The manic poet


BOM DIA! xxxx


F I N A L    H O O R A H !


Skipper speaking, Bob is smerking

Lock approaches, ship is jerking

"Obligado!", we all bow

'Get to Manchester somehow?


Sarah busy, "paper-working"

Look out, Rafael is lurking

'Guess we've had a lot of fun

Underneath the Douro sun


Final breakfast, Cava waiting

Happy birds are busy mating!  (Au secours!)

Muesli and some tasty fruit

Friend Mohammed is a "beaut"!


Final gangway, we are joking

Fun at Johnson we are poking..

Leader now p'rhaps Peppa Pig?

Music 'have, a final jig!


Hot for walking, take a ferry

"Take your time, we're in no hurry!"

Cable car above our heads

No more cosy cabin-beds!


Need some water, beer I'm choosing...

As you know, I'm not for boozing!

Porto for some cheaper booze

Whisky, even on our cruise!


'Bye to Bob and Pat, we'll miss you

Do I need a paper tissue?

Sarah, Rafael and co'

"Elegance", we love you so!


U.K. now, at least it's cooler

Rishi soon to be our "ruler"?

"What a farce, 'wave Euro' Flag

As I'm picking burning fag!  (Litter-picker's dream!) 16/07/2022  xxxx







        O N L Y   M E M O R I E S !


One week has passed, Dear Douro's far away

Those shiny tiles still sparkle 'fore my eyes!

It's Friday, cool inside "The Lodge", heads sway

Outside a perfect river, bluest skies!

In Cleveleys, only wind and rain to "charm"

The garden's weeds are growing, busy day

No forty plus, with goose-lumps on my arm

All Peonies gone, just watch our Daisies sway!

Adeus, Dear crew, at airport speaking French

Dear lady is astonished... "Englishman"!  (We do not do languages!!)

Reflect on cruising, seated on a bench

At last: "Please view my continental tan!

Say "Au Revoir", we wave to Porto Town

My memories efface all trace of frown!  Amen, 15/07/2022. xxxx




W H E T H E R   O R   N O T ?


Wind and rain

What a pain?

"Hardly ever rains in Spain!" (Portugal?)

G.B., moaning weather talk

We all love a rainy walk! (Really?)


"Ot 'un, Dave!"  (Another hot day in Cyprus!)

Heinz would "rave"!

For a cool spot I would crave

U.K. visitors would faint

"British weather 'guess it ain't!"


Steepest track

Sun, no lack!

Lady fainting at the back

Lots of water, Leon treat

Rub Halloumi on your feet!!!!


Never glad?

Raining, sad?

'Guess our winters not too bad?"

Weather is a starting point

With some sun-cream self "annoint"


Baldest head

Flesh soon red

Poorly, spend some days in bed!

We don't like your forty C'!

"Twenty 'what we like to see!"


"Deckchair Time"

Poet's rhyme

"Want some Whisky with my lime!!!"

Blackpool beach, leap in the sea

Freezing, I laugh: "He! He! He!"


Porto sun

Much more fun

All adore that "Currant Bun"!

Sheltering, we're in the shade

Sipping at our Lemonade!  Amen! xxxx 14/07/2022 xxxx, Rafael! xx





T H I R T Y    Y E A R S!


Thirty years, Yes, Celebration!

Lucky pair within this nation

Portugal for Douro Cruise

Lots of food and "little" booze!


Sarah smiling, warmest greetings

Cooling down from "Douro heatings"!

Have some "Champers", Celebrate"

Poor old Eileen, it's her fate!


Salamanca, coach is driving

G-Line Tours we are reviving?

Planning for North Yorkshire stay

Yet it feels so far away!


Rafael, of course, is joking

Fun at Spanish "hosts" he's poking

Fine Flamenco, time to dance

Thinking of our swift romance!


Smiling faces, mirth and laughter

"World of peace is what we're after!"

'Glad to have no UK news....

Silence of cathedral's pews!


We're returning, border crossing

No guards here, no "people-bossing"!

Resting on a peaceful ship

Time for some to have a dip!


"On the tiles"?, no only splendour

Mat-e-us: the greatest "mender" (Sorry, Rafael!)

