The manic poet



S K I D D I N G   R I S K !


"Skidding Risk"!

Driving's brisk! (Really?)

Car soon shaken like a whisk?

'Round a corner on two wheels

'Wonder how this poet feels?......


Could you guess?

In a mess

Rather walk I must confess!

Safer far from motorways

For some peace this person prays!


Light on red

Anger "bred"

One day one of us is dead?  (Hopefully NOT!)

"Green" and then the race is on

Whistle-ing a F-One song!


Market place

Manic pace

For some groceries we chase

"Safer on those sacred roads!"

Here there are no shopping codes!


Asda dash

Card not cash

With your sausage have some mash!

You can tell, my mind has "gone"

Singing cheerful "Madness song"


Car park blues

"Tanks" in twos

How we love the endless queues!

Van is pushing, "Forty sign"

Changing water into wine!


Danger Fear

Car to 'rear

Once I'm home, just hear me Cheer!

Time to have a peaceful sleep

Driving almost makes me weep!  Time to cycle?  10/08/2022 xxxx




       M O N E T ' S    B A C K!


Dear Monet's back, no water lilies here

His brush is poised, await a work of art

Not Giverny, more like the Blackpool pier

Impressionist, expect some coloured "art"!!

"A woman with a parasol" walks by

Expecting poppies, not a garden fence!

No Pierre Renoir, when painting, heave a sigh?

Industrial this painter, his defence?

The brush is moving, paints a world of green

A beach nearby, a garden more in view

No landscape artist, he's the Dancing "Queen"

Such subtle movements, problems rarely few!

The work complete, the neighbours toast success

Poor Monet, in the shade, all must confess!  Really? 08/08/2022 xxxx








C O N F U S I O N  R E I G N I N G


Confusion Reigning

'Least not raining!

Neck to window I am craning

Fences, will you get some paint?

Blackbird feeling rather faint!


Garden bullies

Life so dull is

Roof is full of foulest "Gullies"  (Seagulls!)

Leave our Robin, please, alone!

Listen to dear Blackbird "moan"!


Airport panic

All is manic

Travel: 'Guess we have to BAN-ic!  (It, even?)

Take a ship and have some peace?

From the stress of crowds release!


Traffic chasing

Cars are racing

I prefer some "steady-pacing"

Rather take a country walk?

Bird-song and some happy talk!


News so boring

Soon I'm snoring

Robin chirps, my spirits soaring

Dreaming of a Cyprus flight

Pafos, what a wondrous sight!


Sunak, "Truss-y"

She's no hussy....

Purring like a little pussy?

Toss a coin and no one's there

Leader p'rhaps is Rufus Bear?



All links sever  (All aone?)

People on the "Never-Never"

Winter when we all can freeze

Time to have my toasted cheese?


Soon I'm snoozing

"Douro boozing"

Peaceful when you're foreign cruising

Duvet tightly 'round my head

Dreaming of the bluest Med' I wish? 07/08/2022 xxxx



















T H E  F O R B I D D E N  C O R N E R


Welcome to 'Forbidden Corner

'Need some music by James Horner?

Throat lets out enormous burp

"Don't be frightened, Silly Twerp!"


Choose a door, you'll get a fright

Welcome to an endless night

"Look behind you, watch your tread!"

Dragons painted mostly red!


Brave explorer, on you go!

Always take it really slow

Squeezing through a tiny hole

Staying sane must be your goal!


Children screaming, happy times

No great problem with my rhymes?

Watch the hatchet, keep your head!

Charles the First was really dead!


Eagles watching, cat and mouse

Scary is this haunted house

Fountains spurting water free'

A good soaking... Just for me!


Gardens peaceful, cricket game

Are the monsters really tame?

Wooden figure pointing left

I am soon of sense bereft!


Entertaining, where is Paul?

Driver's not in Spooky Hall!

Eyes are winking, grinning cat

Horses and a flying bat


Lots of pleasure, lots of fun

Need a chopper, loaded gun?

Thank you, G-Line, great success

Nerves now better, 'must confess!  04/08/2022 xxxx














R I P O N  B E C K O N S !


Our driver entertains, we drive along

Dear Paul, he likes to crack a joke or two!  (Twenty?)

At least he doesn't sing a Beatles' song

Fine "Strawb'rry Fields", they've built a house or two!

The rain pours down, coach wipers working well

It's Summer after all, we chase the sun!  (In vain?)

East Marton now, canal is looking "swell"!

Hope Ripon will be proving much more fun?

We're parking up, instructions clear, it's Paul!

