The manic poet




B A R   S T R E E T   B L U E S


Bar Street, Pafos, 'heart is bleeding

Lots more tourists they are needing

Gosh, it is 'abandoned place

Atmosphere, no longer ace!


No tavernas, empty spaces

Where are all the happy faces?

Derelict, a hopeless feel

'Wonder.. Will it ever heal?


Twenty-Twelve, a "Happy meeting"

Wanderers take all the seating  (walkers)

Greek the music, drink and dance

Demokritos, our lives enhance


Greek the dancing, Rufus waving

Lots of memories he's saving

Man, with glasses on his head

He, for entertainment bred!


Twenty-Twenty-Two, it's ghostly

Pussy cats we're seeing mostly

Shop fronts gone, just gaping holes

Debris and abandoned poles!


Roundabout, see mainly litter

Feelings are, for once, quite bitter

One relief, not many cars

Look at all the empty bars!


Turning left, the church approaching

Mr. Timmins here "encroaching"

Organist plays sad lament

Warmest feeling, his "intent"


Leaving Bar Street, tears are falling

Sorry state is so appalling

'Glad to see the bluest sea

From all gloom we're soon set free!  23/01/2022 xxxx



V  I  V  A    C  Y  P  R  U  S


Viva Cyprus, ninety-seven

Then we were in "Seventh Heaven"

Near to The Imperial Beach  (Hotel)

Paradise is within reach!


Twenty-One and we're returning

For delicious food we're yearning

Special menu, what to choose?

Brandy Sour witll be our "booze"!


Breaded mushrooms, salad "yummy"

Pleasure for my English tummy

Ordering a dish of fish

Ev'rything that we could wish!


Service charming, mother's "girlie"

Cypriot, she can't be Shirley!..

Eating ice cream then some crisps

Leon, please, to pass my lips!


Guests arriving, wine and Keo

Man, I think his name is Theo

'Guess we all are spoilt for choice?

Raise a glass, let's all rejoice!


Atmosphere is so relaxing

'Think Greek dancing rather taxing?

'Love to hear this music play

Happy faces, I would say!


Dessert time, and fruit we're eating

Hunger pangs, of course defeating!

"On the house", a Brandy too

We imagine: problems few!


Special price, a tip we're giving

We've enjoyed this "Cyprus living"

"Chapeaux bas!", a glass I raise

Viva Cyprus, Lots of Praise  30/12/2021   Yiamas! xxxx






M Y    S E C O N D    H O M E ?


Cyprus is my spiritual home

Thousand tracks I love to roam

Amargeti, Droushia too

Planning hundred walks or two!


Harbour view or Pafos Town

Rarely will you see me frown

Sip a Leon after walk

Lots of happy "hiking talk"


Faros Lighthouse bows its head

It, of course, by sunshine fed

Tasty sandwich, "Tea For Two"

Wonder which walk we will do?


Feeding cats instead of monks!  (monastery)

Sharon with her racing "hunks"

Fytos for delicious fish

Everything a man could wish'?


Airplanes landing, Covid-free?

Leave it just for "historee"?

Tourists back, it can't be bad

Time for leaving, 'feeling sad!


Santa hats on Christmas Day

For more sunshine we do pray!

Little church, it's picnic time

Never hard to find a rhyme?


Walking 'long to Coral Bay

Neighbour who I know is gay!

Do I care, No, not one fig....

Enid does her Christmas jig!


Cyprus, I think, we'll be back

Rufus smiling in my sack

Raise a glass to paradise

Pafos really: "Twice as nice"!  30/12/2021 xxxx






T H E L E T R A    V I S I T


Theletra: village full of secrets, fun

The path is strewn with cans and bottles, Help!

A lovely day, descending in the sun

And passing farm, we hear a doggie's Yelp!

The church is open, Oak Cottage "FOR SALE"

A Stone Chat in a tree is singing free'

Another hill, just watch my features pale

So steep, I need a brake, no "He! He! He!"

A peaceful place, with not one soul about

I think of many walks and nasty fall

I might have broken 'back, I have no doubt

But mainly good times here I do recall. 

