The manic poet




S T    A N N E S



St Annes-on-Sea

Fairhaven walking

"Top of the tree"


Walk 'round the lake

For our health's sake

Lovely the swans are

"Icing on Cake"!


RSP' shop

Inside we pop

Seed for our birdies

Tasty this "crop"!


Doggies we greet

Fine owners 'meet

Tails busy wagging

Really a treat!


Tiggy's for lunch

Bruschetta 'munch

Pasta delicious

Happy this "bunch"


Holland and B'

"Nuts, please, for me"

Lady so charming

Cyprus and sea!


Holiday trip

Pafos, "Hip'! Hip'!"

Walking and biking

Brandy they'll sip!


Passing Les D' (Les Dawson)

Top of his Tree

Friend "Tommy Cooper"

Ray, "He! He! He!" (Ray Kilvington)


St, Annes we love

'Bought turtle dove  (RSPB badge)

Always returning

"Heavens Above" 21/01/2022 xxxx





H A V E   A   R I D E !


Doggie riding on Poor Hett'

Naughty dog you'll say, I bet?

Planning for a Cheshire trip

As across the bed they skip!


Shrewsbury and Buxton, please

Lots of yummy Cheshire cheese

Fine hotel with heated pool

Eileen is nobody's fool!


'Takes my mind from awful news

Stephen gone, I've got the blues

Positive we need to stay

On this freezing Winter day


Rufus talking of his plans

Misery, of course, he bans!

USA perhaps in June?

Humming "Carolina Moon"


Musical these Little Folk

Rufus singing is no joke!

Phantom Of the Op'ra he

High atop his music tree!


B.T. on a magic broom

Through the air just see him zoom!

Landing on a Cyprus beach

Glass of red' and juicy peach


Hetty smiling ', Tala Square

And, of course, Dear Pinkie's there

Mario's, carafe of wine

Cyprus life is so divine!


Dreaming of a year of trips

As a Whisky pass' my lips

"Yiamas!", wave to Georgie Bates

Travelling, what dreadful fates!!! 19/01.2022  xxxx









W O R D S W O R T H 'S  B E A R


I wandered lonely as a bear

"I don't have time to stand and stare!"

Just speeding up Dear Koili Hill

This view for me is such a thrill!


'Have Kath'rine with me and Baloo

And Dear Belynda 'hiking too!

My thoughts are happy, 'love this place

Though Cleveleys too is really ace!


No daffodils, just Cypress trees

I rub some hummous on my knees

We might be on the Blackpool prom

"I wonder where you're coming from?"  (Yorkshire accent?)


Now U.K. bound, I need my pass

A photo of that Boris Ass!  (Whois that?)

The checks severe in Cyprus, YES!

And no one cares in England, 'Guess?


We're back to crowded motorways

I'm learning too that patience pays

A shock as cars here indicate

And speed ahead, they cannot wait!


Let's book a trip, to Cheshire, please

Oh Dear, Baloo, he starts to sneeze

Another test, another jab?

And send results to costly lab?  (£40!)


The sun is shining, Pafos rain

Those slushy tracks can be a pain!

We're far away from Wordsworth's Hill

My heart with sorrow soon it fill'!


We raise a glass to Stephen R'!

And drive off in our "Cactus car" (Citroen!)

We're not so lonely , Happy Folk

A Whisky with a tiny Coke?  Lemonade?  14/01/2022  xxxx




B A C K W I T H G R E E N  T E A M 


Anchorsholme, the Green Team 'meeting...

And I'm given warmest greeting

Paul is sporting brand-new cap

I can see his Cyprus map


'Looking like a young teenager

Nineteen plus, I'l take a wager?

Grabber ready, off I go

Lovely morning, never snow!


'Bet the gang will do some weeding

"Ready grass, you'll get some feeding!"

Irene with her "Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!"

Very busy: "Go, Girl, Go!


Sylvia waves, see "Steady Eddy"

Barrows too, for hard work ready!

