The manic poet




T H R E E  C H E E R S  F O R  P A U L !


Paul! Paul!

"Standing tall!"

Memories I can recall

Working hard in local park

Early rising with the LarK?


Ten! Ten!

Best of men

Lots of helpers in his "den"

Buddha watching, garden place

Prospects here are really ace!


Fun! Fun!

Work soon done?

Underneath the East Pines' sun?

Tuesday, 'not allowed to rain?

Weather better than in Spain?




Works so hard we're feeling dizzy

Norm' and Irene are in tow

Planting "daffies" in a row!


Kneel! Kneel!

Great appeal  (A Tory!)

Does he ever tired feel?

Spade and rake are in his hand

Welcome to the Promised Land!


Chat! Chat!

"This and that"

Paul is just a pussy cat

Always smiling: "He! He! He!"

'Likes a sandwich with his tea!


Scrubs up well!

Rings our bell

On the tram with Dear Michelle

Many years ahead, you'll see

'Guess still crying: "He! He! He!"?


Boy! Boy!

Birthday Boy!

Anchorsholme for him PURE JOY!

Helping others ev'ry day

Always for World Peace will pray!


Smile! Smile!

Golden Mile

On the tram for little while!

Tower calmly bows its head

Paul, of course, by Heaven fed!


Cheer! Cheer!

Tea or beer?

Mum beside him, never fear!

Sending warmest Birthday wish

Paul, our friend, is such a dish!  12/03/2022  (For the 17th March) xxxx



R E S T L E S S    N I G H T !


Restless night, foul gale is blowing

"Poorly" fence is to-and- fro-ing

'Waiting for the final crack?

We want calmer weather back!


Rain is falling, soon it's hailing

Coastline battered, power failing

'Like to have a peaceful sleep

Underneath our duvet 'creep!


Weather warning, red and amber

'Thinking of "departed" Bamber!  (Gascoigne)

Letter-box is going mad

For some calmer forecasts 'glad?


Looking out, our bushes swaying

I need soothing piano playing......

Chopin, Schubert, Brahms and LIszt

Let's add  Mozart to our list!


Neighbour's car is really rocking

Garage door I'm swiftly locking

Debris blowing down the road

Van zooms past, no Highway Code? (5 am!)


Trams are silent, trains not running

Could this be a plan quite cunning?

Putin, Johnson soon will blame....

His excuses: ALWAYS lame!


Dawn is breaking, Magpies chatter

I'm regretting fish with batter!

Seeking refuge in the gym

Looking out, it's rather grim!


Write to friend, Berlin no better?

Heinz no longer a "go-getter"?

"Happy Birthday", have a meal

"Golden Eagle" :more appeal!  Amen xxxx 20/02/2022 xxxx




S  N  O  W  I  N  G  !!


Snow! Snow! Quick! Quick! Snow!

Blackpool's going under

Only takes a thousand flakes

Rips the town asunder!


Traffic crawling nose to tail

Whitegate Drive is murder

Keep away from Dixon Road

Snow ploughs are "in purdah!"


Funny Girls, they love the snow

In white nicely gleaming

Sleet that follows, such a drag!

'Can't be right, I'm dreaming!


Tower now is very white

Makes a change from gilded

Santa once was high up there

And with presents 'fiiled it!


Promenade soon full of sand

Great, with snow fine mixture?

Wait until the wind gets up

Not a Winter "fixture"?


Coldest ride on Big One, please!

Icicles hang freezing

Rather ride in Santa's sleigh?

On the piers folk sneezing!


Golden Mile is shining white

Sticks of rock not eaten

"Kiss me Quick!" not on the hats

Footy team not beaten!


'Won't be long, "normalitee"!

Roads are not as manic  (Really?)

Tourists never stay away

Snow ploughs needn't panic!


Sunshine soon, it's gone away

Never guess?.. It's raining

Famous Tower inclines its head

From all frown refraining! 19/02/2022, updated from January 1999 xx






O U R   G O L D E N   E A G L E


Golden Eagle

Welcome "regal"

Lady passing with her Beagle

Rachel smiles and we sit down

No one here would wear a frown!


Outside breezy

Old man wheezy

Asks for dish, it must be cheesey!

'Finds a seat and starts to smile

Welcome to our "Golden Mile"!


Place is cosy

Cheeks soon rosy

Soon wake up, I'm often dozey!

'Choose delicious fish and chips

"Famous Grouse" to pass my lips!  (For a change!)


Starter yummy

Happy tummy

Lots of cheese, it's rather "scrummy"! (Scrumptious!)

Have another calming drink

Food arrives before I blink!


Service speedy

Stomach "needy"

I , of couse. am NEVER greedy!

Quite content, 'got mushy peas

Far away from stormy seas!


Pudding choices

Happy voices?

Apple crumble, tum' rejoices

"Don't forget the custard, please!"

Rub some on my aching knees?  (NOT likely!)


Golden Eagle

Passing seagull

Atmosphere was really regal!

We'll be back, the value good

Don't forget your yummy "pudd"!  18/02/2022 xxxx











F O R M B Y ' S   T O W E R!


Sitting on the Blackpool Tower

Listening to Formby's power

Stick of rock is in his hand

"Welcome to the promised land!"


Ukulele, music flowing

Gulls above are "to-and-fro-ing"

Dropping "messages" for me....

Rub some on my aching knee?


"Cleaning windows" here, not easy?

With the wind, I'm rather wheezy

'Guess I'll need a glass of Grouse?

Once I'm back in cosy house?  (Only one?)


View the tourists, 'hope they're buying?

Wind for Blackpool it is sIghing

'Need the cash these Covid days

Music, and my head soon sways!


Amber warnings, wind is howling

Underneath protective "cowling"

Sea is smashing ' gainst the piers

Cups of tea, no cooling beers?