We slip and slide, relieved we reach our car

A smashing walk, but I'm not "up to par"!  29/12/2021 xxxx






R  E  F  L  E  C  T  I  O  N  S


Sitting by the calmest ocean

Soon my thoughts are set in motion

Med', the sea, before my eyes

Listen to my peaceful sighs!


Friends are walking, hills and valleys

More Kms to daily tallies?

Dancing by a little church

Trees around us, not one Birch?  (Olives!)


Contemplating future planning

Avoiding "jokes" by Bernard Manning!!

Nothing ever is the same....

Giving Cyprus "different name"!


"Please proceed with greatest caution!"

Giving Covid "swift abortion"?

Lady passes, "mask and fear"

Can we stand another year?


Needing passes, when we travel

Grind my feet on sand and gravel

Effort, can we stand much more?

Listen to my lion roar!


USA, a trip we're hoping

With the pressure we're just coping!

Graceland and a river cruise

Many turn to food and booze!


Ocean view, I'm quickly calming

Covid numbers so alarming

Positive, my thoughts MUST be

Paddle feet in cooling sea!


New Year soon, the prospects greater?

"Normal" life, we hope not later!

Whisky calms, that "Famous Grouse"

In this peaceful Pafos house xx  26/12/2021. xxxx




YIAMAS! xxxx


L O V E   F R O M   R U F U S !


Ruf'! Ruf'!

Tell the truth

Do you have foul thoughts uncouth?

NEVER, I'm a caring bear

Peace and Love and tender care!


Hugs not bash!

Calm, not bash

Only have a "softie rash"

Spend the day with fine B.T.

NEVER anger, just "He! He"!


Life of fun

"Currant bun"

Christmas with the Cyprus sun

Walking up those endless slopes

Looking down with peaceful "hopes"


Pinkie, Pete

Strife defeat

Only got my aching feet! (Paws?)

Neo's for delicious lunch

Nuts, I bet you hear me crunch!


Love! Love!

Turtle dove

Give that doggie gentle shove!

Chantal bringing "whiff of France"

All our lives she does enhance!


Bears all win

Whisky, Gin!

Soon my head is in a spin!

Sending Dearest Christmas Wish

As we eat our veggie dish!   Merry Christmas!  25/12/2021 xxxx




S P R I N G   O F   L I F E


Amargeti, Spring of Life

Christos with his Tina, wife

Walk begins, the weather's fine

Hiking here is so divine!


Shock because we're climbing hills

Up and down with many thrills!

Views to die for, orange trees

Rub some on my aching knees!


Turning left, another hill

Will I need a "fitness pill"?

Seminary, for a rest

Rub some Leon on my chest! (What a waste of beer?)


Amargeti at the top

First a skip and then a hop!

Final climb, my legs are weak

Refuge in a "bar" we seek!


Thirteen K', with lungs that burst

And I have a raging thirst!

Tina greets us: "Take a pew!"

And enjoy the perfect view


Ordering Halloumi cheese

Bitter beer? Yes, if you please!

Olive bread to start our meal

Pitta bread, such great appeal!


Dining in a fav'rite "nest"

Tina is the very best!  (Our chef!)

Cake to finish, stomachs full

Meals up here are never dull!


Leaving, do we shed a tear?

Memories from ev'ry year!

Back at base, we need a bath

Fitness, Rufus starts to laugh!! 23/12/2021  xxxx






Feline "vacuum" daily working

Lots of other cats are lurking

Bats them firmly with its paw

Here in Pafos, Feline Law!


Terrace made for "catty feeding"

'Guess they're always babies breeding?

Black and white and ginger two

Quite enormous "feline crew"


'Hoover up all biscuits daily

Do we mind, I wonder really?

Cats "adopt" us when we're here

As for me, a Leon beer!


Sadness, little cat run over

Driver, speeding, flashy Rover

We all know, they do not care

Weeping is our Rufus Bear!


Feeding time, the gang arriving

How long are all cats surviving?

Cars will brake for larger dogs

Flatten cats and tiny frogs!


Happy feeding, purring creatures

Really have endearing features

We give tickles all for free

Tabby watching from a tree!


