The manic poet




C A R L T O N  G . S.


Happy days at Carlton School

Friends will say: "Now who's the fool?"

Cane was swishing ev'ry day

From September until May!


Hoggy, Bobo, Mister Smith

Rather jump off highest cliff?

"Read a bit, Dear Trevor Reed!"

Sooty Shop or Little Weed?  (Manor Row!)


Playing piano, "All The Saints"

Wait until the player faints?

"Colonel Bogey",,, "Never play!"

Watch my head, it starts to sway!


Playing football, "Fetch the ball!"

In the woodyard, sacred "hall"

Bradford City, 'wear my cap

Midland Road, a fire-trap? (Bradford fire!)


In the Sixth Form, 'wear a gown

Lots of fun, we rarely frown

I was Robin, Batman friend  (Trevor Reed)

Driving staff "around the bend"!


At Saint George's, Speech Day pride

Snigger I can never hide?

Sporting trophies, happy times

Lots of fun for poet's rhymes!


Torch still burning, school has gone?

We are singing saddest song

Horseman whacking, just watch out!  (Music supremo!)

Ruler great for mighty clout! (T-square, you name it!)


Looking back, I heave a sigh

Iggy now is in the sky  (Ian Greenwood)

Town Hall does iincline its head

Was this school by Heaven fed? Any comments?  02/04/2022 xxxx




CHEERS, SIR! xxxx (No longer with us)


R E T R O S P E C T I V E  M O R SE !

(January 2012. Colin Dexter replied)


Long time ago, Inspector Morse

'Still think of him with great remorse (And John Thaw!)

That fateful day, infarction struck

It saved C.D. another book!  (Colin Dexter)


No more to dwell on plot and deed

Denied his fans this special "breed"

Forget "Service of All The Dead"

No more imagination fed!


Dark days of riding "Woodstock Bus"

Though "Wench is Dead", will cause no fuss

When even "Neighbour" causes fear

For "Annexe Three", a dreadful year!


No longer silent: "Mister Quinn"

Please, let the inspiration in!

To write again of "Daughters Cain"

In Oxford sunshine 'stead of rain!


"The Third Mile" enigmatic seemed

That "Jewel" in the sunlight gleamed

A murky route still "Through The Woods"

From author's brush, creative buds!


The "Dead of Jericho" sad seemed

With Lewis often planned and schemed

Those fateful words.."Goodbye, sir!", said

With great remorse my poor heart bled!


"Was Last Seen Wearing", writer's crown....

The Silver Dagger turning brown?  (Gold?)

Enjoy your Christmas, Colin D'

A-top detective writer's tree!  January 2012, updated: 21/03/2022 xx



D E A R    G O R D O N


Gordon was a special friend

Sad, is life is at an end

Joining Gladys in the "Sky"

Gosh, he was a lovely guy!


Long way from his Batley place

"War times hardly ever ace!"

Sheltering, all wars he hates

For a peaceful world he waits!


In his bed, no Gladys there

Lots of time to snooze and stare

Wiping tears: "My Darling's gone!"

Time to sing a calming song?


Car is waiting, twenty-four  (Years old)

Won't be driving any more!

Bookie's silent, bets no more

Used to make his spirits soar!


No more feeding gulls and mice

Garden always very nice

Reading in his "little den"

Memories of Bill and Ben!


Gordon, not a "gay", a "flash"

One Stop for his daily "dash"  (With his stick!)

No more lttle chocolate treats

Hunger pangs small snack defeats!


Neighbours bringing Sunday lunch

Biscuits for his morning "brunch"

Make another cup of tea

"Hold on, David, need a wee!"


Goodbye, Gordon, miss you so

Sorry that you had to go!

Birds are singing, tweet "Goodbye"

Write your name high in the sky!  Amen 16/03/2022 xxxx



B O O G I E - W O O G I E !


Boogie-Woogie, heads are swaying

Abba songs we all are "playing"

Floor is full of dancing feet

Gosh, this really is a treat!


"Dancing Queen", fine reputation?

Happiness throughout the nation

Lots of songs, let's entertain

Ease away the Ukraine pain!


"Queen" and Freddie M' remember

He too was a "Boogie-Member"

Rhapsody or "Crazy Love"

Elton too: our turtle dove!


"Carpenters", Kate Bush, all singing

Ev'ryone is "Ding-a-Linging"!

Memories of Pafos dance  (Kamares Club)

All of this our lives enhance!