With time to have a veggie breakfast, please

No kids about, we do not mind at all!

Baked beans at last, too early for some cheese!

"Forbidden Corner" beckons, much more fun?

Look up, dear friends, we even have some sun! 04/08/2022 xxxx






F L Y I N G  D E O D O R A N T!


"Do I stink?"

"What d'yer think?"

Aerosol before I blink

"Thank you, lorry, 'need a sniff

This will make me really whiff!"


Tuesday stroll


Tidy streets, it is my goal

Pick another fag-end up!

Drinking from a Costa Cup!  (Cheers!)


Luton Road

Highway Code?

Rubbish near to your abode?

Want a swig of Stowell's wine?

Bottle left by idle swine!



Happy Day!

Sniffing tubes and "heads that sway" (Not myself!)

Not another pack of fags!

Bottles left in Lidl's bags!  (Tidy?)


Lady cries

Hear her sighs

Garden-poo, with lots of : "Whys?"

Grabber takes the poo away

Just another Litter Day!


Park in view

Tired... "Phew!"

Garden, problems really few!

Water feature, Buddha smiles

Paul records this in his files!


Beans for me

Eggs "for free"? (Never!)

Blackbird singing in a tree

Happy faces, work is done

All 'we need?.. a bit of sun!  Amen xxxx 02/08/2022.







N U R   N O S T A L G I E ?


I think of Karin, Heinz in Berlin flat

The Work Room's busy, Heinz is fast asleep!

Long way from Cyprus, naughty Kisso' cat!

I close my eyes and soon 'in slumber deep

No more those chatty, busy Wednesday walks

Fine Keo cooling, waiting your return!

It's German, English, many happy talks

I wonder if for those days you still yearn?

It's raining here, our terrace shining bright

With Rufus waving: "How's my Baerchen friend?

'Was even raining all way through the night

I think our Summer's coming to an end!

Let's raise our Whisky glass to Euro-friends 

Warm Greetings Rufus to Berlin he sends! Mit besten Gruessen, 31/07/2022 xxxx



O N E  S T O P  S H O P P I N G


"One Stop" on a Sat'day morn'

Guy in front just starts to yawn

Sales' girl, with the nicest smile

Happiness we keep on file!


Buying "ciggies", thirty pounds

'Listen to astonished "sounds"!

"Don't forget the "Daily Fail"!"

Rather have the "Cyprus Mail"?


Outside litter, "raging twit"

'Doesn't like the rain one bit

'Picking up those "sniffing tubes"

'Used to have a tube of "Zubes"!  (Ancient)


"Tanks" are parking, "Engine off!"

Engine stinks, I start to cough

'Finished with his Costa drink

'Throws it down before I blink!


Back inside, a peaceful view

'Feels so cool, I need some stew!!

Whisky cheaper in Porto?

How I miss our friends there so!


Leaving, neighbour in his car

Splashes me, a "Roady Star"

Fag-end lands upon the "deck"

'Hear me shouting "Bloody 'Eck!"


Rockville Avenue for peace

All that tension I release

Wow, another sniffing tube....

And abandoned sugar cube!


"One Stop", 'like my Sat'day shops

Service really is "the tops"!

'Got my usual "Daily Times"

Still composing silly rhymes!  Amen, 30/07/2022 xxxx





G E N E R A L    M U S I N G S


The Tower bows its head 'fore Primark store

A "lady" with pink hair puffs at her vape

The Tattoo King has "drawings" by the score

Into a darkened doorway I escape

No Gilbert book for me at Waterstone's (W.S.Gilbert)

"Deliveries not regular these days!"

I view a glut of giant ice-cream cones

A biker passes, music, head that sways

Fine Peppermill, it's time to have our lunch

With tasty salmon, lots of yummy veg'

They're serving breakfasts, crisps, of course, to munch

A child is balancing on table's edge

A lovely meal, it's Blackpool at its best

A guy goes past with donkeys on his chest!  29/07/2022 xxxx



N O   M O R E   G Y M!


You'll miss me moaning 'bout the phones, Dear Gym!

The rowing kids disturb my cycling peace

And vaping, secret, almost on a whim

The music loud the stress then might increase!

I'll miss my friends, we're chatting "in the shower"!

Guy squirts deodorant, he needs his space

Two minutes for my time, more like an hour?  (For him?)

And don't forget the creams for ageing face!

The car park, not the place for lots of fun?

'Need caution when I am reversing out

Just light a cigarette, smoke in the sun....

No cynicism, please, I'll get a clout!