Stick of rock, I'm now conducting

Formby all his guests instructing...

"Put a hat upon your head!"

"KISS ME QUICK!", is what it said!


Irish Sea, its waves are crashing

Ukulele gets a bashing

Cheer me up, another song

"Georgie Boy, you can't go wrong!"


In the lift, I'm swift' descending

Music though is never ending

Veggie sausage 'stead of rock

"Wrap up warm, you Yorkshire "cock!"  18/02/2022 xxxx





M A I N L Y    W I N D!


Winds are blowing

Soon 'be snowing?

Birdie-feeder to-and-fro-ing!

'Wake, I hear another blast

'Wonder how long it will last?


Gales are howling

Doggies "fouling"  (Just for a change?)

Children reading J.K.Rowling?

Harry Potter "going nuts"

In the real world.... power cuts!


Fences rattling

SchofIeld "prattling" (Sell your car?)

Classic Music "this-and that-ling!"

Rather hear a Schubert song?

"Heidenroeslein".. 'Can't go wrong?


Sea is crashing

Shore it's "bashing"

Photos looking "Really smashing!"

Tower proud, is looking on

Whistle-ing a Beatles' song! ("Rain"?)


Rain is falling

Noise appalling

Hurricanes the world 'recalling?

Hoping peace lasts in Ukraine....

Rather have our driving rain?


Music playing

My head swaying

Nocturnes.... worries soon allaying?

Close my eyes and try to sleep

Ready for a slumber deep!


Cyprus sunny

Milk and honey

Sharon is a "happy bunny"

On her bike, the bluest sky

Can you hear the UK sigh?


Birthday "looming"

"Do my grooming"

"Facey-cream" and, I am blooming!  (Really?)

Settle down, let Gerschwin play

On this rather stormy day!  17/02/2022 xxxx




H A P P Y    K I N G Y !


Kingy's singing in the garden (New "ornament")

Blackbird hears this, he tweets: "Pardon!"

Blackbird shelters from the rain

He thinks: "What an awful pain!"


Fylde Coast, please avoid the showers!

They can happen through the hours

Pitter- patter on the roof

Sick of it, to tell the truth!


Litter-picker hates these showers

Weakens grabber's magic powers?

Where to shelter?.. Luton Road?

HERE, FORGET THE HIGHWAY CODE! (Racing cars again!)


Kingy's happy, sun is peeping

From his shelter he is creeping

Casts his eye to apple tree

Mum still watching, "He! He! He!" (Her ashes are there!)


Website saying: "Please, No Smoking!"

Fag-ends everywhere, you're joking!

Killed my grandad, father too

Even yougsters, 'can't be true?


Grandad's watching, leg he's holding

Drama soon would be "unfolding"

Amputation, cheer me up!

Sipping from my "Scotching Cup" (Famous Grouse)


In our park, the birds still twitter

Whilst I pick the scattered litter

Lots of bottles, scratch-cards too

Doggies use it as a loo!


Green Team busy, always working

I can see Dear Irene lurking....Beware!

Sylvia, always raise a smile

This I always keep on file!


Goldfinch singing, 'toastie eating (Not the bird?)

Paul arrives, the warmest greeting

Smiling faces, work is done

And, at last, some warming sun! 15/02/2021. Anchorsholme Pride xxxx






K I N G Y    B A B Y!


Kingy, Kingy, Kingy-Baby!

'Won't fly here, but I'll say, Maybe?

Goldfinch twitters in the park

Robin too, but not a Lark?


Walking! Walking! Gulls they hover

Always causing lots of "bother"

'Swoop for sandwich, ice-cream treat

Opposition they'll soon meet!


Lytham, Lytham, windmill "turning"

For some little birds we're yearning

Sparrow watching on a tree

I hear Paul shout: "He! He! He!"


Coasting! Coasting! Duck we're seeing

Lovely, little "feathered being"

Veggie poet, you are safe

Thinking of Dear Tony Rafe!  (Cyprus coast?)


Garden! Garden! blackbird hopping

For some meal-worms he is stopping

Blue Tit watching, "It's my turn!"

Tasty snack he soon will earn!


Starling! Starling! sixty seeing!! (62)

From the gulls they all are fleeing

'Cov'ring almost all our lawn

Smile instead of early yawn!


Birdies! Birdies! for feeding

Little nest for "blackbird breeding"? (We hope!)

Silly neighbours, gulls they feed

Not for us , this vicious breed!


Kingy! Kingy! Kingy-Baby!

By the river, then say maybe?

Glad I've done my "Birdie-Watch" (RSPB)

As I sip my glass of "Scotch"  13/02/2020 xxxx




F L E E T W O O D   C H I L D R E N


Teachers, children, on the beach

Irish Sea is within reach

Time to bring your bucket, spade

Drinking Cola, Lemonade


Dogs are running, owners watching

Older man perhaps is "Scotching"?

Picnic?.. rather cold I think

Seagulls dive before I blink!


See the signs, ALL gulls NOT feeding!

Happy when they are not breeding?

Please pick all your litter up

Man from bottle he does sup!


Good to see all children smiling

All of this the teachers filing

Project-time... or digging sand?

Welcome to the promised land!


Dogs are sniffing, circling, "dropping"

Child is careful; "crafty hopping"

Take ALL nasty poo away

Please don't spoil the childrens' day!!


Sky is lovely, sun is peeping

Little girl to blanking creeping

'Like to bottle all this joy

Fun for girl and fun for boy!


Walking on.... more happy walkers

Lots more strokes, we're happy talkers!

'Like to joke, make people smile

This must be our Golden Mile!


On the beach brings lots of pleasure

Watch the sea and, at your leisure!

We'll be back another day

Just another care-free day!  09/02/2020 xxxx