The manic poet




C  H  A  O  S  !


Chaos in this world, I think

Common sense goes down the sink?

Dropping bombs and killing folk

World War Two guy does evoke!


"We're all right, we won, you see!"

"Now the world is really free!"

My advice?.. "Just stay at home!"

No more trips to Paris, Rome!


Airports: not the place to go?

Cancellations, due to snow?

No, it's Covid, "illness time"

Like to view my barmy rhyme?


Time to sell your latest car?

Philip Schofield will go far?  (Mars?)

Please avoid the news each day....

For a peaceful time we pray!


"Go and feed your Blackbirds, please!"

Rub some meal-worms on your knees!

Going crazy, never mind?

Care home soon I'll need to find!  (Really?)


Is our trip to Wales still safe?

Pafos too, ask Tony Rafe?  (83 year old cyclist!)

Shall I hide inside our shed?

Safer p'rhaps in cosy bed?


Chaos, 'can't afford a stamp1

Weather awful, rather damp

Meanwhile, Blackbirds ease my mind

"Thank you, Nature, you're so kind!


'Glad now I am fast asleep

In an ocean, blue and deep

'Cannot hear of chaos, "Cheer!"

Have another Leon Beer!  Yiamas! xxxx  04/04/2022 xxxx






L I T T E R    D A Y


Tuesday, I hear coughs and sneezing

'Fore too long I'm really wheezing

Setting off, daer litter-pick

Brandishing my grabber-stick!


No Paul there, he's in a meeting

He! He! He! 'finds comfy seating?

Brexit on a lady's mind

Sailing on the Golden Hind?


One Stop store, same lady's buying

Forty fags, just hear my sighing!

"Cheaper, jump into the sea!"

Paul still grinning: He! He! He!


On the park, there's lot of litter

All of this will make me fitter?

Better ways of staying fit?

Poo-bags from a careless git!


Burst ballons, and Cider bottles

Healthy gullet this soon throttles?

Sweetie wrappers, "nico-tubes"  (flavoured nicotine!)

I'd prefer a tube of Zubes!  (Still exist?)


Luton Road, with lots of racers

"Slow down!", many more are chasers!

Cut the roundabout, OK?

Just another litter-day!


Denville ginnel, lots of dumping


Toys are scattered, doggie poo

It's far cleaner in the zoo!


Finished soon, my sack is bursting

For a drink I soom am "thirsting"!  (Whisky?)

'Glad to give my stick a rest

Cleaner streets are just the best!  Amen... 22/03/2022 xxxx





G R E A T    N E W S  !


YIPPEE, Tories 'soon be here

Sipping Champers, hardly beer?

And Of Course, they're "Lev'ling up"!

'Won't be holding coffee cup!


Great news, Johnson will be here

Strolling on our Central Pier?

On that donkey, 'say: "Watch out!"

Soon you'll get a well-earned clout!


"Kiss Me Quick" is on his hat

'Stead of "subtle" lying prat?

Ukulele, stick of rock

Time to throw him in the dock? (Court?)


Tower won't be bowing, NO!

Gosh we love these Tories so!

Knighthoods, favours, for your friends

Greetings "poet" kindly sends!


Oligarchs perhaps here too?

Stirring tasty Tory "stew"

Set of tennis, thousand pounds?

As their friends take foreign "grounds"


What a cast, there's Reecy-Mogg!

Rather have a croaking frog?

Speaking language no one knows?

Stick a missile up your nose!


"Party Gate", let's celebrate!

All untrue, justice await?

Hope the speeches are arranged...

By this "leader" so deranged?



Why this anger?... liars win!

Honesty?.... just in the bin?

Foreign expert, Lizzie Truss

"Pritti Awful"..... What's the fuss?


What a gang to light our world?

Flag of peace they will unfurl

Private jets are landing soon

For Dear Blackpool... "What a boon!"


Come back, Dearest Tony Benn! (2014, he "left us"!)

Truely you're the best of men!

Only empty promise' made

Downing lots of lemonade!  (Tea for TB!)  10/03/2022  xxxx








O N   A N O T H E R  P L A N E T ?


I am on another planet

Fat guy eating like a Gannet!

Crunching crisps and sipping gin

Put your bottles in the bin!


Stomach bulging, beer guy's downing

It's not long before I'm frowning

'Glad when we can go away

Just another Fleetwood day!


Davey Spikey, soon we're laughing

Couple 'right are just carafe-ing!  (White wine)

They get up, they need some more

Rude behaviour we abhor!


Lots of jokes about his "willy"

"Don't be such a "Silly-Billy!"

Headlines from the local press

'Giggle soon, I must confess!