Arms around my little girl

Soon my head is in a whirl!


Celebrate, Thank "Linda Poulton"

Covid still in Leigh and Bolton!

Thank You for these thirty years

Toast with Whisky, rarely beers!  04/07/2022 xxxx





P O R T U G A L ?

L I T T L E  B R I T A I N ?


Portugal, found little litter

Little Britain..'feeling bitter!

Baby's nappy on my track

'Want to give this lout a crack?


Town or river: mainly beauty

Swallow passing: just a cutie! (Douro cruise)

Hedgehog flattened, Cleveleys' road

Racing cars, no Highway Code!


Local ginnel, cans and bottles

Car is passing, 'hear the throttles!

Looking at the greenest hill

Douro scenery... a thrill!


Car is passing, driver "throwing"

Road with Costa cups is "flowing"

One lands on a lady's head

Driver keeps his fine "street-cred'"!


Coach is driving, clear the roadside 

Litter-free, inspiring such pride

'Guess so many Brits don't care?

Even find "abandoned bear"


Baby's dummy, broken tele!

Man with tattoos on his belly

Close my eyes, a Douro sky

Can you hear despairing sigh?


Really sunny, eyes are closing

Lady for a selfie posing

Toss a coin, we Porto choose

Though 'dislike the awful booze!


Pride in Britain, must do better!

Write my MP "protest letter"

"Please, take all your litter home!"

Blackpool soon turns into Rome!  Am I deluded, 13/07/2022 xxxx







               A  D  E  U  S  !


Another church, another tower

Our head-sets on, a golden hour

Soon glad to be on 'upper deck

A tasty beer, 'shout: "Bloody 'Eck!"


A lock to pass, it's dark inside

Our ship is sailing "with the tide"

Brave helicopter water takes

Large fire the countryside it bakes!


Tall guy is smoking and a beer!

Polluted lungs I start to fear!

Young girl and mother brave the sun

The swimming pool is much more fun!


We bow to Captain and his crew

'Admit, our problems really few!

Atlantic Ocean, airport waits

We ponder, maybe, future dates?


Goodbye to Porto, Sarah waves

And lots of memories Bob saves!

For Rafael, all talks are done

No more those "Spanish jokes" for fun!


My Whisky-lemonades no more! (Help!)

With no Mohito drinks to pour!

We'll miss the tasty pasta sauce

Amd salmon filets too, of course!


That piano player "missing notes"

Les Dawson, Yes, would get our votes!

"Moon River", with a jerky base

Immovable... Augusto's face!


Edouardo, driving wizard "Cheer"!

With "Rapha" smiling ear-to-ear

More wines to taste, a boozy cruise

"Try white Port too, no time to lose!"


Perfection is our Douro Time

No problem with the poet's rhyme?

"Adeus", we hope to meet again

Perhaps, we think, in nearby Spain!   12/07/2022 xxxx xx



B O M   D I A   P O R T O!


River taxi crossing over

No, not heading staright to Dover!!

Douro River, metal bridge

It's so hot, we need a fridge!


Cafe for a beer, we're resting

Soon Pat's patience waiter testing!

Throwing beer on Pat and bag

Youngster near us smokes a fag!  (HELP!)


Bridge of metal, train is crossing

On the pavements, scooters "bossing"!

Glad to reach the river's edge

Have some Cod, please, with your veg'!


Rumours that "Foul Johnson's" leaving

Watch Sky News, we're soon believing

Like to stay in Porto "Town"?

London only brings a frown!


Lots of litter, decking dirty

Who's that moaning: Horrid Gerty!

Fag ends wedged in tiny cracks

'Like to give offenders whacks?


Far away from Douro cruising

Far away from food and boozing

Chaos in the poor U.K

Old man says: "It's all O.K.!"  (Really?)


"Won two wars, so please don't worry!"

"Eat your beef, not Paki Curry!"  (I am not making this up!)

"Can you hear this, Douro-way?"

Just another "Tory Day"


Never mind, the sun is shining

Coal in England soon we're mining!!

Close my eyes and float away

It's a lovely Porto Day!  08/07/2022  xxxx, Rafael xxxx




B  O  N    V  O  Y  A  G  E !


