The manic poet



"S E L L   Y O U R   C A R!"


Philip Schofield, cars he's selling

Same old advert he's retelling

Guy goes past and dumps some "crap"

All offenders get a "ZAP!"


"Motorway" the place for selling?

M6? Our police I'm telling!

"Sell you van and get a prize!"

All car owners, 'really wise!


Cheap cremation, it's so easy

'Like it when I'm really wheezy?

Cynical, enjoy our cash!

Give all adverts mighty BASH!


"Amazon" the world they're "ruling"

Not the firm for "April-Fooling"

Pay your staff a decent wage!

Time to turn another page?


Park for take-aways in bushes?

Rather watch the local thrushes?

Costa cups, discarded trays

Child with sweetie papers plays!


Time to leave? Dear G-Line waiting

Mr., Mrs Blackbird mating!

Robin chirps and finds his food

Soon I find a happy mood!


Wales our destination, Cheering!

No one on the coach is "beer-ing"!

'Glad that I don't have to drive!

'Give our driver huge "High-Five"!


Titchmarsh all his list'ners teasing

Royal music "really pleasing"!

Switching all the adverts off

Hat to "Classic FM" 'doff!  23/04/2022 xxxx Despite the adverts? 



"Welcome, Roger!" xxxx


R O G E R    R A B B I T


"Roger, you're a Yorkshire lad!"

"No, I'm not, that makes me sad!"  (He! He!)

"I, of course, am Blackpool born

Welcome to my "Tower Dawn"!


Roger is a present, Magic!

"Be a Yorkie would be tragic?"

"Poet" was in Bradford born

"Welcome to my Malham Dawn!"


Volunteering, picking litter

Knickers found, just hear my titter!

Love to find a bottle full  (Oui! Oui!)

Rabbit says: "Life's never dull!"


Paul and crew are broadly smiling

All of this the rabbit's filing

Facebook.. not his cup of tea?

Watching birdie's in our tree!


"Like to see a Blackbird eating

All the Gulls he is defeating!"

Clever rabbit, secret place

Watch the smile upon his face!  (Smirk?)


In the cafe, he's observing

Tories there, and soon he's swerving!  (Not daft!)

"Tony Benn a hero, see!"

Paul, of course, laughs: "He! He! He!"


Going home, with Rufus talking

Partial to some "garden walking"

Keeping watch: "Please, all behave!"

Rabbit really needs a shave?


Happy Times, at last he's snoozing

He's not one for "secret boozing"

'Glad to have some special friends

Greetings to Paul Galley 'sends!  13/04/2022  xxxx


"Cheers!" xxxxxx


H O M E G R O W N    T E A?


Yorkshire Tea

'Sets us free

Grown in Yorkshire..

On a tree?  (Mum)

And it's drunk by kings and popes

Thank you to Dear Yorkie slopes!


Tasty Brew

E'en with stew? (My dad!)

Harrogate for..

Yorkshire "crew"!

Warm enough, those Pennine hills?

Mother gave me lots of thrills!


Dad so sad

Then, quite "mad"

Poor Vienna...

Leave, they're glad!

Wiener Schnitzel, Yorkshire pudd'!

Drinking tea, whene're he could!


Cafe time

Poet's rhyme

Drinking tea is..

Not a crime!

Lancashire, no "Yorkie Brew"?

"Swilling time" for "Lanky Crew"!


Soon I smile

Golden Mile

Tower watching

For a while

Whisky or a cup of tea?

Tea, of course and: "He! He! He!


Aunty D' (Doris)

Worshipped tea

Ten cups daily

"For her knee"?

Albert needed Yorkshire beer  (Uncle Albert)

"Tea will slowly make you "queer"?


Yorkshire Tea

Makes me wee! (Never!)

Paul now laughing

He! He! He!

'Partial to a tasty brew

Drinking it our... problems few!  12/04/2022 xxxx


C A R   N O W   G O N E !


Red car has gone

Sing doleful song

Garage now empty

Life still goes on?


Sad, towed away!

April the day

Nephew didn't know him....

He gets the "pay"!  


Bookie's no more

Grand National "score"

Journey to Thornton?

Never, NO MORE!


"Chaplin" the stick!

Ice-lolly lick?