Off I go, litter awaits

Leaving by the pretty gates!


"Great Mask-Challenge", thirteen beating?

Eighteen soon, records defeating!

Nothing better in my head?

'Guss I am by madness fed??


Lady's lawn is full of litter

Luton Road, she isn't bitter

"Thank You!", I have cleared the lot

In my sack with "other grot"!


Lovely, alley full of bottles!

Image of the twits D' throttles!  (Myself!)

Scratch-cards torn up into bits

'Guess quite soon I'm having fits?


Later in the cafe eating

Lovely toastie ire defeating

Friends are gobbling "Cy Delights"

I can hear the yummy bites!


Andrew smiling, always busy

All these workers make me dizzy!

Friendly feeling, 'glad I'm back

Laughter, never any lack!

Leaving, I blow all a kiss

Tuesdays I would really miss!  11/01/2021 xxxx




"Y I A M A S!"


O N   L E A V I N G   C Y P R U S


Leaving Cyprus, shed a tear

Melts into my Leon beer!

'Least my legs will have a rest

Sharon's walks, of course, the best!


'Miss the Faros-Harbour walk

Gosh, it's hailing, halts our talk!

Sun soon shining, "Tea For Two"

Time to have a well-earned "brew"?


No more Wagamama food

Indian Thali, happy mood

Tasty fish at Fytos place

See the smile on Sharon's face!


'Won't miss Cyprus drivers though

Racing idiots, you know!

Safer on a country track

Rufus grinning in my "sack"


Steepest hills not on the Fylde?

Shooting hunters drive me wild!

Missing Enid's dancing too

And the Happy Wand'rers' "crew"


Amargeti, tough our hike

'Like to borrow Sharon's bike?

Atmosphere no longer warm

Happy voices were the norm!


"Tavernaki", happy day

Alan Robson, heads that sway

Memories to cherish, '"Bye"

Write our names in Pafos sky


Aircraft leaving, Rufus waves

Lots of memories he saves

'Guess one day we'll land again?

Sunshine, please, no heavy rain!  09/01/2022 xx









YIAMAS! xxxx


G E O R G E O U S    G E O R G E


Georgeous George, he's still surviving

Lots of memories reviving

Kisson-erga, quiet place

Has a smile upon his face!


Now alone since Pat "departed"

Diff'rent life he now has started

P'rhaps she's walking in the sky?

George, a really lucky guy!


Twenty years' ago, great walker

Head is down, no lively talker?

Racing on the "Keo Run"

Walks were always lots of fun!


"Maniac", climbed slopes, no worries  (On Mondays!)

To the summit Georgie hurries

Walking more than twenty K'

On a sunny Cyprus day


Johnny B' is reminiscing

Dear Pat's photo he is kissing

Stavros with a Whisky three

Used to rub it on his knee!  (Never!)


David Hornsby, Ian Herley

'Wouldn't say their hair was curly?

Georgie knew, Yes, ev'ry track!

Energy he'd never lack!


"Twenty-Two", he's happy resting

In a flat he's soon investing

'Doesn't like his stairs so steep

Go inside, let's have a peep!


Dearest George, his "frame" we're hugging

Memories at heart-strings tugging

Leaving, wipe away a tear

"Hope to see you ev'ry year!"  07/01/2022. xxxx







D R O U S H I A    W A L K


Marilyn our walk is leading

Droushia Heights, all rules we're reading

Filling in another form

Paperwork is now the norm!


Happy faces, Graham Walker

Nice and slim, a happy talker

Bob the Perrott in our "team"

"Place In 'Sun" just was his dream!


Off we're steaming through the village

Yes, quite normal, lots of "spillage"

Litter is a national bore

'Really hate it to the core!


Craig of Johnson he is talking:

Posh Boy, Oxford, was it Dorkin?

Europe is the place to be

What we want is "unitee"!


Day is cloudy, rain p'rhaps later?

