The manic poet



W A L K I N G    A G A I N!


Walking! Walking!

Happy Talking!

Veggie people, never "porking"

Setting off from Kincraig place

Prospects, walkers... really ace!


Mansell talking

'Glad I'm walking

Soon he is Dear Peter "stalking"!

Sun is shining, Mumbles' talk

Back to Swansea for our walk?  (Not really!)


Cary, Gower

Golden hour

We can feel her "German power"

Linking Wales with Wachtendonk (North Germany)

Car goes pass with noisy honk!


Buggy pushing

No one rushing

'Make a "noise", just look, I'm blushing!

Toddler loves the birdie song

Singing too before too long!


Pylon, Tower

'Lectric power

All of nature is "in flower"

Eiffel or "The Blackpool" first?

France, please, never, never cursed!


Peaceful feeling

Past revealing

Soldiers, players so appealing!

Armfield, Finney, soldiers too

We are luck: problems few!


Rob' is smiling

All this filing

Kilometers, NO not "mile-ing"

Peter leads the loud applause

Walking is our "sacred cause"!  Amen! 15/05/2022 xx









G O O D B Y E   T O   W A L E S !


Gower over

Dog named Rover

Try a ferry, not from Dover! (Impossible?)

Mumbles was a pleasant place....

Kept a smile upon my face!


Accent losing? (Welsh?)

Starmer boozing!

Jane in Florida is cruising (Wakey girl!)

Time to book another trip?

"Come on, poet, get a grip!"


Duoro cruising

No one boozing!!

GPO my pasport losing!

Never mind, get 'private plane! 

Tory villa out in Spain!


Cyprus waving

Trip I'm craving

Energy we would be saving?

Do we hire a paddle boat?

Whisky trickles down my throat!  (Never!)


G-Line driver

Faith reviver

Brian's trips just cost a fiver! (£s!)

Writing nonsense, no one cares

I can see our smiling bears!


Gower Glory

Happy story

No, I've never been a Tory!

Johnson on a trip to Mars

'Won't be missed in Commons' bars!


Meghan, Harry

Far from Barry?

Sprake our goalie, "Fingers Gary"! (1960s)

Hiding from the rotten news

Thinking of our Douro cruise! Fingers crossed! 09/05/2022 xxxx








Let's drink to lots of trips! xxxx


L I T T E R - W A L K E R!


Early morning, feel the power!

Dreaming of the pretty Gower

Walking to our local store

I can feel my spirits soar!


Picton Castle, owls are smiling

Rufus this is gently filing

We all love the atmosphere

Dreaming of a Leon Beer?  (Cyprus?)


Tenby, lots of boats are sailing

Gulls, of course, are noisy, "wailing"

Coffee drinking, peaceful place...

And our driver's really ace!  (Brian)


Mumbles, David, friend, is moaning

"Don''t like here!", and now he's groaning!

"Go away, we love it Dave!"

Memories we love to save!


Back in Cleveleys, grabber's working

Lots of litter always "lurking"!

Alleyway has got a dish (Satellite dish)

Freezer too and smelly fish!


Never mind, the cars are racing

Old man little car is chasing!

Whoops, a bike just misses me

Off to Gower, set me free!


Linda smiles, the candles blowing

Young guy always "to-and-fro-ing"!

"Happy Birthday, Linda Dear!"

Celebrate another year!


Gower leaving, staff now waving

For another trip we're craving! (Always!)

Portugal, Oporto waits

Travelling: "Such awful fates!" Really? 07/05/2022 xxxx









D R I V E R    B R I A N !


Gower we're heading

Great news spreading

'Hope our hotel has good bedding!!

Brian takes us safely on

Whistel-ing a Beatles' song


"Tewkers, baby!" (Tewkesbury)

Coffee, maybe?

Mary, David, "rockers, baby!"

Little Folk enjoy their seat

How they love a "G-Line Treat"!


England 'leaving

Stress relieving

In the pull of Wales 'believing!

Bristol Chanel 'leave behind

Welsh folk 'always really kind!



Comfy seating

Hotel team we soon are meeting

'Show us to our cosy room

View of flowers all in bloom!


Yummy dinner

Fish the winner

David is a "wine-o-sinner"

'Glad to have a friendly chat

Euro-issues, this and that!


Picton Castle

There's no hassel

Owls abound, a magic castle!

Tenby for a little stroll

Ten K' is my "daily goal"!  (Kilometres, please!")


Mumbles, Swansea

By the blue sea

Blackbird singing, 'feeling so free!

Time to have a cake or five?

I am crying: "Snakes alive!"


'Sad we're leaving

Ukraine grieving? (Lots of flags here!)

Grateful thanks we are receiving

We'll be back, we love your trips

'Time for "wee dram" ,pass my lips! 01/05/2022  xxx We salute G-Line! xxx







I T'S   A   D O G ' S   L I F E !


How to spend a pleasant "hower" (hour!)

Dog and lady on the Gower

Mumbles' Castle looking on

Welsh will sing a happy song!


"Welcome in the hillsides" singing

"Girl" a ball for dog is flinging

Bribing with a "chicken treat"

"Watch that horse-muck under feet!"


Views to die for, Devon beckons

On some sunshine, lady reckons!

'Love the silence, calming breeze

Soon we both are at our ease!


Friendly chat, and lots of smiling

All of this we're "gently filing"!

Moving on, a coach to catch

Doggie at his snack does snatch!


Roland telling local stories (Our guide)

Not for Swansea, local heroes?

Richard Burton, "Jenkins Cath"

Stories make the coach folk laugh!


Rugby and some cricket 'mentions

"Lucky group, we all have pensions!"

Local heroes, World War Two

"Great!", today our problems few!  (Ukraine?)


"Cream-the-tea-ing", Yorkshire flavour (Really?)

And we have some cakes to savour!

Cherry- or an apple-tart?

Gower sings: "How great thou art?"


Driving back and Roland's singing

Happy times, our ears are ringing!

Grateful for a perfect day

Gower, soon the month of May!  25/04/2022 xxxx