Show is over, lots of litter

Carafe left, I'm feeling bitter

Why so selfish, lazy LOUTS?

Like to give them all big CLOUTS!


Traffic racing, cars tail-gate-ing

For an empty road I'm waiting

Supermarket.... busy too

Welcome to the Human Zoo!


Kiev, not our destination?

We just want a peaceful nation

Putin, mad man, time to go

Lose him in the Russian snow!


I am on another planet

Fleetwood or the Isle of Thanet?

Time to go on holiday

Just another war-free day!  (We hope!)  26/02/2022 xxxx













Zum besten Wohl, Heinz! xxxx


      P R O U D    G E R M A N Y !


"The Germans Do It Better", Kampfner says 

Although my Dear Friend, Heinz, he has his doubts

His talks of "Dummland": just a passing phase?

Foul Brexit types in England, needing clouts!

With Mutti gone, a rising from the right?

Quite normal? most of Europe has gone mad?

With Putin, are we ready for a fight?

Let peace prevail, all wars are only sad!

My mem'ries great, in Essen, famous school (*)

'Felt welcome there with students, Happy Days!

The trips no more, I wonder: "Who's the fool?"

My Austausch proud, for this I have but PRAISE!

We're arm-in-arm, I hug my German friend (I am vaccinated!)

Warm greetings from Dear Lancashire I send!  24/02/2022 xxxx


For my friend Heinz Hube xxxx (*) Maedchengymnasium Essen-Borbeck.




"M U D D Y    W A T E R S!"


Muddy Waters

Cafe-'quarters  (Headquarters?)

Always follow leader's orders?

How to hold a cup of tea..

Paul is laughing: "He! He! He!"



"Costa" kicking! (Discarded cup)

Watching what a doggie's licking!  (Help!)

"Take away" was left, of course!"

I am thinking: "Par for 'course!"


In the bushes

Doggie rushes

Scowling guy a trolley pushes! (Guess who?)

Vodka botles, one, two, three

Watch the doggie have a wee!  (Help!)


Poo-bags PLENTY

Bin is empty

Could this be the "The Land of Plenty"?

Sweetie wrappers, coloured masks

Smile, one of my weekly tasks!


Windy is "gusty"

Gate seems rusty

Lady looking rather busty?  (I should not be looking!)

Paul and team are working hard

Guy looks like a tub of lard!!


Park is muddy

Passing "Hoody"  (Teenager)

Paul is waving, special buddy

Luton Road the place to be

Cars are racing, fifty-three (M.P.H.?)



Kerb car clouting

P'rhaps they're on a special outing?

'Have my 'nana, water drink

Bench is cosy.. "What y'er think?"


PIcking over

Dog called Rover

'Used to live quite near to Dover!

Weekly duty, I salute

Keep me on the "staightest route"! 22/02/2022. xxxx  Any chance? xxxx






"Y O U   N E E D   H A N D S!"


Hands! Hands! Healing Hands!

Walking p'rhaps on Morecambe sands?

Hands are frozen, lots of frost

Sunshine, please, at any cost!


Cyprus raining

S' complaining

For some sunshime she's campaigning!

And she's got a wounded knee

And not walking, can this be?


Bird-bath freezing

Neighbour sneezing

As for D', yes, I am wheezing!

P'rhaps I need an early "Scotch"

But instead a "smartish watch"!


Birthday Peyia!

Jeanette, "Hey-a"

Here I need an extra layer!

Raise a glass for Yorkshire lass

We are back, all good things pass!


Pomos walking

Sharon talking

View out there they say is "corking"  (A corker!)

In the car S' rather bored

Injuries "put to the sword"?


Get well soon!

Pafos Moon

Movement back would be a boon?

Hills are waiting, Amerget'

She''s be back, of that I bet!


Hands! Hands! Great demands

Sharon on one leg she stands

'Hoping for a healing cure

Sticky Toffee pudd', for sure!  Magic? 11/02/2022 For Sharon Espin xxxx









L U C K Y    B L A C K P O O L ?


Lucky Blackpool, Tories coming!

Can you hear me "Red Flag" humming?

Johnson and his gang of cheats

Poverty, of course, defeats?


"Level-up",  promise believing?

Not a gang for huge deceiving?

Build a brand-new railway-track?

Rufus giggles in my sack!  (Naughty Bear?)


Tower has a red light burning?

For some PPE-cash yearning?

Billions going down the drain

Please enjoy our Blackpool rain!


Riding on a seaside donkey?

Peppa Pig's eye-sight is "wonky"!

Leads J' straight down to the sea

My friend, Paul, goes: "He! He! He!"?


Better things, I'll pick some litter!

Sense of humour never bitter?

