The manic poet



G E N T L E    M U S I N G S !   


"Hark The Herald", piano playing

Patients singing, heads are swaying

'Love to entertain the "troops"

Fingers gaily "jump through hoops"


Robin in our tree is singing

Radio is ding-a-linging!

Christmas carols, Suchet play

Peaceful end to chilly day


Snowman waving, Santa smiling

Angel's face is so beguiling

Blue tit eating garden seeds

In our neighbour's field of weeds


Lots of vans from "Prime" are racing

We prefer a slower "pacing"

Rather listen to our birds

Using mainly major thirds!  (Such talent!)


Passing houses, lights that twinkle

Doggie has a secret "tinkle"

Scooter racing, lady smokes

Poet with unseemly jokes!!  (Pardon!)


Park is silent, Buddha watching

Soon, I hope, I will be "Scotching"

Musing 'bout our Pafos flight

We'll be there on Wednesday night! (We hope!)


"Walking Through The Air" I'm singing

Airplane soon to Pafos winging

Wagamamma for our meal

Suddenly, relaxed I feel


Christmas, far from Blackpool thinking

Harbour walk before I'm blinking

Wishing all a peaceful time

Let's enjoy a Yuletime rhyme!  13/12/2021  xxxx












T H E    T U R T L E    D O V E S


Winter walking, frozen paths

Birds still tweeting, any laughs?

Woolly hats and warmest gloves

Walking are the Turtle Doves


Doggy walkers, friendly chat

Stroking Toby, "this and that"  (Friend's dog)

Happy voices, football time

Swearing, though it is in rhyme!!


Cross the road, enjoy the peace

From the stress of life release

Close my eyes, of Pafos think

We'll be there before I blink!  (We hope!)


Heinz is walking, happy smile

Amargeti and, in style!

Memories sustain my mind

Karin, always very kind!


Waiting for a storm to come

Chopin melody I hum

Airport with Mandria view

Pinkie waving, problems few!


Warren Manor, old folk sing

To the Golden Eagle 'wing  (Local pub)

Silent is the building site

Sunday, it's a peaceful sight!


Turtle Doves arriving home..

'Love the neighbourhood to roam

Better on a Cyprus path?

I can hear Dear Enid laugh!  06/12/2021 xxxx







DECEMBER! (7 am)

A   S A T U R D A Y   "T R E A T" !


Wind is blowing

Soon be snowing?

It's so cold, my nose is glowing!

Rubbish rattles 'round my feet

'Guess this is my "Sat'day Treat"?


Litter blowing


Alleyway where weeds are growing

Vodka bottle on a ledge

And, it's true, discarded veg'!


Fences flapping

Poor dog yapping

Bottle with a "Christmas wrapping"

"Cigarettes your eyesight kills"

Lots of packets, thousand thrills!


"One Stop" geezer

Heavy wheezer

Needing peas from giant freezer

I have bought the Sat'day "Times"

Spicing up my poetry rhymes? (Matthew Parris)


Young man serving

Hair is "curving"

Lots of praise he is deserving

Dissertation almost done

'Bet that was a load of fun?


Wind still blowing

Cup, man throwing

Lorry, caravan is towing

Costa cup lands on my head

Perhaps I ought to stay in bed?  04/12/2021 xxxx








First snow falling 

"How appalling?"

Many neighbours "caterwauling"

'Got a rather frozen nose

I adopt a "Santa Pose"!


Gloves I'm wearing

Neighbour swearing!    ("Oh Blast!")

Picking litter... really caring?

Add a bonus: frozen poo....

"Water" from a "doggie's loo"!


Park, they're racing

Seagulls chasing

'Think that most are "gentle-pacing"!

Santa hats and lots of elves

We don't mind: "Just please yourselves!"


Garten "whitening"

Hardly frightning?

'Least we don't have thunder, lighning!

Robin chirping in our tree

Santa chuckles: "He! He! He!"


"Sleighride" playing

All heads swaying

For some sunshine I am praying

Cyprus, twenty-four degrees

Enid won't have frozen knees!


"Fitos" eating  (Fish and chips?)

Warmest greeting

Ladies have the warmest "seating"!!

See you soon, you don't have snow

"Little People" are in tow!   28/11/2021 xxxx