The manic poet




N A T U R E  A L W A Y S  W I N S!


I can hear the pigeons cooing

More important?.. Coffee brewing?

What a lovely garden view!

'Guess, our problems really few?


Mr. Blackbird calmly waiting

Berry or mealworms debating!

Opposition from the Gulls?

Gordon's gone, life never dulls?  (Amen!)


Magpies watching, chatter-chatter

On our roof a pitter-patter!

Starlings landing on our lawn

And it's only "early dawn"!


Sparrow, Robin, no surprises?

Gordon's spirit gently rises

'Miss my friend and Gladys waves

For some peace this world it craves!


Simon, plumber, early walking

With his wife I hear him talking

'Used to make our G' some meals

All our street such sadness feels!


No more treats, no salmon cooking

For his chocolate buttons 'looking!

Field mouse, pigeons lose a friend

Greetings to their friend they send!


Doggie passes, lady puffing!  (Vaper!)

'Least we do not hear dog wuffing!

Always has an early pee!

Do I hear a weeping tree?


Older walker, doggie winning

Teenage biker passes, "spinning"

'Throws his Costa cup away

And it's not my "litter day!


"Goodbye, Gordon!" Freddie singing  (Queen, F. Mercury)

"Flash The Gordon" gently "winging"

To the heavens kiss I blow

Peaceful was the "Gordon Show"!  Amen  10/04/2022 xxxx


P L E A   F O R   P E A C E !


Garden freezing

Soon I'm wheezing

Mister Blackbird mate is teasing!

'Hope to have a little nest

Nature's beauty is the best!


Ukraine crying

Thousands dying

Butcher Putin they're defying!

Gen'rals perish, soldiers too

From our homes: a sorry view!


Birdbath icey


Watching birds, it is my "vice-y"!

Blue tit and a Goldfinch land

Welcome to the promised land!


Houses crumble

Feeling humble?

Johnson is our "Mister Bumble"!

Not a Churchill, Peppa Pig

Does he really give a fig?


Gulls are watching

Freezing, "Scotching"? (Too early!)

'Feel the world we just are "botching"

'Want a place where all can thrive

No more dying.... "Stay Alive"!


Magpies chatter

Neighbours natter

On our roof a "pitter-patter"

Starlings landing on the lawn

Sunshine greets the early dawn!


Eyes now closing

No, not posing!

'Guess I really am reposing

Dream of world that is war-free

Blackbird singing in our tree!  31/03/2022 xxxx






N O I S Y    G U L L S !


Gulls! Gulls!

Cracking skulls?

They're around, life never dulls!

Dropping poo upon my head...

Gosh, they are by Heaven fed!


Screech! Screech!

Life's a "peach"

Rather have them on the beach?

Building nests by chimney tops

And for me, they're Nature's Flops!


Attack! Attack!

Watch your back!

Hear their noise, there is no lack!

Poor Maria, falling down   (Blackpool pier)

Ice cream gone, just view her scowl!


Blackbirds feed

Lovely "breed"

Keep food secret, it's our "crede"!

They have got a private place

Wipe the smile from gully's face!


Peaceful song

Gulls have gone!

Nothing else can then go wrong?

Hedgehog flattened on the street

For the gulls a tasty treat?


Nature wins?


Rubbish flying for our sins!

Gulls are ripping plastic bags

Noisy too, we need some gags!


Peace! Peace!

Stress release..

Hearing birdsong, calm increase'!

Sitting on our garden seat

Blue Tit too, it is my "treat"!   30/03/2022 xxxx








Bonjour! xxxx


G A R D E N    B I R D S


I love the sound of singing garden birds

A Blue Tit lands and finds his morning food

Foul Gull, he stares, and mutters "minor thirds"

A Blackbird too, to calm my early mood

Gull scared away, the scene is peaceful, sigh!

Our Blackbird has his early morning bath

'See Starlings circle in the bluest sky

A Robin watches, soon I start to laugh!

The lawn soon full of hungry pigeons too

"Don't harm our Blackbird, soon we'll find a nest!"

Yes, Mrs. B. is here, her problems few

Collecting twigs, she stops to have a rest!

A paradise, I sit and close my eyes

Protect our birds, of course, is very wise!  28/03/2022 xxxx





H E T T Y    W I N S !


'Good to have our "Little People"

Looking down from highest steeple

Rufus is a G-Line fan

Planning trips where-e're he can!


Hetty, Hedgehog, travels rarely

But, she's always treated fairly

'Likes a pillow for a snooze

And a whiff of "poet's" booze!


"Loving Nature, country venue?"

Gower p'rhaps is on our menu?

Swansea and that Tenby place

Any travels... Always Ace!


River cruising, Douro "BEAUTY"

Rufus really is a cutie

B.T. wants a cabin large!  (Baby Ted)

"Always butter, never marge'!"


"And, of course, we have our garden!"

Blackbird calling: "Morning, Pardon!"

Blue Tits waiting for their food

Soon we're in relaxing mood!


Watching Gulls, our "space" defending

Bullying is never ending!

All we want is constant peace

From the stress of news release!


Irish day, a flag we're waving

Memories of Clare we're saving (County)

Dublin for a Guinness drink

'Smiling widely, "What d'yer think?


"We're the Peeps, we're always smiling!"

All of this B.T. is file-ing

"Only need a list of trips

Glass of Whisky pass' our lips?" (Boozy Little Folk??)



Hetty smiling, warmer weather

Staying home?.... and we say NEVER!

Always trips are on our mind

Finding lands where folks are kind! Amen xx 17/03/2022 xx








      T O W E R    W O O D S


Tower Woods, the birds are tweeting, singing

Fine Heron watches, 'doesn't want to move

Nature's Bell we're hearing, "calmly ringing"!

The peace and quiet.... all of this approve!

We view this sight as H' his coat does preen

Guy's doggie silent, he is watching, still

The swimming ducks, they too enhance the scene

Our hearts with wonderment they quickly fill

The moment broken, lots of cans I see

Why leave this mess? a bin you'll find nearby!

A Blackbird watches from the tallest tree

Please keep this place forever liiter-free!

We heave a sigh enjoying Nature's "bliss"

I give my wife a grateful, gentle kiss!  16/03/2022 xxxx


M I S T E R    B L A C K B I R D


Dear Mister Blackbird hops along our fence

His breakfast finding, mealworms, Yummy Time!

The sun now shining, clouds are not so dense

An inspiration, soon I find my rhyme!

A Blue Tit watches: "When is it my turn?"

I love the tweeting, calming "Ukraine nerves"!

Large Gulls too lurking, when will they please learn?

Not welcome here!.. frightened Starling swerves

Hop! Hop! With Mrs. Blackbird on the scene

Delightful duo, soon I start to smile

I keep the Gulls away, they're really mean

"Please go away and find the "Golden Mile!"

A peaceful scene, no bullies here allowed

A warming Winter sun shines through a cloud!  11/03/2022. No stress!