet "gown"!


Sharon has a "hurting heel"

Knee aches too, it's no big deal!

Harbour walk to calm her mind

Countryside, a new track find!


Spinning on a static bike

In the gym, "What am I like?"

"Phone is in my locker, sir!"

Cannot say the same for her!!  (True!!)


Planning walks, the mind inspire'?

In the distance forest fire  (Cyprus)

Sharon, leading 'Wand'rers' Walk

No one moans, just happy talk!


'Watched a show, now time to move

Ten K' walk, we do approve!

Then a subtle Whisky too?

Bailey's for the Cyprus "crew"?


Celebrating movement day

For a rain-free day we pray

Smiling with a Famous Grouse

"Strictly" too in Arran house!  21/11/2021. xx



A N   E A R L Y   C H R I S T M A S?


Fleetwood, Christmas coming

Hark The Heralds sing

Carols I am humming

Hear those sleigh bells ring!


Asda, full of presents

Walking quickly past

Dodging "shopping peasants"

Patience, will it last?


Christmas decorations

Cards for everyone

Peaceful western nations

Season: mainly fun!


Christmas trees appearing

Santa coming soon

Elves are all "rein-deering"

Lapland, brightest moon


Santa hats some wearing

Cyclists zipping past

All are really caring....

Bonhomie won't last!


Windows, angels dancing

Gardens full of gnomes

Lights, houses enhancing

Peaceful Cleveleys' homes


Christmas in November

Covid, cheer us up!

Happy times remember

Got my Whisky "cup"!


Greetings we are sending

Light the star of peace

Hope all wars are ending

From all stress release!  Amen xx  19/11/2021








J U S T  A N O T H E R  W O R L D !


Another World, girl's arms are full of "tatts"

'Sports pouting lips and finger nails bright pink

Such inky limbs, with lots of birds and bats

Add painted eyebrows.... 'Finds it hard to wink?

Dear phones are out and neither girl will speak

Until they order bacon, eggs and beer

Not hard for me to "turn the other cheek"? (No tattoos!)

They selfies swap, perhaps I ought to cheer?

Another World, I'm wearing boring clothes

My phone is in my pocket, here to eat!

Perhaps I need a picture on my nose?

We spent our funds on smashing Christmas treat!  (A holiday!)

We leave, astonished, breakfast going cold

The Tattoo Queen is scoring an own goal!  Amen. 17/11/2021. Bispham xx


C  E   L  E  B  R   A  T  I  O  N !


Litter wins

For our sins

Not much of it in our bins?

Celebration, pick it up

Drinking from a Costa cup!


Vodka fan

Drunken man

Leaving bottles where he can!

Brandy and some Whisky too

And a bag of doggie poo!!



Loudest fart  (Sorry, not myself!)

Passing, 'think: "How great thou art!"  

Maybe not, he doesn't care

Swear words flying through the air!


Comfy seat

Rests his feet

Doggie circles, 'leaves a "treat"!

"Come on, David, pick it up!"

Picking up his Costa cup!  (Of course!"



At the gate

Lots of rubbish, it's my fate!

Fat guy leaving, lots of mess

'Feeling angry, 'must confess!


Being pally

With Paul Galley

'Promises to clear our alley

Celebrate the Greenest Team

Lovely park, it is Paul's dream!  16/11/2021 xx





      D  E  A  R    J  O  S  H


Write "happy Birthday", don't know where you are!

We hope you're happy, studying "your thing"

But not a clue if you are near or far!

Imagination soon will take its wing!

Not long ago we're chatting lively pace

In Gainsborough Town, your brother Alex there

Ignored, we felt, by others at that place

It's time to leave, no time to stand and stare!

We wish you happiness in your dear life

Your brothers there, encourage, marching on!

Perhaps you'll travel, Europe, find a wife?

We do not know your music, Bee Gees' song?

I raise a glass of Famous Grandad's Grouse

You're always welcome here in Arran's House!  Josh Carter: 0911/2021 xx