We will be back, when kids are back at school

More peace about, we are nobody's fool!  29/07/2022 xxxx





C O U N T R Y   W A L K I N G


Country Walking

Sue we're stalking! (Really?)

Lots of friendly, happy talking

Peter leading 'long the path

Sue is texting, we all laugh!


Stiles we're climbing

Poet rhyming

Song by Kinks you hear I'm mime-ing!

Far away from "Dead End Street"

Swiftly walking, happy feet!


Fields we're passing

Lots of "gassing"

Kilometres we're "amassing"

Sue then slips, she's rolling down

Glasses lost, we start to frown!


Cows are grazing

So amazing

At the bridge ahead we're gazing

Grass is high: "Be careful, please!"

Sue is grov'lling on her knees!


Field of flowers

Happy hours

We admire great nature's powers

Sparrows happy in the trees

Some discussion about.... peas!


Highway racing

Steady pacing

Traffic noise we are effacing

We prefer the meadows' peace

From the stress of life release!


Walk completed

Stress defeated

'Guess my feet are rather heated!

Many thanks to leader, Pete'

Walk is really "up our street" xxxx  27/07/2022 xxxx






N O T H I N G   E V E R

      C H A N G E S!


Gym-Time, big guy busy vaping

Great surprise, my mouth is gaping!

Vaping here is not allowed (He! He! He!)

Clutching mobile, head held proud'!


Girl beside me, busy "phoning"

'Keeping quiet, never moaning!

Soon completed twenty K'  (22 in fact!)

Just another texting day!


Friend from Parkinson's he trembles

'Guess, a boxer he resembles?

He's so friendly, 'try to help

Then he slips and gives a yelp!


Can you see, I'm really crying?

"Life's a shit!", you hear me sighing

'Do my best to cheer him up

Sipping from my water "cup"!  (Yes, no Whisky!)


Lads behind me, noisy, cheering

It's enough to start me "beering"!

Rowing challenge; "Foul machine"! (Their words)

Just a part of "Gym-Time-Scene"


Changing room, my friend I'm helping

Now he's smiling, no more yelping

"Slowly! Slowly!", he'll get there

Lots of time to stand and stare?


Shower time, the water's freezing

'Fore too long I'm really sneezing!

Stepping back, I start to smile

Nothing changes, this I'll file!


Leaving with my wife: "Be careful!"

Driver giving me an "ear-full"!

Gentle driving, patience wins

Honking wildly for my sins!


Nothing Changes, litter blowing

Mobile scooter "to-and-fro-ing"

'Glad when we are back inside

'Need a place where I can hide!! 25/07/2022 xxxx






T H E   D Y N A M I C   D U O !


Elliott's, two craftsmen busy working

The coffee-one and -two are being served

Black cat watches, Tabby busy lurking!

The coffees soon "despatched", they're well deserved!

Cement is waiting, Indian stone to please

The edging stones await their "resting place"

Josh is smiling, he's sporting sexy... knees!

"No Worries!", Scott is sighing, prospects ace!

It's "resin-time", both experts with the "grout"

A work of art, 'admire, the terrace proud

Perfection always, there was never doubt

The sun comes out, dispersing ev'ry cloud

Our Tower bows, respecting working crew!

Just book them soon, your problems will be few!  In fact, none at all!

Elliott's Construction: 24/07/2022  xxxx


S C O T T   A N D   J O S H


Scott and Josh

Golly Gosh!

Working hard and never tosh!

Digging, fencing, skill is great

'Glad we've got a garden date!


Flagging too

Working Crew

No more we have "catty poo"!

Even working in the heat

Duo really hard to beat!


Brand new fence

Common sense

Hole is plugged, a great defence!

'Vaccine really not his scene

Gym is where Scott just has been!


Grass has gone

"Rapping song"

It won't take this duo long!

Time to make some fine cement

Working hard: This duo's "bent"!


Flagging time

Poet's rhyme

Clear away the stones and grime

Artists, 'guess, we have them here

Coffee-two, not Tetley's beer!


Neighbour's mad!

Rather sad?

In her house, we're rather glad!

Hermit living on her own

Tired of hearing Maureen moan!!


Work of art

Duo's smart!

All the debris in a cart  (Wheelbarrow?)

Talking all the dirt away

On this special July day!


Scott and Josh

Hardly posh?

Time to pay them both some dosh?

Grateful thanks, my glass I raise  (Whisky)

Garden Kings earn warmest praise!  Many Thanks, David A xxxx 22/07/2022.