One Stop will miss him

He earned a tick


Twenty-six car (Age)

Never drove far

Accident shook him

Soon "below par"!


Car in the sky?

Carries him high

Gladys soon 'finding

I heave a sigh!


'Bye Bye, Dear friend!

All things must end

Silent the garage

Sympathy 'send!


Field mouse just waves

'Memories saves

Garage a tomb is!

Silent all graves!  11/04/2022.  I watched the red car "depart"! xxxx






"M O N E T  O F  T H E  P A R K!"


Gosh, our concillor is painting....

Mother too, I'm almost fainting

Railings glisten tangerine  (Blackpool?)

It's a peaceful East Pines' scene!


Up and down, the brushes working

Teens nearby, I see, are lurking

"Naughty things" upon the swing

Rather hear the birdies sing?


Litter always, makes me "twitter"

Lots of bins, 'have feelings bitter!

"Pick your daily scratch cards up!"

Fat guy from a can does sup!


Close my mouth, abuse not liking

And the teens on grass are "biking"

Sorry, Paul, we do our best...

Wearing proudly "East Pines' Vest"!


Walking on, Paul's really busy

Mum is fine, she makes me dizzy

Destination "Kitchen Place"  (Kay's)

Thai food really is so ace!


Cleveleys "shop", the food delicious

Workers' talk is rather "vicious"

Block your ears, 'don't often swear

"Welcome" to Dear Rufus Bear!


Loved my noodles, tasty "veggie"

Tattooed guy, by name of Reggie

We will have a take-away

On another April day!


Two hours later, Monet's "stroking"  (Brush?)

Not a doggie, 'only joking!

"Time for you to have a rest

Galley Guy just is the best!"  "Cheers, Sylvia!"  08/04/2022 xx






W H O ' S   T H E   "F U E L"?


Rishi Sunak, car he's filling

Having four cars: really thrilling?

Dearest wife, she pays no tax

This to "H.M.R." we fax!


"Level Up!", we all are waiting

Tory fairness we're debating

Time to sell off Channel Four?

Listen to the "chancellor" roar!


Big decision, which car driving?

'Wonder how you are surviving?

Trainers glisten, "sexy" smile

He can go that extra mile! (Space trip booked?)


Private plane, which destination?

Paid for by our suff'ring nation!

Taking off, a friendly wave

Going to a "party rave"?


"Shut up, "poet", keep on walking!"

Picking litter, 'locals talking

Time to have a little drink?

Coffee with some friends, I think?


Working hard, they're railings painting

Older friends are almost fainting!

Park is grateful, bows its head

Buddha is by "Heaven" fed


Meanwhile plane is "nation" viewing

Thoughts of fossil-fuels eschewing?

'Visit peasants in the North

Flying over Firth of Forth!


Who's the fool, Dear Rishi smiling?

All of this his wife is filing

So exhausted: "Life is hard!"

Someone 'playing Joker's card?  Amen xxxx 07/04/2022 xxxx





S T R A C H A N  T R A V E L


Strachan Travel, Sue and Loren

Busy as a rabbit warren?

Karin talking on the phone

Gosh, I love her dulcet tone!


Thornton-Cleveleys, very busy

Soon I'm feeling rather dizzy

P'rhaps we need another trip?

Into Strachan we do "zip"!


Wales, it is our destination

Happy is this rugby nation

Tenby for a peaceful stroll?

Strachan, we achieve our goal!


Lots of talking, "poet" joking

Look at Loren, almost choking!

Work exper'ence, college soon

Underneath a Bispham moon?


"Riviera", Duoro calling

Lisbon trip we are recalling

River cruising, lovely view

Thank you to the "Strachan Crew"!


Couple wants Greek Island cruising

No one there, of course, is boozing?

Gin and Tonic,  Brandy "six"

Whisky is my only "fix"!


Atmosphere is so relaxing

Brochure reading isn't taxing!

Super Team, our trip is paid

Now I'm drinking.... Lemonade!!


Strachan Travel, Tower waving

Many trips I hope they're saving?

"We'll be back", we're sending praise

As my Whisky glass I raise!  "Chapeaux Bas!" Hats off to Stachan Crew!"


05/04/2022 xxxx