The manic poet




       T H E    K I N G  

O F    B L O O M F I E L D !    


That dear Football Wizard

Is casting his spell

From Hanley to Blackpool

Great stories they tell!


A knight in white armour

He jousts on the wing

And all fall before him

All Hail "King of Kings"!


He reigned on the right wing

He'd shimmy and turn

All full backs defeated

With lessons to learn!


He's tangerine wearing

Of Bloomfield the King

And then with Stoke City

Great praises we sing


Watch Beckham and Keegan

No millionaire....

He played just for peanuts

With passion and flair!


He's playing for England

With Finney and Nat' (Lofthouse)

The full back's worst nightmare

He'd cross "just like that"!


At Wembley The Hero

Mortensen and team

That trophy he's lifting

Fulfilled his life's dream!


With Waddington toasting

A great football life

The wing still patrolling

Let's drink to his life!


That gent', born in Hanley

Was always supreme

Victoria Stadium

The end of his "dream"!


Hats off to our hero

He's there on a cloud

The great Stanley Matthews

Majestic and proud! From 2000, 26/05/2022 xxxx

(Published in the Blackpool Gazette)

YEAR 2000!

T H I S  I S  B L A C K P O O L

Rows of hotels

Bacon-egg "smells"

Coffee aroma

Landlady "Belles"!


B' and B' guests

Men in string vests

Sun and the Mirror

Deckchairs "invests"!


Donkey-back rides

Jungle Jim slides

Spades and a bucket

High and low tides


Tram rides and prom'

Pass "Uncle Tom"

Fish and chip "suppers"

Big One a "Bomb"!


Pleasure Beach fun

Ken Dodd, our son"  (R.I.P.)

Frankie Vaughan starring

B' Number One!  (Blackpool)


Wurlitzer sound

Bloomfield Road ground

Matthews our hero

'53 crowned!


Sand Castle pool

Town.. "Oh so cool!"

Bright lights and lasers

Orville, no fool!  (Duck?)


Shows on the pier

"Kiss-me-Quick, Dear!"

Fat lady postcards

Sky always clear!  (Really?)


Waxworks there too

Famous old zoo

Stanley Park boating

"Funny Girls' crew"!


Tower-Top ride

Frank Carson "guide"

Rock and some Candy Floss

Town full of pride!


"On with the Show!"

Warm is the glow....

Small childrens' faces

Parents "in tow"!


Number One Coast

'Blackpool we boast

Laughter-and-Fun town

'Love it the most!  Updated from 2000, 20/04/2022 xxxx




T O W E R - T O P - R I D E   (1999!)

(Blackpool Gazette)


Into the lift

Tower-Top Ride

Up in the sky

Eyes open wide


Dizzy the feeling

Climb to the top

View disappears..

Come to a stop!


Up in the air

Look out to sea

Follow our Prom'

Head floating free!


"Turrets" above

Guarding the Tower

Criss-cross the girders

Feeling its power!


Dwarfing the "Big One"

"Insects" below

"Cheers Winter Gardens!"...

"On with the Show"!


Seagulls are thronging  (Help!)

Miles of curved metal

Covered in lights

All in "good fettle"!


From Ninety-Four (1894!)

Hundred years plus

Tower, now bows

Minimum fuss!


Sunshine so warm

Southport the view

See Stanley Park

Greenlands High too! (No longer!)


Open top trams

Big Wheel is spinning

Piers guard our town

Tourism winning!


Down to the ground

Cars parked on roof

Great engineering

Tower its proof!


Future we toast

Long may it stay


Soon month of May! Updated, 17/04/2022.... Time flies


H O L I D A Y S !


"Happy Easter, many suffer..

Bullet for some passing "duffer"?

"Have a Happy Holiday!"

Soon we'll have the month of May!


Garden blooming, Blackbird twitters

In our garden no one "litters"

Cherry Tree inclines its head

This, at least, by Heaven fed!


Roads are full of honking drivers

Time for "alcohol revivers"?

Rather stay in garden place?

Prospects there are really ace!


Think of church, the organ playing

You can see my head, it's swaying!

That was many years' ago

Rather struggle through the snow? (Cynical?)


'Miss the music, choir is singing

Head with lovely thoughts is "ringing"

Piece: "Gay folk we must convert"!

My poor heart forever hurt! (special music!!!)


With my wife and "Little People"

Now I am atop a steeple!

Pour a Whisky, close my eyes

Peaceful is our Cleveleys' skies!


Happy mem'ries, "Comfort-Zone-ing"

No one there can hear my moaning

Many suffer, money gone

Singing doleful, "starving song"


"Happy Easter!", Rufus smiling

All of this, of course, he's file-ing

Wishes ev'ryone real peace

From the stress of war release!  Amen, 15/04/2022 xxxx








W A I T I N G  F O R  A  T R A M !


Tower behind me

Look out to sea

Wind gusting wildly

Buffeting me!


Man feeds the pigeons

Bird on his head

One on his arm too

Swarm eats his bread!


So fascinating

Birds on his chest

Scramble for bread crumbs

Bites at his vest!


"Eat Dinky Doughnuts"!

Italy Food

Wait for the summer

Lightens my mood!


'See piers before me

Big One peeps out

Frank Carson was there!

Wind gives a CLOUT!


Pigeons are hov'ring

Struggling on

Sea chasing shorewards

Whooshing along!


Looks like a horse-race

Steeds riding in

White manes are shimm'ring

Galloping in!


Bandstand is empty

Ghostly the sound

Welcomes the brass band

Summer comes 'round!


Sand chasing pigeons

Wind lifts the litter

Then snatches anorak

Coldness so bitter!


'Look to the Tower Top

Rocking the mast

Iron so sturdy

Rust from the past!


Tram in the distance

Outclear unclear

Sand flying upwards

Route: Central Pier!


Scene so enchanting

Tram now arrives

Glad for safe haven

Warmth me revives!  20.03.1999.. Blackpool Gazette, Updated 06/04/2022 xxxx