I'm not one for "Barn-The-Dancing"

Couples here enjoy romancing

Helen smiling, writing soon

Underneath a Cleveleys' moon!


Where's our driver, he's not dancing?

Our experience enhancing!

Buxton for a sunny walk

Always lots of happy talk!


Whisky really is so calming

After all the news alarming

Cocktails or a carafe 'wine?

Life can really be divine!


Now we're home, we're feeling grateful

Didn't miss the news so hateful?

Orbison, a "pretty song"

And with G-Line... 'Can't go wrong! 07/03/2022 xxxx "Let's dance!"




A L W A Y S    M E M O R I E S !


Blue Tit singing on our tree....

Conjures up sweet memoree!

Great Tit in enchanted park

Shrewsb'ry' "early with the Lark?"


Mum is resting 'neath the tree

'Can't complain..'Yes, He! He! He!

Ashes safe and mem'ries too

Often with our "Cyprus Crew"


Happy Wandering, great fun (Cyprus)

Mostly with a warming sun

Even here, a cloudless sky

Friends have "gone", I heave a sigh!


Recently saw walking friend

Ninety now, warm greetings send

'Liked a hill, the steepest slope

"Faster!", No, I am no dope!


Alvaston, a friendly staff

Many jokes, we start to laugh

Bob is eating "half a pig"

Abba song, we start a jig!


"Safer on the motorway!"

Sticks and scooters all the day

Queues, we're standing on the coach

Lots of jewell'ry, sexy broach!


Mostly smiles and happy jokes

Friendly lass and chatty blokes

G-Line, you can take a bow

Always please, no matter how!


Stuart, exercise for neck!

Rather jump into a beck?

Chuckles echo, happy day

I hear snoring, come what may!


Planning for another trip

As "Wee Whisky" I do sip

Thank you for such mirth and fun

Next time we will order....Sun!  06/03/2022 xxxx







E S C A P E   T H E   G L O O M !


Stormy weather

End of tether?

Traffic racing "hell-for-leather"!

What we need: a G-Line trip

Start the engine, let it rip!


Stuart is our careful driver

'Guess he's not a G' reviver? (Gary back?)

Never, leave him in the hold......

Many dreadful stories told!


Alvaston, the weather's clearing

Lady near is hard of hearing... (Pardon?)

Stuart starts the checking in

Gary's gone, thrown in the bin!  (Cheer!)


Classy room, Dear Rufus smiling

Presence always is beguiling!

Comfy spot, a corner place

Baloo cries: "It's really ace!"


Buxton trip, the sun is shining

For a Whisky I am pining

Have a cup of tea instead?

Not so good for my "street-cred"?


Ev'ning meal, with Helen speaking

For some inspiration seeking

Anecdotes from Cleveleys-way

Shrewsb'ry, for some sunshine pray


Garden, we find so enchanting

Hill, poor man, he soon is panting

Fountains there to calm our nerves

Nature mental-health it serves!


Chairs and sticks, we're in real danger

'Guess we need a "Wheely-Ranger"?

Safer on the motorway?

Always see me: Giving way!


Visit calming

Massage charming

Ukraine scenes are so alarming

Warner Hotels win the day

"Danke vielmals!", we all say!   03/03/2022. Hello, Stuart!" xxxx





H A P P Y    M E M O R I E S


'Waking up, of East Coast thinking

Aunty Flo' at me is winking

'Moved from Bradford, Brid' her home

Bempton Cliffs she used to roam


Norman too, he's always smoking

Quite untrue, I'm only joking?

Florence moved when Norman died

We were sad, my mother cried!


Happy trips to Whitby, Filey

Memories are mostly "smiley"

'Though I'm not a Butlin's fan

In the sea, a dying man!  (A man drowned there. I saw this!)


Pauline, daughter, rugby watching

Husband, Keith, was rarely "Scotching"! (Unlike myself?)

Kicking goals and earning praise

To his health, my glass I raise!


Sunny days, we're Puffins seeing

Fish and chips and "cups-of-tea-ing"

'Loved the friendly atmosphere

Holiday, I start to Cheer!


Going back, 'see Florence smiling

All of this I'm carefully filing

In her nineties, 'look good

"Don't forget my Yorkshire pudd'!"


Whitby Abbey, steps we're climbing

And, of course, I'm always rhyming

Greatest view on to the sea

Running 'round, we feel so free!


We''ll be back, a trip soon booking

Nice hotel with tasty cooking?

Which one would you recommend?

East Coast is a special friend!  27/02/2022 xxxx