Joint enthusiasm greater?

Climbing up another hill

View is always bound to thrill


Speeding wagon... Run for cover!

I am not a racing lover!

Time to have our sandwich break

Guy is phoning, ears that ache!


Cheese stop, time to buy Halloumi

Sky is looking rather gloomy

Hurry back before it rains

Tummy giving me some pains!  (Hernia!)


Droushia Heights, the sky is "crying"

No more walks, just hear me sighing

Many Thanks for super walk

Coffee and some lively talk!  05/01/2022 xxxx









PEACE! xxxx


A W F U L    H A C K E R S !


Restless night, 'hate awful hackers

Some might say they're really crackers!

Waking up, I'm bathed in sweat

Emptied bank account, I bet?


Not so bad, Facebook deleted

Messenger I've too "defeated"

Can't these hackers find a job?

Hand-grenade at them I lob!


Humming song: "Nothing Comes Easy"!

Climb a slope, I'm really wheezy

Monday walkers really sweet

Hacks forgotten, 'really neat!


Filling forms, too hard to travel?

As my feet crunch on some gravel

View soon calms me, 'close my eyes

Can you hear contented sighs?


In taverna, world discussing

Omicron, why all the fussing?

Mother said, we all must die! (Of something! Dear Joyce!)

Write her name high in the sky!


We decide, hugs to all leaders

Starving millions 'needing feeders

All we ask: a life of peace

From the stress of hacks release!


Now asleep, I'm calm, relaxing

Hackers, for my mind too taxing

Please, leave innocent alone

I hear Rufus launch a groan! Amen xx 04/01/2022 xx







K A T H I K A S    W A L K


Kathikas walk

Sunshine and talk

Dai is our leader

This man I stalk!


Gentle the pace 

No manic race

Scenery lovely

Smiles on my face!


Back-marker me

All "guys" agree

This is the best walk

Happy and free!


Village our view

Problems are few

Sparrows are tweeting

See stone chat too


Church for a stop

Skip and a hop

Enjoy bananas

Time for a "bop"?  (Any dancing?)


Steeply we climb

Talking our time

Jeanette and Sharon

Help poet's rhyme!


Taverna drink

"Perfect", I think

Germans we're toasting

Gone 'fore we blink!


Happy our day

"Great walk", all say

Kathikas haven

Bow, if I may!  Many Thanks. 03/01/2022 xxxx







O M I C R E S T I N G !


Testing! Testing!


In a brand-new arm investing?

Really had enough of tests

Someone has some "loaded nests"   (Cash?)


Wallking! Walking!

Non-test talking!

At the harbour we're right-forking

Enid dancing, start to smile

No more testing for a while?


Laugh and joking

Water, choking?

Cat at mince pie crumbs is poking

Fine blue church, we have a snack

Rufus smiling, Yes, he's back!


Rufus dancing

Enid prancing

All our lives they are enhancing

"Top Of Pops" by Medi' Sea

Bird is singing in a tree!


Hiking! Hiking!

Lots are biking

Many cycles, not "our liking"!

Harbour view, we're almost there

Rufus, he's a happy bear!


Home arriving

Jeanette driving

Racing cars, we're just surving!

Tests have gone out of my head

Time to find a comfy bed!   01/01/2022 xxxx






The rain is falling down, I'm feeling sad

A friend has left this life, an awful day!

For many years I've known him, really glad

So hard to wave Dear Stephen "on his way"

A game or two of snooker, happy day!

In Low Moor, then to Bare, a famous club

I'm walking with a doggie, Heysham-way

The Strawberry Gardens too a famous "pub"?

Then moving on, those times a distant dream

Goodbye to Mary, John and Robert, son

A life in Cyprus, rarely see your face

You travel oft' to Spain to catch the sun!

I raise a glass to Stephen, dearest friend

So tragic now his life is at an end..  R.I.P., Stephen Riley. 28/12/2021 xx