"Vacuum" sleeping, full its tummy

Bags of biscuits, Yummy! Yummy!

Morning they'll be back again

Even in the pouring rain!  Cyprus? xx  22/12/2021  xx



T  E  A    F  O  R    T W O


Tea For Two

Harbour view

Service from a friendly crew

Avenue Poseid'nos-way

Brightens up our Pafos day!


Take Away

Ev'ry day

Cyclists leaving, come what may

Any destination, please

Don't forget Halloumi cheese!


Chatty staff

Have a laugh

Better than an English caff! (Cafe)

Glad to take off stifling mask

Extra chips, that's if you ask!


Fish for me

Coffee, tea

Salad, chips, with Cod, Yippee!

All inside delicious bun

Dining here is really fun!


Burgers, pies

Hear my sighs

English breakfast, giant size!

Cakes and pastries, fine ice cream

Culinary is your dream!


Tea For Two

Problems few

"Come on in, and "take a pew"!"

We'll be back, we love your fare

Lots of time to "sit and care" xx  21/12/2021  xx






Christmas dance

"Prat and Prance"

All of this our lives enhance!

Radio is "Smooth" and leads

Lots of happiness it "breeds"


Whisky wins

For my sins

Do not like those "fancy gins"!

"Famous Grouse" slips down my throat

Drink it with the "veggie goat"!!  (Offered in Fyti!!)


"Jumbo's", please

Brie for cheese....

Rub it on my aching knees?

Lots of walking, Enid soon?

Dancing under Peyia moon!


Scottish "ace"

Smiling face

Life is always gentle pace

Kikos, for a wine or nine  (Coral Bay)

Tidy bottles in a line!


Wand'rers' walk?

Lots of talk

Marathounda, far from York?  (Safer?)

Will we recognise one face?

Georgie Bates, "that hiking ace"


Christmas time 

Poet's rhyme

Lady has a soda-lime!!

Sharon likes a Bailey's, please!

Aching ankles it will ease!   20/12/2021 xxxx





A     S  H  O  C  K  !


I had a shock today:

A car that indicates!

Electric scooter too

An idiot on skates!


A race-track, Tombs of Kings

A taxi cuts inside

'Says 50 on the signs

They always drive with "pride"


A car on pavement side

His mirror knocked smashed to bits

Car door is scratched and bashed

Poor lady having "fits"


We walk to Pafos Town

Halloumi, pitta, please

A Leon too to chill!

Should rub it on my knees!  (No chance!)


Laona's season o'er  (Favourite taverna)

Poor Chris has lost his life  (Owner)

We miss him more and more

I'm cuddle-ing my wife!


Descend the hill, Watch out!

Old wagon races past

'Escape and snatch a breath

We know that peace can't last!


We love this Cyprus land

But NOT its drivers, Help!

It's peaceful in the house

Yet doggie starts to yelp!


Relax and poor a drink

Perhaps a Brandy Sour?

And soon you hear my snores

If only for one hour!    18/12/2021 xx









T H E   A N G E L   M A R Y


Mary's on her Christmas Tree

She's an angel, just you see!

Keeps an eye on Tom, her sweet

'Gives him chocolate for a treat!


'Got a lovely Pafos flat

'Gosh, she is a pussy cat

Tom is watching footie, see

Mary's reading, "He! He! He!"


Likes to go to UK Club

Rather like an English pub?

Game or two with local friends

Greetings to UK she sends!


'Rather have a fine pool view?

Problems here are really few...

'Has a key to ev'ry flat

Wears a superviser's "cap"


Visitors from Bradford soon

Flying neath a "Euro moon"

Lots to do in Pafos Town

'Never see a frinkled frown?


Arrans visit, it's a treat!  (We bet!)

Wearing special "walkers' feet"

Hope to scale the Cyprus hills

Always giving lots of thrills


Angel Mary, serving drinks

"Famous Grouse" Old David thinks!

No, just coffee, biscuits too

All admire their splendid view


Tom and Mary, 'glad you're here

Tom might have a sneeky beer? (Never)

Hugs as always, healthy stay!

Pafos life will always pay

See you soon, with fish and chips

Tom soon licking sexy lips!   18/12/2021