Yes, all rubbish in the bin...

Bitterness just is a sin!


Yearning for a new gang leader

'Stead of poshest, lying bleeder?

Rubbish always I remove

Starmer, laughing, 'does approve?


Tony Benn, I bet you're watching?

Lots of Champers, maybe "Scotching"?  (Not Tony!)

'Only wanting English wine

Irish Sea is so divine!


All advisers 'starting going!

Donkey busy to-and-froing

'Get back to your lavish flat

Watch him vanish; "Just like that!" 03/02/2022.... Amen, Go Away! xxxx



M A N I A C S ?

B O Y - R A C E R S !


Boy-racers 'out

Noisy, no doubt?

'Sharing a brain-cell

'Give them a clout!


Screeching and brakes

For all our sakes?

Silencers missing?

Or are they fakes?


Pavement they hit

Kingcraig has 'fit  (Spa shop)

Old man is terrified

"Don't give a shit!"  (Pardon?


We dash across

Car is the boss

Shelter we're searching

'Feeling so cross!


'Still hear the noise

Brainless these "boys"?

"Fxxk off!", they're screaming

Cars are their toys!


College we see

'Glad that we're free

"Level Six" dining

Top of the tree!


Tapas for two

No longer "blue"

Whisky to calm me

Fine "student crew"!  02/02/2022 xxxx


"YIAMAS!" xxxx


T I M E   T O   F L Y   A W A Y ?


Snoring! Snoring!

Really boring?

'Hardly feel my spirits soaring!

Turning over, 'hear the wind  (Gales!)

All complaints I soon rescind?


Honking! Honking!

Really "stonking"?

Far too old for early "bonking"?  (Was ist das?)

Ear-plugs in, I fall asleep

Soon I'm in a slumber deep!


Flying! Flying!

'Hear my sighing!

UK's gales I am defying

Magic carpet 'bove the clouds

Far below see "Brexit shrouds"! (And lying gits!)


Latchi landing

'Sun 'demanding

Pinkie... me a glass is handing!

Is it water, is it wine?

Twenty bottles in a line!


Whisky! Whisky!

Rather risky?

Rare when I AM rather frisky?

"Famous Grouse" much cheaper here

Can you hear this walker cheer?  "YIAMAS!"


Rufus smiling

This you're filing?

Nasty weather he's reviling!

Dancing, glass upon his head

This is all by Leon fed! (Not Whisky?)


Waving! Waving

Mem'ries saving

For another drink I'm craving

Pinkie passes me a drink.....

Disappears before I blink!


Glass I'm raising

George I'm praising

Ninety years, he is amazing!

"Yiamas, George!", we're lifting off

'Hat at Cyprus I do doff!  01/02/2022. For Pinkie Lightly xxxx




"F I S H Y   P A U L!"


Paul, he loves his little fishes

Lots of them, his greatest wishes!

Coloured species swimming free

Paul is grinning: "He! He! He!"


Super tank with lots of spaces

Come and view his "swimming aces"

Michelle has her big tank too

Happy girl, with problems few!


"World of Water", fishes racing

Fishy male a female chasing?

Super his aquarium

Feeding time, fill fishes' tum'!


'Thinks about them ,when "Green-Teaming"

Of his wat'ry friends he's dreaming

Cafe, eating cheese, not fish!

Bag of crisps, his only wish?


"Sea Life, Blackpool", Saint-Saens playing

Fish now lots of eggs are laying

So relaxing, watch them swim

"Fishy Her" and "Fishy Him"!


Sylvia, in charge of feeding

Trust her with some "fishy breeding"?

'Loves to watch this "aqua-world"

Pirate flag she has unfurled!


Council work, Paul needs some leisure

"Fishy World" gives so much pleasure

'Only needs a pirate ship?

After all, he is the skip'  (Skipper Paul)  25/01/2022. xxxx











A L L E S    U N S I N N ?


"Watch out!" "Watch out!"

There's wine about

We're working, parties not allowed

All sensible, no doubt!


"What's up?" "What's up?"

A Yip a Yup!....

A suitcase full of tasty wine

For all of us to sup! (Really?)


"It's true!" "It's true"

The air is blue

We're working hard, and well apart

A rather merry crew!


"No booze!" "No booze!"

Our lives "a cruise"

With thousands dying, do we care?

We don't have much to lose!  (Their minds?)


"No lies!" "No lies!"

We're "honest guys"

When Peppa Pig our leader is

Just try a clown for size!


"Resign!" "Resign!"

"You lying swine!"

The country's really had enough

Let's throw him in the Tyne!  (Why should Newcastle suffer?) 22/01/2022 

His Powerhouse of the North? xxxx