Try river cruising on a July's day

The deck so hot, you'll leap into the pool

Fine canopy protects us from sun's ray'

A beer for me, I am nobody's fool!

There's lots to see, we love the iron bridge

Grand houses on the hillside, swallows fly

It's forty C', retreating to the "fridge"

Above us we admire a cloudless sky

Life so relaxing, not a sound is heard

Until the crew prepare for concrete lock

Whilst high above 'view lonely, circling bird

Yet lots of time before we have to dock!

We raise our glass' to Douro Elegance

My mind, I feel, is really in a trance!  Sonnet, 05/07/2022 xxxx



E L E G A N T  C R U I S I N G


Travelling with Riviera

For a week they are our carer

Douro Elegance for us

River cruising without fuss!


Setting off we're soon relaxing

Sun-deck really is not taxing

Sipping at a "Bock-ish Beer"

Safely sailing without fear!


Dear Mohammed, pleasant faces

All a part of "Douro aces"

Hillside quinta, vineyard view

'Must admit: "My problems few!"


Canopy protects our faces

Griffon vulture Swallow chases

Always lots of things to see

Bob is laughing: "He! He! He!"


Left the bend, another vista

Then a bridge: "Mind head, Dear Mister!"

Villas on the steepest slope

One looks fit for king or pope!!


Time for lunch, I opt for pasta

'Get there first, I'm always faster!

Ice-cream with a lot of fruit

Cheesecake really is a beaut'!


Entertainment, piano playing

For a right note I am praying!

'Like to have a song by Queen?

"Beach Boys" really are my "scene"


Sarah busy organising

 "System Sound" so agonising?

Patience always wins the day

It's a Riviera Day!


Sun is shining, many "wine-ing"

For a coolish beer I'm pining

"Just relax, a Whisky soon!"

Underneath a Douro Moon!


Riviera, glass we're raising

All activities we're praising

Walking with our head-sets on

Singing sweet, relaxing song!  Thank you, Riviera Travel, 08/07/2022 xxxx






                    R A F A E L



Rings our bell!

Manages his talks so well

Fluent English, no surprise!

Write his name high in the skies!


Soon in charge

Butter, marge? 

He's a captain, not a "sarge"

Smiling on the Douro shore

Guests all love him more and more!



Not surprised?

Clever stories are devised!

Union, of course, with Spain

Portugal will always reign!


Douro King

Hear him sing?

Yes, he sounds our ding-a-ling!

Cruising, "Elegance" is he

Can you hear my: "He! He! He!"?


Porto start

Beating heart

Smooth, of course, as we depart'

Information, Portuguese

And we have some tasty cheese!  (And wine!!)


Midday sun

Not much fun?

To 'cathedral we all "run"

Stories always to amuse

Makes a change from food and booze!



"Here we go!"

Maybe rain, or maybe snow?

Thirty-three is on the dial

Rafa has all this on file


On the "bus

Little fuss

Politics we can't discuss?  (Banned?)

Love to see the coloured tiles

And, of course, Dear Rafa's smiles!


Blackpool Tower

Rafa's power....

Celebrate his golden hour!

Tower bows its famous head

We are by a genius led!  04/07/2022..  Bom dia! xxxx xxxx




Cruising! Cruising!

Many boozing (Never!)

Thoughts of stress I soon am losing

Far away from "passport chase"

Life now at a slower pace!


Laughing! Joking!

Fun we're poking

I can hear our smoker croaking

Gosh, it's getting really hot

Cleveleys' prom', I guess it's not! (Hardly!)



Boatmen rowing

Glass of port, one guy is "crowing"!

Scenery so varied here

Stranger too: our "Bockish Beer"!


Sarah leading

Smiles she's "breeding"

All advice, of course, we're heeding!!

Groggy from a glass of Port

Red or white, whatever sort!


Captain steering

Bob is "beering"

Gosh, another lock appearing!

Marvel at the Captain's skill

Passing through, we feel a thrill!


Ship outstanding

Not demanding

'Guess we love the Douro "branding"

Sailing and we find great peace

From the stress of life 'release! xx   02/07/2022 xxxx